7 Best Class B Floor Plans with Bathrooms

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Camper vans or Class B vans with floor plans that include a bathroom and shower are definitely worthy of consideration in comparison to buying a larger (and even more expensive) RV or motorhome.

We’ve taken the liberty of researching and tracking down seven of the best camper van floor plans with bathroom and shower included and they are amazing! Two of these Class B RVs even have a full dry bath!

Find out more about each of these versatile camper van models below!

7 Best Class B RVs with a Bathroom

1. Pleasure Way Ontour

Pleasure way ontour Best Camper Van Floor Plans with Bathroom and Shower

Main Specs for the Pleasure Way Ontour

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Length: 21.1 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 28.2 gallons 
  • Gray tank size: 15 gallons 
  • Black tank size: 11 gallons

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The Pleasure Way Ontour  2.2 is one of the latest and greatest camper vans with a bathroom and shower that we’ve seen yet. 

The 21.1 feet long camper van combines the best of Pleasure-Way’s experience building RVs with Ford’s diverse van chassis and 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. The vehicle sleeps four people, maybe more depending on upgrades and modifications. .

The bathroom features a wet bath with enough headspace for standing in the shower without having to crouch. The inside of the van also has the most headroom on the market and a 24-inch LED smart TV on a swivel mount. It even comes with cable/satellite TV hookups pre-installed and ready to go.

The RV is also equipped with lots of amenities such as a refrigerator, HDTV antenna, BLU-ray player, Bose Bluetooth soundbar, and rear and side door screens to keep out the bugs while you enjoy the luxurious interior.


If you are considering buying a Class B Campervan we highly recommend that you rent one first. You can rent a Camper Van for a week and learn everything you like and don’t like about it so when you are ready to buy you will know exactly what you want! To learn more about how to rent a Class B Motorhome please check out our article called The Ultimate Guide to Renting an RV.

2. Winnebago Revel 4×4

Winnebago Revel Camper Van Floor Plan with Bathroom and Shower

Main Specs for the Winnebago Revel 4×4

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Length: 19.7 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 21 gallons
  • Gray tank size: variable
  • Black water tank size: variable

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The second camper van floor plan with bathroom and shower included making our list is the sleek and diverse Winnebago Revel 4×4.

The Revel 4×4 by Winnebago sits on brand new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, which owners claim makes the van feel like it’s floating down the road versus rolling. As far as power goes, there is no lacking with its 3-liter turbo-diesel engine and 4WD off-road ability.

The price tag of the Winnebago Revel 4×4 may seem high at first, but when you stop to consider all of the extras that come with it, the cost begins to appear like more of a bargain than anything. Extras include electronic stability, traction control, brake assistance, navigation, ABS brakes, and more.

The driver’s seat and passenger’s seat both swivel around to create comfy seating in the dining and living area.

For those with the budget, there aren’t many camper vans with showers and bathrooms in their floor plans on the market that compare with the Revel 4×4 prices.

3. Airstream Atlas

AIRSTREAM ATLAS Camper Van Floor Plan with Bathroom and Shower

Main Specs for the Airstream Atlas

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Length: 24.9 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 23 gallons
  • Gray tank size: 31 gallons
  • Black tank size: 23 gallons

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Next up is the Airstream Atlas, another excellent selection for a camper van with a three piece bathroom and shower included, a real winner in our book.

The Airstream Atlas is one of the very best selling Class B diesel fuel motorhomes currently on the market, and it’s no surprise why once you get a better look at these bad boys. The van sits on a 3500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van chassis and has a genuinely appealing exterior design.

The rig is conveniently just 24 feet 9 inches long, and fits easily in almost any parking place, and has all the luxurious interior features, and safety features, you’d expect to find in much larger motorhomes and RVs.

Not only does the camper van come with a spacious dry bathroom, which means it has a separate toilet, shower, and sink, but it also comes with a queen sized murphy bed suite making it one of the most versatile camper van floor plans on the market.

This travel van is the only RV in the Airstream line up that includes a slide out. This increases the living space inside this touring coach and it is quite noticeable. There is even more counter space in the kitchen area.

The doors of the van are open-and-close sliding doors, and also come equipped with the ability to open and close with the push of a button.

The camper van also has a high-end tankless Truma water heater and furnace, so the hot water supply never runs out. In addition, the van comes with all the great built-in safety systems that come with Mercedes-Benz vehicles as well as multiplex controls for the lighting, awning, blinds, and more.

4. Coachmen Nova

Coachmen Nova Camper Van with toilet shower

Main Specs for the Coachmen Nova

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Length: 20.1 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 30 gallons
  • Gray tank size: variable
  • Black tank size: variable

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The Coachmen Nova is the fourth camper van with shower and bathroom on our list. It is the newest model of Coachmen RV Class B RVs. The van sits on a massive and heavy-duty Ram Pro Master 3500 extended chassis.

Reliable construction and cutting edge technology are the backbone of the Coachmen Nova. That said, the company is also known for their legendary customer service. 

Under the hood, this camper van packs a 3.6-Liter V6 with 24 Valves capable of up to 280 HP. It is equipped with front wheel drive and a 6-speed auto transmission as well. Not quite the camper van for those who live for off-road RVing, but for those who plan to stick to the paved roads and interstates, the Coachman Nova is hard to beat.

Inside the van is a spacious cabin, a large bed, and the toilet area includes a shower and flip up sink. Everything necessary for a comfortable home-away-from-home camping trip is included in this small RV. The construction is all high-end, including hardwood cabinets, high rise faucets, Rockwool insulation, and other marine-grade materials. 

There are plenty of cool extras with the Nova as well. A few of these include a year of Sirius XM Radio, stereo, TV, a ceiling fan with remote control, and a refrigerator and other kitchen appliances. 


Roadtrek CS ADVENTUROUS best campervan with bathroom and shower

Main Specs for the Roadtrek CS ADVENTUROUS 

  • Sleeps: 3
  • Length: 22.9 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 30 gallons
  • Gray tank size: 20 gallons
  • Black tank size: 10 gallons

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Fifth on our list of camper van floor plans with bathrooms and showers is the Roadtrek CS ADVENTUROUS. It is maybe not the first RV that pops to mind when thinking of camper vans with showers and bathrooms. But, perhaps it should be!

This gorgeous camper van is equipped with a diesel V6 engine and sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis. Needless to say, it really is a beautiful camper van to behold for those who appreciate RVs.

The interior includes a plush layout. There is a big fridge, tons of cabinets and storage areas, as well as built-in lighting, comfy seating, and a large bed. It also, of course, comes with a bathroom and shower as well.

The comfortable camper van seats six travelers as well as provides enough room for sleeping three people. The interior layout also allows for several different adaptations or modifications. That said, you could make it possible for sleeping one or two more. 

For those looking to explore the great outdoors in style, the Roadtrek CS ADVENTUROUS is a great way to do it.

6. Thor Motor Coach Tellaro

thor motorcoach tellaro class b campervan with toilet and shower

Main Specs for the Thor Motorcoach Tellaro

  • Sleeps: 2
  • Length: 20.1 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 27 gallons
  • Gray tank size: 20 gallons
  • Black tank size: 6 gallons

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The Thor Motorcoach Tellaro camper van is the next RV with a shower and bathroom on the list. And, despite being towards the bottom of the list it is just as great of an option. In fact, it is secretly one of our favorite picks.

Inside this little beauty is a gorgeous and luxurious interior. It includes soft vinyl ceiling, European style doors and cabinets, LED lights, high-quality pleated window shades, Skylights, and much more. The interior design is second to none in its class.

As far as power goes, the rig has plenty to offer; with a large gasoline engine and Ram Promaster 3500 XT chassis. The van also includes a 3,500-lb 5-pin connector trailer hitch as well. 

The bedroom comes with twin beds and a Froli sleep system equipped with adjusting headrests, a fully enclosed splash proof bathroom, power bath, and a big foldable king size bed in the rear.

There’s plenty of entertainment as well. The rig comes with an electronics cabinet, including HDMI and USB ports, 24-inch TV, cable-ready hook-ups, HS/DDS hook-up, digital TV antenna, Winegard Connect 2.0 4G Wi-Fi and much more. 

The van comes equipped with some extras; a retractable roof top, Sky Bunk, Thule patio awning including LED lights built-in, two solar panels, and a Thule bike rack mounted on the rear door. A magnetic screen for the rear door is also included.

7. Coach House RV Arriva V24

Coach House RV Arriva V24 class b motorhome with a dry bath

Main Specs for the Coach House RV Arrive V24

  • Sleeps: 4
  • Length: 24.2 feet
  • Fresh tank size: 31 gallons 
  • Gray tank size: 20 gallons
  • Black tank size: 13 gallons

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Coach House RV’s Arriva V24 is the last mention on our list of camper van floor plans that include three-piece bathroom and shower, also known as a dry bath! This one comes with heated swiveling captain chairs and a navigation system, making it a safe and comfortable way to explore the great unknown.

The interior of the RV is done-up tastefully in your choice of Maple, Teak, or Cherry, and includes integrated LED lighting, solid countertops, privacy drapes, comfortable furniture, and plenty of entertainment. There’s more than enough storage space overhead in the coach as well.

The bathroom is spacious and includes a mirror as well as sink, medicine cabinet,  toilet, and stand-up shower. And in the bedroom, there’s a large comfy bed, a second flat-screen HD TV, and plenty of extra storage space for all of your clothing and personal belongings.  

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, as well as LP gas detectors, are also mounted in the rig for your safety. As far as general entertainment goes, the Arrive 24 comes with a 24-inch flat-screen TV on a swivel arm, a Blu-Ray and DVD player, stereo system, and much more.

Plenty of other advanced features such as two 6V auxiliary batteries, auxiliary battery disconnect mode, an emergency start switch, a 3.6kw LPG super-quiet power generator, and plenty of USB ports and 110v outlets are built-in to the camper van. There are plenty of add on options available for this model as well.

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty for My Camper Van?

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A Final Word About Camper Vans with Bathrooms and Showers

Camper vans with bathrooms and showers are excellent alternatives to larger RVs and motorhomes. Hopefully, if you’re interested in learning more about camper vans, you found one of the models on our list worth looking into!

Do you know about a camper van floor plan with a bathroom and shower that should have been on our list? We’d love for you to share with our audience in the comments section below. 

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