19 Best Decorating Ideas for Your Travel Trailer or RV

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When you’re on the road, it’s a great feeling when your camper feels like home. Decorating ideas for your travel trailer or RV can make it feel this way. No matter which you choose, campers come with fairly standard and overall boring interiors. Give your camper a personal touch to make the place feel more like home. Having a personalized space, no matter where you park, it is a great feeling.

Keep in mind your RV décor needs to be light to keep from going overweight. In some cases, you can reduce your camper weight by replacing some of the dull décor with lightweight modern style. If you think something may be too heavy, best to leave it behind. For more info check out our article called 20 Best Ways to Reduce RV Weight.

Here are 19 travel trailer and RV decorating ideas to get you started.

1. Paint the Interior Walls

Painting your camper walls is a great way to add a personal touch without worrying about going overweight. Choosing your color scheme is a great way to make your camper feel more like a home away from home. Softer lighter colors can make a small space like a camper feel bigger than it really is. And adding an accent wall with a darker color can make a small room feel larger too!

2. Add Throw Pillows And Blankets to Accessorize Your Travel Trailer

Adding throw pillows and blankets to your RV bedroom or living space makes your RV more comfortable and they look great too.

Choose a theme for your blankets and throw pillows that fit your camper design. Make your throw pillows bold and bright to liven up the space. Throw pillows and blankets are an easy inexpensive and fun travel trailer decorating idea!

3. Install Wall Decals Inside Your Camper Trailer

Wall Decal

Wall decals give a space a unique look and allow you to express your individual style. I would put up wall Fathead wall decals of the Baltimore Ravens but Susan would kill me! Choose something small and light like stickers or get creative and paint your own with stencils. There are many wall decal options to choose from, or you can create your own.

4. Use Peel and Stick Flooring Inside Your RV or Travel Trailer

Similar to wall decals, peel and stick tile or wood flooring can add style to your place without a significant investment. Accent a kitchen wall with peel and stick tile sheets for a personal touch. Peel and stick sheets are easy to use and inexpensive. You can also use them on the ceiling for an easy wood plank ceiling look.

5. Maybe It’s Time for Some Cool Clocks to Decorate Your Travel Trailer

There are some cool clock designs that can add character to your camper. Not only are clocks decorative but they are also practical at the same time. Hanging a lightweight basic clock above the kitchen area can make a place feel more like home. If your camper has a theme, just choose a clock to go along with the theme.

6. Use Decorative Towels to Enhance the Look of Your RV Bathroom or Kitchen

Travel Trailer Hand and Dish Towels

Decorative hand and dish towels are great to have when camping. Why not choose fun patterns and designs to match the décor of your camper? Add a pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom with bright colored towels.

7. New Curtains Can Dress Up Your Camper Trailer Decor

Your travel trailer or RV probably came with a standard set of boring curtains or valances. Change things up by replacing them with new colorful designs. It’s incredible how much a fresh set of curtains can brighten up a place. Add your curtains into the pattern theme you choose for decorating your camper.

8. Flameless Candles Can Add Ambiance to Your RV

Flameless Candles

It’s tough to have candles in a small space like a camper. With flameless candles, you can set the mood without worrying about setting your camper on fire. Flameless candles add great ambiance and soft lighting inside and outside while camping.

9. Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Having a personalized welcome mat when you walk into your camper is a great touch. Not only does it add personal style to your camper, but it helps keep the dirt out. It’s always a constant battle keeping dirt, sand, and mud out of the camper while camping. This can also be a part of the decorating theme you choose.

10. Wallpaper Maps Make a Great RV Travel Decor Idea

Another way to add color and flair to your camper is by hanging maps of places you’ve been. Choose some of your favorite places and use the maps of those areas to decorate your walls. This way you’ll never leave home without a map of where you’re going when you lose cell service!

11. Install New Cabinet Knobs in Your Trailer’s Kitchen and Bath

Installing cabinet knobs is easy to do and will make your camper’s bath and kitchen cabinets feel like new. Shop around at your local hardware store and pick out cabinet knobs and handles that you like. Swap those out with what your camper currently has. A small touch goes a long way to making a place feel homey. Cabinet handles don’t have to be boring, pick out something fun!

12. Adorn Your Travel Trailer for the Holidays

RV Halloween Decorations

Have fun and decorate your travel trailer or RV for the holidays! Susan’s favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween! But you can decorate for whatever holidays you like. And Christmas lights don’t need to be used only at Christmas time. They can provide excellent soft lighting while camping at any time of the year. String lights around your living space or bedroom to give your camper good ambiance or provide accent lighting. Lamps can be rather heavy and only provide light in a single area. Plus you have to stow them away when on the road. Christmas lights are much lighter and provide even lighting.

13. Install Bunk Beds to Gain Space for Your RV

Stacking beds in your camper gives you more space for activities. You’ll have more space to sleep and hang out with the family. Plus, bunk beds can add a cozy cabin feel in your camper. Take the cabin feel with you wherever you go.

14. Install Hanging Wicker Baskets in Your Travel Trailer

Wall Mount Wicker Basket

Rather than building shelves, you could hang wicker baskets on the walls for added storage. These are great for bathroom items or pantry storage. Shelves can be heavy, and that weight adds up quickly. Baskets are a much lighter option. Plus, everything will fall off of a shelf!

15. Install New Upholstery to Update Your Camper or RV

Most campers are going to come with pretty boring upholstery on the dining booth and other seating areas. Reupholster your living space with a pattern of your choosing. Bright colors help liven up a camper. This should also fit into the décor and theme of your camper.

16. Decorate Your Camper Trailer with a Coffee Mug Set

If you’re camping, you should be enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunrise every morning. A mug set is a great way to show your personality in something that will be useful every day. If your camper is going to be stationary for a while, set up a display so that your mugs can be decorative and functional.

17. Paint the Exterior of Your RV, Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel

Exterior Travel Trailer Paint

While there’s plenty of decorating to be done on the inside the camper, the exterior is what everyone else sees. A simple stripe down the side of a plain camper can really add style to your camper. Be careful about going too overboard on the outside. Sometimes simple is better.

18. Spruce Up Your RV Bathroom with a Decorative Shower Curtain

If your shower curtain at home isn’t boring, why should your camper shower curtain have to be? A decorative shower curtain is a great way to personalize your bathroom without a big investment. Pick out a curtain that matches the towels you have for the bathroom.

19. Install A Custom Neon Sign to Create Your Personalized Space

Custom neon signs create a warm and cozy lighting atmosphere for your RV. Customize your favorite quotes or words of passion to hang in your RV’s bedroom or on the walls and experience what feels like home. No matter where you are or what time of day it is you have a colorful light that illuminates you like a real home.

Extra Tips For Decorating Your Travel Trailer or RV

Choose a Theme and Stick With It

Choose a theme for decorating the interior of your camper. Themes give the space a personal touch and homey feel. Campers are a small space, so if you want to go with a theme, keep that theme consistent throughout the camper. Keep your theme in mind when choosing colors, wall decals, towels, throw pillows, etc.

Add Storage to Your RV or Travel Trailer While Adding Decorations at the Same Time

Why choose form over function when you can have both! Added storage is always a plus in a camper. When you hit the road, it’s best to have everything tucked away. This way, you don’t worry about things moving around while driving. Think about how your decorating can also incorporate some form of storage. Add storage compartments under the bed or under couch cushions, for example. This is a great way to tuck items out of the way until you need them.

Having a customized space on the road makes your RV or travel trailer feel like your own. No matter where you go, you always feel like you are in your home away from home. Happy Decorating!

Do you have any decorating ideas for a travel trailer or RV you would like to share? Please tell us your ideas in the comments below!

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