Is Shop4Seats A Good Place To Buy RV Furniture?

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If you have an older RV that you love but it is ready for a refresh, replacing the furniture can be a good start. There are plenty of places to get replacement RV furniture, and Shop4Seats RV furniture is an option that many people consider.

Shop4Seats offers a wide range of replacement furniture for RVs, pick-ups, SUVs, and vans. Many RV owners are interested in their products because they are an affordable option. When looking through the reviews of Shop4Seats RV furniture, you may notice there is a wide range of feelings about this company. 

In this article, we will look closer at Shop4Seats, giving you the information you need to know before you replace your RV furniture.

Can RV Furniture Be Replaced?

RV furniture is one of those items that can be replaced easily. Just like your home, your RV may need an upgrade at some point. If you love your current RV, but it could use some modern touch-ups, replacing the furniture is a great place to start.

Full-time RVers know that eventually their RV furniture will look and feel like it has seen better days. Taking some time to replace key pieces of furniture can give you that “new RV” feeling, without the new RV price. 

Of course, there are other reasons to replace your RV furniture. Perhaps you have purchased a used RV and want to make it your own. Or, that vintage RV that you are fixing up may need a few modern touches to feel like home.

Whatever the reason, replacing your RV furniture is a great way to refresh your RV. There are plenty of on-line and store front businesses that specialize in RV furniture. Shop4Seats RV furniture is one option if you are looking for replacement furniture for your RV or campervan.

What RV Furniture Does Shop4Seats Have?

Shop4Seats RV furniture has a wide range of options for motorhomes, travel trailers, and some items for Sprinter Vans. 

1. RV Furniture For Motorhomes

What RV Furniture Does Shop4Seats Have RV Furniture For Motorhomes

If you are shopping for furniture for your motorhome, Shop4Seats has a good selection of furniture items. They carry the basics like captain’s chairs and sofas. They also have dinettes that fold down to a bed. Shop4Seats RV furniture also offers complete packages so you can replace all of the furniture in your motorhome.

Shop4Seats does have some neat options available for motorhomes. Their captain’s chairs come with features like heated seats, massagers, and motorized reclining. Sofas from Shop4Seats also have great options like hidden storage, fold-down cup holders and swiveling tables.

These features make shopping for replacement RV furniture a fun experience. These unique features also allow you to upgrade older RVs with many of the comforts that you will find on newer motorhomes and many pieces of household furniture.

2. RV Furniture For Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers

RV Furniture For Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers

Shop4Seats does not have a specific section dedicated to fifth wheels and travel trailers. However, since they carry furniture options that come in a variety of sizes, they have pieces that will work for your travel trailer. 

One thing you do need to keep in mind when you are shopping for a travel trailer or fifth-wheel furniture is weight. Furniture for these types of RVs is generally constructed in a manner that reduces weight. If you are going to purchase Shop4Seats RV furniture for your travel trailer or fifth wheel, make sure that you pay close attention to the weight of the items.

Heavy furniture items, though attractive and comfortable, will alter the dry weight of your travel trailer. This may mean that you have to be more mindful of how you pack your gear. You may also need to purchase a different vehicle if you change the weight of your travel trailer too much (in extreme circumstances).

3. RV Furniture For Sprinter Vans

RV Furniture For Sprinter Vans

If you are outfitting a Sprinter Van for camping, you will have some options for furniture from Shop4Seats. However, the options specific to Sprinter Vans are fairly limited. You can check out some of the seating options that they offer for RVs.

Be mindful when selecting RV items for your sprinter van, and make sure to measure carefully. Your space is limited in a Sprinter Van and some of these options may be too large for the space.

The specific items that Shop4Seats offers for Sprinter Vans are captain’s chairs and sofas. These options are designed specifically for the smaller space available in your van. They do come with similar options, as the sofas and captain’s chairs for RVs. So, if you want a massaging, heated seat for more driving comfort, you can pick one up from Shop4Seats.

They also make seats and benches for Sprinter Vans that are not used as RVs. When you look through their website’s catalog of products for these vans, you may come across seats that fit between the second row captain chairs for additional seating or other products.

Make sure you are specific with your filter settings when searching their products. That way you can focus on camper van products, not 3-row passenger van related options.

Can I Buy RV Captain Chairs With Seat Belts At Shop4Seats?

Can I Buy RV Captain Chairs With Seat Belts At Shop4Seats

Shop4Seats does offer captain’s chairs with seatbelts. However, not all of their captain’s chairs come with seatbelts. If you are replacing the driver and passenger seats, you will need to make sure that you purchase those that come with seatbelts. This is important since seatbelts are required for all vehicles in the United States.

If you are purchasing captain’s chairs for the living space in your RV, you may not need to worry about seatbelts. However, they are a good idea for added safety when traveling.

Shop4Seats RV furniture has captain’s chairs, bench seats, and sleepers that all come with seatbelts. This allows you to not only buy replacement seats for your RV but you can also buy new seating for your truck, SUV, or camper van.

Does Shop4Seats Have Seats For Tow Vehicles?

Does Shop4Seats Have Seats For Tow Vehicles

Shop4Seats also carries seating for your tow vehicle. If your truck or SUV’s seats need replacement, Shop4Seats has captain’s chairs and bench seats for your vehicle as well.

Their vehicle seating options come in coordinating colors and materials. You will also find seating options with features that are popular in many of the newer SUVs and trucks.

Their 40-20-40 fold down bench seats for pickup trucks give you seating for 3. The middle backrest folds down when you do not need the middle seat. It provides a plastic surface and cup holders when folded down.

Before ordering seats for your tow vehicle, you should contact Shop4Seats directly. It is important to ensure that they carry the proper size seats for the make and model of your truck or SUV.

What Are The Shop4Seats Reviews

If you are shopping for new furniture for your RV, Shop4Seats comes up as a popular option. However, if you dig deeper, you may find that this company has some mixed reviews. It is important that you carefully consider customer reviews when you are considering Shop4Seats RV furniture.

Shop4Seats Pros 

It can be hard to find positives about Shop4Seats RV furniture on forums and company review sites. However, they are out there, and many customers love Shop4Seats for replacement RV furniture.

One of the pros that most people comment on in their reviews is the quality of the Ultimate Leather product that Shop4Seats offers on some furniture lines. The leather is light, soft, and seems to hold up well over time. 

Happily RV replaced their RV furniture with Shop4Seats and after two years posted a great video of how the leather seats held up. It is a nice look at how this furniture holds up with seasonal use.

The website Trustpilot has lots of reviews for Shop4Seats. One reviewer, Roger, explains that he found the seats he ordered from Shop4Seats to be very easy to install and well made. 

From a product standpoint, most reviews for Shop4Seats mention how their products are made from good quality materials. Many reviewers also note that the products from Shop4Seats are well-made. 

If you are looking for a more affordable option, Shop4Seats also gets many positive reviews for their prices. Buying replacement furniture from RV manufacturers or other aftermarket suppliers can be expensive. However, Shop4Seats has done a nice job of making a wide selection of options affordable.

Finally, we found a number of reviews that specifically mention how many options for material and color Shop4Seats offers. Customers that have purchased from Shop4Seats are generally impressed and happy with a wide variety of fabric, vinyl, and leather finish options.

Shop4Seats Cons 

We are not sure if Shop4Seats is as bad as some reviews make them seem, or if people are more driven to post a negative review than a positive. With that said, it seems like Shop4Seats does have some legitimate problems you should consider.

Going back to Trustpilot, we found numerous reviews that mention poor quality features like swivel plates and seat catches. Many of these reviews specifically mention incorrectly placed attachment holes, or holes drilled too small. However, these kinds of issues can happen with any RV furniture brand. Though it seems to happen more frequently with Shop4Seats.

The biggest con with Shop4Seats seems to lie with their customer service. Numerous reviews, comments on RV forums, and even Better Business Bureau complaints specifically call out unavailable customer service or just poor-quality customer service. Concerns range from being promised products that don’t exist to just never getting a callback. 

There are also lots of customers that note that they cannot get a solid shipping date from Shop4Seats. We noted many customers indicated that their order had been delayed for many months with no resolution or response from Shop4Seats customer service.

Final Thoughts On If Shop4Seats Is A Good For RV Furniture

From our time researching and reading about Shop4Seats RV furniture, we conclude that they are not a bad choice for replacement furniture. With that said, you do need to be a weary shopper and make sure that you do your due diligence. 

Many issues with Shop4Seats RV furniture are due to customer errors. If you want to enjoy affordable replacement RV furniture, take some extra time to research exactly what you need and do not expect after-market parts to be a perfect fit for your RV.

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