10 Best-Built Fifth Wheel Brands for 2024

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Updated April 4, 2024

The fifth-wheeler lifestyle is a bold one. Owning one of these bad boys is like proclaiming you’re ready to roam in comfort and style. We are asked by so many people about the best 5th wheel brands we decided to write this article about the 10 best-built fifth wheel brands that need to be on your radar?

We judged a slew of fifth wheels based on a number of factors. This includes their price, the number of people they sleep, and even the amenities they carry. All in all, 10 made the cut to be deemed best built, and we want to share this list with you.

If you are considering buying a 5th wheel it might be a great idea to try before you buy! Susan and I did this before we bought our RV.

We rented an RV for a week that was similar to the one we wanted to buy. By the end of that week, we knew everything we liked and didn’t like about the RV. This helped us to make a better buying decision and we suggest that you do the same.

Should You Buy A Fifth Wheel Or A Travel Trailer?

One of the first things you need to think about when you consider purchasing a fifth wheel versus a travel trailer is your tow vehicle. Most fifth-wheel campers require a larger tow vehicle, particularly, a truck.

If you do not have a truck, or your truck is not able to handle the weight of a fifth wheel, you will need to purchase a new tow vehicle. If your budget does not allow for the purchase of both the fifth wheel and a tow vehicle, you will probably be shopping for a travel trailer.

Size is another important consideration when thinking about a fifth wheel versus a travel trailer. In general, fifth wheels tend to be larger than a travel trailer. That part of the trailer that sits over the bed of your truck gives you some additional living space.

If you need more space or just want the ability to spread out a fifth wheel is a great option. However, a travel trailer might suffice if you just do a little weekend camping.

Finally, you need to consider amenities. While you can find some pretty well-appointed travel trailers, if you want the comforts of home, but are not ready for a full Class A motorhome investment, a fifth wheel is where you should start. Besides the added space, RV manufacturers tend to put many of their luxury components on fifth wheels.

Many fifth wheels today have larger bathrooms, upgraded fixtures like pendant lights, high-end cabinetry, and counters. These are higher-end components you do not often see in travel trailers. They add weight which limits the travel trailer cargo capacity and the types of vehicles that can tow a luxury travel trailer.

10 Best-Built Fifth-Wheel Brands For 2024

If purchasing a fifth wheel is on your 2024 to-do list, you are going to want to consider brands that are known for their high-quality construction and longevity. Below, we offer ten RV brands that make some of the best-built, and most luxurious fifth wheels on the market.

Each has its pros and cons for fifth-wheel buyers. Each offers RV owners the comforts of home and worry-free construction standards.

1. Luxe

Luxe is one of the best-built 5th wheel brands

It is hard to miss the fact that Luxe fifth wheels are designed with comfort and luxury in mind. It is right there in the name. Luxe specializes in manufacturing luxury fifth-wheel trailers, and they are some of the most beautiful and comfortable options on the market.

The Luxe fifth-wheel trailers are designed with the full-time RVer in mind. These spacious RVs are four-season ready, allowing you to travel anywhere, year-round.

The interiors of Luxe fifth wheels are customizable with a diverse range of cabinetry, upholstery, and counter options. The details in design with Luxe fifth wheels are where this brand shines.

Kitchens have stainless steel appliances, tile backsplashes, and plenty of counter space. Bathrooms have full-size vanities with plenty of storage and roomy showers. Many floor plans also have space for a washer and dryer.

One thing to note about Luxe fifth wheels is their weight. If you are considering any of their models, make sure that your tow vehicle has enough towing capacity. Luxe is without question one of the best-built fifth wheels on the market.

2. DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Luxury Suites is one of the best-built-5th wheel brands

The DRV Luxury Suites is perhaps one of the best examples of quality construction in the RV industry. While we could go on and on about their luxury features, it is really the quality of construction that deserves the focus.

DRV Luxury Suites offers two different lines of fifth-wheel campers. Their Mobile Suites and the Full House models come in a variety of floor plans, each with slightly different arrangements, and features. However, the base of each of these models is the same.

Both start on a solid box steel frame. This heavy-duty frame is designed to resist flex around the pin box. This means your fifth wheel will be structurally sound for a long time. This open frame also increases the availability of storage in your RV.

Besides the sturdy frame, DRV uses residential construction methods for their fifth-wheel campers. Features like R-16 residential insulation, and 3 and 1/4-inch thick walls give this line of fifth wheels exceptional climate and sound control.

Inside your DRV Luxury Suite, you will enjoy residential-grade appliances, spacious living quarters, and large bathrooms that are great for full-time RVers, or just families that love to travel.

3. Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle is one of the best built 5th wheel brands

The Living Vehicle GT 38 is the luxury way to experience life off the grid. This elegant, yet minimalistic RV is a unique take on the traditional fifth wheel. Starting with the exterior of this camper, you will find a sleek look and minimal decorations. However, under their exterior simplicity lies a frame made for rough roads and four-season camping in comfort.

The Living Vehicle is built with LEED IAQ standards for green living. Their all-aluminum frame and exterior are lightweight, which means you use less gas to get to your destination.

All Living Vehicles fifth wheel campers are fully solar enabled as a standard feature. The roof features a full bank of solar panels and the solid, flip-up awing is additional solar paneling.

Instead of using manufactured products, the interior of the Living Vehicle uses natural wood, recycled materials, and low TOC and VOC products, making for a healthy living space. The living spaces are functional, and customizable allowing you to design the perfect fifth wheel, whether you need family-friendly spaces, or a peaceful office while on the road.

4. Forest River Cardinal

Forest River Cardinal exterior photo

Forest River is known for its affordable options for campers, RVs, and travel trailers. This brand is also well-known for quality construction as the base for all of its product lines.

The Cardinal is the luxury fifth-wheel option in the Forest River line of fifth wheels. The line has ten different floor plans, that accommodate two to ten people, and range in length between 30 and 44.5 feet. The line even has a great toy hauler option.

Forest River uses a steel frame for the base construction of its fifth wheels. From this base, they add aluminum frame construction, high-density block insulation, and laminated aluminum sidewalls.

The Cardinal is designed for easy addition of solar panels for those who want to get off the beaten path. Each of the Cardinal models features at least one slide that is constructed from aluminum sidewalls and 1-inch wood floors for exceptional stability.

Inside the Cardinal, you will find spacious floorplans across the entire model line. Forest River incorporates customizable cabinetry, flooring, and upholstery options, allowing you to make these comfortable fifth wheels perfect for your tastes.

Additionally, Forest River offers upgrade packages that provide increased comfort whether you are looking to travel year round, or just want features that make life a little easier. Forest River might be the most well-known RV manufacturer and they offer some of the best-built fifth wheels.

5. Grand Design Solitude

Grand Design Solitude is a quality 5th wheel brands

Grand Design is another RV manufacturer that focuses on luxury and comfort in their well-built line of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. They offer three different fifth-wheel model lines, but their most accessible is the Solitude. This line offers plenty of comfort features and quality construction with an affordable price tag.

The Grand Design Solitude sits on a sturdy steel frame. The body is constructed of a wood frame with fully laminated aluminum exterior walls, rigid foam insulation, and a roof that features five layers of protection for increased thermal performance. The attic of the Solitude is vented which also provides additional efficiencies in climate management.

The Solitude comes in nine different floorplans in 2024. They range in length from a compact 34 feet to a spacious and roomy 42 feet. The largest of the floorplans, the 391DL gives you a huge main living area with a home theater, gourmet kitchen, a master suite with bath, and a second bedroom with a bathroom that is accessible from the outside or when the slides are stored.

6. Alliance Paradigm

The Alliance Paradigm is one of the best-built 5th wheel brands

The Alliance Paradigm is one of the popular fifth-wheel options that give you a range of floor plans, all of which feature, what many full-time RVers love – residential-grade kitchen appliances.

The Paradigm starts with the base of all Alliance fifth wheel line, a sturdy steel base, aluminum construction, and plenty of insulation to make traveling in a variety of weather conditions comfortable and worry-free.

When you move inside and start looking at the details of this line of fifth wheels, you will quickly fall in love with the soft interior colors, stainless steel appliances, and elegant fixtures including beautiful light fixtures and residential-grade faucets and cabinetry.

The Paradigm comes in 9 different floor plans, and each is customizable in terms of finishes. Some of the floor plans also allow you to select different furniture arrangements (captain chairs instead of a dinette for example).

None of the Paradigm options is a toy hauler, so if you are looking to bring your favorite motorized toys with you, this line is not for you. However, for active travelers, the 385FL has a basement pull-out tray that is roomy enough for sporting equipment such as canoes and kayaks.

The Paradigm is also one of a small handful of fifth wheels that offer a front living room configuration. This option is becoming more popular with each model year. Combine it with one of the best-built fifth wheels and you have a great RV.

7. Keystone Montana High Country

Exterior of the Keystone Montana High Country

If your idea of a great vacation is one that includes all of your favorite people, the Keystone Montana High Country fifth wheel is a great option. Keystone is a popular brand with RVers thanks to a large variety of floor plans, quality construction, and convenience features that make traveling fun and easy.

The Montana High Country is Keystone’s line of luxury fifth wheels, and they are perfectly made for you and your whole family. We know so many people who own a Montana High Country we felt very confidnet in including them in our list of the best-built 5th wheel brands.

When it comes to construction, standout features of the Keystone Montana High Country include the Keystone MaxTurn technology that provides an additional turning radius, an improved chassis for better handling and performance, and Tru-Fit slide construction that reduces the potential for leaks and slide motor stress.

The electrical system in the Keystone is fitted with the Giggy Box distribution center, which allows you to disconnect certain features that are not in use to reduce battery draw.

The Montana High Country comes with two available interior color schemes and 10 different floor plans. All of the floor plans sleep at least 6 people comfortably. Making your fifth wheel even more comfortable, you will find floorplans with U-shaped kitchens, dual bathrooms, master suites, and front living rooms.

8. CrossRoads Redwood

CrossRoads Redwood exterior

CrossRoads RV is one of the most popular luxury RV brands on the market today. Their Redwood line features award-winning fifth-wheel models that are designed to give you all of the comforts of home while you are traveling.

To match their attention to detail when it comes to luxury, CrossRoads also takes pride in the high-quality construction of every fifth wheel.

The Redwood model line features 2″ laminated aluminum exterior walls, block foam insulation, and a lightweight welded aluminum frame. Each fifth wheel also has a thick 3″ aluminum subfloor topped with two layers of insulation, 5/8″ floor decking, and a fully enclosed, heated underbelly.

All of these construction details mean that you can enjoy your fifth wheel in comfort, even when it’s cold outside, or you need a retreat from the heat of summer.

Inside the Redwood, you will find fabric upholstered chairs and sofas which are more comfortable than the vinyl that many other brands use. CrossRoads offers two different color schemes for interior features, both of which are timeless and peaceful.

Comfort features that stand out in the Redwood include large master suites, large rear kitchens, and plenty of storage for all of your gear.

9. Heartland Landmark

Landmark is one of the very best-built  5th wheel brands

The Heartland Landmark is one of the largest and best-built 5th wheel brands on the market today. This model starts at an expansive 43 feet, which gives you more than enough room for working on the road, or traveling with your kids and even their friends.

The Landmark was one of the first luxury fifth wheels to hit the market. Heartland has had years to perfect the comfort and construction features of this line of fifth wheels.

In the 2024 models, you will find performance features like 8,000-pound axles that support H-range tires and 3 3/8″ brakes. Adding to the performance of this fifth wheel you get gas shocks for a smooth ride and industry-leading exterior storage.

Inside the Heartland Landmark, you will find the attention to detail that made the Landmark a favorite of RV owners. Finishes are unique and attractive, featuring solid surface countertops, two-tone cabinetry with hidden hinges, and smooth close drawers. Furniture features both fabric and vinyl upholstery for durability and comfort.

The Heartland Landmark also features residential-grade appliances, porcelain toilets, large showers, and walk-in closets with deep shelves and sturdy hanger bars. The Landmark comes in five floor plans with a range of unique layout options, including a family-friendly option and two floorplans with front living rooms.

Heartland is a well-respected RV manufacturer. Step up to the Landmark lineup and you have some of the best built fifth wheels available.

10. East To West Ahara

East To West is one of the best-built 5th wheel brands

If you do not want to spend time thinking about décor options or endless floor plan options, East to West RV offers simplicity along with luxury in their Ahara line of fifth wheels.

This line of fifth wheels comes standard with all the essential comfort features, a single décor option, and just a few floor plans. The East to West idea is to focus on the quality of construction and provide RV owners exceptional value.

The 2024 Ahara line comes with five floor plans, the largest of which is nestled in a 42-foot body. Each floor plan features a fiberglass exterior, aluminum frame construction, double welded floor joists, and slide-outs made with 2″ thick aluminum frame construction.

Inside the Ahara line of fifth wheels, you will find a simple décor with solid wood cabinets, king-size beds, and spacious bathrooms. To make travel easier, particularly for full-time RVers, the Ahara has ample interior storage, particularly in the bedrooms, which have deep dresser drawers and large wardrobes.

The kitchens are great for those who love to cook, with residential-grade appliances, a large pantry, and plenty of counter space. Additionally, the Ahara comes with a front living room option complete with an entertainment center and fireplace.

Why Isn’t Brinkley Considered One of the Best-Built 5th Wheel Brands?

We did not include Brinkley RV as one of the best-built 5th wheel brands because they have only been on the market for two years. Once we have a chance to evaluate them to see how they perform in the long run we may add them to our list.

Final Words About The Best-Built Fifth Wheel Brands

There’s a reason fifth wheels are such a staple in the world of recreation. They’re cozy, useful, and ready for just about any adventure. And you can even buy a 5th-wheel toy hauler to carry a golf cart or your power sports equipment!

Still, they’re a sizeable investment; this means it’s crucial to do your research and find the best-built fifth wheels. After all, you and your pals will be cruising, sleeping, and hanging amidst this towable home. So why not go for one of the best-built fifth wheels money can buy?

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Do you have any recommendations for the best-built 5th Wheel brands? Please share in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post! I’ve been looking for information on fifth wheels and haven’t found anything as comprehensive as this. Thank you!

  2. Double Tree Mobile Suite is the best we have ever had , second is NuWa. Both these units are built to last . Nuwa went out of business in 08 but I still see a few on the road.

  3. Hi Mike
    Nice reviews, but Luxury should mean Luxury, right. RiverStone 39RKFB at $195,000msrp who are they fooling. When looking for a
    5th wheel to live in all year long as our only residence ( Parked) things
    that are musts; 30″ residential oven, 21cube residential refrigerator,
    more than 30″ space between shower and vanity, Wisper Quite air, full height main closet, doesn’t wives have long dresses and jackets?
    The newest RV we are waiting to see is Vanleigh Vilano 394RK.
    You would think that 40′ 5th wheels you could get all this in. Thanks

  4. Mike, my husband and I will be living full-time in an RV until our home is built. We were looking at the Forest River Wildwood Heritage Glen 372rd – ONLY because of the layout. We are looking for a better constructed fifth wheel with the step up to living area as well as the bedroom. Any suggestions? We also like the Montana High Country 373 rd and Montana 3791 but don’t like the curved kitchen.

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  5. Hey Mike,

    I appreciate your years on the road and experience with RVing. I notice you didn’t include Alliance Paradigm, which you gave a video tour of. Also, wanted to know why you left out Luxe. I was looking at those two for full time living mostly in the western states.

    Thanks, Marzano

  6. Thank you for sharing. Other well built 5vers for your consideration are the Beacon and the Vilano from the Vanleigh company. They are a division of Tiffin And their service is exemplary.

  7. Looking at the Fox Mountain, your cover photo, yet you don’t mention it. Opinions?

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  8. Mike,

    Since my wife and I are just begining our research, is there a reason why New Horizons did not make your list? We have been finding many online horror stories from Rvers who purchased high-end units from publicly companies (i.e. Thor & Forest River – I am guessing that since Forest River is owned by Berhshire Hathaway, and thus is all about the share holders, that would possibly by why corners might get cut, though I have no direct experience)

    Thought? Thanks

    • Hi Ron,
      I’ve never been in a New Horizons 5th Wheel so I didn’t include them in the list but I’ll be on the lookout to check one out soon!
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Bought a 2019 Chaparral with bunk house, 33feet. Going into 2nd season and we love it. Light weight at 9600 lbs. D & D RV in Helena Montana has been great to work with.

  10. Will have to disagree with #8 Forest River Wildcat. Bought one at the Tampa super show in 2007 and was the worst thing I ever did. Had so many problems with the unit that the factory extended my warranty another 6 months. RV dealer wasn’t so good either. It was in the shop so much that wife wouldn’t go camping any longer as she was afraid something else would break. Which it did every time I took it out. She called it the P.O.S.(piece of sh–) camper. Couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Will never buy anything from Forest River again.

    • Hi Charles,
      That sounds like a terrible situation. I hear stories like this all too often. It’s a shame that some RVs aren’t built with better quality rather than “Value Engineered” to build them cheaper.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Can’t agree more about Forest River products and the “warranty” were both worthless To me and my 10 month old, barn stored toy hauler. Roof separated at the termination, FR stated it was a maintenance issue….. Will never purchase a Forest River product again.

    • I hear you Charles. We have a 2019 Silverback Cedar Creek and it has been nothing but trouble. One thing after another. Had to have the whole front cap redone 6 months after purchasing. Something is always breaking or falling apart.


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