The Best Way to Find Free Overnight RV Parking and Quit Wasting Your Money!

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With the ever-increasing cost of campgrounds, many RVers are looking for Free Overnight RV Parking to save money. There are many folks searching on RV Forums and Google looking to find free RV Parking every day. It has just become too expensive for RVers to spend $50 to stay one night at a campground and then be on the way to their ultimate destination in the morning.

So, what is the best way to find free overnight RV parking? The best way to find free overnight RV parking is through a website called is the largest database of free RV parking locations in any state or province in the US and Canada. And it is incredibly cheap to join!

Their impressive database consists of over 15,000 RV Parking and No Parking locations. There are a ton of free camping spots all around the country. When I spoke to the owner of I learned that he and his subscribers have been adding locations to the database for over 12 years now. And the database keeps growing with more subscribers adding new locations and updating existing ones.

Wanna Get 3 Free Months Added to Your Subscription?

What is Overnight RV Parking?

Overnight RV Parking just means that you are parking your RV for one night to get some sleep while you travel from one destination to another. So, rather than pay $50 to stay one night in a campground and then leave the next morning some folks prefer to avoid the campground fee, save their money, and find a free place to park. Hence the term, overnight RV parking.

Parking differs from camping though. When you park overnight you don’t set up camp by extending the awning, breaking out the folding chairs and having a barbecue. You are typically dry camping in a parking lot to get some shut-eye and hitting the road in the morning toward your ultimate camping destination. So, why pay to park your RV in an RV park just to arrive after dark and then leave in the morning when there are so many free boondocking sites to stay overnight?

Can’t I Just Stay at Any Walmart?

We used to be able to stay at pretty much any Walmart, Cracker Barrel and other free locations. But not every location allows free overnight RV parking. Some do and some don’t. And the only way to know for sure is to call ahead and ask or show up and hope they don’t ask you to leave!

That’s why we love Overnight RV Parking so much. Now we just open it up on our cell phone and it let’s us know which locations allow overnight parking and which locations don’t!

And best of all, these locations are reviewed and updated by our fellow RVers so we get the latest and greatest info much of the time. In the past year alone over 800 Walmarts have stopped allowing overnight parking. And all of these locations have been updated.

How Does Work? allows it’s members to search by location to find free overnight RV parking locations. You can either search from your computer or download the app and search on your phone. When you perform a search a map will appear with all of the locations in the database in your surrounding area.

The locations are marked by different colored pins which denote the overnight parking status for each location. For example, a bright green pin means it’s ok to park overnight and a red pin means overnight parking is not permitted. There are seven informative pin colors each with their own meaning. An example of a search is below.

When you hover over a pin the name of the location will pop up and when you click on it an information box appears to the right as shown above for a Walmart SuperCenter. So, as you can see the information includes the store name, parking status, address, and telephone number. It also includes comments, directions and the date of the most recent update to the location. The comments include important information such as directions to speak to the manager prior to your stay. Also included is a description of the parking lot nearby restaurants, and gas stations too.

Another imprtant feature is that you can see what other RVers say about the privacy, security and safety of a particular location. They offer some great tips for finding nearby food and gas locations.

And you can learn if a particlar busniess is RV friendly. Not all businesses allow overnight parking so be sure to ask permission before staying the night so you don’t risk violating a store or city policy.

How Is Each Location Updated?

About 100 updates per week are added for new and existing locations from subscribers and from the folks at  Subscribers are encouraged to fill out the Overnight RV Parking Site Report Form and submit it for review each time they stay overnight somewhere. OvernightRVParking then reviews and verifies the information and if accepted they update the map and database and in return for the update, the subscriber has their membership extended by two weeks!

It’s a great way for RVers to help their fellow RVers save some money and find a free place to stay the night too. In addition, actively contacts stores, casinos, and local and state governments in order to find new locations and to be sure that the information provided is complete, accurate and up to date.

How Many Locations Are In The DataBase?

There are over 14,950 locations in the database! There is no other database as large or complete! And there are thousands of places to stay overnight for free besides a Walmart parking lot.

Here are free overnight RV parking maps of the US and Canada showing all of the locations in the database. They are everywhere!

Examples of Locations That Allow Free Overnight Parking

Many locations allow free RV overnight parking. In fact, I have written articles about free overnight parking at Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and Costco. And there are lots of other locations that allow free overnight RV parking too. Here is a list of some locations you are sure to find along your road trip but there are many others too.

  • Cabelas
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • K-Mart
  • Grocery Stores
  • Pilot Flying J Travel Centers
  • Rest Areas
  • Planet Fitness (If you have a membership)
  • Casinos
  • Camping World
  • Flying J Truck Stops
  • Bureau of Land Managemant Locations

There are literally thousands of places to stay for free overnight! And these and many others are included and available in the app. 

What Other Apps Find Free Over Night Parking for RVs?

Allstays is another good app that locates free overnight parking for RV’s. Actually, Allstays offers a suite of apps. They have two in particular that can show free locations for free overnight parking. The two apps are Allstays Rest Stops Plus at $1.99 and Allstays Overnight Parking Walmart at $2.99. If combined these two apps contain info about every Walmart and rest stop in the country.

However, they do not include all of the thousands of other locations that allow free overnight RV parking such as Cracker Barrel, Costco, Safeway, Flying J Pilot, Cabela’s, and thousands of other free parking locations across the US and Canada. And – Allstays doesn’t tell you where you can’t stay overnight. ONRVP lets us know where we can stay but also where we can’t stay so we don’t waste time showing up somewhere to spend the night only to be turned away.

Another option is to upgrade to Allstays Pro and get the entire suite of apps which include all of their apps including truck stops, campgrounds, dump stations, propane locations, and much more. The yearly subscription is $32.95 but they knock $3.00 off of that if you sign up for auto-renew.

What We Like About

  • Saving Money – We don’t always stay overnight in a parking lot. But when we are in transit from one place to another and need a place to pull over and sleep this app comes in handy. We really don’t like spending $50 to spend one night in a campground when we arrive after dark and then hit the road in the morning. So, this app helps to save us hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Updates From Other RVers – We like to receive updates from other RVers with info about the location. We can quickly see where we will park and if there are gas stations or restaurants around too. Other RVers are interested in the same info we are so their updates are right on target.
  • We Know Where We Can’t Stay – The app tells us where we can stay but also where we can’t park overnight. It’s great because we don’t waste time driving to a Walmart that doesn’t allow overnight RV parking.
  • Updates From RVers are Verified – I review products, services, and campgrounds and I am always shocked at how many reputable sources have incorrect info. With, when an RVer updates a location the admin team takes the time to verify the info by calling the store or municipality to confirm. This helps to ensure accurate info. This is what sets OvernightRVParking apart from other apps.
  • We Get to Help Other RVers – We like the idea that by updating or creating an overnight location we are helping our fellow RVers. It’s nice to have a way to give back to the RV community.
  • There is NO Auto-Renew Feature – ONRVP does not auto-renew your membership so after your 15-month subscription ends your credit card won’t automatically be charged for another year.

What We Don’t Like

  • The Website and App Look a Little Out of Date – This isn’t a big deal to me but the website and app do look old. This website has been around a long time and that is how it has become the largest database of free locations to park overnight for free in the US and Canada. OvernightRVParking started in April of 2008 which is why it is by far the most exhaustive list of free overnight parking (and places you can’t park overnight).
  • UPDATE: The new map update in the website and app are really excellent and don’t appear to look old or outdated.

7 Biggest Reasons We Love OvernightRVParking!

1️⃣ Saves us hundreds of dollars a year!

2️⃣ There are over 15,000 locations in the database and it’s still growing!

3️⃣ Locations are updated regularly by the owners of ONRVP and other RVers too!

4️⃣ We can quickly and easily see if a location allows overnight RV Parking or not!

5️⃣ It is super easy to use on our computer or as an app on our cell phone!

6️⃣ It is incredibly inexpensive!

7️⃣ For less than $2.00 a month we can save money rather than pay $50 a night at a campground!

How Much Does Overnight RV Parking Cost?

There are 3 price options available:

  • 1 Year for $29.99
  • 2 Years for $54.99 ( a discount of $4.99)
  • 3 Years for $74.99 (a discount of $14.99)

All three options include 3 free months added to your subscription when you use our link below! is our Favorite Way to Find Free Places to Park for the Night

If you’re like us, when we are traveling a long distance and we just need a place to sleep overnight, we think it’s way too expensive to spend $50 a night or more to stay in an RV park overnight. Staying for free at a location that is reviewed by other RVers sounds a lot better to us!

We think that is the best source for free and inexpensive places to stay overnight in our RV. And, the database now has more than 14,950 locations listed. We absolutely love this app and we highly recommend it for beginners or experienced RVers alike.

So go to and sign up on the website for a one year subscription and get three months for free! So you get a 15-month subscription for the price of 12 months. You really can’t go wrong.

NOTE – If you are interested it’s best to sign up online first through one of the links on our page.  Then you can visit the app store and download the app afterward by using the username and password you set up when joining through our link.

This will ensure you get a 15-month membership instead of a 12-month membership. Full transparency – we do make a few bucks if you sign up through our link but we hope you found the info in this article helpful and the 3 additional months of membership worth it.

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8 thoughts on “The Best Way to Find Free Overnight RV Parking and Quit Wasting Your Money!”

  1. Thank you for this very informative blog from a newbie RVer just getting start in full time on the road lifestyle. ~ AMS from Idaho

  2. I am planning a road trip across the country later this year, but will only be taking my car (I will tent camp in some places, but I also am set up to sleep in my RV) Would this be helpful for that as well?

    • Hi Ginny,
      A road trip across the country sounds awesome! So, yes this app would be perfect for sleeping in your car or your RV. Good luck on your trip!

  3. The WalMart management is temperamental. They wont always allow you to stay. People have told me examples of people staying in Walmart’s parking lot for up to two years. Certain instances you cannot stay more than 2 weeks.

    • Hi Nichol,
      Some Walmarts allow people to stay overnight and others do not. But the idea is that people should only stay for one night and move on. Staying more than one night is abusing Walmarts kindness and ruining it for the rest of us, which is a real shame.
      Thanks for reading the article.

  4. I used this app along with others while solo traveling around the country for several months last year. I only found one location listed as okay to park, then arrived to find out that Walmart had changed their policy. I sent along an update for that location and received extra membership time. It’s great when you’re looking for a quick overnight sleep spot.


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