7 Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms

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Some amenities are just not worth skimping on. When it comes to pop up campers, bathrooms often take priority, and for good reason. This feature keeps you from having to stray in the woods at night or while it’s raining. It also makes camping trailers feel a little more like home, and that’s worth aiming for.

If you’re after a camper with a bathroom, you’re not alone. There’s no shortage of models sporting toilets, indoor or outdoor showers, and the works. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the best of the bathroom best—that’s 10 quality pop up campers with a bathroom. By the time you’ve reached your next camping trip, you’ll be proud to own a tent camper as cozy as home base.

What Kind of Bathrooms Are In Pop Up Campers?

As if the decision on which trailer to buy wasn’t enough, you have to decide what kind of bathroom you’re after, too. There are two different kinds of toilets to look out for, as well as multiple powder room configurations. Your idea of which one is best depends on the preferences of you and your family.

Wet Bath – In pop-up camper terms, a wet bathroom means that the toilet seat exists within the shower stall. This allows campers to have full bathrooms without the added space. Just be aware that your toiletries may get damp, so store wisely!

Dry Bath – In contrast to the wet bath, a dry bathroom features a toilet that’s separate from the shower. This style is more reminiscent of a residential bathroom. However, it does take up more space, which is something to be mindful of.

Fully Enclosed Bath – Some pop-up campers make use of actual walls to surround the bathroom space. This gives some pleasant privacy when you want it most.

Curtained Bath – Oftentimes, trailers with bathrooms separate the space with just a curtain. It gives a bit of privacy and keeps the water from splashing outside of the space. You are camping, after all, so it’s still a good gig.

Porta Potty – Just because a camper doesn’t come with a bathroom doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Many floor plans allow for a porta potty, too. When camping, this can be a real luxury (don’t knock it ’til you try it)!

Outdoor Shower – Some campers come with just a toilet inside. These may also feature an outdoor shower that you can use to rinse off when you need it. Even if an outdoor shower doesn’t come with your camper, you can always add one.

Best Pop Up Campers with Bathrooms

1. Forest River Rockwood High Wall Series

This camper is not quite an RV, though it sure feels like it from the inside. The Rockwood High Wall Series pop up camper features a bed on both ends as well as a couch space. This means up to six people can sleep comfortably—and with a wet bathroom with hard shower walls and a residential toilet, they can shower comfortably, too.

There are a 20-gallon freshwater tank and a 6-gallon water heater tank fueled by propane. This is a great lightweight pop up camper designed for families. There is plenty of counter space, upgraded appliances and pull up curtains for privacy as well as open views.

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2. Coachmen Clipper Classic

Another refined pop up makes its way to the list. The Coachmen Clipper is impressively spacious, with a small wet bath right inside. The toilet and shower combo is tucked away near the entrance, with a curtain for added privacy.

At 23 gallons of capacity, the fresh water tank on this trailer is pretty generous. There’s also a six gallon water heater, fueled by propane. Whether you’re cooking dinner or taking a shower after a long day of hiking, you’ll enjoy these perks.

One of the coolest features of the Clipper is its sliding storage space. It’s located on the outside, and you can use it to stow any recreational gear you may bring on your adventures. There’s also plenty of storage inside, whether under seating or within the insulated bunks. The Clipper makes camping trips far more organized, with little effort on your part!

3. Jayco Jay Sport

Jayco Jay Sport Pop Up Camper
Jayco Jay Sport Pop Up Camper Int

The Jayco Jay Sport may just be the quintessential pop-up. At 18.5′ long when closed and 2,270 pounds when dry, it’s perfect for families aiming for comfort and class. While it doesn’t come standard with an interior toilet space, its floor plans allow for an optional shower bath. All you have to do is pop one accessory into the existing compartment, and you’re good to go.

There is also an outdoor shower for rinsing off dirt and sand during your adventures. When paired with dual pop outs, a sink, stove, and cabinet space, it becomes a true home away from home.

This camper includes a 28.2 gallon freshwater holding tank and a 6-gallon water heater tank. A propane-fueled water heater pump is a part of the picture as well. These features turn a retro-stylish camper into a utility-friendly trailer with ease.


4. A-Liner Family Scout

A-Liner Family Scout Camper-1

The A-Liner Family Scout comes standard with a shower and toilet. It weighs in at about a ton and measures 18’ in length. It can sleep 4 with one be that can sleep 2 and two single beds too! All in all, it’s perfect for a small family seeking something easy to lug around.

As for the bathroom, the A-Frame comes with a wet bath right inside. This feature accompanies not one, not two, but three beds. For a group of four, it’s really the perfect size. A dinette, sink, and seating also make their way indoors. On the exterior, a kitchenette slides out, inclusive of a fridge and propane-powered stove.

LED lighting and fiberglass construction keeps things modern. A wall mounted A/C unit and Parks package which includes an inside sink with city water hook up are optional.

5. Forest River Flagstaff

Forest River is a big name in the RV world, but that’s not the only thing it’s good at. This brand does pop up campers well, too. The Flagstaff is a fantastic example, what with its very own shower and toilet.

The bathroom is only a portion of this trailer’s amenities. A stovetop, fridge, and outdoor grill set the stage for any barbeque. Meanwhile, a gas heater keeps you cozy in the colder months. The fact that you don’t have to leave the warmth to go to the bathroom is just another plus.

Getting off the grid is a good feeling, but sometimes having access to technology is just enjoyable. A new Flagstaff comes with a WiFi range extender, plenty of outlets, Bluetooth speakers, and even a security system! While this model leans on the heavier, its features sure make up for it.

6. A-Liner Somerset Utah

If a shower is not a necessity for you, this camper is a great option. The Somerset Utah is equipped with not one but two king size beds, as well as an additional slide-out bed. So too does it come with a curtain-covered toilet right inside. Cover the toilet with a countertop when you’re not using it to keep things classy.

While the basic version doesn’t come with a shower, it is an option that you can add. That just goes to prove how versatile this pop-up trailer really is.

The Utah features a spacious storage trunk on the outside. Within, a kitchen and dinette make your tent space feel like a real living area. The fact that this trailer has a bathroom only adds to its quality.

7. Opus Off-Road Air Pop-Up Camper

The Off-Road Air is a beast of a pop up camper. It weighs in at 2870 pounds and features a beefed-up suspension and tires to handle any off-road terrain. It features a slide out kitchen, 40-gallon fresh water tank, built in shower, and sleeps up to 6 people.

It also features an optional air tent that inflates in just 90 seconds and completely covers the pop up. These Australian made pop ups are made to handle “The Outback” off-roading and provide super high quality performance.

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Ready to Buy Go Pop Up Camping with a Bathroom?

Your camping experience is yours and yours alone. If you want a potty to add to the mix, or a shower to rinse off the day, good for you! With plenty of bathroom-stocked pop-up campers at your beck and call, the trailer industry has got you covered.

Our list of the 7 best tent trailers with bathrooms proves how diverse the camping world is. It’s no matter whether you’re a family hoping for a carefree holiday or an adventurer who deserves comfort now and again. Just find what suits you, get to the outdoors, and appreciate what you have all the while.

What is your favorite pop up camper with a bathroom? Please share in the comments below.

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