How to Find Free Overnight RV Parking in the US and Canada!

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With the ever-increasing cost of campgrounds, many RVers are looking for free overnight RV parking and camping to save money. Many folks search on RV forums to find free RV camping or parking every day. It has just become too expensive for RVers to spend $50 or more to stay one night at a campground and then be on the way to their ultimate destination in the morning.

In this article, you’ll learn about our favorite method to find free overnight RV parking spots! Let’s get straight into it.

What is Overnight RV Parking?

Overnight RV parking means that you are parking your RV for one night to get some sleep between destinations. Rather than pay $50 or more to stay one night in a campground then leave the next morning, some folks prefer to avoid the campground fee, save their money, and find a free place to park. Hence the term, overnight RV parking.

Parking differs from camping, though. When you park overnight, you don’t set up camp by extending the awning, breaking out the folding chairs, and having a barbecue. You are typically dry camping in a parking lot to get some shut-eye, then hitting the road in the morning toward your ultimate camping destination. Why pay to park your RV in an RV park to arrive after dark and then leave in the morning when there are so many free boondocking sites to stay overnight? 

What is the Best Way to Find Free Overnight RV Parking? 

The best way to find free overnight RV parking is through a website called (or what we lovingly call ONRVP) which is available as part of the Roadpass Pro subscription (you can get a 7 day free trial here!). It has the largest database of free RV parking locations in any state or province in the U.S. and Canada—and so much more like RV GPS, road trip planning tool, RV and camping gear and discounts, and more.

About OvernightRVParking.Com was founded in 2008 and grew to be the largest and most accurate repository of overnight RV parking locations around the country. A company called Roadpass Digital acquired in early 2021 and has made it an even more valuable tool by combining it with their Roadpass Pro subscription. Roadpass Digital also owns RVillage, Togo RV, Roadtrippers, and Campendium – you probably recognize some (or all) of those names! has an impressive database that consists of over 16,000 overnight RV parking locations around North America.

When I spoke to the owner of ONRVP before it was sold to Roadpass Digital, I learned that he and his subscribers have been adding locations to the database for well over 12 years, and the database keeps growing with more subscribers adding new locations and updating existing ones.

Overnight RV Parking database used to be offered as a standalone feature, but now you can only get it when you sign up for a Roadpass Pro subscription. Roadpass Pro is only $49.99 a year, and you can get a 7 day free trial to see if you like it first!

What Else Do You Get With Roadpass Pro?

Since Roadpass Digital now owns many of the RV websites and services many of us use and love, a Roadpass Pro subscription comes with premium access to all of them!

When you sign up for Roadpass Pro, you get premium access to RVillage, Campendium, and Roadtrippers.


When you sign up for Roadpass Pro, you get access to Togo RV GPS. 

Many RVers struggle with finding an accurate and safe road trip route for their RV. 

Google and Apple Maps just don’t take into account how long, heavy, or tall your RV is. This problem has led RVers to bridges that are too short, sketchy roads, and down some white-knuckle roads in their RV. 

A standalone RV GPS costs hundreds of dollars and you have to worry about keeping them up to date! 

The Togo RV GPS considers weight limits, overhead clearance, grades of terrain, and route preferences. You can input your RVs specific height, weight, length, and preferences and let it lead the way. 

Roadtrippers Road Trip Planner

Roadtrippers is a beloved road trip planning app. It not only helps you plan your route, it shows you all the cool things you would otherwise miss along the way! Roadtrippers helps you plan an amazing road trip and makes sure you won’t miss any cool roadside attractions or must-see stops along and near your route.

Campendium Premium

Campendium is a powerful tool for finding campgrounds and campsites near you, and they have a ton of free campsites listed, too! With Roadpass Pro, you get access to all the features of Campendium Premium like:

  • Cell Coverage Maps
  • Public Lands Overlays (for free overnight rv camping)
  • Trail Maps

Overnight RV Parking

The Overnight RV Parking database has over 16k free camping locations around North America, and it’s only a fraction of you get with Roadpass Pro.

You can read helpful reviews and information, submit your own reviews and info to the community, and travel across the country enjoying free overnight RV camping along the way.

Camping, Gear, and Tire Discounts

A Roadpass Pro subscription gets you discounts and savings from the nation’s top RV brands like: 

  • Battle Born Batteries
  • Harvest Hosts
  • KOA
  • Blackstone 
  • GO Power
  • Tire Minder
  • and many more!

You can also get discounts on camping gear, RV, truck, and trailer tires, and much more.

How Does Overnight RV Parking Work?

The Overnight RV Parking database allows its members to search by location to find free overnight RV parking locations. You can either search from your computer or download the app and search on your phone. When you search, a map will appear with all of the locations in the database in your surrounding area.

The locations are marked by different colored pins, which denote the overnight parking status for each location. For example, a bright green pin means it’s okay to park overnight, but a red pin means overnight parking is not permitted. There are seven informative pin colors, each with its own meaning. 

When you hover over a pin, the name of the location will pop up. Then when you click on it, an information box appears to the right, as shown above for a Walmart SuperCenter. As you can see, the information includes the store name, parking status, address, and telephone number.

It also includes comments, directions, and the date of the most recent update to the location. The comments include essential information such as instructions to speak to the manager before your stay. Also included is a description of the parking lot, nearby restaurants, and gas stations too.

Another important feature is that you can see what other RVers say about a particular location’s privacy, security, and safety. They offer some great tips for finding nearby food and gas locations.

You can learn if a particular business is RV friendly. However, not all businesses allow overnight parking, so be sure to ask permission before staying the night to avoid violating a store or city policy.

Can’t I Stay Free at Any Walmart Overnight in My RV? 

We used to stay at pretty much any Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and other free locations, but not every location allows free overnight RV parking anymore. The only way to know for sure is to call ahead or show up and hope for the best.

That’s why we love ONRVP so much. It’s as easy as opening it up on your cell phone; then the site lets you know which locations allow overnight parking and which locations don’t!

Best of all, these locations are reviewed and updated by our fellow RVers, so we always get the latest and greatest info. Over 800 Walmarts have stopped allowing overnight parking in the past year alone, but all of these locations have been updated on the site.

How Many Locations Are In The Overnight RV Parking Database?

There are over 16,000 locations in the database! There is no other database as extensive or complete, and you’ll be happy to know that there are thousands of places to stay overnight for free besides a Walmart parking lot. There are free overnight RV parking maps of the U.S. and Canada showing all of the locations in the database. They are everywhere!

Examples of Locations That Allow Free Overnight Parking

Many locations allow free RV overnight parking. I have written articles about free overnight parking at WalmartCracker Barrel, and Costco, but many other locations allow free overnight RV parking. Here is a list of some locations you are sure to find along your road trip.

  • Cabella’s
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • K-Mart
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pilot Flying J Travel Centers and Truck Stops
  • Rest Areas
  • Planet Fitness (If you have a membership)
  • Casinos
  • Camping World
  • Bureau of Land Management Locations

How Is Each Location Updated?

Roughly 100 updates per week are added for new and existing locations from subscribers. Subscribers are encouraged to fill out the OvernightRVParking Site Report Form and submit it for review each time they stay overnight somewhere.

ONRVP then reviews and verifies the information and, if accepted, they update the map and database. This helps other RVers find accurate and up to date information on overnight RV camping spots. The more people contributing, the better it gets!

It’s an excellent way for RVers to help fellow RV enthusiasts save some money and find a free place to stay the night too. Also, ONRVP actively contacts stores, casinos, and local and state governments to find new locations and ensure that the information provided is complete, accurate, and up to date.

There are many pros involved with ONRVP—let’s examine those a little closer.

OvernightRVParking Pros

1️⃣ Budget-Friendly

We don’t always stay overnight in a parking lot, but when we are in transit from one place to another and need a place to pull over, this app comes in handy. We don’t like spending $50 to spend one night in a campground when we arrive after dark and then hit the road in the morning.

This app helps to save us hundreds of dollars a year. For less than $5.00 a month, we can save money rather than pay $50+ a night at a campground!

2️⃣ Accurate Updates

We like to receive updates from other RVers with info about the location. We can quickly see where we will park and if there are gas stations or restaurants around too. Other RVers are interested in the same info, so their updates are right on target.

3️⃣ Updates From RVers are Verified

When an RVer updates a location, the admin team takes the time to verify the info by calling the store or municipality to confirm. This helps to ensure accurate information and is what sets ONRVP apart from other apps.

4️⃣ Information on Locations That Aren’t Free

The app tells us where we can stay and where we can’t park overnight. It’s great because we don’t waste time driving to a Walmart that doesn’t allow overnight RV parking.

5️⃣ Helping Other RVers

We like the idea that updating or creating an overnight location helps our fellow RVers. It’s nice to have a way to give back to the RV community.

6️⃣ No Auto-Renew Feature

The app does not auto-renew your membership, so after your 15-month subscription ends, your credit card won’t automatically be charged for another year.

How Much Does Overnight RV Parking Cost?

To have access to OvernightRVParking, you just need to sign up for Roadpass Pro. Roadpass Pro is only $49.99 per year, but you can try it totally free with this 7 day free trial! And not only will you have access to OvernightRVParking but you also get:

  • RV Safe GPS
  • Save up to 45% on tires from Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, and BFGoodrich.
  • Get up to 25% with discounts from some of your favorite RV, camping, and gear brands.
  • Free access to Roadtrippers PLUS Trip planning App
  • Access to RVillage Gold Subscription – the highest level of membership for the fastest-growing RV social media platform
  • Access to Campendium Premium subscription perks

CLICK BELOW and get a 7 day Free Trial!
Use Discount Code RVBLOGGER (all Caps)

Why We Love the Overnight RV Parking App 

If you’re like us, when we travel a long distance and need a place to sleep overnight, we think it’s way too expensive to spend at least $50 a night to stay in an RV park. Staying for free at a location that is reviewed by other RVers is a way better option.

OvernightRVParking is the best source for free and inexpensive places to stay overnight in our RV. The database now has more than 15,000 locations listed! We absolutely love this app, and we highly recommend it for beginners or experienced RVers alike.

Note: If you are interested, it’s best to sign up online first through one of our page links. Then you can visit the app store and download the app afterward by using the username and password you set up when joining through our link.

When making the long trip to your ultimate camping destination, we know that ONRVP is the best option for you to save your hard-earned cash. Instead of blowing money on a simple overnight stop, put it towards making a fantastic RV adventure!

Alternatives to ONRVP to Find Free Overnight RV Parking

Although OvernightRVParking is our favorite resource for finding the best free overnight RV camping spots, it’s not the only resource out there. Here are two of the best alternatives to the ONRVP website and app for finding free RV parking. 

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a membership that connects private property owners with RVers looking for a free place to stay for the weekend or overnight. With Boondockers Welcome, members have access to a database of hosts willing to park RVs on their property. 

Boondockers Welcome properties are legal, safe, and totally free. You might stay on a farm one night and in a city driveway or lot the next! Hosts are varied and each experience is unique. 

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is another great camping membership to find free overnight RV parking across the country. A Harvest Hosts membership grants members access to over 2,800 free RV parking and camping spots at places like wineries, breweries, restaurants, museums, farms, and much more. 

A Harvest Hosts membership opens up more private businesses to RVers than are available on ONRVP and aside from the yearly membership, camping is always free. Members are always encouraged to support the businesses as a thank-you, but there is never any fee to stay at a Harvest Hosts location.

Free Overnight RV Parking Etiquette

There are a few unspoken rules when it comes to being respectful at free parking locations. Here are the top rules to follow. 

  • Pack It In, Pack It Out: Clean up after yourself and practice “Pack it in, Pack it out” principles. Don’t litter and never dump your tanks on the ground. This means cleaning up after your pets, too!
  • Keep a Low Profile: Don’t set up camp outside your RV unless you’re somewhere like a Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome, or other approved “camping” location. If you’re parked in a parking lot overnight, stay inside. 
  • Avoid Using Slides or Jacks: Most parking lot owners frown upon the use of hydraulic leveling jacks or slide-outs for overnight parking. Jacks damage soft asphalt and slide-outs look like you’re setting up camp. If you can’t access your RV without opening slides, it’s acceptable. Otherwise try to keep as low of a profile as possible. 
  • Arrival and Departure: Arrive late, leave early at free parking spots in parking lots. These locations are busy during daylight hours and should only be used for short periods for sleep and rest. 

Quiet Hours: Observe general quiet hours and avoid playing loud music or running your generator all night long.

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11 thoughts on “How to Find Free Overnight RV Parking in the US and Canada!”

  1. Hi, do you have any suggestions for leaving my truck and trailer overnight while I take local transportation into a city to do some sightseeing?

  2. Please don’t blame Walmart or Lowes etc for many not allowing RV overnights now. Some towns will no longer allow this, one point they make is that it takes away $$ from local RV parks. Another has been misuse, one Lowes had a **Wagon Circle** of RV’s that actually set up in a giant circle and started a bonfire in the center!! While individual managers may be happy to have us stay, their legal dept was a bit upset at how MANY people were using their lots and what they were doing in them.

    We have seen RV’s stay for weeks at Walmarts, with slides, awnings, rugs, grills etc.

    When we have stayed in a parking lot– Walmart, Cracker Barrell, Bass Pro, Flying J etc– we don’t set up a grill etc, we don’t have slides, we always ASK in advance and try to use the store to shop or order a meal. Only once did we have permission (In Utica, NY) to stay in a WM lot but it was SO small, crowded and noisy we decided to find an actual RV lot to be able to sleep. Even so we grabbed a few things at the store.

    If you have a FORETRAVEL you can stay for free in their Natchidoches Texas factory lot, and get a free factory tour. BLM lands can be free or have a minor charge to stay for weeks, then you have to move but can come back after *x* amount of time.

    Casinos often have free or really low cost spots, between $20-30 night, sometimes offer vouchers for money to play their games, we just stayed at one that was $30 but offered a $5 per night per PERSON per night comp, if you used it that brought you down to $20. Free pool, sauna and hot tub also. In some areas $20 is worth it just for the security of a casino. Most have limited spaces, tho, so call ahead early.

  3. I just returned from a 4000 mile trip from the West coast to the Midwest and back. I found some of the state run rest stops closed , and others that were open filled with tractor trailers
    at night. The truck stops ,loves and flying J restricted there parking lots for truckers only , so people towing a trailer ,or some type of R V were restricted from parking in the larger areas .
    I realize states have put restrictions on truckers , but have not made accommodation’s extra for rest stops . As for parking at large store parking area’s , you should call ahead to see what there rules are now. AS i am a senior person, i did not feel safe pulling over in some secluded areas . I guess the covert 19 virous has changed a lot of past travel ways .
    So plan ahead on your travel .

  4. I used this app along with others while solo traveling around the country for several months last year. I only found one location listed as okay to park, then arrived to find out that Walmart had changed their policy. I sent along an update for that location and received extra membership time. It’s great when you’re looking for a quick overnight sleep spot.

  5. The WalMart management is temperamental. They wont always allow you to stay. People have told me examples of people staying in Walmart’s parking lot for up to two years. Certain instances you cannot stay more than 2 weeks.

    • Hi Nichol,
      Some Walmarts allow people to stay overnight and others do not. But the idea is that people should only stay for one night and move on. Staying more than one night is abusing Walmarts kindness and ruining it for the rest of us, which is a real shame.
      Thanks for reading the article.

  6. I am planning a road trip across the country later this year, but will only be taking my car (I will tent camp in some places, but I also am set up to sleep in my RV) Would this be helpful for that as well?

    • Hi Ginny,
      A road trip across the country sounds awesome! So, yes this app would be perfect for sleeping in your car or your RV. Good luck on your trip!

  7. Thank you for this very informative blog from a newbie RVer just getting start in full time on the road lifestyle. ~ AMS from Idaho

    • Thanks and I’m glad you are finding the blog helpful! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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