8 Best 4 Season 5th Wheels for 2024

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Updated March 4, 2024

When looking at 4 season 5th wheels in 2024, you may be committing to a significant financial investment. There are a lot of different things you need to consider when you are trying to decide what the best fit is for you. Therefore, you need to do a lot of research to ensure you purchase a 4-season 5th wheel that fits your needs.

Doing your research is important when you make any purchase. However, it is even more important when you purchase something expensive like a four season fifth wheel. The last thing you want is to find out that the trailer is not right for you after you have already paid for it.

We have visited RV Shows and Dealerships all across the country to find the very best four season 5th wheels in 2024.

What to Look for in a 4 Season 5th Wheel in 2024

The first thing you need to do to narrow your search for a 4 season 5th wheel is determine the size of trailer that you need. If you are traveling on your own or with one other person then you can get away with purchasing a small trailer.

However, if you are traveling with your entire family or with a group of friends you will need a trailer with the space to accommodate several beds. Determining the trailer size you require will help significantly in narrowing your search.

Next, you need to decide if you want to purchase a new or used trailer. New trailers are obviously going to have the newest features and have fewer miles on them. However, they will also be more expensive.

If money is not an issue for you then there is no reason not to purchase a new trailer. However, if money is something to consider you should think about purchasing a used trailer. Used trailers can be in great condition, but they will save you thousands of dollars.

You then need to make sure that the 4-season 5th wheel that you want to purchase is not too heavy for your vehicle. You will be towing this vehicle to your camping location, so you need to make sure that your truck can pull it. So, you need to figure out the towing capacity of your truck and compare it to the weights of the trailers.

Once you figure out these things your search should be narrowed significantly. You should then check the insulation, and furnace specifications. These are the two most important things in keeping your trailer warm. Once you have done this you can factor in luxury items, and you will be ready to make a purchase.   

The 8 Best 4 Season 5th Wheels For 2024

Here we will look at eight of the best 4 season 5th wheel trailers available to you on the market. You should note that although this is a numbered list, we did not rank the trailers. Instead, they are listed in no particular order.

1. DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3

DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3 Exterior - 4 Season 5th Wheels
DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3 Interior
DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ High-density insulation with a residential, 5-duct heating system

⛔ You have to open both the bedroom and kitchen slide to access the bathroom

  • Length: 38′ 7″
  • UVW: 16,600 lbs
  • GVWR: 20,000 lbs
  • CCC: 3,336 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 3,300 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4

DRV Mobile Suites feature a full-time living design. Since there is no such thing as official, 4 season 5th wheels, you have to pay careful attention to the features beneath the marketing banner. The 36RSSB3, and DRV Mobile Suites in general, check all the boxes.

The residential roof (R25) contains multiple layers of insulation, including wool, rubber, and fiberglass, along with a 5/16″ sound-deadening foam barrier. The floor is the same, with an additional vapor barrier.

The 5-duct heating system, combined with a Monsanto Thermal barrier, heated underbelly, and R16 sidewalls combine for a toasty, interior environment.

2. Northwoods Arctic Fox 29-5T

Northwoods Arctic Fox 29-5T Exterior
Northwoods Arctic Fox 29-5T Interior - 4 Season 5th Wheels
Northwoods Arctic Fox 29-5T Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Ironforce chassis with high-density, block foam insulation and an R-18, four-season ceiling

⛔ TV over the sink is an odd spot, especially with how far the counter stretches out

  • Length: 34′ 7″
  • UVW: 12,630 lbs
  • GVWR: 15,800 lbs
  • CCC: 3,170 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,490 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4

The Arctic Fox deserves a spot among the best 4 season 5th wheels, and as one of the best 5th wheels for hauling over rough terrain. Built with an Ironforce, off-road chassis, and a heavy-duty, greaseable suspension system, the Arctic Fox is not meant for a casual ride down the interstate.

The R-18 ceiling, with four-season insulation, heated holding tanks, R-15 reflective foil insulated slides, and high-density block foam insulation throughout, keep this RV nice and warm in the coldest conditions.

The interior is snug and comfortable, with a 26″ fireplace and plenty of residential tech to keep the heat in.

3. Keystone Avalanche 390DS

Keystone Avalanche 390DS Exterior
Keystone Avalanche 390DS Interior
Keystone Avalanche 390DS Floorplan - 4 Season 5th Wheels

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Polar Package includes dual-static vents, Darco fabric floors, and Astro-foil reflective exterior

⛔ Bathroom vent fans are tiny, a common issue in many RVs

  • Length: 42′ 11″
  • UVW: 14,258 lbs
  • GVWR: 16,998 lbs
  • CCC: 2,242 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,740 lbs
  • Sleeps: 8

Keystone’s Avalanches series includes 9 floorplans, offering different options for nearly every scenario. These Avalanche, 4-season 5th wheels come with what Keystone calls, Polar Packs.

The Polar Package comes with a heated and enclosed underbelly, Darco protective fabric in the flooring, dual-static attic vents, an Astro Foil reflective roof, and a 35k BTU furnace.

For what it’s worth, the Alpine series is worth checking out as well. Outside of Keystone’s Polar Pack, the 390DS is an enormous RV, packed with features suitable for all seasons, including a double suite, and comfortable Thomas Payne® furniture.

The theater seating is especially nice, with built-in massage and heating elements for the ultimate in R & R.

4. Luxe Elite 44FL

Luxe Elite 44FL Exterior - 4 Season 5th Wheels
Luxe Elite 44FL Interior
Luxe Elite 44FL Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Numerous, zoned climate control temperature sensors throughout the entire RV

⛔ Since they’re custom-built, you’ll have to wait up to half a year to get one

  • Length: 45′
  • UVW: 21,700 lbs
  • GVWR: 24,000 lbs
  • CCC: 2,300 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,461 lbs
  • Sleeps: 6

If you’re looking for some seriously bougie interior amenities to go with your 4 season 5th wheel pack, look no further than the Luxe name.

These are sold factory direct, with a ton of customizable features and optional add-ons. Though there are floor plans to choose from, the opportunities to make personal changes are immense.

From the Beachfront Real Wood Cabinetry to the Arctic Package, this is as fine a living on the road as it gets. Speaking of the Arctic Package, it includes dual-pane, insulated, frameless windows, dual 15K BTU heat pumps, 2.5 graphite-infused, closed-cell insulation, residential-level insulation throughout, and forced-furnace air in the enclosed underbelly.

5. Jayco North Point 390CKDS

Jayco North Point 390CKDS Exterior
Jayco North Point 390CKDS - 4 Season 5th Wheels
Jayco North Point 390CKDS Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Double-layer, roof and floor, insulation with a Magnum Truss XL6 Roof System

⛔ No fridge access with the slide closed (the island blocks it), so travel accessibility is limited

  • Length: 43′ 9″
  • UVW: 15,835 lbs
  • GVWR: 18,350 lbs
  • CCC: 2,515 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,950 lbs
  • Sleeps: 9

Another of the mammoth 4 season 5th wheels on our list, the Jayco North Point 390CKDS is made to shrug off the cold and keep a very large family warm throughout the winter.

Large families can be hectic, so the BM Pro Jay Command tech allows you to control most of the important functions in your North Point with just your voice.

The extreme weather package includes 120V heating pads on your tanks, frameless dual-pane windows, and a 12V wrapped and heated water line.

If you don’t want to go that far, you still get the Climate Shield Weather Protection, which includes, a heated and enclosed underbelly, a 40k BTU furnace, double-layer batt insulation throughout, and PEX plumbing with block foam insulation.

6. Heartland Bighorn 3215RL

Heartland Bighorn 3215RL Exterior
Heartland Bighorn 3215RL Interior
Heartland Bighorn 3215RL Floorplan - 4 Season 5th Wheels

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Substrate is wood-free, with higher density insulation, heated underbelly/tanks, and Azdel sidewalls

⛔ Dual-pane frameless windows are optional, not standard

  • Length: 36′ 5″”
  • UVW: 12,271 lbs
  • GVWR: 16,000 lbs
  • CCC: 3,681 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,305 lbs
  • Sleeps: 4

One of the biggest benefits of the Heartland Bighorn Series is the immense storage. Using a basement access feature, Bighorns add 30% more space dedicated to storage.

Everything on the Bighorn is insulated, including the exterior storage panels, reducing the potential for the cold to have an ingress point or heat leaking from the interior.

The Bighorns also come with heated and enclosed underbellies, holding tanks, and valves. The higher density insulation throughout the Bighorn is due to the absence of wood in the substrate.

Throw in some superior Azdel walls, laminated and soundproofed, and you have a warm bubble in a cold environment.

7. Outdoors RV Mountain Series F26RKS

Outdoors RV Mountain Series F26RKS Exterior - 4 Season 5th Wheels
Outdoors RV Mountain Series F26RKS Interior
Outdoors RV Mountain Series F26RKS Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Awesome Mountain Extreme Thermal Pane windows, with x3-layered roof insulation

⛔ Designed for mountain states, so some of its features are less useful in flatter, warmer climes

  • Length: 30′ 6″
  • UVW: 9,395 lbs
  • GVWR: 12,995 lbs
  • CCC: 3,600 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 1,995 lbs
  • Sleeps: 8

It’s easy to get the Mountain Series and the Titanium Series confused when dealing with the Glacier Peak 4 season 5th wheels series from Outdoors RV. However, both the Mountain and Titanium Series offer 4 season capabilities, with the Titanium being the more luxurious option in most regards.

The Mountain Series, represented by the F26RKS above, includes Mountain Extreme Thermal Pane windows, Triple-layer insulation in the roofing, a fully enclosed and heated underbelly, a thermal insulated bedroom vent, an XL furnace, and thermal insulated luggage doors.

This RV is meant to take off-road as well, with the included Off-Road X4 Suspension System and MoRyde CRE 3000HD Shackle Kit.

8. Living Vehicle GT-32

Living Vehicle GT-32 Exterior
Living Vehicle GT-32 Interior - 4 Season 5th Wheels
Living Vehicle GT-32 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Up to 5.2kW solar and a 4-season performance package with a Passive aluminum radiant warm floor

⛔ Average pricing is in the half-a-million range, and most are too heavy for a half-ton

  • Length: 32′
  • UVW: Unlisted
  • GVWR: Unlisted
  • CCC: up to 4,500 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: Unlisted (too heavy for half-tons)
  • Sleeps: Unlisted

Of all the 4 season 5th wheels on this list, the Living Vehicle GT-32 is far different. This is probably one of the most sustainable, powerful, and environmentally friendly RVs on the market.

It’s designed to go completely off-grid indefinitely. Want to disappear from society and live on the side of the mountain? You can do it with this RV.

They’re also extremely luxurious, with a ton of space and top-grade furnishings. Most of the roof and the awning fold out into a massive solar panel array, providing all of the energy you need on a day-to-day basis. The solar is capable of producing 3.2 to 5.2kW, which is fantastic.

This puppy needs its own article to convey all of the mind-blowing features it brings to the table.

Do You Need a 4 Season 5th Wheel?

Not everyone needs a 4 season 5th wheel, but not everyone wants to go out with their 5th wheel during the winter. If you plan on going on trips during the winter, then you definitely need a 4 season 5th wheel. Otherwise, you might end your trip a lot sooner than you planned.

A 4 season 5th wheel will help ensure that you are safe and warm during trips during the winter. Not only is it important to have one to stay warm, it is important to have one to stay safe. When you are out in the woods during the winter with no house to go to at the end of the day, the cold can be dangerous.

If you do not have a shelter that will keep you warm at night, there is a serious risk that you could get hypothermia.

Hypothermia is a disease where your core body temperature drops significantly because your body cannot keep itself heated. It is incredibly dangerous and can even be fatal. So, you need to do everything you can to make sure that you do not get hypothermia.

By purchasing a 4 season 5th wheel, you are ensuring that you have a place to warm up even when you are a long way from home. You will have a furnace to heat things up, and you will not need to worry about heat escaping from the trailer. Nor will you need to worry about the cold outside air getting inside your trailer.

Can You Live In A 4 Season 5th Wheel In The Winter?

You certainly can, unless we’re talking about a north Alaska winter for the long term. Even then, some of these 5th wheels are pretty capable, especially if you throw in some skirting. Many are rated from 0 to 100 degrees, with a few that stretch above and below those parameters.

Extreme cold temperatures would probably get you in the end, unless you add skirting into the mix. Preparation is key. If you didn’t notice, some of the RVs on this list didn’t come standard with double-pane, insulated windows, a must in long-term, below-freezing situations.

Your priority, in these situations, is keeping your batteries warm, along with the underbelly (skirting!).

Final Words About 4 Season 5th Wheels

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to purchase a 4-season 5th wheel trailer for yourself. We know there is a lot of information to absorb, but it should all be helpful in your buying process. With this information, you should be a lot closer to making a purchase.

When looking for a 4 season 5th wheel, the most important things to consider are the heating and insulation of the trailer. Without proper insulation and heating, you will not have a good time on your winter camping trip.

Regular trailers are not equipped with the things you need to spend time in your trailer during the winter. So, you need to get a 4 season 5th wheel to fix that problem.

We wish we could tell you what the best option is for you to purchase. Unfortunately, everyone has different needs, and for us to assume that we knew what your needs were would be irresponsible.

However, we can say with confidence that all the trailers listed above are good options that received positive reviews from consumers. So, do your research, and you will be ready to make a purchase in no time.

Have you purchased a 4-season or 5th-wheel trailer before? Have you owned any type of RV or travel trailer before? Are you interested in any of the options listed above? Let us know in the comments!

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