9 Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast

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Updated Feb 9, 2024

So, you want to sell your RV fast? It looks like the price of RVs will be going down – or back to “normal,” as some have predicted – in the near future. There will be an increased supply and a decrease in demand, so it doesn’t look like 2024 will be a seller’s market. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your RV quickly and for a fair price.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to sell your RV fast.

When Is It Time to Sell Your RV?

When Is It Time to Sell Your RV

According to most experts, the best time to sell your RV is early spring, even as early as January and February. Prospective buyers are done with the holidays and are thinking toward next summer. They might be considering reservations for the next camping season and be ready to consider purchasing an RV.

You, the seller, might also be thinking about what the next camping season holds for you. Do you want to downsize or upsize? Have you decided RVing isn’t right for you? Once you decide, you probably want to get rid of that RV and stop paying for storage and other fees. Only you have the answer to what comes next.

For us, a good seller’s market and a desire to have a set place for our winter residence caused us to sell last year. We have also purchased another RV that will fit our lifestyle at this point in time.

What Is My RV Worth?

Determining the value of your RV is crucial when you’re looking to sell it.

You want to ensure you’re getting a fair price to attract potential buyers without undervaluing your beloved home on wheels.

But how do you determine the value of your RV?

1. Research Market Prices

Look at similar RVs for sale in your area and note their prices, features, and conditions.

Consult online valuation guides like NADA Guides and RV Trader.

These resources provide a range of values based on factors such as your RV’s make, model, year, and condition.

2. Consider Depreciation

Just like any other vehicle, RVs depreciate over time. The depreciation rate can vary depending on make, model, age, and usage. The older the RV, the less it will be worth.

3. Factor in Upgrades and Add-ons

If you’ve made any upgrades or added features to your RV, they can increase its value, such as solar panels, a new kitchen or bathroom, or upgraded furnishings. 

Make a list of all the upgrades and add-ons and include them in your overall valuation.

4. Assess Condition

The condition of your RV is also a significant factor in its value. A well-maintained vehicle with low mileage will likely have a higher value than one heavily used vehicle that is showing signs of wear and tear.

5. Consider Market Demand

Like any product, the law of supply and demand also applies to RVs. 

If there is a high demand for your specific type of RV, its value might increase. 

If there is an oversupply or low demand for your model, it may decrease in value.

6. Get a Professional Appraisal

It may be worth getting a professional appraisal if you need help assessing the value of your RV. 

An experienced appraiser will know the current market trends and can provide you with a fair and unbiased valuation of your RV.

The 9 Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast? 

Selling your RV quickly is possible, depending on the method you use. All have their pros and cons. Check out some of these ways to sell your RV fast.

1. Trade-In to a Dealership

Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast Trade-in at Dealership

A trade-in to a dealership is probably the quickest way to sell your RV. This is a great route if you plan to purchase another RV. A dealership will take care of all the paperwork, and once you find your new camper, you can probably get it all done in a day.

The negative aspect of this is that you probably won’t get as much for the old camper as you would with a private sale.

Dealerships may also be willing to just purchase your RV outright. Again, you probably will be able to get more money with a private sale, but if you need to get rid of it quickly, this might be the best way.

2. List on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace is a good place to list your RV. Craigslist has decreased in popularity over the past several years because of safety concerns, but it is still a viable option for listing your RV. Be aware of scams on any social media platform, and keep your “Spidey Senses” on alert when you meet with prospective buyers.

You can also search for Facebook pages for your particular brand and model. Some will allow you to post your information. For example, there is a Grand Design page specifically for selling that brand.

3. Sell on a National Website 

Posting your RV on a national website can also be a good way to list your RV. Sites such as RVTrader.com have gained popularity over the last several years and brought in qualified buyers for us. We did sell our RV through a lead on RV Trader in less than a month.

Other online sites include eBay, RVUSA.com, NationalVehicle.com, and RVDaily.com. Most can narrow a search by city so buyers in your area can find your listing.

4. Use a Consignment Dealership or Broker

Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast Us a Consignment Dealership or Broker

If you don’t want to show your RV and handle the details, a consignment dealer or broker might be the option for you. Working with either of these can allow more exposure to buyers. Also, the dealer handles the financing aspect of the sale.

Be aware that the consignment dealer or broker takes their commission out of the sale price. You won’t make as much money if you sell it yourself. Also, not all RV insurance companies will cover your RV while it sits on the consignment lot. There are some insurance companies that offer consignment coverage, but you have to find them.

Additional fees may include cleaning and prep. If you are under contract for the consignment, you can’t sell it anywhere else and cannot use your RV while it is consigned.

5. Park It Somewhere Visible With a For Sale Sign

Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast Park it Somewhere Visable With a For Sale Sign

This tried-and-true method may not be the fastest way to sell your RV but could net a potential buyer. You will have to wade through prospects who are not serious, and you will have to perform all the details yourself to get the sale.

When selling an RV yourself, you will have to be available to show the RV, take care of the initial paperwork for the title transfer, and other issues.

6. Buy Newspaper or Magazine Ads 

You will likely want to find a local newspaper or magazine with classified advertising for this option. These are usually inexpensive; you could find your buyer with this method. Again, the follow-up for the sale will still be in your corner.

7. Utilize Online RV Forums or Social Media Groups

As I mentioned, social media groups exist for everything, including specific brands. Putting your RV on a listing is a great way to cast the net wide to look for a buyer. However, this method may not narrow down buyers to your geographical area; you could find someone who is interested but lives thousands of miles away.

Online RV forums might also be an option because these have many followers and many different topics. Some have message boards or for sale boards that can be used for free or for a small fee.

You might do better to narrow your search for a buyer to a local online page or one that allows you to post in a section for your area only.

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8. Try an Online Auction

Best Places to Sell Your RV Fast Try an Online Auction

An online auction might be a good option if you want to sell your RV quickly. These will bring in plenty of interested buyers. Once the bidding is done, you’ve sold your RV. Please consider that you will have to pay a fee to have your camper entered into the auction, and you may not get the price you want.

If you want to get the most money out of your RV, an auction will probably not work for you. Another concern is that not all auctions are available to the public. Most require special credentials to participate.

9. Ask Friends and Family 

You can certainly ask friends and family to help pass the word that you have an RV for sale. Friends who are RVers are probably the most likely to pass on a prospective buyer. Don’t count on this method to bring a lot of prospective buyers to your doorstep, but it may bring just the person you need.

Which Selling Method Will Yield the Quickest Sale?

A trade-in to a dealership or a straight-out sale to a dealership will likely bring you the quickest sale of your RV. An online auction will also provide a quick sale. The questions remain: how quickly do you need to sell, and how much money do you need to get from the sale?

Which Method of Selling Your RV Will Yield the Highest Sale Price?

Which Method of Selling Your RV Will Yield the Highest Sale

If you have patience and a little time, a private sale will likely net you the most money for your RV. You can ask the price that you want and wait until you get that deal. Check out our article called How to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar for even more info!

What’s the Safest Way to Sell an RV? 

What is the Safest Way to Sell an RV

Protect your safety by meeting with the prospective buyer in a public place, if possible. If you are selling a motorhome and the potential buyer wants to take a test drive, go along with them. Also, take a friend with you. Do not disclose any personal information and remove any of that information, such as maintenance receipts, insurance, or registration information, from the vehicle.

For payment, make sure you only take a certified bank check or cashier’s check. A money transfer is also a good way to go. Make sure you have all the details from your bank on the proper procedure and never turn over the title until you have the money in hand.

Make sure the buyer signs the title and the bill of sale when they take possession of the RV.

You must disclose any past flooding or accidents that have occurred with the vehicle. Failure to disclose this information could cause a future lawsuit.

6 Tips to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar

While you may be reading this to sell your RV fast, you also want to make sure you get the most money you can out of the deal. Here are a few tips to ensure you get top dollar for your RV.

1. Determine Your Rig’s Market Value

How do you determine the market value of your motorhome or travel trailer? Several ways will help to determine what value you put on your RV.

Check out the NADA RV Value website (Now known as the J.D. Power Price Guide). This will give you a range of RV sale prices based on the manufacturer, model, and manufacturer year. The website narrows RVs down to either the general model or the exact floor plan.

RVTrader.com will also give you valuable insight while considering the RV’s model, manufacturer, year, and condition.

Sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist will give you a general idea of what price points and other factors people are using to sell their comparable RVs in the area.

You can always opt for a professional appraisal. These companies take an up-close look at condition and features and will likely know more about special features or retrofits and how these figure into your selling price.

Your local dealer could also be an excellent resource on the worth of your RV. They won’t charge you for the information like a professional appraiser and will give you some options such as consignment, trade-in, and sales.

When selling your RV, also consider the manufacturer, model, and age. Some brands hold their value better than others. Location and time of year are also factors that affect the price. Make sure you compare RVs in your geographic area and know that RV values peak before the spring and early summer camping season.

You can also check out our article called Is There a Carfax History for RVs? for more info about how to value your RV.

2. Prepare Your RV to Sell

No matter how you plan to sell your RV, there will be some work you need to do before you put it on the market.

I. Clean Your RV

Tips to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar Prepare Your RV to Sell Clean Your RV

No doubt, a sparkling and shiny RV will sell much quicker than one that hasn’t been touched. As my husband and I looked at Class C RVs, we followed up on an ad several hours from home. The seller used the word “immaculate” several times. It wasn’t even clean, let alone immaculate, which made me wonder what other problems the unit might have. Safe to say, we did not buy that RV.

II. Fix Your RV

You must disclose any problems with the RV, so it’s best to fix anything you can. When you do that, the prospective buyer will know that you have taken good care of the RV. They will have fewer concerns about the rig breaking down or fixing things immediately.  

III. Make Updates Worth the Money

Tips to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar Prepare Your RV to Sell Make Updates Worth the Money

Some updates that might make your RV sell fast include replacing outlets that include household and USB ports.

Replacing the appliances in your Class A, particularly if they are more than five years old, is also a good option. You can refresh the cabinetry, replace or remove the awning, or upgrade the washer and dryer. All of these updates will make prospective buyers consider your RV over others.

3. Choose the Best Time to Sell

The best time to sell your RV is in the late spring or early summer. The sun is starting to shine a little more, the grass is getting greener, and families are thinking about summer vacation and where they might take the kids. Casual lookers might even get RV fever when they look at your exceptionally clean and well-priced RV.

4. Create a Winning Online Listing (If Applicable) 

If you plan to advertise and sell your RV yourself, an enticing listing will go a long way toward getting people out to take a look. And please, don’t call the RV immaculate if it is not.

I. Take Good Photos 

Good photos will draw people and give them the desire to see your RV. Be sure to take pictures in natural light if possible. Naturally, bright pictures are more appealing.

Make sure you show the space and the upgrades you have made. Also, make sure you don’t catch your reflection in any mirrors.

II. Be Honest About the Condition

Tips to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar Create a Winning Online Listing Be Honest About the Condition

Be honest about the condition of the rig in your ad wording. If it’s a fixer-upper, include that wording, although that will probably be evident in the photos. Any other damage or problems should have already been fixed before you started marketing the RV.

III. List the Best Features

List any ways you have upgraded your RV, such as solar panels, extra batteries, new appliances, etc. Anything above and beyond the same make and model purchased off a dealer’s lot will entice buyers to come and look.

5. Be Available for Showings

Always try and be as flexible as possible when showing your RV. Certainly, not having much availability will not get it sold promptly. 

6. Prepare the Transfer Paperwork

Your location may dictate what paperwork is needed during the sale. Be sure and confirm local laws and regulations before you begin.

One item of paperwork that you will need is a completed bill of sale between the buyer and the seller. You will also need to transfer the title to the new owner. These two documents prove a legal sale and transfer of ownership.

When the title is signed over to the buyer, they can register the RV in their name with the local Department of Motor Vehicles. The bill of sale confirms the selling price, vehicle ID, buyer and seller information, and any special terms or conditions.

Can You Sell An RV That Is Financed?

Selling a financed RV is possible but requires additional steps and considerations.

1. Check Your Loan Agreement

The first step is to review your loan agreement to see if there are any restrictions on selling the RV while it is still under finance. 

Some lenders may have clauses preventing you from selling the vehicle until the loan is paid off.

2. Determine Your Remaining Balance

Next, calculate how much you still owe on your RV loan to determine how much you need to sell the RV to cover the remaining balance and make a profit.

3. Consider Selling Options

There are various ways to sell a financed RV.

Selling to a Private Buyer

Selling to a private buyer may bring you the highest profit but can also be more time-consuming and require advertising efforts. 

Disclose all financing information to potential buyers and have all the paperwork ready to transfer ownership.

Trading in at a Dealership

If you trade in your RV at a dealership, they will pay off your loan and transfer ownership. 

However, dealerships typically offer lower prices for trade-ins than selling privately.

Consignment Service

A consignment service is an intermediary between you and potential buyers. 

They will help advertise and find potential buyers while handling the sales process on your behalf for a fee.

So, What’s the Best Place to Sell Your RV Quickly? 

The best place to sell your RV quickly is with a direct sale or trade-in at a dealer. Dealers will be happy to buy and resell your clean, well-maintained rig. However, you can get the best price by selling your RV privately.

To recap, when selling your RV, make sure that it is priced within the market value range. An overpriced rig is not likely to sell quickly.

Fix any problems and clean your RV as close to showroom quality as possible. Hopefully, you have kept maintenance records to show prospective buyers. Be honest about any problems that you were unable to repair.

Finally, be sure that you have researched any regulations or laws in your area regarding a bill of sale or transfer of title. When you do have someone make an offer, you will be ready for the transaction.

If you are willing to do the work, you should sell your RV fast and be ready for your next rig or ready for that next chapter.

What If I Can’t Sell My RV?

Another great option is to rent out your RV and use it to make some income. We know people who rent their RV for anywhere from $100 to over $200 a night! Check out our article called Make Money By Renting Out Your RV.

Final Words About Selling Your RV

Selling your RV can be challenging, but it can also be profitable with the proper knowledge and approach. 

Consider all your options and choose the best method for your needs and timeline. 

With proper preparation and marketing efforts, you can sell your RV for a fair price and move on to your next adventure.

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