Best RV Toll Pass for Travelling Through Multiple States

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What is the best RV toll pass for traveling through multiple states? If you have traveled anywhere in the U.S. in your RV, you know that toll roads are everywhere.

Personally, we do our best to avoid them. However, sometimes we just don’t want to go too far out of our way. Sometimes what you save in time and gas will have to win out. You can use your Google Maps or Apple Maps to avoid them, but like a bad penny, they just keep turning up.

Some 38 states have toll roads, which includes Alaska. Hawaii does not have toll roads, just roads that take a toll on your sanity. Been there, done that.

Read on and let’s see if we can show you more about the best RV toll passes, including which ones are best for multiple states and more. There is a lot of confusing information regarding RV toll passes so let’s see if we can get it all sorted out.

Which RV Toll Pass Covers the Most States?

While toll passes are generally designed for a specific state, due to agreements with other states, they can be used in multiple states. There are three toll passes that cover most of the U.S.

Florida’s Sun Pass Pro can be used in 21 states and is accepted anywhere the E-ZPass is accepted, which is also 21 states.

Florida’s second toll pass is E-Pass, which is now known as UNI, and is accepted in 17 states. The Central Florida Expressway Authority operates UNI. Both can be used on all Florida toll roads, but not necessarily all toll roads in states outside of Florida.

Does E-ZPass Work on All Toll Roads in the USA?

E-ZPass does not work on all toll roads in the U.S. It will work in 21 states. Check your E-Z Pass website to get into the fine details.

Map answering Does E-ZPass Work on All Toll Roads in the USA?

How Much Do Toll Roads Cost in an RV?

One thing that you can do is plan ahead by looking up the fee chart on the toll roads you will be traveling on. Don’t forget to check out RV Life Trip Wizard. You tell the app where you want to go and you get a route based on choices. If you don’t want any toll roads, you can filter those out.

Traveling on a toll road with your RV can get expensive. Most tolls are based on the number of axles you have or It could also be based on weight. The gas you might expend to get around these might not be worth the time and trouble of avoiding them.

The RV Trip Wizard planning tool also shows you a safe route based on your rig’s exact measurements so you can avoid low-clearance bridges or roads that are unsafe for an RV such as those with steep grades.

Use the planner to search for points of interest including rest areas, fuel stations, overnight parking, and dump stations. You can also search for casinos with campgrounds, Walmarts, as well as amusement parks, museums, liquor stores, and more.

Some websites will also help you find out what the cost of the toll road will be ahead of time. I used TollGuru’s RV toll pass calculator to plan a trip from Arkansas to Maine.

The calculator added up my fuel costs and tolls which were around $20. You can also go to TollGuru’s List of Toll Tags For Each State. There you can see each state that has a toll road and which passes work for each state.

Do I Need a Separate Transponder for My Towed Vehicle on My Motorhome?

All vehicles passing through the tolls are required to pay. This causes some issues when it comes to motorhomes with a vehicle in tow.

One way RVers are getting around this is by blocking the towed vehicle’s transponder. Wrapping them in tinfoil or placing them in metal boxes or protective sleeves apparently works to save the extra charge.

For those with towables, your trailer doesn’t necessarily require a separate transponder, however, you may be charged for the extra axels. Different toll passes mixed with different states mean you’re going to want to confirm the requirements for your travel.

The Best RV Toll Passes for Multi-State Travel

The best toll passes are really the ones you need to get you to your next adventure. Some require that you receive a transponder, while others work by taking a picture of your vehicle and license plate. The information is relayed, and a bill will be sent to your address of record.

When we went to Maine last summer, in general, we didn’t have to stop and pay cash. We did not purchase a pass and had a bill waiting for us when we got our mail. A pass might have reduced our fees, but we knew it would probably be a long time before we traveled that way again.

1. E-Z Pass

  • Home State: NY Tri-State Area
  • States It Works: 21 of 38
  • Works On Other Toll Systems: No
  • Express Lane Capable: Yes
  • Canada Compatible: Yes, at some cross-border toll bridges only.

You can click here to get your E-ZPass.

2. Uni/ E-Pass

  • Home State: Florida
  • States It Works: 17 of 38
  • Works On Other Toll Systems: Yes
  • Express Lane Capable: Yes
  • Canada Compatible: Yes, at some cross-border toll bridges only.

A Uni/E-Pass pass transponder costs around $15 which you can order on the website.

3. RV Toll Pass

  • Home State: Independent
  • States It Works: 21 of 38
  • Works On Other Toll Systems: Yes
  • Express Lane Capable: Yes
  • Canada Compatible: No

Just a few words about RVToll Pass. The website does indicate that this pass will work on 97% of toll roads in the U.S. Furthermore, if you open the site and click the button that says, “Where it Works” you will get a state-by-state accounting of where this particular pass works.

This is a third-party pass that will not only cost you the toll but a fee of around $15 a month as well, during months that the toll pass is being used.

4. National Pass

  • Home State: Independent
  • States It Works: 20 of 38
  • Works On Other Toll Systems: No
  • Express Lane Capable: Yes
  • Canada Compatible: No

National Pass has several fees to use the service. In addition to the one-time account activation fee of $25, you must pay a monthly fee of $16, which includes a $3.50 fee per transponder.

If you’re looking for additional transponders, there will be a hardware access fee of $35 per new transponder. Additionally, National Pass requires a pre-paid account balance of $250 for the first transponder and $100 for each transponder.

Does My American E-ZPass Work In Canada?

To cross the border, RVers can contact E-ZPass to get an add-on transponder sticker that links to their account. When it comes to traveling in Canada, E-ZPass only works on certain toll roads.

RVers would benefit from the border sticker if they cross the border often to visit friends and family. If you only plan on crossing the border one or two times, it’s likely more paperwork and money than it’s worth.

Keep in mind, however, that without the add-on, E-ZPass only works at the border crossing toll area.

Is my American E-ZPass the best RV toll pass forCanada?

Can You Drive Across the US Without Paying Tolls?

Yes, you can drive across the US without paying tolls. We’ve probably done it, or at least tried to reduce our tolls at some point. Just remember, you will likely spend more on gas and take more time to get to your destination.

However, if that’s what you want, then you go right ahead. Those out-of-the-way roads are great places to find quaint cafes, oddball roadside attractions, as well as and much more!

Ever thought about driving through a toll area without paying? Don’t do it, all those cameras and monitors you see as you pass will get you. You’ll receive a notice and likely end up paying more due to late fees.

Tolls don’t generally add up to a lot of money even for RVs so save yourself the hassle and pay up.

Final Thoughts About RV Toll Passes

The subject of best RV toll passes isn’t a cut-and-dried topic. Most toll passes are for specific states and then have various agreements with other states, but not necessarily all states. Hopefully, your head isn’t spinning.

By getting your RV Life Trip Wizard subscription you’ll know exactly what toll roads are on the route you are planning. You can then do your research to find out the cost per axle, how weight will affect your fees, and how those fees will be managed. This will help determine whether it is worth getting a toll pass.

If you spend a lot of time traversing Florida, then you’re going to want the best RV toll pass. If you plan to spend several months on the east coast, it could also be a good investment. Head out west, with the exception of California, and you probably won’t need a toll pass.

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  1. Not a fan of encouraging people to skip paying a toll when they tow with their RV. Who is supposed to pay for the use of that road if you, the user, doesn’t? We have always had 2 transponders, one for the RV and one for the tow vehicle. We use the roads and the tow vehicle is still the same weight on the road. And if you get caught, you are looking at a much heftier fine than what the toll was. RVers are usually better than that. If you don’t want to pay the toll, don’t use the toll road. That solves your problem.

  2. I started with E-ZPass for the convenience on my motorcycle. When I bought the motorhome I contacted E-Zpass who suggested I get one for the motorhome not towing (based on the weight of the vehicle) and also use the pass in my toad. It’s the same cost for both vehicles as motorhome towing and I don’t need two transponders for the motorhome, using the correct one based on conditions.

  3. tolls have gotten way out of hand and added cost for transponder
    and toll buy plates even worst in my county toll was 1 way on local bridge transponders available and toll booth but since pandemic the county fired the collectors and now toll by plate is 2 plus 3 convince fee and every day they send notice barely posted on the road so tourists a big part of the economy her get taken advantage of at least if they just send weekly
    with a 3 dollar fee would be fair but politicians are never fair especially it fleeced cannot vote i rarely use the toll bridge we have 1 free way into the city


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