How to Check for RV and Travel Trailer Recalls

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RV and travel trailer recalls can be a serious issue. If your vehicle is on the recall list, it needs to be fixed immediately to ensure your safety while traveling. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is directly involved with all RV and travel trailer recalls, has an app called SaferCar, which we explain in this article. We also discuss the most common RV recalls, where to check recall information, what to do if your RV is identified, and more.

Common Types of RV Recalls 

Common Types of RV Recalls

Each year, thousands of RVs are recalled because of safety concerns. 

There are three main types of RV recalls. Those issued by the RV manufacturer, the motorhome chassis maker, and third-party suppliers.

RV manufacturers, such as Forest River Inc., REV Group, Thor Ind., and Winnebago Ind., are the most common recalls. 

RV manufacturer recalls can be for various reasons, such as a problem with the structure of the RV, an issue with the electrical system, or a problem with the plumbing. 

The motorhome chassis manufacturer, such as Ford, Chevrolet, or Mercedes, issues the second most common type of recall, typically because of a problem with the vehicle components of the motorhome. 

We discuss how to successfully navigate chassis recalls in our discussion on Ford chassis recalls. The important point worth mentioning is that not every Chevrolet or Ford service center can repair motorhomes.

In addition, Freightliner no longer works on Sprinter chassis, and Mercedes-Benz is still developing its service center coverage across the U.S.

The third type of recall is issued by a third-party supplier for various reasons, such as a problem with water heaters, appliances, and other non-OEM components. 

Regardless of the type of recall, it’s vital to have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your RV.

Where to Check RV Recall Information 

Where to Check RV Recall Information National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps Americans safe on the road. Part of their job is to enforce vehicle performance standards and report recalls. 

If you own an RV, it’s essential to check the NHTSA website regularly to see if it has issued any recalls for your vehicle. 

Enter your RV’s VIN (vehicle identification number), which can usually be located on the driver’s side doorpost, dash, or engine compartment.

Conversely, you can call the NHTSA’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 to report suspected safety defects in your vehicle, including equipment and tires.

You can also receive recall alerts on your phone. Here’s how.

Checking the NHTSA App for Vehicle Recalls 

Checking the NHTSA App for Vehicle Recalls

In the past, keeping track of recalls was a time-consuming process. It was necessary to check the NHTSA website regularly or wait for a recall notice in the mail. 

But now, there’s an easier way to stay on top of recalls through the NHTSA’s SaferCar app.

Simply enter your VIN into the app. It will alert you anytime there’s an RV or travel trailer recall that affects your specific coach.

The SaferCar app is a valuable tool for ensuring your RV is safe to drive and helps you keep up with any necessary repairs or replacements. 

The NHTSA app is a tremendous relief for RV owners who can easily forget to check for recalls. Now the app does it for us! 

Should You Check for Recalls Before Going on Vacation?

Should You Check for Recalls Before Going on Vacation

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or a weekend getaway, checking for recalls on your RV before setting out is always a good idea. Though most recalls are issued for minor defects, some can be pretty serious, and it’s better to err on the side of caution. 

Remember, the manufacturer, not the consumer, pays for RV recalls. So, if there’s a recall on your RV, get it fixed before going on vacation. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road because of a missed recall. 

Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but also everyone else on the road. By getting your RV recall fixed, you ensure everyone stays safe while enjoying your vacation.

Look Before Purchasing That New RV

Look Before Purchasing That New RV

It’s always exciting to find the perfect RV, whether it’s a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. But before you take your new RV home, it’s essential to do your due diligence and check for any outstanding recalls. 

Use the NHTSA’s website recall lookup tool to see if the manufacturer or chassis builder has issued any recalls for the RV you’re looking to buy.

Unfortunately, recalled vehicles are sometimes still being sold by dealers, so checking for recalls is a crucial step before purchasing. 

While dealers must fix any outstanding recalls before selling an RV, it’s always best to confirm that the recall has been addressed and that they provide the documentation showing it has been corrected. Taking a few moments to run a simple check could save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Check for Information on Used RV or Travel Trailer Recalls

Check for Information on Used RV or Travel Trailer Recalls

When you’re in the market for a used RV or travel trailer, it’s important to do your homework and check for any outstanding recalls.

While most dealers and private sellers are conscientious about maintaining their vehicles, there’s always the possibility that some repairs may have been overlooked. By checking for recalls, you can be sure you’re getting a safe and reliable RV.

If there are any outstanding recalls, ask the dealer or seller how they plan to address them. In most cases, they should be able to provide you with documentation showing they have made the repairs. 

By taking a little time to do your research, you’re getting a used RV or travel trailer that’s recall free, safe, and roadworthy.

What to Do if Your RV is Recalled 

What to Do if Your RV is Recalled

Even the best-built RVs can have issues, and sometimes those issues can be severe enough to warrant a recall. If your RV is recalled, it’s crucial to take action immediately and get the problem fixed. 

The first step is to determine if your RV is affected by checking the recall list. The listing will give you information on who to contact, the recall identification number, and other essential data.

Once you confirm your RV is in the recall, the next step is to contact the manufacturer, who will inform you where to take your RV to get the problem fixed. 

It’s important to note not all service centers can perform recall work, so call ahead and confirm before making the trip. In addition, not all service centers for some brands have the capability of repairing RVs. Motorhomes require different lifts, tools, and certified service technicians that have the background to do the job correctly.

Certified mobile service technicians can complete the recall work if the nearest service center is too far away or has a long waiting list. So when you shop around for mobile RV service techs, one of your first questions should be if they can accept RV recall work.

The critical point you need to look for is that they can file the necessary paperwork and get paid by the manufacturer instead of you.

Once you’ve taken your RV in for the repair, monitor the issue to prevent any additional problems. 

Final Thoughts About How to Check for RV and Travel Trailer Recalls

Final Thoughts About How to Check for RV and Travel Trailer Recalls

RV and travel trailer recalls can be a serious issue, but you can ensure your vehicle is safe by taking a few simple steps. Checking for RV or travel trailer recalls before purchasing the coach is always a good idea, and it’s essential to check for recalls on used vehicles. 

If your RV is part of a recall, contact the manufacturer for more information as soon as possible. They will instruct you where to take your RV for repairs and how to monitor it afterward. By following these simple tips, you can feel confident your RV or travel trailer is dependable on the road.


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