Harvest Hosts – A Great Way to Camp for Free!

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Harvest Hosts Review

We think that Harvest Hosts is a great membership that allows us to find incredibly cool places to spend the night for free! Yes – I said FREE!

We have spent too many nights in campgrounds where we paid $50 to arrive at 8:00 at night, spend the night and then leave the following morning. And that gets expensive fast! But all that changed when we received a Harvest Hosts membership as a gift from my daughters.

If you aren’t familiar with Harvest Hosts here is how it works. Harvest Hosts has over 700 wineries, breweries, farms, museums and other attractions that allow RVers to spend the night for FREE! You are encouraged to purchase something from the host when you spend the night – like a bottle of wine, a six pack of beer or some fresh veggies. Heck, you would probably buy that stuff anyway!

You get to stay at some incredibly interesting places, meet the locals who own or work at the location and get some great ideas about what to do and where to go in the area.

So, we have found that for just $79 a year we have over 700 locations where we can stay the night for free which saves us a ton of money on campground fees. If you stay at a Harvest Host location for just 1 night you could break even, which seems like a no brainer to me.

Benefits of A Harvest Host Membership

1. Unique Camping Locations

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Campgrounds can be overpriced and offer small campsites where everyone is packed in like sardines. And the amenities at most campgrounds aren’t that great. It gets old sitting outside of our RV looking at the side of the neighbors RV. But with a Harvest Host Membership, we get to stay at some gorgeous locations with beautiful views!

Many of the locations are wineries but there are also breweries, farms, museums, distilleries, and other great locations. And, there are fabulous locations all over the country.

2. You Get to Meet Interesting People

You will get to meet some very interesting, informative and kind people when you stay at a Harvest Hosts location. Many of the owners and employees of each location are happy to tell you all about their farm or winery. Many will even take you on a tour.

But they are also willing to give you plenty of information about all of the local attractions, restaurants, and cool places to visit in the area. The info is invaluable. So, instead of relying on yelp or the internet you get real information from locals.

3. You Get to Support Local Businesses

I love the feeling I get when I can help support a local business. There is just something right about helping a fellow American make a living. And, the hosts are always so appreciative when we support them by buying something from them. It’s truly a win-win situation.

4. Harvest Hosts Keeps Adding New Locations

Harvest Hosts actively seeks out new interesting locations all the time. They have added about 100 locations in the past year and keep adding more! And we get the benefit of staying at all of them – at no extra charge!

How To Use Your Membership – It’s Easy!

Once you sign up for Harvest Hosts it’s very easy to use. You can search for host locations by State, Location or by Route. You can plan a route to anywhere and stay at Harvest Host locations the whole way and never pay for a campground!


Some tips to make your stay more enjoyable are to read through the FAQ section of the Harvest Host site to get most of your questions answered about pets, generator use, campfires, and general etiquette.

And also check your host location on Google Maps before you call the host to book a night. Most locations are in awesome areas but a few are in the middle of a town or near a main road. A quick check on Google Maps will help ensure you make a good choice.

Then just call the host, ask any questions you might have and book your spot. It’s really just that simple. In addition to using the Harvest Host website, you can download the app after you are a member, which is really convenient and easy to use too.

Want 300 More Free Places to Stay?

So, in addition to the 700+ locations, Harvest Hosts offers an add on package for just $40 which gives you 300+ golf courses and country clubs where you can spend the night. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen an ugly golf course! Most are beautifully landscaped and offer a clubhouse, locker room, restaurant, driving range and of course the golf course.

If you are a golfer this is a great opportunity to spend your money on golf instead of campground fees, and stay in gorgeous amenity filled locations. And even if you aren’t a golfer, golf courses are beautiful places to stay for free and the amenities are top notch!

Our Recommendation

We love our Harvest Host Membership and we think you will too. You just can’t beat a free overnight stay in a gorgeous location with great people full of local information and knowledge. And it sure beats staying for free in the Walmart parking lot!

All you need to do is choose the plan that’s best for you and sign up!

The Harvest Host Classic Plan gets you over 700 locations for just $79 a year.

The Harvest Host Classic Plan + Golf Plan gets you all of the Harvest Host Classic locations plus over 300 golf courses around the country and it’s only an additional $40 for a total of $119.

If you would like to support our small business and join Harvest Hosts you will receive a 15% discount for a limited time!!!! This is their biggest discount of the year!

So, that’s just $67 for the Classic Plan or just $101 for the Classic Plan Plus Golf. And when you use our link to Harvest Hosts we make a few bucks to help pay for the website. Thanks, and we appreciate your business too!

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