9 Best Heated Camping Chairs to Keep You Warm

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Heated camping chairs now make low-temperature days and evenings comfortable. A heated camping chair allows you to enjoy the RV lifestyle without bundling up. Imagine the perfect evening with your heated camping chair.

Ahh, what’s better on a chilly night than a warm campfire in front of you and a heated camping chair keeping you just as warm. I remember spending nights outside at the fire and being forced to get in the camper early because I couldn’t stay warm enough.

I have also spent time on the Gulf with a fire on the beach watching the moon rise over the horizon and still couldn’t keep warm. These heated camping chairs would have been perfect in those situations. How about hanging out at one of your children’s soccer or football games? I do wish I had one then.

You might want to consider several factors when buying a heated camping chair. The weight of the chair, and how much it will hold. If you like to spend time on the beach or somewhere you need to transport the chair these issues may be important to you.

You also want a heated camping chair that will stay warm for a long period of time. Also, you might want to choose a heated camping chair that provides different levels of comfort.

Whether the heated camping chair uses coils or another method to provide heat will certainly be a consideration and affects the durability of the chair. Make sure to consider the battery type or battery life of the chair as well. We will consider these factors as we look at some of the best heated camping chairs on the market. In the end, take into consideration what is most important to you.

How Does a Heated Camping Chair Work?

  1. GOBI Terrain Heated Camping Chair
  2. POP Design Hot Seat Heated Camping Chair
  3. Chaheati Maxx Attachable Heated Camping Chair
  4. KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Camping Chair
  5. Kings Trek Heated Camping Chair
  6. Coleman OneSource Heated Camping Chair
  7. King Camp Heated Camping Chair
  8. 4Tek Heated Camping Chair
  9. UNP Portable Foldable Heated Camping Chair

A heated camping chair looks like a regular camping chair but has heating elements in the bottom and sometimes in the back of the chair. The chair is powered with a USB battery pack or a rechargeable, low voltage lithium battery.

You can purchase a heated camping chair with multiple heat settings that can get up to 130 degrees. A heated camping chair is great for cold climates, winter camping, or any time you would like to have a little warmth without a heavy blanket or coat.

Best 10 Heated Camping Chairs

1. GOBI Terrain Heated Camping Chair (RVBlogger Favorite!)

GOBI Terrain Heated Camping Chair

The GOBI Terrain heated camping chair came in as our favorite. Mike and Susan of RVBlogger own these chairs and LOVE them! With a durable steel frame that can hold up to 300 pounds, the GOBI battery-heated camping chair has three heat settings that will allow you the most comfort: low (113 degrees), medium (122 degrees), and high (131 degrees).

The heat comes from two zones made up of conductive-thread technology sewn into a denier polyester, in both the seat and lower back of the chair. A lithium battery, which also powers the USB phone charging port, provides up to 9 hours of warmth on low, 6 hours on medium, and 4.5 hours on high.

At just 11 pounds, this chair is light, waterproof, and easy to fold and store. It has a one-year limited warranty.

2. POP Design Hot Seat Heated Camping Chair – Waterproof!

POP Design Hot Seat Heated Camping Chair

At 11 pounds, the POP Design Hot Seat Camping Chair is a great choice. This one has a portable USB-powered heating technology. All you have to do is plug the battery into the chair and the chair begins to warm up. Be aware, however, the USB battery is not included with the purchase of the chair but you can add it to your Amazon cart for a great price.

This heated camping chair has the capability of warming up to 110 degrees with multiple settings so you get the best heat setting you want.

The chair adjusts to three reclining positions and features comfortable and durable foam padding. The waterproof fabric prevents the heat technology from being damaged by any liquids. It also has many pockets, cup holders, and a weight rating of up to 300 pounds. Many buyers like the two-year warranty.

3. Chaheati Maxx Attachable Heated Camping Chair – Best Heated Add On!

Chaheati Maxx Attachable Heated Camping Chair

The Chaheati Maxx Attachable Heated Camping Chair is cordless, lightweight, portable, weighs as little as two pounds. This add-on seat warmer uses its hook-and-loop fasteners to turn your favorite outdoor furniture into a heated camping chair. With heat in the back and in the seat, you can control your warming needs.

The high setting tops out at 130 degrees up to 7 hours, using its 11.1-volt lithium battery. The heated camping chair add-on is water-resistant with a pocket for the controls. The Chaheati Maxx folds flat for easy storage and barely tips the scale if you have cargo weight concerns.

4. KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Camping Chair – Most Comfy Chair!

KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Camping Chair

The KUMA Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear Heated Camping Chair features the exclusive ADDHEAT control system. It’s designed to keep you warm, no matter the weather. Made of durable, ribbed polyester, the chair features a padded back and arm rests. The 350 pound rated chair also features an insulated beverage holder and phone pocket for a comfortable hands-free experience.

It also includes a 10,000 mAh power bank for maximum warming. The chair weighs about 15 pounds so it’s great for carrying to a neighbor’s campsite or to the beach on a chilly day.

5. Kings Trek Heated Camping Chair – 2 USB Ports Charge Your Chair and Phone Simultaneously!

Kings Trek Heated Camping Chair

You can use the Kings Trek Camping Chair all year since its removable heating cushion can be stored away during the hot months. The breathable mesh lets you stay cool during the summer, and the heated cushion keeps you toasty warm during the cooler fall evenings.

The almost 17 pound heated camping chair has three color-coded heat settings. Once the cushion reaches 131°F, the battery shuts itself off, preventing heat damage.

If you forget to charge the battery, a quick two hour charge will give you 10 hours on low, 6 at medium, and 3 on the high heat setting. The chair’s 600 denier polyester and 350 pound weight rating will let you enjoy your evening as you share camping stories with your grandchildren in your lap.

6. Coleman OneSource Heated ChairBattery Works with All Coleman OneSource Products

Coleman OneSource Heated Camping Chair

Sit and relax for hours even on the coldest days as you camp with your Coleman OneSource heated camping chair. With a one year limited warranty and three years for the battery, you can keep the heat going with four adjustable heat settings. Flip the pad up or down to warm your back or seat.

The battery will heat for about 1.5 hours on high (133 degrees), 2 hours on medium (123 degrees), 3 hours on low (113 degrees), or 2.5 hours on pulse which heats periodically from low to high.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is interchangeable with other Coleman OneSource products. Charge your phone through the handy USB port or add a second battery for longer warming. The weather-resistant fabric and nontoxic PU coating will help protect the chair against spills and water. This heated camping chair holds up to 300 pounds.

7. King Camp Heated Camping Chair – Best for Bad Backs

King Camp Camping Chair

The King Camp heated camping chair has three levels of heat on both the bottom and the back, just plug in any USB battery pack. The chair also adjusts for lumbar and armrest support for your own height and comfort.

This heated camping chair uses thickened anti-rust steel pipe, a durable non-slip foot cover, suitable for different grounds, and tear-resistant 1200D Oxford cloth. The King Camp opens and retracts quickly and is lightweight at just 11.3 pounds. It can hold up to 300 pounds.

The large side storage bag can hold your phone or book. There is a mesh cup holder and a cooler on the back which will allow for three canned drinks. A head storage bag is convenient to hold the chair’s outer carrying bag or a jacket.

8. 4Tek Heated Camping Chair – Built In Inslulated Cooler Great for Tailgating!

4Tek Heated Camping Chair

The unique design of this 4Tek heated outdoor camping chair will make you feel warm and comfortable in any setting. The chair touts an ergonomic feel with back support and padding for comfort. The heavy-duty frame is an added bonus. With three levels of heating comfort, the 4Tek embraces you like a warm hug.

Ultralight and foldable, this heated camping chair is 11.5 pounds for easy transport to the beach, campsite, or sporting event. The portable power pack is included and removable. The chair has a 275-pound capacity.

Storage pockets, an insulated cup holder, and an insulated cooler pocket are also included. This heated camping chair has a 1-year warranty guaranteed.

9. UNP Portable Folding Heated Camping Chair – Lowest Price

UNP Portable Foldable Camping Chair

The UNP Portable Folding Heated Camping Chair comes with a 3-level color-coded heating system that ranges between 80°-130°F. Whether you’re enjoying the evening by the campfire or trying to get that perfect view of the wildlife in the area, this sturdy camo heated camping chair will keep you warm.

The large back pocket, side battery pocket, arm beverage holder, and arm mobile device holder keeps your things conveniently located no matter how far away from camp you are. The easy-to-carry 11-pound chair holds up to 300 pounds. The ABS plastic non-slip feet keep a firm hold on the ground, no matter the conditions.

Are There Different Types of Portable Heated Camping Chairs?

Heated camping chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heating abilities. You will find them with different temperature settings, weight, portability, and more. Most chairs come with heat coils built into the chair’s frame. In order to get heat, you just plug it into the battery pack and you will have heat in a few minutes. How long the battery will stay charged is an important consideration regarding the brand or type of chair you purchase.

There are some chairs that utilize a removable heat pack that is put into a pouch in the chair. These won’t stay hot as long as the battery type.

What are the Best Features to Look for in Heated Camping Chairs?

Some features to look for include the basic comfort of the chair. If you have a well-padded chair with heat this can be a great combination. Depending on your preference, you will want to consider the maximum heat level of the chair. Most of the reviewed chairs maxed out at around 130 degrees. Also, look for a chair with multiple heat settings so you can set it to your own comfort level.

Make sure to review what comes with the chair. There were a few that did not include the battery pack in the price. This could add another $40 or $50 to your investment.

The maximum weight capacity of the chair, as well as its dimensions, might be important. The weight of the chair is another feature to check on. You might only need the chair to sit on outside of your RV and really aren’t concerned about its weight. If you have to carry the chair for any distance, a walk down the beach, or from a car to your favorite sporting event, the weight will be important.

All the extra features like space to stow your phone or keep your drink insulated, are all things to consider when you purchase your heated camping chair. Most of the chairs reviewed had limited one-year warranties.

How Do You Power a Heated Camping Chair? 

Most of the heated camping chairs on the market have elements in the bottom. Some also have heating elements in the back of the chair and are usually powered with a USB battery pack or a rechargeable, low voltage lithium battery. These batteries can power your chair anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours.

There are some chairs that utilize a warming pack put into pockets in the chair. These can be switched out with other heating packs that are purchased separately, to lengthen the warming effect.

In the case of rechargeable batteries, the mAh (milliamp hour) is an indicator of the energy charge a battery can hold, as well as the time it will power a device before it needs recharging. In most cases, the higher the mAh rating in the battery, the more electrical energy the battery can store, and the longer it can power a device.

Are Heated Camping Chairs Worth it?

Heated camping chairs are well worth the price, particularly if you like to spend time outside in cooler weather. Imagine if you live where there are restrictions on campfires. These heated camping chairs are the perfect option to spend time outdoors and still keep warm.

Another scenario might be you want to head outside and watch the stars or a meteor shower. You might not want the light of the campfire but the warmth would still be nice.

For the most part, the prices of these chairs don’t vary much for the good ones. You can certainly pay more but $150-$200 is going to get you a good chair with a long-lasting battery.

Most heated camping chairs provide multiple heat settings and the battery is included in the price. A few do not include the battery pack so be sure to consider that when looking to purchase. Most of the chairs are pretty lightweight for carrying (10-15 pounds) and could hold up to around 300 pounds.

What’s the Best Heated Camping Chair for You?

Wow, I wouldn’t have thought several years ago that heated camping chairs were a thing. I wish I would have come up with the idea. Obviously, I think heated camping chairs are a great idea, and there are many different options.

To recap, make sure you consider what comes with the chair. Some don’t include the battery pack in the price. Of course, you want a chair that stays warm for a long period of time before you have to charge the battery. Make sure it has multiple heat settings to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

Other features such as how much the chair weighs and the weight the chair will hold can be important factors as well. You’ll want one that uses sturdy material and has a warranty that meets your expectations.

Finally, you will want those extra pockets and cup holders within easy reach to keep your drinks cold and your phone handy. An added bonus includes a USB charging port on the battery for your phone or other electronic devices.

Hopefully, this list will give you more than enough information to get you started on your search for a heated camping chair.

Do you have a heated camping chair? Which one do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments what you think is the best heated camping chair.

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