16 Best RV Campsite Setup And Decorating Ideas

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Campsite decorating is likely one of the items on your checklist when starting your RV adventure. This lifestyle has a lot of mundane items on that list, like checking the tires, making sure your hitch is installed properly, inspecting the roof for leaks, etc. But the exciting part is the campsite decorating and all the little details you get to add to make the space “you.”

Even if you’re still focused on buying the basics like jack pads and shelving organizers, let’s go ahead and get those creative ideas rolling. It’s better to plan early than to be unprepared. 

So let’s look at some main items you will want and need for your perfect RV outdoor living space. Campsite decorating is about to be one easy, fun item checked off your list!

What Makes A Perfect Campsite Outdoor Living Space?

Just like with a sticks-and-bricks home, your personality, interests, and hobbies will likely dictate what your perfect campsite outdoor living space will look like. While we all have a specific style, it stands true that we need a list of items to make the space what we want. 

Here is our list of RV outdoor living space items most RVers choose for their campsite decorating purposes.

How To Decorate An RV Campsite?

When people think of making their RV outdoor space look more like “them”, it can be a little overwhelming. The RV world has exploded in the last decade and has opened up space for so many amazing products geared toward tiny living and the RV lifestyle. 

That’s exactly why we have compiled this list of basic starters, with a few specific, well-loved, items to get your campsite looking and feeling exactly how you want it!

1. Start With A Campsite Mat Or Carpet

Start With A Campsite Mat Or Carpet

The first order of business is a campsite mat or carpet. More times than not, when heading to new campsites, you aren’t quite sure what your site will look like.

Will it be paved, grass only, or the ever-dreaded gravel? Unfortunately, this is just up to chance and the people who built the place, of course. 

One thing that can remedy any uncomfortable or boring-looking site right off the bat, is an outdoor RV mat or carpet. This is quite a staple when starting to form your campsite decorating design. It really elevates the look and feel instantly. 

While these campsite mats provide comfort and looks, they’re also extremely practical and easy to store. Most are washable, foldable, and come with carrying bags. 

2. Choose The Right Campsite Furniture For You And Your Guests

Choose The Right Campsite Furniture For You And Your Guests

Choosing the right campsite furniture for your outdoor space can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from. Do you go for style, practicality, functionality, or comfortability? Luckily, there is one chair that is a conglomerate of all of these things. 

One of my favorite chairs I have ever owned for our outdoor RV space has been these Zero G Lounge Chairs. They are easy to clean, fold away perfectly to store in the underbelly of the RV, and are extremely comfortable to sit or lounge back in (because, yes, they lay nearly all the way back and are perfect for naps). 

3. Grab A Folding Coffee Table

Grab A Folding Coffee Table

This folding coffee table pairs perfectly with the zero-gravity chairs. It has built-in cup holders, and a catch-all spot underneath for storing things like extra plates, cups, your deck of cards, or bottles of bug spray and sunscreen.

This versatile item can function as just a side table and cup holder, or if you’re boondocking and don’t have a picnic table, it can be the perfect small dining table. The best part about this product is that it folds up compactly and can be toted anywhere your adventures.

4. Add RV Patio Lights

Choose The Right Campsite Furniture For You And Your Guests

Lighting can really make or break the feel of your RV patio space once the sun goes down. Thankfully modern RVs have some amazing, bright, LED lighting on the outside to illuminate your site when needed. 

Unfortunately, those factory LED lights aren’t the most relaxing color to hang out under, and in some places, cannot be used because of light ordinances. Light ordinances are extremely popular out west, and many campers are unaware of them until they arrive. These ordinances can be in place to cut down on light pollution (being able to see that beautiful western starry sky) or for the purpose of being energy efficient. 

So, if you’re looking to tone down the feel of the space when you’re having a relaxing night by the fire, you can grab some string lights to hang around your site. My personal favorite lights are Edison bulbs with a warm glow. They make the space feel so cozy and inviting and radiate a sense of relaxation.

5. Cover Your Campsite Picnic Table With A Tablecloth

Cover Your Campsite Picnic Table With A Tablecloth

Let’s get your campsite picnic table covered. Who knew a tablecloth, something so simple, was so necessary for campsites. I’m sure most think this is on the list for aesthetic reasons only. But there is another explanation that will make you never set up without one again. 

After over a decade of full-time traveling, I have seen many RVers packing up their things to move on. One bad habit some do is laying their sewer hoses on their uncovered picnic table. So, there you have it, your number one reason to never forget to cover that picnic table again. 

And yes, of course, it does help to accent your theme and give an extra splash of color. These gorgeous picnic table covers with elastic bands to keep them on should be at the top of your list.

6. Dine Bug-Free With An Outdoor Screen Room

Dine Bug-Free With An Outdoor Screen Room

One great way to get away from the bugs is an outdoor screen room. There is nothing more frustrating than having the perfect weather to dine outside your RV, but being eaten alive by bugs while you’re trying to enjoy it. 

The most popular screen room on the market right now is called Quick-Set by CLAM. This gazebo-style tent easily sets up in less than one minute and can fit your picnic table easily! 

This makes it perfect for staying clear of the bugs while you’re trying to eat dinner, play cards, or play a board game in the evening with family and friends.

7. Use Tiki Torches For Ambiance And Bug Repellent

Use Tiki Torches For Ambiance And Bug Repellent

A good addition to the lighting and bug repellants, such as the screen room above, are tiki torches for ambiance and bug repellant. Not only do they provide a shield from all the pesky bugs trying to ruin your time, but they can also add the right touch to your campsite decorating vision! 

When you think of tiki torches, you’re probably thinking of the classic, Hawaiian luau type tikis. But there are so many other styles. One of my personal favorites is these beautiful tabletop tikis. They come in a variety of colors and styles. They’re a perfect outdoor decoration.

8. Add Campsite Flags, Personalized Signs, Or Team Decor

Add Campsite Flags Personalized Signs Or Team Decor

A perfect way to add your personal campsite decorating style to your site, and a good ice breaker for meeting new neighbors and fellow campers, is adding a flag, personalized sign, or hanging up your favorite team’s decor outside your campsite. 

These items are a wonderful way to start conversations about your interests while decorating your site. 

A great aspect of hanging a personalized sign on your campsite is that it can be an easy reminder of your name. I don’t know about you, but I am terrible with names, especially when we move so often. Having a sign-out front to jog your guest’s memory makes for a much more personal and less awkward conversation.

9. Add Some Life With Plants Or Flowers

Add Some Life With Plants Or Flowers

Adding plants or flowers to your RV outdoor space is a delightful way to include vibrant colors and life to your campsite. The best part is, you don’t have to have a green thumb to make it work! 

Some easy, colorful plants to add to your space can include ferns, aloe vera, or any kind of succulent. 

Another way to add “life” to your space is fake plants. No, not your great grandma’s old, very obviously fake plants, but beautiful, realistic versions.

 A popular example of this is a wreath for the front door. They can withstand all kinds of weather and never die. You can even change them out for the holidays or seasons to freshen up your look every once in a while.

10. A Fire Pit is Perfect for Campsite Decor and Ambiance

Campfire Ideas

Ah, a campfire. A true blue staple to RV life. Nothing beats a crisp fall evening, or a warm summer night by a fire. Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs is a core memory in anyone’s mind if they’ve ever been camping. 

Most campgrounds now have rules about fires being contained within a pit. Some provide these pits for you, but other times you must have your own. 

So, if you need your own, what should you get? Do you want that classic burning wood smell with no mess? Or a simple hookup, no boy scout fire-starting skills required kind of fire?

If you’re craving that classic wood burn, consider a Solo Stove Bonfire. It’s a portable, fully contained, wood-burning fire pit with an ash collection tray and the perfect ventilation.

If you’d like to stay away from the hassle of finding firewood and smelling like it, your best bet would be a propane-fueled campfire like Camco’s Big Red Campfire. It’s well-sized for easy storage and has a realistic log for the same warm look and feel that a real burning log would give.

11. Have A Movie Night With An Outdoor Movie Projector

Have A Movie Night With An Outdoor Movie Projector

An outdoor movie projector? I bet you thought movie nights outside were a thing of the past. While you may not drive up to an outdoor movie anymore, having an outdoor projector at your RV is the next best thing. Maybe even better. 

In the comfort of your own space, a big screen right in front of you, and maybe if you’ve conquered finding your perfect fire pit from number ten above, it will be priceless. 

Projectors aren’t big and bulky like they used to be, and neither are projector screens. You can easily store the products for your outdoor entertainment in a small outdoor storage area. This Kodak Luma Ultra Mini, like I have, could even fit in your pocket if needed. 

Simply use its built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB connection to plug in your phone or tablet to stream your favorite movie.

12. Set Up A Hammock To Enjoy The Day

Set Up A Hammock To Enjoy The Day

Is anything more relaxing than enjoying the day in a hammock? Getting snuggled up outside to bask in the sun, or stare at the night stars. A hammock is perfect for adding that extra touch of relaxation and tranquility to your space. 

When people think of a hammock, they likely think of tying both ends to a tree and just hanging there. While that can be true if you’re a lucky duck and have two perfectly placed trees in your campsite, there are other ways to be hanging around. 

One of my personal favorites is this Mac Sports Folding Hammock. It is easy to set up, take down, and also includes a nice UV-blocking canopy for those hot days when you need a break from the sun.

13. Keep Your Food And Drinks Cold With A Portable Cooler

Mike from RVBlogger sitting with his AirSkirts inflatable cooler

Depending on where you are, and the time of the year, keeping food and drinks cold outside the RV can be a hassle. 

With full-time RV living on the rise, many new campers on the market are skipping out on the outdoor kitchen and trading it for more space in the RV. While that’s great for storage, what does that mean for the drinks and food you like to keep easily accessible while enjoying the outdoors?

That’s where a portable, inflatable cooler like the AirSkirts Cooler is worth having! This 58-quart cooler will easily hold anything you’d like to keep cold outside (for up to two days). When you no longer need it, the AirSkirts Cooler deflates, folds up, and stores easily without taking up too much space in your storage bays.

There are two great things that make the AirSkirts Cooler a must-have RV item. The first is that it’s made from the same PVC material as all of their other products. So you’ll never have to worry about the cooler getting punctured. Second, the air that keeps it inflated also acts as insulation to keep your food and drinks cold.

14. Enjoy Your Music Or Podcast With A Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy Your Music Or Podcast With A Bluetooth Speaker

Being able to enjoy music and podcasts on a Bluetooth speaker is one of my personal must-haves for our RV outdoor space. I could be perfectly happy sitting on the ground, listening to whatever I’m in the mood for at the time.

The best speaker to do this with is, by far, the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker. It’s the perfect size for this compact lifestyle, while still packing a loud and quality punch. 

You can enjoy the benefits of this powerful speaker while having a fire or movie night, relaxing by the pool or beach (because it’s waterproof), or even while taking a walk or bike ride around the RV park. 

15. Add Weatherproof Throw Pillows For Accent And Comfort

Add Weatherproof Throw Pillows For Accent And Comfort

What better addition than some weatherproof pillows! Practical for your naps, but also can bring a touch of your campsite decorating personality and style to your outdoor space. With so many options out there, you’re bound to find the perfect set.

A great way to accent your hammock, lounge chairs, or other outdoor seating is by using these weatherproof pillows. Whether you need to prop your head up for a nap, an extra cushion for sitting on your outdoor furniture, or just add that campsite decorating touch, these pillows complete your look.

16. Stay Hydrated With An Outdoor Beverage Dispenser

Stay Hydrated With An Outdoor Beverage Dispenser

Staying hydrated when enjoying your RV campsite space will be easier than ever when you have an outdoor beverage dispenser. It’ll save you some trips going in and out of the RV, and if you set it up in the right spot, you won’t have to get out of your chair. 

The average adult needs to drink between 4-6 cups of water a day to stay hydrated. When you’re outside in the warm weather, you may need more. That’s a lot of trips in and out of the camper to rehydrate! 

Even if you aren’t big on water, you could fill it with some delicious cold lemonade, iced tea, or a mixed drink for a cookout. 

Check out the Estilo Glas Drink Dispenser with a stand that will keep you refreshed without having to get up from your seat.

Final Words On RV Campsite Decorating Ideas

So there you have it, a full list of where to start designing your campsite decorating for your RV outdoor living space. No matter if you’re just camping for the season or living and traveling full-time in your RV, make your outdoor space comfortable and reflect your own personal style. 

Once you have everything you want, go ahead and light up that campfire, turn on your Bluetooth speaker, and enjoy your new space.

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