Best RV Jack Pads To Level And Stabilize Your RV

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Properly leveling and stabilizing your RV is essential for keeping your RV in good shape and ensuring you stay comfortable while inside it. The traditional way to do this is using wooden blocks placed under your jacks. But there’s another option that we use: RV jack pads. 

We even made a YouTube video about them that you can find in this article.

RV jack pads are custom-made specifically for leveling and stabilizing your RV. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what RV jack pads are, how to use them, and the best RV jack pads available right now. 

What Are RV Jack Pads

Let’s start by defining what an RV jackpad is exactly. Based on the name, you might be able to make some guesses: An RV jack pad is a pad (shocker) that goes under your RV jacks (still with me here?) in order to stabilize it and prevent your jacks from sinking into the ground. 

This works by distributing the weight of your RV over a larger area than your jacks would normally. Many jack pads are made of plastic and are stackable in order to ensure the right height. They also assist in leveling your RV and are one of the most common RV accessories. 

Being stackable ensures they interlock and provide a stable footing for RV jacks and stabilizers. They are a safer way to ‘block up” your RV when leveling and eliminate all the random pieces of wood you’ve been carrying around.

How Are RV Jack Pads Used?

RV set up with jack pads and a close up insert of the jack on the pad
RV jack pads are an essential accessory

Using an RV jackpad is easy. Simply place the jack pads under your jacks or stabilizers while leveling, ensuring the jack and the jack pad make contact at a 90-degree angle.

When leveling with multiple pads, ensure that you evenly stacked them on top of each other. 

Pads can also support the weight of tires if they are large enough and rated for it. The main function is to provide a larger flat footprint for jacks, stabilizers, and tires when leveling your RV.

Best RV Jack Pads For Leveling And Stabilizing Your RV

Now that we know a little more about this essential RV accessory let’s look at the best ones you can use for your RV. 

1. Snap Pad

Snap pad rv jack pads
Our favorite choice for RV jack pads has to be Snap Pads.

Most RV jack pads need to be placed under your RV jacks when you level, but Snap Pads are a little different.

These RV jack pads snap directly onto your rig’s jacks and stay there so you can use them whenever you level your RV. This is the only such product on the market, and it makes leveling your rig faster and easier. 

Because they stay attached, Snap Pads get rid of the need to crawl under your rig for leveling blocks. They free up space in your RV too, since you don’t need to store the pads inside your rig.

They will not help you to level up your rig if your campsite has a steep grade but most places we camp are pretty level.

Snap Pads are made in the USA from recycled tires, so you can feel good about your purchase too! Check out our video about how and why we use Snap Pads on our Class A motorhome.

We describe why we like using RV Snap Pads on our Class A RV.

2. Camco Jack Pads

Camco Jack Pads

Camco is one of the best-known brands of RV accessories, so it’s no surprise they offer RV jack pads as well.

These 6.5” x 6.5” pads are made in the USA from heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polypropylene. This ensures that they can stand up for hours in the sun without issue. 

Designed to easily interlock, they include a handy storage strap to keep them together. A handle on top of each jack makes it easy to move and position. 

3. RoadWarrior Jack Pads

RoadWarrior Jack Pads

Need RV jack pads that can stand up to anything? RoadWarrior Jack Pads are the perfect choice. 

RoadWarrior Jack Pads are industrial strength and guaranteed to be unbreakable. In fact, if your pads break for any reason, RoadWarrior will replace them!

Rated to support up to 50,000 lbs they are 100% waterproof and will never rot or crack. Multiple shapes and sizes are available to better suit your needs. A helpful handle makes it easy to move the blocks, even with a gloved hand. 

4. Lynx Leveling Blocks

Lynx leveling blocks
Interlocking jack pads are a handy thing to have

Lynx Leveling Blocks are the perfect RV jack pad choice for anybody who just wants the basics. In fact, we use them with our Class C RV

These no-frills blocks are sturdy enough to stand up to 40,000 lbs, while the full set of 10 blocks weigh less than 10 pounds. They have an interlocking design and are easy to use by simply arranging blocks in a pyramid shape underneath the jack. 

Lynx leveling blocks include a handy carrying bag to store the blocks in. A 10-year warranty also backs them.

5. Bigfoot Outrigger Pads

Bigfoot outrigger pads

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads are super heavy-duty RV jack pads. They are used not only for RVs but for construction equipment as well. That means that you can rest easy that your RV jack pads are up to any challenge. 

They offer a variety of sizes to better suit your rig. The pads are made in the US from American materials by a family-owned business. Bigfoot Outriiger products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

5. Quality Plastics Utility Blocks

Quality plastics utility blocks

Sometimes, a name says it all: Quality Plastics Utility Blocks are just that. These sturdy blocks are made of durable plastic and weigh only 3.25 lbs each. 

The blocks have 45-degree bevels on each side to make them easy to drive onto. To keep them lightweight without sacrificing durability, each block features six cored holes.

The blocks are designed to nest together securely, without webbing that can sink into the ground. 

Are RV Jack Pads Really Necessary?

RV set up wiyth leveling blocks under the tires and jack pads under the jacks
Unlevel sites can make setting up a real challenge

While RV jack pads aren’t 100% a requirement, it’s highly recommended to use them, for a variety of reasons. 

You should have something under your RV jacks, whether it be jack pads or something else. Otherwise, your RV’s jack feet can sink into the pavement (especially on a hot day) or shift in place. 

Plus, something under your jacks helps dampen vibrations and reduce the movement of your rig while you’re walking around inside it. That means not only a better RV experience but less chances of slippage or tilt. 

Many RVers use wooden blocks to stabilize their RV. While this will work, it’s less than ideal. Wooden blocks will wear down over time due to moisture and other factors.

Over time, this can lead to the blocks rotting or splitting, rendering them useless. Worse, if a block gives out while it’s under your jack feet, it could lead to a damaged rig. 

RV jack pads, meanwhile, have none of these problems. Because they’re made out of durable, non-porous materials, they’ll withstand the elements without rotting, cracking, or other damage. Plus, they’re designed to hold more weight than a wooden block and provide better stability. 

DIY RV Jack Pads

DIY RV jack pads are a simple job for RVers

Of course, buying RV jack pads isn’t your only option. While they might not be as durable as purchased jack pads, DIY pads are a great, cost-effective option, and easy to make to boot. 

The most common material for DIY jack pads is wood. Usually, this comes in the form of wooden blocks stacked on top of each other, and sometimes tied together or otherwise bound together in some way.

It’s important that they are stacked securely; don’t just slap some 2x4s on top of one another. 

Should You Level Your RV Side To Side Or Front To Back First?

Wondering if you should level side to side or back to front first? It’s a common question, and there is some debate around it. But, generally, it’s advised to level side to side first. 

This is because side-to-side leveling often requires you to move the RV, so it’s easier to do that first, and then worry about front-to-back leveling.

Also, if your RV has slides, these should generally not be extended until after you’ve finished leveling. 

Final Thoughts About RV Jack Pads

So there you have it. RV jack pads are an essential RV accessory that keeps your RV stable and level when you reach the campsite. They help to ensure your RV doesn’t rock around while you’re inside it and stays level during use.

A variety of options are available on the market, and we’ve given you our 5 favorite picks. No matter what you use, using jack pads to keep your RV stable and level is essential!

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