10 Best Class B Floor Plans with Bathrooms for 2024

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Updated April 4, 2024

We at RVBlogger have visited RV Shows and dealerships all across the country to find the best 5th wheel toy hauler floor plans for 2024.

Fifth-wheel toy haulers provide you with a sleeping area, living quarters, and room to haul “toys” such as ATVs or motorcycles.

This extra space has made them some of the most popular RVs on the market. And we found the 10 Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Floor Plans for you to check out!

Purchasing a 5th-wheel toy hauler is a significant financial investment. As a result, you should do a lot of research beforehand so that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Otherwise, you could end up with a 5th wheel toy hauler that doesn’t match your needs. That would be a disaster, so ensuring that you have the right trailer is more important than making a speedy purchase.

To ensure that you’re making the right decision, you should identify what is important for you in a 5th-wheel toy hauler. Do you need lots of sleeping space? Is price a major factor? These are questions you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start looking at trailers. You should look at a variety of trailers before making a decision. This way, you’ll have a good idea of what your options are so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Top 10 Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Floor Plans for 2024

Here we’ll be looking at 10 RVs that could be the best 5th-wheel toy hauler on the market. You should note that although this is a numbered list, we did not rank the trailers.

The RVs are listed in no particular order. So, any of the RVs listed below could be the best 5th-wheel toy hauler for you.

1. Genesis Vortex 3016VF

Genesis Vortex 3016VF Exterior  5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Genesis Vortex 3016VF Interior
Genesis Vortex 3016VF Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Cargo room is over 16′ deep

⛔ Only a single, power queen in the back

  • Length: 34′ 9″
  • UVW: 10,810 lbs
  • CCC: 3,190 lbs
  • GVWR: 14,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 1,900 lbs
  • Sleep: 8

With over 16′ of garage space depth and tie-downs everywhere you look, there’s not much you can’t haul in the Genesis Vortex 3016VF. That’s enough space for a bumper-to-bumper, dual-ATV haul. Speaking of space, the compact kitchen design and a spacious living area maximizes the roomy feel of the interior.

The bathroom has plenty of room as well, including some significant counter space that you don’t often see. The main bedroom is a private affair, with a side slide-out that emphasizes the design intention for the Vortex—space, space, and more space.

2. Heartland Fuel 362

Heartland Fuel 362 Exterior
Heartland Fuel 362 Interior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Heartland Fuel 362 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Storage is immense, with one section of storage running across the entire width of the RV

⛔ TV is small and high up

  • Length: 42.9′
  • UVW: 12,706 lbs
  • CCC: 4,289 lbs
  • GVWR: 17,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 3,164 lbs
  • Sleep: 7

What’s not to love about the Heartland Fuel 362? A deep and spacious garage provides enough space for a massive ATV or even some of the taller and larger UTVs on the market. When the toys are outside, the sleeping accommodations in the garage are enough for 2 to 4 people.

There’s plenty throughout for entertainment as well, including a ton of USB connectors, pass-through HDMI, integrated USB ports in the couch, and a high-quality JBL hi-fi system that will blow your socks off.

3. Grand Design Momentum 31G

Grand Design Momentum 31G Exterior
Grand Design Momentum 31G Interior
Grand Design Momentum 31G Floorplan 5ht Wheel Toy Hauler

Our Pros and Cons

✅ L/U-shape countertop and theater seating in the slide maximizes living and kitchen space

⛔ Tiny, tiny exhaust fans in the bathrooms

  • Length: 35.9′
  • UVW: 8,975′
  • CCC: 4,025 lbs
  • GVWR: 13,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 1,600 lbs
  • Sleep: 6

The Grand Design Momentum 31G is a dream 5th-wheel toy hauler for tall people, with enough head space for a 6’5″ person to move around comfortably without denting the old dome. That includes the shower, where headspace is often at a premium.

The living space is nice and comfortable, and although the TV is at a neckbreaker angle from the theater seating, it has enough swivel extension to alleviate crooked necks. The garage space feels larger than it really is, especially with the windows and doors open. Storage throughout is also exceptional.

4. Jayco Seismic 359

Jayco Seismic 359 Exterior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Jayco Seismic 359 Interior
Jayco Seismic 359 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ One of the best kitchens in the industry

⛔ Floor Vents

  • Length: 41′ 9″
  • UVW: 13,220 lbs
  • CCC: 3,775 lbs
  • GVWR: 16,995 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,901 lbs
  • Sleep: 8

Instead of a traditional dinette, Jayco went with a thick, U-shaped galley that makes everything so much easier to access and provides a ton of counter space. It’s easily one of the best kitchen arrangements on the RV market, despite its small size and combination with the living space.

The garage area is self-contained, and it’s full of plug-and-play receptacles, so you can turn the entire area into a large gaming or entertainment room. There’s also a washer and dryer prep in the garage, though adding those appliances will cut down on your cargo or parking space.

5. Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG

Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG Exterior
Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG Interior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Comes with a massive section of dedicated office space

⛔ Doesn’t come with a generator

  • Length: 44.8′
  • UVW: 17,726 lbs
  • CCC: 3,274 lbs
  • GVWR: 21,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 3,950 lbs
  • Sleep: 6

If you love the idea of working from home while hauling your toys with you, the Forest River Riverstone 42FSKG is right up your alley. The bathrooms are small, but they nevertheless feel very spacious. It’s a head-scratcher, but it works!

For storage junkies, there’s plenty of it on board, with storage closets galore in the bedroom with enough room for a washer and dryer if you decide to utilize the prep. There’s plenty of headspace throughout as well, especially in the shower. However, watch your head around that kitchen hood vent!

6. Dutchmen Voltage 3800

Dutchmen Voltage 3800 Exterior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Dutchmen Voltage 3800 Interior
Dutchmen Voltage 3800 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Massive and fantastic-looking kitchen with a ton of counter space

⛔ TV position is a neck breaker and lacks a swivel arm

  • Length: 42′
  • UVW: 15,297 lbs
  • CCC: 3,703 lbs
  • GVWR: 19,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 3,517 lbs
  • Sleep: 9

The Dutchmen Voltage 3800 42′ 5th wheel toy hauler puppy hosts up to nine sleepers, with a 12′ deep garage space that’s 14′ deep on one side. Unfortunately, the Happijack power bunks are only optional, and not standard. But hey, you may not need them if you’re not looking at maximum capacity throughout your travels.

The headspace is more than adequate, with a large and spacious shower and even a neat little short-counter in the bathroom. Instead of the heat ducts venting from the floor, they are positioned in the cabinetry, which will save those bare toes from scuffs, scrapes, and trips.

7. DRV Full House LX455

DRV Full House LX455 Exterior
DRV Full House LX455 Interior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
DRV Full House LX455 Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Massive bedroom with a comfortable king bed and plenty of walk-around space

⛔ Surprisingly small amount of exterior storage

  • Length: 44.2′
  • UVW: 19,800 lbs
  • CCC: 4,200 lbs
  • GVWR: 24,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 
  • Sleep: 6

The interior space of the DRV Full House LX455 has one of the most laid-back and luxurious interior aesthetics on the list so far. The look is incredible, with LED lighting seamlessly flowing into the deep browns of the cabinetry and the vanilla upholstery.

The split bathroom is a little odd, at least at first glance. However, it allows for a sizeable shower and bathroom. The windows in the garage space are very large, with screen doors that close when the ramp is down.

8. Forest River Shockwave 2800RLT

Forest River Shockwave 2800RLT Exterior
Forest River Shockwave 2800RLT Interior
Forest River Shockwave 2800RLT Floorplan 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Our Pros and Cons

✅ Arctic package with massive awning and sharp decals

⛔ One of the shorter garage spaces on this list

  • Length: 34′
  • UVW: 10,714 lbs
  • CCC: 3,688 lbs
  • GVWR: 14,402 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 2,402 lbs
  • Sleep: 6

The Forest River Shockwave 2800RLT is an entertainment powerhouse, with a massive TV across from the swivel chairs and dinette. It also includes a high-quality Kenwood speaker system with down-firing speakers in the overhead.

The entire living space and garage are carpeted, but it easily rolls back whenever you need to haul some toys in the back. There’s plenty of cabinetry throughout, with a 15.6 ft³ fridge that still leaves enough room for more cabinets above it.

9. Luxe Toy Hauler 5th Wheel 44FB

Luxe Toy Hauler 5th Wheel 44FB Exterior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
Luxe Toy Hauler 5th Wheel 44FB Floorplan

Our Pros and Cons

✅ L-shape sofa meshes well with the kitchen, allowing you to watch TV in comfort and style

⛔ Kitchen space and living space are nearly self-contained and smallish

  • Length: 45′ 6″
  • UVW: 19,700 lbs
  • CCC: 7,300 lbs
  • GVWR: 27,000 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 4,550 lbs
  • Sleep: 8

The Luxe 44FB is a massive 5th-wheel toy hauler. It’s not the biggest in their lineup (the 48 holds that honor), but it’s gigantic nonetheless. When building a Luxe, customers have a lot of input in terms of the interior layout and decor, so not everything in a given floor plan is set in stone.

WhisperQuiet, Dual-Zone ducted A/C, with an optional unit for the garage area will keep this giant cool in the summer. It’s a full-blown smart home on wheels, with everything controllable from your smartphone. The diamond-plate rubber matting in the garage is perfect, with a vacuum-seal door separating the garage from the rest of the RV.

10. Keystone Raptor 352

Keystone Raptor 352 Exterior
Keystone Raptor 352 Interior
Keystone Raptor 352 Floorplan 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

Our Pros and Cons

✅ 11′ garage includes dual-opposing, convertible sofas and a loft bed

⛔ Loft over the garage is only accessible through a tight space on the living area side

  • Length: 39′
  • UVW: 14,480 lbs
  • CCC: 3,075 lbs
  • GVWR: 17,555 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 3,555 lbs
  • Sleep: 7

The Keystone Raptor 352 kitchen space is clearly designed for hosting a lot of people. The island includes neat little drop-down barstools that essentially convert it into a high-tech-looking dinette. Plus, the couch is extremely long, with seating and cupholder accommodations for four.

With all of that, the kitchen is still large and spacious. There’s an exceptional number of cabinets and hanging hooks throughout, so you’ll never have an issue with quick and convenient storage. The garage space isn’t the biggest on the list, but it’s more than enough for a couple of dirt bikes or a mid-size ATV.

Are 5th Wheel Toy Haulers Good For Families?

A fifth-wheel toy hauler is one of the most versatile RV options on the market, making it an excellent choice for families. That said, there’s no reason to buy one just to use the garage space as an extra room. There are bunkhouse models and other spacious RVs out there that will accomplish that and do it better.

However, even if you use the garage for toys only, there are other sleeping options as well. Once you reach your destination, the toys come out, and your sleeping capacity expands. Plus, 5th-wheel toy haulers offer something other RVs can’t pull off. Family dining.

Most of these toy haulers allow you to convert the garage into a massive, family-accommodating dining area that’s as close to a residential version as you will find.

Final Words About 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Floor Plans

After reading, we hope you found a lot of the information we provided to be useful. We know there’s a lot to absorb, but everything we provided above should help drive you towards the trailer that’s the best fit for you. Even if none of the 5th Wheel Toy Hauler floor plans above are a good fit, they should give you an idea of what to look for in an RV,

We wish we could tell you what the best RV was so that you could make an easy purchase. Unfortunately, everyone has different needs, and for us to assume we know what yours are would be irresponsible. So, we cannot say which floor plan is the best. However, we can say that all the RVs above are quality options, and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

Have you purchased an RV before? Of the choices above, which do you think is the best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler floor plan? Are you planning on purchasing any of the fifth wheels we listed above? Let us know in the comments below!

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