Best Companies to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van

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Why rent a Sprinter Camper van? Owning camper vans is exploding in popularity, and the growth of the “van dweller” lifestyle is trending daily, regardless of the various social media platforms. But why rent one, and what are the best places to rent a Sprinter camper van?

For the most part, peer-to-peer RV rentals are the way to go. It works just like an Airbnb, except you’ll be mobile instead of stationary. Outdoorsy, RVshare, and RV-Ezy, are three of the giants of the industry, with a ton of sprinter van rentals on their sites.

But don’t forget the smaller RV rental sites like Escape Campervans, which may also offer incredible deals.

These well-built vans come in various camper interior designs and rental prices. You’ll enjoy going over every detail of the camping opportunities they offer as much as enjoying the driving experience.

The variety of floor plan designs is also a bonus. You’ll be surprised what’s inside these Sprinter Class B Motorhomes and how many people can fit comfortably.

What is a Sprinter Camper Van?

What is a Sprinter Camper Van

A Mercedez-Benz Sprinter Camper Van is a Class B Motorhome. You’ll find many of the same features seen in bigger drivable RVs that fit comfortably within this full-size van and other models.

There are thousands of camper vans out there, from DIY conversions, third-party van conversion companies, and RV manufacturer direct builds. But the Sprinter Vans are distinct.

When it comes to purchasing one, some can command a premium price tag, and for a good reason. The argument is often made that you’re paying for the brand. That’s true to a certain degree. However, Mercedez-Benz didn’t wake up one day and decided to be Hyundai and masquerade as a Rolls Royce.

The Mercedez-Benz brand has always manufactured premium products and a Sprinter Camper is well-made. Sprinter vans aren’t to be confused with other camper vans or Class C motorhomes. 

How Much Do Sprinter Camper Vans Cost?

How Much Do Sprinter Camper Vans Cost

If you want to buy one, Sprinter Camper Vans costs begin at $120,000 +. By “plus,” we mean “PLUS.” Adding enough luxuries and advanced features to push into $250k territory is easy. You can piecemeal it, of course, in a DIY project over time. 

If you want to do it that way, the base price for a barebones Sprinter Van is between $40,000 and $45,000. Sounds more palatable, doesn’t it? From there, start the conversion process one step at a time.

Your Sprinter camper van’s total price could cost significantly less using a less luxurious camper design and compromising on some features. But you won’t have to dump $175,000 on the project.

Then there are the more palatable options, such as the Caravan Outfitter starting at $38,000, the Glampervan Promaster beginning at around $60,000, or even the Winnebago Solis at $101,000. When you compare price points, it’s easy to see that price really sets most Sprinter Camper Vans apart. 

DIY and customized conversions can get even more expensive, though they tend to fall within the same window. A lot depends on the state of the van you purchase before the RV building process begins.

Buying a used Sprinter Cargo or Passenger Van and converting it (whether by yourself or through a professional service) is considered two of the cheapest ways to own a Sprinter Camper van.

5 Reasons You’d Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van

Reasons You’d Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van

There’s a lot to love about a good Sprinter Camper Van. Everything is within arms reach and layered in comfort and technology geared towards convenience and relaxation. While bigger motorhome classes are more spacious, there’s something elegant about the performance and convenience of the camper van. 

Here are some great reasons to rent a Sprinter Camper Van!

1. Try Before You Buy

Most people don’t just buy cars without taking them out for a test drive. Why should a Sprinter Camper Van be any different? You don’t have to rent the thing for a month to get the feel for it and decide whether or not it’s you. 

Rent a Sprinter Camper Van out from a peer-to-peer RV rental company for a few days. A weekend or even a week-long rental won’t shatter your checking account. You can consider it a deposit or a downpayment on the real deal later on. 

2. Have a Non-Commital Getaway

If you and your significant other are the outdoors type, a romantic adventure in a Sprinter Van is a great idea. The best part is you don’t have to commit to buying one, followed by the maintenance and upkeep of holding on to it or storing the van. 

A simple trip out and back, and you’re all done. It’s like taking a cruise but far more quiet and laid back. Like the “try before you buy,” there’s nothing saying you have to buy the thing. Enjoy it, experience it, and bring it back when you’re done—preferably how you found it. 

3. It’s Easier To Drive Than a Class A or C Motorhome

Reasons You’d Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van Easier To Drive Than a Class A or C Motorhome

If you’ve ever driven a van before, it’s not much different, and it’s much easier than navigating heavy traffic in a Class A Motorhome. Class Cs are like camper vans with a wider back end and usually a loft above the windshield, making them more difficult to drive as well. 

A Sprinter Class B Motorhomes are as easy as sliding off the couch and into the driver’s seat. Not to mention the cluster of advanced driving and convenience features they come with, making your life a whole lot easier. 

4. Reliable Brand

We glossed over this earlier, but a Mercedez-Benz chassis stands for quality. In fact, this chassis is used on a wide variety of camper vans, and they don’t use it because it’s cheap. The Mercedez Sprinter is consistently a top-five chassis on the market, along with the Ram ProMaster and Ford Transit. 

The Mercedez-Benz van traces back to the 1890s, so no one can say that they lack experience in this business. Over a century of manufacturing and the 1990s inception of the Sprinter van say otherwise.

RVBlogger Note About The Recent Recall: While unfortunate, the 2023 recall on the Sprinter’s parking brake was mostly a software issue that Mercedez took responsibility for and repaired efficiently. In today’s automotive and RV industries, recalls happen for many reasons. The “measuring tape” we all should use is how manufacturers deal with the situation.

5. Park it Virtually Anywhere

Sprinter Camper vans are basically cargo vans or large passenger vans with a camper interior. They’re just as easy to drive and park. You would probably have more trouble parking a 350/3500 Series pickup truck than a Sprinter Camper Van.

5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van

Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to everything. If you’re considering renting a Sprinter Camper Van, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons, mostly because there are always cons, and it’s a good idea to be in the know. 

1. Uncomfortable Driving a Vehicle Larger Than a Car

A camper van isn’t for everyone. If the biggest car you’ve ever driven is a Prius, a Sprinter Camper Van will be a challenge. They’re much bulkier than compact or mid-size cars. Also, you must use your mirrors and rely on your accident avoidance technology more often than you would in a car. 

2. Tight Sleeping Quarters

If it’s just you or your with a significant other, there’s enough room to sleep comfortably. But not all of them have a rear king (only the rear fold-down bench models), drop-down queen, or dual twin beds.

Extra sleeping space for kids or friends can be more complicated. Bunk spaces come in a pop-top ceiling, seating behind the driver, or a mattress across the driver and passenger seat. Taller friends may be unable to stretch out for the night since some of these spaces are better suited for children.

It takes some getting used to sleeping in a camper van, and it’s understandable if tight sleeping quarters aren’t your thing. 

3. Not Great for Large Groups

Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Rent a Sprinter Camper Van Not Great for Large Groups

There’s very little walking and moving space inside any camper van. If you’re looking to rent a Sprinter Camper Van for a group of five, you’re better off finding something more suitable for your group

4. Camper Van Bathroom Sizes Can Be Small

Camper Van Bathroom Sizes Can Be Small

Sprinter Campers aren’t known for their large, spacious bathrooms, even if you share with only one person. If you and your friend hit up the “quarter oysters, dollar drafts” at a local seafood spot and the oysters are, uh—let’s say, “ripe,”—it’s going to be mortal combat over that tiny bathroom. 

5. It Can Be Pricey

There’s little doubt that renting a Sprinter Camper Van is far cheaper than purchasing one. There are excellent RV rental companies out there that give you some price-checking and leverage power. 

The 3 Different Sprinter Camper Van Types

Different Sprinter Camper Van Types

You’ll find 3 different Sprinter Camper Van types when you look through the various RV rental websites. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. This is also true for the various other Class B Motorhome versions as well.

You’ll find that those that come finished from an RV manufacturer are feature-rich, while van conversion and DIY Camper Vans have “out-of-the-box” creative layouts and amenities not seen from the factory-made choices.

1. RV Manufacturer Class B Motorhome

Different Sprinter Camper Van Types RV Manufacturer Class B Motorhome

A Sprinter Camper Van that was shipped as a bare van but finished by an RV manufacturer will have the most popular floor plans with the latest technology and features inside.

The RV manufacturers mostly use the 2500 version, but some use the narrower 1500. Expect to find a lounge with a movable table, a wet bath, a kitchen sink, an oven, and even a dinette in some.

A hot water heater, furnace, refrigerator/freezer, awning, and plenty of storage are all common features you’ll find on an RV manufacturer’s Sprinter Class B Motorhome. Of course, every brand has its own standard and optional features. It all depends on what the RV owner chose when they bought the van.

2. Van Conversion Company Camper Vans

Different Sprinter Camper Van Types Van Conversion Company Camper Vans

This is about as involved in the process as you can be without embracing the full DIY mentality. The only difference is you’ll work with a professional builder and have a lot of input throughout the build process. 

There are a lot of van conversion companies out there, and some of the things they offer in their builds are pretty incredible. With a custom build, you can decide on the smallest details, such as trim, floor plan, the extent of the battery power you want, and all the additional features you can pack into it. 

For those that lack the expertise, this is a fantastic option. However, it can be incredibly time-consuming. Many of these builds can take months. Many of these custom design camper van builders are true craftspeople and have inspired the RV manufacturer designs.

3. DIY Sprinter Camper Van

Different Sprinter Camper Van Types DIY Sprinter Camper Van

DIY Sprinters are the most involved, for obvious reasons. But it might not be as extensive as you think, depending on how far you want to go. For instance, if you have excellent carpentry skills, you can do much of the interior independently. 

If not, there is an endless array of kits out there. The best part about a DIY job is you can do whatever you want, design it in any way or style that suits you, or keep things entirely simple. 

The DIY Sprinter Van is the quintessentially personal conversion. It won’t look like anyone else’s and will be entirely unique to you and yours. The best part is you can buy a used Sprinter Cargo Van and start from scratch at a smaller start-up cost. 

FAQs About Renting a Sprinter Camper Van

About Renting a Sprinter Camper Van

1. How much will it cost to rent a Sprinter Camper Van?

On average, you can expect around $100 to $400 per day, but it can be a lot higher or lower. It depends on what RV rental company you go through, the price the owner sets, the size, the length of time you want to rent, and what kind of accommodations you want with the rental. 

2. How do you find a good Sprinter Van to rent?

For the most part, peer-to-peer RV rentals are the way to go. It works just like an Airbnb, except you’ll be mobile instead of stationary. Outdoorsy, RVshare, and RV-Ezy, are three of the giants of the industry, with a ton of offerings on their sites.

But don’t forget the smaller RV rental sites like Escape Campervans, which may also offer incredible deals. Many of these sites also offer to drop off and pick up, so you never have to drive anywhere to get your rented RV. 

3. Do Sprinter Camper Vans Have Bathrooms?

FAQs About Renting a Sprinter Camper Van Do Sprinter Camper Vans Have Bathrooms

Many Sprinter Camper Van models do have bathrooms, and some don’t. Generally, camper vans with bathrooms mostly have all-in-one wet baths.

Top-end luxury Sprinter Class B RVs do find a way to separate the shower from the sink and toilet, making it a dry bathroom. As we mentioned, luxury features mean luxury prices.

Here’s How You Can Get $100 Off a Sprinter Van Today

Finding a good Sprinter Van rental isn’t difficult. Outdoorsy, RV-Ezy, and RVshare all offer Sprinter Camper Vans. Escape Campervans doesn’t offer Sprinter Van rentals, but you could still rent a really cool van there.

Using peer-to-peer RV rental services is a highly popular option, just like Airbnb, mostly because of its simplicity. It also helps that both the owners and renters are incentivized to keep the Sprinter RV in tip-top shape. 

Renting a Sprinter Camper Van is an exciting moment, whether you’re heading off alone for your own adventure, looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, or just spending time with your friends. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most cost-effective options available to enjoy the RV experience. 

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