Make BIG Money Renting Out Your RV in Los Angeles

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Are you thinking about making some extra money by renting out your RV in Los Angeles?

If so, you’ll be glad to know that the opportunity to rent your RV in the L.A. area is better than ever.

And, that means, making big money renting out your RV is now easier than it’s ever been.

Can You Make Money Renting Your RV in Los Angeles?

Make Money By Renting Out Your RV with Outdoorsy
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Yes. You can make fists full of money renting your RV in Los Angeles and other areas around California (and the US in general). One of the best parts? It’s a relatively simple business to get into.

Los Angeles is a world-famous city that attracts millions of visitors each year, which makes it a great market for those with an RV to rent out. 

Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland, Hollywood, and Santa Monica are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the exciting places to visit in the region. That said, for RVers, and those renting RVs, there is even more to see and do than for regular tourists.

The Los Angeles State Historic Park, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, and Augustus F. Hawkins Nature Park are just a few of the many State and National parks steeped in Californian wilderness that RVers flock to each year. 

In addition, numerous RV parks are also conveniently dotted across the greater Los Angeles area; Dockweiler RV Park, Hollywood RV Park, and Walnut RV Park are some of the most popular spots for RVers to camp.

All things considered, renting out your RV in Los Angeles is more than likely one of the best areas of the country to do so, whether you’re considering renting your rig for single nights, weekends, or much longer periods of time. You’ll have few issues finding potential customers and, eventually, raking in stacks of cash from letting out your RV in Los Angeles.

How Much Can I Rent Out My RV For In Los Angeles?

The current average RV rental prices in Los Angeles, for a single night, range from approximately $75 to nearly $300, according to Outdoorsy (one of the most popular and trusted RV rental platforms in the world). 

The amount of money you can expect to receive from your RV rental is dependent on several factors including the make and model of your RV. The condition of your rig, inside and outside, and what sort of amenities, appliances, and extras you include also affect the amount of cash you can charge for your rental.

If you plan to let your RV out for more than a single night at a time, keep in mind that many RV owners reduce their prices for such agreements as weekend, weekly, and monthly rentals. In these scenarios, the price may drop by anywhere from $5 to $25 (or more) per night.

The above-mentioned prices are based on live RV rental listings at the time of publishing this article. These prices are subject to change but still, give you a clear picture of how much money is involved in the Las Angeles RV rental market.

Interested in learning more about how much money you can make renting out your RV in Los Angeles, or elsewhere? Check out the listing on Outdoorsy.

Is There a Demand For RV Rentals in Los Angeles?

Right now, and far into the foreseeable future, the demand for RV rentals in the Los Angeles area is booming. Each season, more and more RVs are listed for rent in the area. But, there just doesn’t seem to be quite enough RVs for all the potential customers out there.

This is where you come in, with your RV rental. You can start earning money almost instantly.

With the large population in and around Los Angeles and the high amount of tourists who seek out the legendary Californian city and its surrounding areas each year, renting an RV couldn’t be much easier.

With such a high demand for RVs and campers, of all shapes and sizes, in the region, you’ll begin hearing back from interested parties in no time. It isn’t uncommon to receive your first rental inquiries within a single day’s time from posting your listing online.

How Do I Find RV Renters in Los Angeles?

Finding folks to rent your RV in Los Angeles is absolutely a breeze. Seriously, you’re going to be surprised how quick and easy it can be.

The first step to connecting with renters for your RV is getting your rig listed online where it can most easily be found by interested parties.

We suggest beginning with two major RV rental platforms; Outdoorsy and RVshare. But, before simply creating an account and slapping a posting up, make sure to take some time and become familiar with how others are advertising their own RV rentals.

Studying the posts, as well as the reviews from customers, on these popular platforms will give you a realistic idea of how much you can rent your RV for. You’ll also learn what customers loved or disliked about RVs they’ve rented.

Once you have a good feel for the platforms and post your rig, you should start getting contacted by potential customers in no time, literally. Many RV owners claim to have rented their rigs out in less than a full day from the time they posted their ads.

In addition to Outdoorsy and RVshare, there are a plethora of lesser options for posting your RV rental online. Facebook groups, craigslist, and other various websites are very real options as well. That said, these secondary options aren’t nearly as successful as the major RV rental platforms and should be approached with caution.

There is also good old-fashioned word of mouth to count on once you start renting your RV in the area. And, believe it or not, this old-school marketing tactic still works great. 

Make Money By Renting Out Your RV with Outdoorsy
Click Here to See How Much Money You Can Make Renting Out Your RV!

What are the Pitfalls of Renting My RV?

It’s true that you can make big money renting out your RV. However, there are a few pitfalls that you’ll want to be aware of in order to successfully avoid or overcome them.

Here are some of the most significant pitfalls associated with renting your RV:

Wrecks and Damages May Occur

As much as no RV owner wants to think about it, wrecks and damages may eventually occur while renting out your rig. If, however, you have the proper RV rental insurance, these situations are merely minor setbacks.

Without the right insurance for your RV, wrecks, and damages that occur while renters are in possession of your rig, these costs will fall directly onto you. That said, it’s simple enough to find and secure RV rental insurance before you ever list your rental.

Also, taking the time to thoroughly vet your potential renters can help to reduce the chance of wrecks and damages occurring to your RV. 

Your Possessions or RV Can Be Stolen

Renting out your RV is all fun and games until your property, including the entire RV, come up missing. 

Yes, it is possible, your RV can indeed be stolen by renters. However, the chance of your personal possessions being lifted by renters is much more realistic than the entire RV being stolen.

Regardless of how small the chances are, they are real and therefore should be considered.

Simply removing your personal items from your RV before letting it out to renters is an easy way to make sure your stuff doesn’t end up stolen. That said, TVs, kitchen appliances, and other items will need to be left onboard the rig if you expect to get the most money from your rental.

Protecting yourself from RV-thieves is also pretty easy to avoid when it comes right down to it. If you take down all the information you can from each set of renters (addresses, places of employment, and personal references at the very least), including copies of their legal identification cards, the risk of theft almost disappears.

Having copies of your renters’ information can also help to ensure that your renters take the best care of your property as possible (no one wants to be sued or shell out extra money).

More Cleaning Is Required

Anyone who owns and operates an RV knows that it needs just as much cleaning as any traditional home or vehicle. While renting out your RV you can expect the amount of cleaning to be drastically higher.

The RV will need cleaning before and after the renters occupy it. And, sometimes, when you get an extra-messy renter (or group of renters), you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and give it a genuine deep cleaning session before it can be rented out again.

Again, taking the time to vet your possible renters, and speaking to them over the phone before signing a rental agreement, may give you a better feel for their personalities. This can help reduce the amount of cleaning that’ll be required in-between rentals.

All in all, you can expect to at the very least spend a bit of time cleaning your RV that you otherwise wouldn’t need to. It’s just the nature of the beast. 

Another way to reduce the amount of necessary cleaning is to add a pre-drop-off cleaning clause requiring your renters to clean up after themselves before returning the RV to you.

In the case that renters are extra messy with your RV, you’ll need to account for at least a couple of extra hours for deep cleaning in addition to the time it takes you to regularly clean the interior and exterior of your rig after it’s been in use.

You Will Need to Replace Things

While renting your RV out things will eventually be worn down to the point of needing replacement. Things will also be broken from time to time, because, well, accidents happen.

When you own and rent an RV, you should be fully prepared for replacing things more often than you would otherwise.

From expensive appliances such as ovens and microwaves to little things like light fixtures and door locks, renters have a funny way of helping wear things down quicker than you may expect.

The more renters that pass through your RV over time, the more items you’ll need to replace. Sheets, towels, cups, silverware, and other small items will need replacing just as well as the more expensive stuff.

Additionally, from time to time, some things may be lost or stolen. Regardless of what happens to them, these items will also need replacing. 

To reduce the wear and tear of your stuff, as well as avoiding theft, it helps to both take photos of your RV (and everything it) before and after renters occupy it and letting them know that you’ve done so (and why). Just knowing that you have legal proof of the condition of literally everything in your RV will help out tremendously in this area.

Likewise, the right RV rental insurance also helps to ease the burden of replacing broken and stolen property.

There Is a Lot to Learn

Soaking up all that there is to learn about the RV rental business may take a bit longer than you expect. But, it’s nothing that a bit of patience can’t overcome. 

The first curve of the overall learning process is normally the understanding of RV rental insurance. We can’t fully express how crucial having proper RV insurance is to those who plan on renting out their rigs.

Theft, wrecks, and many other important aspects of RV rental are covered by RV rental insurance, but only with the correct policy. With that in mind, it’s equally critical that you take your time to learn and understand the differences in RV insurance policies before picking up the quickest and easiest one.

For these reasons, we suggest talking with other RV owners, as well as a number of insurance agents, before selecting the best policy for you and your RV rental business.

In addition, learning the correct price-scales for RV rentals, how many details the best RV rental ads include, and other important aspects to the business such as crafting and signing rental agreements, are also just as important (and challenging).

Another area that may involve a bit of a learning process is finding out what legal status is required to rent an RV in your area. Some cities, counties, and states, may require some sort of licensing or permit to legally rent out your RV.

Renting Your RV Can Cause Stress

Another big pitfall that many RV owners experience is the initial stress that can come with getting into the RV rental business. The keyword here is “initial,” because in most cases the stress-factor is greatly reduced as time goes on and your handle on the business becomes firmer.

Among the most significant RV rental business aspects that may cause stress, in the beginning, are typically the same aspects that require the largest learning curves (as mentioned in the previous section of this article). 

These stress-inducing factors also include more human aspects in addition to the business side of things. Meaning, it’s perfectly normal and should be expected to feel a bit of stress, worry, and even something akin to separation anxiety, the first few times you watch a renter driving away in your beloved RV.

But, thankfully, the money you’ll be holding in your hand (or bank account) from the RV rentals should go a long way in cutting back on the stress and anxiety that may come along with learning the ropes of the business.

Make Money By Renting Out Your RV with Outdoorsy
Click Here to See How Much Money You Can Make Renting Out Your RV!

7 Tips to Maximize Your RV Rental Income

After you’ve successfully rented your RV out a few times, it’s time to start focusing on methods to help maximize your RV rental income. From upgrading the kitchen to stocking the bathroom with extra toiletries, there are several ways to up your RV’s rental value.

Here are just a few of the ways you can increase the amount of income your RV rentals earn:

1. Take the Best Photos Possible

When it comes to making the most out of your RV rental, there’s no way around having the best photos possible. Potential renters seem to be drawn to posts with higher amounts of pictures than other posts. That said, the highest-quality photos also go a long way.

While taking photos of your RV for your post, make sure to photograph every nook, cranny, and angle of your rig. Show your potential customers exactly what they’ll be paying for. 

The least questions they have to ask, the higher the probability that your ad will do all of the selling for you.

2. Make Your RV as Luxurious as Possible

Adding in as many luxurious items as possible with your RV rental is a sure way to charger higher nightly fees than the next guy.

Most of your customers are going to be on vacation, so they’ll enjoy the ability to hang-out in comfort while renting your RV. 

Aside from adding in extra TVs, a stereo system, and crystal wine-glasses, other creative options such as pick-ups, drop-offs, and a free tank of gas, may also go a long way in raising the nightly rental price of your rig.

3. Get Plenty of 5 Star Reviews

Many times, potential customers will skip over RV listings with little reviews. For this reason alone, make sure to ask your customers (as politely as possible) for a review of their experience with you and your RV. 

Having plenty of great reviews will make a massive impact on the frequency at which you receive new rental inquiries. They also help you raise your rental price eventually.

4. Make Your Ad’s Title a Catchy One

Having a great title for your RV rental ad is another easy way to increase your RV rental income. The better your ad title is, the more people that click it. And, the more people that click it (with a bit of luck and a well-thought-out ad), the more rental agreements you’ll be able to make.

When it comes to creating great titles, just browse some RV ads on Outdoorsy and RVshare for some ideas. Whichever titles seem to jump out at you are worthy of re-working into your own.

5. “Wow” Potential Renters With Details

The more details that you include with your RV rental ad, the more money you can make. 

How is that, you might ask? Simple.

The more details listed, the fewer questions potential renters feel the need to ask. While browsing multiple listings, the ads which answer all of their questions and leave them with a clear picture of what they’ll be paying for are more than likely the ones they’ll end up booking (many times before even asking for extra details).

Which details should you include? Every little detail you can think of, from how long the rig is, and how much fuel it takes, to how many it sleeps, what the kitchen is equipped with (appliance wise), and how many extras are available.

6. Offer a Great Price

Deciding on a price for your RV rental can be quite the challenge. But, keep in mind, the better your price is (in regards to the customers’ perspective), the more times you’ll be able to rent the RV each season.

If your price is too high, you’ll earn a nice amount of money each time you rent your rig, but you’ll have a harder time finding renters. Therefore, you’ll be doing worse than if you had decided on a lower price.

Check out other rental prices for similar RVs to yours and stick with what seems to be selling the best.

7. Rent Out Your RV During the Best Times

If you spend a lot of time in your RV, you may be tempted to hang onto it during your favorite seasons and rent it out strictly on your off-seasons. And, while this tactic may well work out for you, it is not suggested if you’re after the most money possible from your RV rental business.

The best times of the year to rent out your RV to paying customers are hands down the summer and springtime. Autumn trails as the next best time, followed by winter. Believe it or not, there can be plenty of interest in renting during even the coldest months of the year. 

That said, the best times of the year to rent your RV boil down to both regional factors and your personal RVing schedule.

Outdoorsy Rental Owner Questions

How to Get Started Renting Your RV in Los Angeles

Getting started with renting your RV in Los Angeles is a pretty simple feat. But, you need to be self-educated and sure of what you’re doing before getting the ball rolling.

When you’re ready, head on out to your RV, jot down all of your details, take as many great photos as possible, and get your rig listed on the RV rental platform of your choice.

Keep in mind our suggestions and refer back to this article as often as needed. If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to help any way that we can!

Now that you know how to Make BIG Money Renting Out Your RV in Los Angeles – good luck with renting out your RV!

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