7 Best RV Shows Across the U.S. Every Year

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Each year, new and veteran RVers attend RV shows across the U.S. But, there are some that are so significant that people travel from all parts of the country to attend these shows.

We will show the best RV shows across the U.S., what makes them so significant, and why RVers plan their RV season to include these important events. Have your calendar ready, because you may want to add some of these shows to your travel schedule.

What is an RV Show?

What is an RV show? An RV show is usually a grand event held at a convention center, large expo center, or fairground where RV dealers come together to show off the latest and greatest RVs.

The best RV shows attract crowds of people who flock to the center to see the RVs, talk to dealers, purchase gear and equipment, and put a few of those makes and models on their wish list.

Of course, the best RV shows can be a boon to visitors with serious purchasing intentions. Those ready to buy will find all the motorhomes and travel trailers have amazing sale pricing. The competition is fierce between dealers.

As an RV buyer, people can compare models, sizes, and more all right in one place. As a result, many of those buyers received an incredible deal on a new RV by the end of the day.

7 Best RV Shows Around the U.S. Every Year

1. Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, FL

RV Shows in the U.S. Florida RV SuperShow

If Elkhart, Indiana is the RV Capital of the World, then Tampa, Florida is the RV Vacation Home of the World. Traditionally, the FRVTA’s (Florida RV Trade Association) Florida RV Supershow is one of the first RV shows in the U.S. during the calendar year.

This time of year marks the mid-model year, so the RV manufacturers use this show to present prototypes, mid-model year changes, and other innovations. The show starts on the third Wednesday of January and runs through Sunday.

But, the Tuesday before is called “Industry Day.” The media is invited for special presentations by the manufacturers, so they can report it to everyone before the crowds attend.

During the Florida RV Supershow, you can find educational seminars, entertainment, and even trams to help you get around the massive Florida State Fairgrounds. Of course, you will see the latest and greatest RVs, innovations, products, and accessories.

The show covers 26 acres and has some 1,400 RVs on display. Two exhibit halls are full of vendors showing off the latest parts, accessories, supplies, and camping products.

You will even find campgrounds, RV resorts, accessory vendors, camping stores, and even many of your favorite RV Influencers walking around.

Florida RV SuperShow Editor Brian and Today is Someday Phil and Stacy
RVBlogger’s Editor Brian Newman with Phil and Stacy from Today is Someday on Industry Day

Whether you want to check out the new products a new RV, you can see everything from small teardrop to bus conversions and luxury motorhomes.

According to the website, you can dry camp in your RV at the fairgrounds for a fee, or reserve a space ahead of time in their electric-only section.

Shows are scheduled around the third week in January so check out the website for all the details.

2. America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA

RV Shows in the U.S. Hershey RV Show

The Hershey RV Show (Pennsylvania Recreational Vehicle and Camping Association) is known as “Americas’ Largest RV Show”.

Located at the Giant Center in Hershey, this show utilizes about a million square feet which is equivalent to 33 football fields. The show celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. In 2021 the show over 61,000 visitors.

Seminars are geared toward helping consumers on a variety of issues:

  • How to buy an RV
  • RV maintenance
  • RV safety
  • Upgrade ideas
  • RVing costs and tips
  • Getting the most out of exploring national parks
  • Learning about RV electrical systems

That is just the tip of the educational iceberg. Of course, the highlight of a visitor’s day is all of those beautiful new RVs and dreaming about owning one. If ownership isn’t just a dream, there will be plenty of dealers ready to help you step into your new rig.

This event is held in the middle of September each year, when most of the new RV models have hit the market. Visitors with an RV will need to secure a site nearby, since there is no RV parking on the Giant Center grounds. Hersheypark Camping Resort nearby does offer a shuttle to the show grounds.

Learn more about America’s Largest RV Show at Hershey, PA on their Website.

3. Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, & RV Show in Quartzsite, AZ

RV Shows in the U.S. Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show

Who wouldn’t want to attend the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show, held in Quartzsite, AZ, in January? Specifically, it is held during the last full week in January from Saturday to Saturday.

For perspective, the weekend of the Florida RV SuperShow is the beginning of Quartzsite, so to attend both, realistically, you may have to fly.

This very popular and large RV show is an RV mecca in the southwest. For the last 40 years, according to the Arizona Highway Department, close to a million people converge every January on this non-descript desert town for the “Largest Gathering of RVers in the World.”

Located just 20 miles east of the California border on I-10, RVers come for the camaraderie, RVs, and overlanding gear. You will also find a flea market, gem and minerals show, and other things at this particular RV show.

This show and parking are free and the weather is wonderful. You will see a plethora of exhibitor booths and plenty of the newest model RVs.

You will see all the RV categories from small teardrop campers to the big Class A busses. Vanlifers and outdoor enthusiasts like this RV show since many of the manufacturers and van conversion companies also bring their off-road RV models with them.

Get more information at the Quartzsite show’s website.

4. Colorado Adventure RV and Travel Show in Denver, CO

RV Shows in the U.S. Colorado Adventure RV and Travel Show

Get everything you need for your next RV trip at the Colorado Adventure RV and Travel Show. It is held the second weekend in January at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

The show features a great selection of outdoor accessories, as well as information on campgrounds, resorts, and more.

Top manufacturers will be around to make deals on the newest models with special show-only pricing and incentives. You can even get financing and on-the-spot loan approval.

Seminars include topics such as finding the right RV for you, the ins and outs of taking your life on the road, and much more.

The Colorado Adventure RV and Travel Show is one of the Best RV Shows in the U.S. for those looking for both on-road and off-road rigs specific to western state standards.

You can come to learn, explore and find your next home away from home. Check out more show information on the website.

5. Seattle RV Show in Seattle, WA

RV Shows in the U.S. Seattle RV show

Those in the Pacific Northwest should clear the third week in February on their calendar for the Seattle RV Show at Lumen Field Event Center.

Don’t miss out on tons of RVs to explore, and educational seminars that will give you plenty of good information. Whether you are a full-timer, plan to step into your first RV, RVing is in your 5-year plan, this event should be marked on your calendar with a pen.

The show features contests, giveaways, and a beer and wine rest stop. Prior to the show, potential visitors can go to the website’s RV Finder to get a list of brands, dealers, and a list of inventory that will be at the show.

Check out previous shows and current show dates.

6. The Annual Chicago RV & Camping Show in Rosemont, IL

RV Shows in the U.S. Chicago RV and Camping Show

Located at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., The Annual Chicago RV & Camping Show is the largest Midwest RV show in the U.S.

Although not as large as some of the others listed, it attracts thousands of campers and outdoors enthusiasts annually. Visitors can check out the newest models and get show pricing on the best brands.

Tour some of the 20-plus RV dealers displaying more than 400 brand new RVs. Don’t miss out on tons of product vendors display. You will find everything you need to care for your RV as well as many campground-related booths.

Visit one of the many campground resorts that are regularly on hand to help you plan your perfect stay.

At the RV show’s online presence, you can read general information about camping, choosing the right RV for you, where you should camp, some of the costs of the RV life, and more.

As the guardians of Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue, what better way to begin your RV adventure than cruising down “America’s Main Street.” Kick off your RV adventures with Route 66!

7. Southwest RV SuperShow in Dallas, TX

RV Shows in the U.S. Southwest RV SuperShow

The Southwest RV SuperShow, located at Dallas Market Hall in Dallas, TX, boasts its obsession with RV technology. Recent shows exalt the advances in RV manufacturing and the state-of-the-art way they are manufactured.

Manufacturer reps are at the show to answer questions and present you with a great opportunity to purchase the RV of your dreams. Financing is always available onsite.

If you want a great deal, be sure and capture some of the show pricing and low-interest rates on some of the best RV values. You can see current new models and closeouts of last year’s models.

Don’t just attend the show for the RV deals. You may not be in the market for an RV but you can attend a seminar on several relevant subjects including work camping, making the most out of your RV kitchen, driving your RV, RV electrical systems, and much more.

This show generally runs the last full weekend of September. Get more information on the SuperShow’s website.

What Is There To Do At An RV Show?

The best RV shows in the U.S. bring in huge crowds, as well as provide a variety of vendors and more. Bring the kids along for the activities such as clowns, crafts, archery, or fishing.

Mom and dad can take in a seminar. You might even win a prize by participating in a fun competition or a door prize.

Of course, getting to tour all those brand new RVs has got to be the highlight of your visit.

Are RV Shows Only For RV Shoppers?

Are RV Shows in the U.S. Only For RV Shoppers

RV shows are fun for the whole family and you don’t have to be shopping for an RV to enjoy everything they have to offer. It certainly can be fun checking out the newest models, seeing the vast lineup of products, and learning more about RV life.

Many people come to RV shows to learn what is new in the industry and to enjoy the day. When the show is over for the day, walk around the parking lot and meet those who are staying overnight (if applicable).

Share campfire stories, get inspired by their DIY RV ideas, or learn how those RVers like or dislike their floorplans.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of an RV Show

1. Go In With a Plan

Some of these shows are huge and you could wander around for hours. When you go to the website to get your tickets, plan out what you really want to see, and go there first.

If there is a particular seminar you do not want to miss, make note of the day and time so you can get a seat. Many of the seminars are repeated daily or on another day if you do miss it.

2. Bring Your Documents With You

If there is a slight chance you might buy an RV, bring all the documentation you will need for the finance department. You also want to know your vehicle’s tow rating and other needed information.

3. Go When It is Slow

Make your visit during the week if possible, to avoid crowds. Vendors and manufacturers might have more time to answer your questions if they are not inundated by other visitors.

4. Take It All In at Your Pace

There are no rewards for exhausting yourself at an RV show. Once you’ve enjoyed what you planned to do, take a breather, and grab some food.

Determine if there is anything else you are interested in seeing. If not, head home, or you can always come back another day. Many of the bigger RV shows, like the Florida RV SuperShow, give you two-day passes.

5. Take Notes

If you take notes, you won’t forget all the great information you gleaned. There will be too much information for you to retain. Write it all down, collect business cards, and get brochures.

Once you have a chance to sit down, you will have all the data in front of you to make an informed decision instead of guessing.

Wrapping Up the Best RV Shows Across the U.S.

No matter what level of interest you have in RVs, it’s always fun to go and look at the newest models. The best RV shows are a great place to see what is new, meet new people, and find the best accessories.

There are so many people to chat with and get information from, and plenty of veteran RVers who would love to tell you stories as you pick their brains. So strike up a conversation, take notes and soon you will get the fever to get on the road.


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