Best Class B RVs that Sleep 4 People

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Purchasing a Class B RV that sleeps 4 people is not just a big personal decision, it is also a significant financial decision. You will be committing a significant amount of money into an RV that you will hopefully get to use a lot.

However, when you start your search for a Class B RV, you will find that it is not as easy to find a perfect fit as you would think. This can be especially difficult if you need to find an RV with enough sleeping space for four people. Luckily, there are class B RVs out there that can sleep four people.

When you are looking for an RV one of the first things you want to do is figure out how much sleeping space you need. So, good news, you are ahead of the curve already.

You know that you need enough space for four people. However, that is not where the search stops. Once that is done you need to narrow down the field of options. You can do this by figuring out what other features you consider valuable.

There are several RV brands out there that sell class B RVs that can sleep four people. However, not all of them are of the same quality. In your search, you also need to consider insulation, plumbing, and other amenities that are included.

Class B motorhomes have several variations that will affect your quality of life while you are living in them. As a result, you need to consider these factors just as much as you do the sleeping space. Once you consider all these factors, you will be able to find the best class B RV that sleeps 4 people for you.

5 Best Class B RVs that Sleep 4 People

Here we will look at five of the best class B RVs that sleep four people on the market. These RVs come from different brands, so you will a diverse group of RVs. Each will have different things that make them a good option.

It is important to note that we did not rank the class B RVs. Instead, they are listed in a completely random order. So, you can make your own opinions on these trailers.

Furthermore, you do not need to choose any of the options below. Instead, you can use the information you learn about the class B RVs below to get a better idea of what the best option is for you.

With this information you will have a better idea of what features come with RVs, so you will be able to have a more realistic idea of what to expect from your RV.

1. Pleasure Way Ontour 2.2

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This Class B RV from Pleasure Way has an MSRP of $132,535, so it will surely be a big hit to your wallet. Luckily, it has the features to back up the hefty price. The trailer is 21 feet and 10 inches long and 10 feet tall. It also has an exterior width of seven feet with the windows retracted.

The trailer has a Ford Transit 3500 Van Chassis and 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine. There are four seat belts, so you do not need to worry about anyone being unsafe while you are driving.

Some standard entertainment features for the RV include a rear 24 inch Smart LED TV with a swing mount and a cable TV hookup. There are also plenty of USB charging ports and a Blu-ray player for the rear TV.

The interior of the vehicle has window screens and privacy shades so that you can keep your privacy when you are at your campsite. It also has folding privacy sunshades for the windshield and cab door windows.

Additionally, the RV has maple cabinet doors, a full-size wardrobe, and vinyl flooring. So, your RV will look beautiful on the inside and out.

If you were worried about insulation, you do not need to be. The RV comes with fiberglass insulated inside walls and foil-faced fiberglass insulation along the roof. There is also a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors on the inside.

The bathroom has everything you need as it comes with a private enclosed shower with a shower curtain and handheld showerhead. There is also a medicine cabinet with a mirror and a vanity with storage. The sink is made from stainless steel, and the toilet is ceramic with a foot flush. There is also a towel rack for your convenience.

2. Coachmen Nova

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If you are in the market for class B RVs, you should certainly consider this option from Coachmen. The RV is built on the Ram Pro Master 3500 extended chassis and truly stands out among class B RVs. The RV is also loaded with features so that you will feel like you never left home.

This RV is 20 feet and 11 inches long, and it has a height of 9 feet and 4 inches. Its exterior width is 86 inches. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 9350 pounds and a gross combined weight rating of 11,500 pounds. Additionally, it has three water tanks, the freshwater, gray water, and black water tanks. The freshwater tank has a capacity of 27 gallons, the grey water has a capacity of 23 gallons, and the black water has a capacity of 10 gallons.

Furthermore, the trailer comes with several features that will make you feel more at home. The trailer has an insulation rating of R-15. This makes it the best insulated RV of the entire Pro Master competition. It also has a Trauma Combi Eco Plus furnace and water heating system.

Conversely, if you were worried about the heat, the trailer comes with a 13,500 BTU Coleman Mach 10 air conditioner. This will keep you nice and cool on even the hottest days.

Additionally, the RV has a 24 gallon fuel tank so that you can keep driving for an extended period of time if you have a long trip. It has a Sumo Spring front and rear suspension as well. You will also be kept entertained on your long trips because the purchase of this RV comes with a 1-year radio subscription to Sirius XM.

3. Roadtrek E-Trek

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As you continue your search for the best class B RVs, we move on to this RV from Roadtrek. This RV is built on the renowned Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis. It is designed for those that have a passion for technology and the environment. It is packed with all the luxury and functionality that you could ever ask for in an RV. This class B R has an MSRP of $178,211.

This class B RV has a sleek exterior with clean lines, large windows, and stylish ground effects. There are also several color options for you to choose from so that you can get a trailer that matches your aesthetic. The exterior features a 470 W rooftop solar panel that works as an excellent battery maintenance tool. There are also panoramic windows from front to rear, and a retractable power awning. Additionally, the underside spare tire storage allows for easy access to both of the rear doors.

The interior of the RV is designed to make your camping and travel experiences easier and more fun. They use the newest technology to make the RV more functional and flexible while maintaining a traditional floor plan. The interior features a full kitchen with an induction cooktop and an instant hot water system. It also has a diesel powered water heater and furnace combination. The bathroom is also spacious, and it has a stand up or sit down shower. Additionally, the RV has enhanced safety features including blind spot monitoring, lane keeping, collision prevention, and high beam assist.

This class B RV is 22 feet and 9 inches long. It has a height of 9 feet and 9 inches, and an exterior width of 6 feet and 8 inches. It also has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds.

4. Coach House RV – Arriva V24

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This class B RV from Coach House is another great option for you. It has enough space for four people to sleep and it is large enough for everyone to move around and have their own space. It is 24 feet and 2 inches long, and it is 9 feet and 8 inches tall. Additionally, it has an exterior width of 6 feet and 6.5 inches. It also has a gross vehicle weight rating of 11,030 pounds.

Furthermore, the Arriva V24 is packed with features that will help improve your quality of life. It has a 3.0L V6 diesel engine with adaptive ESP, 188HP, and 325 foot pounds of torque. It also has an electronically controlled 5-speed transmission. You also do not need to worry about stopping for gas all the time because it has a 26.4 gallon fuel tank. The fuel type this RV uses is diesel. You can also enjoy the cruise control while you are driving.

Additionally, this trailer has air conditioning so that you have a place to go at the end of the day. There is nothing worse than going back to your trailer at the end of a hot day in the sun only to find that your trailer is a sauna. With this trailer, you will not need to worry about that because it will stay cool or cool down quickly if you keep it off when you are away.

Furthermore, you can purchase this trailer in two colors, graphite grey metallic, or ivory. There are also several options for the color of the trailer on the interior. So, you can pick colors that will make you happy. You can relax in an environment that is best for you.

5. Winnebago Solis

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The final class B RV we will be looking at is from Winnebago. The Solis is a beautiful RV that you can purchase to bring your family on an adventure anywhere in the United States. It has a classic rooftop extension as well so that you can take everything in. The class B RV has an MSRP of $101,717.

This RV has a length of 19 feet and 9 inches, and it has the space to sleep 4 people. It is 8 feet and 11 inches tall, and it has an exterior width of 6 feet and 8 inches. Additionally, it has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 8900 pounds.

One of the most unique features of this RV is the pop up top. This gives the ability to sleep closer to the stars. There is enough space for two people to sleep in this area. So, you can be up there with your spouse, or you can let your kids hang out above you.

There are also flexible seating options available to you. The dinette has automotive grade seating with three point belts for more secure travel. You can also add an additional sofa or bed that provides extra seating and sleeping capacity.

Furthermore, the trailer has a 220-watt flexible solar panel. So, if you are off the grid and at a campsite that does not have an area to plug in, you can use solar power to power your trailer. The solar panel is fitted to the top of the pop up roof so that it fits seamlessly with the rest of the RVs design.

Finally, the trailer has premium insulation. Not only will the insulation keep temperature of your RV in check, but it will also block out the sounds from the road.

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty for My Class B RV?

Yes – but not from a dealership! Unfortunately, your odds of suffering a major mechanical breakdown go up with every passing year. Based on RV Warranty claims records, more than 3 out of every 10 RVs will need major repairs in only their second year on the road. This skyrockets to 8 out of 10 in their fifth year, and virtually ALL of them in their eighth year! Today’s RVs are increasingly more complex, and with more things to go wrong, the need to protect your investment is more important than ever.

Our RV Warranty plans allow you to change your mind! If you’re looking to sell your RV to a private party, you can absolutely transfer the policy to the new owner. Additionally, if you are trading in your RV, or getting out of RVing altogether, you can cancel your policy for a pro-rated refund.

We bought a warranty through Wholesale Warranties for several reasons:

  • We can cancel the warranty at any time and get a pro-rated refund
  • We can transfer the warranty to the new owner if we decide to sell our RV
  • There are no mileage caps on our policy
  • We can use repair shops all across the country
  • We can use a mobile repair company right at our campsite
  • The price is way better than most dealerships
  • We could finance the cost of the warranty
  • With parts and labor prices increasing all the time, we have peace of mind

You owe it to yourself to at least check out a warranty and get a free quote to see if it is right for you. It just takes a few minutes and you will learn a ton about protecting your investment. We only recommend products we use ourselves and we highly recommend you get a free quote from Wholesale Warranties.

Get on the Road with a Class B RV That Sleeps Four People!

After reading, we hope you have all the information what the best class B RVs are for you. We know there is a lot of information to absorb, but you should read through it carefully. You never know, maybe one of the five class B RVs listed above is the perfect fit for you.

When you are searching for the best class B RVs for you, remember that you need to be thorough in your research. Obviously, you need to make sure that there is enough seating space in the RV for you and your family. However, that cannot be the only thing that you are looking for. You also need to be aware of the other features that come with the RV.

We wish we could tell you what the best class B RV was for you. Unfortunately, everyone has different needs, and for us to assume that we knew yours would be irresponsible. However, we can say with confidence that all five of the class B RVs listed above were received well by consumers.

Are you a new or experienced RV owner? Why do you want a class B RV? Are you interested in purchasing any of the class B RVs listed above? Let us know in the comments!


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