Does Costco Sell Diesel Fuel?

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Does Costco sell diesel fuel and is it cheaper than other gas stations? Fuel costs are a big part of traveling with your RV. Most of the time, that is actually your biggest cost on the road.

In your search for the best fuel prices, you can end up gathering memberships for a bunch of different discount programs. Then you’re stressing on your drive whether the station here or twenty miles down the road is the cheapest. 

All of that can be pretty stressful, but one thing that has changed our trips for the better has been discovering Costco sells diesel. If you’re anything like us, and didn’t know Costco sold diesel, don’t feel bad.

Part of Costco’s business plan is little to no advertisement to keep costs low. I’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Costco’s diesel fuel stations to get you saving money ASAP!

Do Costco Gas Stations Sell Diesel Fuel?

Yes, thankfully, many Costco gas stations across the United States do have diesel fuel available. The best part, it’s is normally much cheaper than regular fuel stations.

You do have to have a membership to Costco to purchase this fuel, but it is more than worth it since it’s no secret that fuel prices are a big part, and expense in RV life. 

It took us years into our RVing journey to figure out that Costco sold diesel. However, once we did, we were thoroughly impressed. Gas prices vary all across the country, station to station, and sometimes even hour to hour.

Costco has consistently been significantly cheaper than the local average, which you can check on AAA’s National Average Gas Price Map. 

Costco not only gives you discounted prices on diesel but provides you with an easy-to-find Costco diesel gas station locator on their website. (We have a link to the locator further down in the article). This makes it even simpler to access amazing discounts for your fuel while traveling. 

Do Costco Gas Stations Have Diesel?

What Brand Of Diesel Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells Kirkland Signature brand diesel, a product of Top Tier diesel fuel, at its stations. Kirkland Signature is Costco’s name brand of its products and is part of the reason it can provide such a discounted rate for fuel. 

Does Costco Have Diesel Fuel With Additives?

Yes, Costco Kirkland Signature diesel has deposit control additives in the fuel for the benefit of your vehicle. These additives help improve the overall performance of your diesel vehicle.

The benefits include; improved cold engine start ability, maintaining top fuel economy, reduced emissions, protecting fuel injectors, and preventing harmful wear and tear on your components. 

When traveling like RVers do, all of these benefits are extremely valuable for your rig or tow vehicle. We all know what it’s like to experience a breakdown on a trip, and it is not fun! 

Using a diesel-like Costco with additives that benefit your vehicle provides you with extra peace of mind, all at a cheaper-than-average price tag. 

Do You Need A Costco Card To Get Diesel Fuel?

To be able to get Costco diesel, you do need to have a Costco card. To get the card, this requires you to purchase a yearly membership through them. 

“Another membership I have to purchase?” I know, I know, but I promise you, with the discount on fuel alone, the money you save will quickly pay for the cost of the membership. Not to mention the savings you will have by utilizing their other services as well.

Costco makes it extremely simple to purchase a membership through them. All you need to do is find the Costco warehouse store closest to you. When you arrive, there is a separate entrance to a service desk for returns and memberships.

You simply go in, tell them you’d like to get a membership, and they take your payment, take your picture, and print your card. In about 10 minutes you’re on your way and ready to fill up your rig! 

Do You Need A Costco Card To Get Diesel Fuel?

Why Is Costco Diesel So Cheap?

Costco diesel fuel is normally significantly cheaper than regular fuel stations. The reasoning behind this, however, is not because it is a less valuable product. It’s simply because of the way that warehouse stores like Costco are run. 

Costco is able to sell diesel fuel for cheap for its members for a few different reasons. The first way it accomplishes this is by purchasing everything in bulk, which in turn reduces packaging costs.

Secondly, Costco cuts its costs by having a very basic designed store and doing little to no outside advertising. Lastly, prices are cut by selling their own house brand products. In this case, Kirkland fuel. 

These money-saving strategies trickle down through their company and are why they are able to provide a more cost-effective fuel price.

Is Costco Diesel Good?

Reading through the description of their diesel product, I wouldn’t only say Costco diesel is a good product, but a great product. 

They have taken the time to work with a diesel supplier that researches and cares about the product it is putting out to keep your vehicle running at its optimum functionality.

Lots of RVers line up for Costco diesel around the country everyday so they must be doing something right. 

Do All Costco Locations Have Diesel Fuel?

Unfortunately, all Costco locations do not have diesel fuel. Luckily though, on their website, they provide links that show you where all of their diesel-offering stations are throughout the United States. 

This makes it very convenient to find the savings they offer and keep your wallet a little fatter! (Is that even a saying anymore since hardly anyone carries cash?) Either way, they make it very convenient to save money by choosing to fill up at Costco.

Do All Costco Locations Have Diesel Fuel?

5 FAQs About Costco Diesel

1. What Brand Of Fuel Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells its home brand name Kirkland Signature diesel at its fuel stations. Their diesel is a product of Top Tier brand diesel.

2. How Do I Avoid Long Lines Getting Diesel Gas at Costco?

Avoiding long lines to get diesel gas at Costco is a tricky one. The prices are so good that in our experience, it stays busy most of the day, but moves fast. While that may be a bummer, we don’t mind because the busier it stays, the cheaper the diesel stays!

One thing we have found that helps is the fact that all Costco stations are made for “one-way fueling.” This means that everyone has to pull in and leave the same way.

The reason this works is that they have equipped the pumps with long, stretchable fuel hoses to ensure that you can fuel up from either side of the vehicle. This strategy provides less confusion and congestion, getting you in and out at top speed.

3. Does Every Costco Sell Diesel Fuel?

Every Costco does not sell diesel fuel, unfortunately. Sometimes this can be inconvenient, but Costco makes it easier by providing links on their website that show you all the diesel locations by state.

When you get an impeccable deal on products, you always have to do a little hunting, right? 

4. Does Costco’s Kirkland Signature Diesel Contail Biodiesel?

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Diesel only contains biodiesel where it is required by law. In certain states like Oregon, California, and Colorado though, the diesel may contain up to 5% of biodiesel.

California, in particular, transports its biodiesel and regular fuel in the same tanks and pipelines, causing trace amounts to be more common. 

5. Does Costco Offer Renewable Diesel?

Costco has stated that they do offer renewable diesel at certain gas stations in California. Renewable diesel is a newer product but Costco is on board. They hope to offer it at more of their locations when it is more readily available and the supply is increased.

They currently offer both 5%-20% and up to 99% renewable diesel products. If you’re in California and searching for this, find a diesel-selling location on their website, and then look for the orange and black product sticker by the nozzle at the pump. 

Final Thoughts On Costco Selling Diesel Fuel

Overall, Costco selling diesel fuel is a big win for RVers. Not only do they sell a worthy and valuable product, but it’s low cost and more affordable than the average gas station.

While getting a membership to a bulk warehouse store may not have been on your list of to-dos when starting your RVing journey, I think it’s a notable add. They also make it easy to find their locations and access their discounts. 

The money you’ll save on diesel fuel in just a few trips will pay for the membership, and after that, it’s extra money in your account. More money for eating out, adventures, and maybe that nice new outdoor lounge chair you saw when grabbing your membership card!?

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  1. I’d like to add that, if you obtain the Costco CITI credit card, you get 4% cash back on fuel purchases, not only at Costco, but any fueling station. The Costco “Executive” membership, which is $100/yr covers the annual fee, and in our case, we use the card for pretty much everything, pay iff the bill each month, and each year get a check for several hundred dollars, which covers the fee and more! It is one of the best deals around, and CITI has been very good to work with when any issues arise.

  2. you better look twice when going to costco for diesel now a days the one in san diego here just redone there pumps and now they dont have any diesel anymore.

  3. Unfortunately not always all lanes are marked that sell diesel, so you must make sure you are in the correct lane & and the pump is on the right side.

    Yes they have long hoses, but that will not help most rvs, only cars.
    Have been counting on Costco diesel for years& much of our travel depends on their locations.


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