Best RV Tailgating Tips

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RV tailgating can be unforgettable if you know some of the best RV tailgating tips and tricks.  

When you tailgate in an RV, you will have all of the comforts of home. But, even if your RV does not have every bell and whistle, we will cover the best RV tailgating tips to make your next RV tailgate party a breeze.

RV tailgating is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy a football game. However, you can extend your RV tailgating fun to events like Little League games and concerts as well. Regardless of the venue, the best RV tailgating tips are universal.

3 Features That Make a Good Tailgating RV

1. RV Outdoor Kitchens

Features That Make a Good Tailgating RV RV Outdoor Kitchen

Every tailgate needs excellent food, so it is no surprise that the best RVs for tailgating have an outdoor kitchen. Some outdoor cooking spaces will include refrigerators, cooktops, and sinks. Others may simply include a place to mount a grill and have a quick-connect propane hookup. Either way, you will appreciate the RV outdoor kitchen space so you can prepare all your tailgate food without ever having to leave the party.

2. RV Outdoor Entertainment Center

Features That Make a Good Tailgating RV RV Outdoor Entertainment Center

The best RV tailgating motorhomes and travel trailers will also have an outdoor entertainment center with an LED TV and sound system for watching the pre-game. Some RVs have a television built right into the outside of the camper. Others have an outdoor television mount that allows you to move the indoor television to the bracket outside. At the very least, make sure that your trailer has an outdoor plug and coax hook up.

By 2014, RVs started showing up with outdoor speakers as standard features. Outdoor TVs in RVs either connected to these speakers or came with an accompanying soundbar. In addition, modern tailgating RVs now have multiple Bluetooth connection capabilities for headphones and speakers.

3. Best Tailgate Trailer Lengths

Features That Make a Good Tailgating RV Best Tailgate Trailer Length

While a bit counter-intuitive, the best RV tailgating trailers are mid-sized coaches. This is because sports arenas and other parking lots may have length restrictions. Therefore, you will need to be able to fit both your tow vehicle and your RV within the confines of the designated parking space. 

You could bring a portable outdoor kitchen or grill to your RV-style tailgate. Televisions can also be set up on a table. But there is no workaround if your RV does not fit within the confines of the parking space. Some RV tailgate lots will charge you an additional fee if you exceed a specific overall length. But more often, you will simply be kicked out if you cannot fit within their parameters.  

Can I Tailgate in an RV?

Can I Tailgate in an RV

Yes, you absolutely can tailgate in an RV! 

When you think about tailgating, you probably think of football. Most professional and college football stadiums have designated parking for RV tailgating, with few exceptions.

A best RV tailgating tip is to look up venue-specific policies online before you arrive. For example, very few venues will allow overnight parking. Others will have a strict rule requiring all RVs to leave shortly after the game ends. 

You will also want to research what, if any, amenities are available for RV tailgaters. Consider whether or not you need to purchase an RV parking pass before game day or if some spaces are open on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For instance, according to AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play, overnight RV parking is permitted. The RV lot here even boasts a dump station. RV parking passes for Cowboys’ games can be purchased at the stadium or online before the game.

Contrastly, at the Arizona Cardinal’s State Farm Stadium, the parking lots are open at varying times depending on the event. Overnight parking is not permitted. 

3 Great RV Tailgating Events You Should Not Miss

1. Little League and School Sports

Can I Tailgate in an RV Other RV Tailgating Event Locations

Football may be at the forefront of your mind when you think of tailgating, but RV tailgating is also hugely popular in youth sports. In particular, if you are a Little League family, you should consider bringing your RV to the next away game. Many teams set up camp right in the parking lot of the baseball field and use their RVs as a home base for the team.

2. RV Tailgating at Music Festivals and Concerts

Can I Tailgate in an RV Concerts

RV tailgating at music festivals and concerts other opportunities for bringing your motorhome or travel trailer with you. My personal favorite is the epic tailgates Parrot Heads throw at every Jimmy Buffet concert.

One of the very best RV tailgating tips is to consider bringing your rig along anywhere people are tailgating. Remember that the rules will differ from venue to venue, so it is the best RV tailgating tip in this situation to always make sure you know venue-specific policies ahead of time.

3. NASCAR Tracks You can Camp and RV Tailgate

NASCAR Tracks You can Camp and RV Tailgate

Many of the NASCAR tracks you can camp and RV tailgate at in the infield can be an incredible experience. No matter if you’re parked at a lower turn or the finish line, your RV tailgating party will roar as they are fueled with excitement from the stock cars fighting for position.

The best RV tailgating tip for NASCAR races is to wear earplugs and make sure your generator exhaust is venting away from everyone.

Why Tailgate in an RV? 

Why Tailgate in an RV

So why tailgate in an RV? The benefits are many. The biggest is by far convenience. When you drive your RV to a tailgate, you have all the comforts of home right there in the parking lot.   

RV kitchens also mean more exciting food. Imagine tailgating on a fall day and cooking up a pot of hearty chili. Perhaps you are at a summer concert, and margaritas are more your style. Maybe you are on the east coast, and your tailgate calls for a seafood boil. Regardless, you will appreciate your RV outdoor kitchen and all its amenities.

RV tailgating comes with all the convenience of your own kitchen, but even more enticing is the convenience of having your own restroom. RV tailgating means no more waiting in line for the dreaded communal porta potty. 

Since most RV tailgates will be a form of dry camping, remember to fill your RV freshwater tank. Then, plan ahead by locating a nearby dump station with apps like Sanidumps when you leave your RV tailgating event.

RV Tailgate Temperature Safety Tips

RV Tailgate Temperature Safety Tips

RV tailgating can keep people safe from extreme temperatures. Having a kitchen and restroom right at your tailgate is a true luxury, but so is having an indoor space for people to relax. A best RV tailgate tip is to use the RV’s climate-controlled interior to cool off or warm up if the temperatures outside become threatening.  

Speaking of climate control, you will need to plan ahead to keep your RV comfortable while tailgating. If permitted, you will likely want to use a generator for your electrical needs. An important RV tailgating tip is to always make sure you have an extension on your generator exhaust. You want to make sure you vent the dangerous fumes up and away from everyone.    

When tailgating with your RV at a youth sporting event, the team can recover in comfort during halftime inside your rig. Your RV is also an excellent place to hold team meetings or administer first aid. 

Another best RV tailgating tip is to use your RV to haul the team equipment and merchandise. Many team parents use closet storage space in their rig as a makeshift equipment closet.

4 Tips To Throw the Best RV Tailgate Party

So now that we have established why you would want to tailgate with your RV, you need to know how to throw the best RV tailgate party.

1. RV Tailgating Tip: Entertainment and Seating

RV Tailgating Tip Entertainment and Seating

RVs with outdoor LED TVs let you and your guests watch the pre-game show. Even if your RV does not come with an outdoor television, you can always bring one along. A best RV tailgating tip is to purchase a quality portable satellite dish with a ground tripod. Remember to bring plenty of portable RV outdoor furniture as well.

To keep everyone having fun, another best RV tailgate tip is to pack a variety of yard games. Cornhole, ladder ball, and catch are great choices. Be sure that you keep all activities within the confines of your parking space. You do not want to send a pigskin flying into an unsuspecting fellow tailgater.

2. RV Tailgating Tip: Food

RV Tailgating Tip Food

Despite all the conveniences of your RV kitchen, you would not want to waste party time preparing food. A best RV tailgating tip is to pre-prep as much of the food as possible. Be sure to bring one or two extra tables to set up for your tailgate smorgasbord.

You will also want to make sure you plan how you will cook your food. To get things hot in a hurry, you can use your RV’s indoor and outdoor kitchen simultaneously. Find out what, if any, types of grills are permitted. Many of the arenas have designated bins for your BBQ charcoal ashes.

3. RV Tailgating Tip: Decorations

RV Tailgating Tip Decorations

What is a party without decorations? A best RV tailgate party tip is to decorate with festive tablecloths, streamers, and even inflatables. Perhaps one of the best RV tailgate tips is bringing along a flagpole and flag. Not only will your tailgate flag show your team spirit, but it will also help others find your RV from a distance.

4. RV Tailgating Tip: Know What Not To Bring

4 Tips To Throw the Best RV Tailgate Party RV Tailgating Tip Know What Not To Bring

Just as important as what you bring to an RV tailgate is what to leave behind. It is best to leave your pet at home. RV tailgates are generally too chaotic for pets unless you have a service animal or they love being the life of the party (like Uga, the Mascot of the University of Georgia).

Other things that you may want to leave at home include glass bottles and open flames, as many RV tailgate venus expressly prohibit these things.

RV Tailgating Rules You Need to Follow

Every tailgating venue will have rules you need to follow to tailgate in your RV. For instance:

  • Colorado State University prohibits liquor and only allows beer or wine.
  • Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots, has a rule requiring all passengers in a tailgate vehicle to possess tickets to the game.
  • MetLife Stadium, where the New York Giants play, require tailgate ticket holders to carry a specific type of fire extinguisher. 

A best RV tailgate tip is to research venue rules before your arrival.

There is also RV tailgate etiquette you should follow. Always be considerate of others concerning noise, smoke from outdoor cooking, and exhaust from your generator.

Final Thoughts on RV Tailgating

Football games, concerts, and youth sporting events lend wonderfully to RV tailgating. Most venues will allow some sort of RV parking. If you are allowed to tailgate in your RV, you absolutely should.

RV tailgating affords you the comfort and convenience of home while still allowing you to celebrate in the middle of the action.

The best RV tailgating tips include planning ahead to venue rules and party food, decorations, and entertainment. If you follow our best tips for RV tailgating, your next tailgate will be truly unforgettable! 

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