Best RV Backup Power Source: CarGenerator

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Experience no-limits camping by bringing power to unserviced campsites and your favorite boondocking locations. Not only an RV backup power source, it does triple duty as an RV solar backup and emergency power for your home!

With both boondocking and solar systems gaining popularity in the RVing space, there couldn’t be a better time for an alternate power source option. No longer do you have to pass up on non-serviced sites (which are often the best ones) or worry about your solar reserve.

For years, boondockers have been utilizing both solar and generators to power their trips to remote locations and to sustain themselves without the need for the power grid. This sustainable way of living and traveling has caught the eye of many people and the movement continues to grow.

While solar is a much-preferred source of power for RVers over loud gas generators, it does have limitations. One innovative company with a love for RVing has solved multiple problems with its unique product. CarGenerator is the perfect addition to RVers using solar and/or who want to eliminate their cumbersome gas generator.

CarGenerator has taken the concept of a gas generator and eliminated the noise, smell, short runtime, continuous maintenance, cumbersome storage, and transport, leaving you with the perfect source of RV backup power.

What is CarGenerator?

The idea behind CarGenerator is that you already own the main components of a very efficient generator. A traditional gas generator consists of a very basic engine with limited noise and pollution controls. Add a small gas tank and an inverter, and you have a generator.

Looking at today’s modern vehicles, you have ultra-efficient engines with tons of technology regulating noise and emissions, large gas tanks, and fuel-saving monitors. All that’s missing is the inverter… enter CarGenerator. The link between your vehicle and safe, efficient, reliable backup power for your RV and home.

High-quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter

An inverter is the missing component from your vehicle that generators require. This is where CarGenerator completes the conversion of your vehicle into the perfect backup power source.

But what about just buying an inverter? Your everyday box store inverter isn’t the answer for multiple reasons. Linking your vehicle and RV or residential electrical systems requires quality, tested components. Your home and RV (as well as your vehicle) have vulnerable electrical components that will form this link and so it must be done safely.

Using untested or DIY setups comes with the risk of potential damage and injury. Since this is exactly what CarGenerator was designed and built to do, all the components are purpose specific. This starts with a high-quality, industrial pure sine wave inverter that has been proven safe and robust.

The transfer of power from your vehicle to your RV (or home) takes monitoring and control of that power. You don’t want to drain or put unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s charging system and battery. You also don’t want to deliver power through an inverter that is not a sine wave inverter. The pure sine wave inverter used in CarGenerator delivers safe, usable power for the most sensitive electronics.

CarGenerator’s industrial pure sine wave inverter is of the highest quality. It’s also tested for this exact application – taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Moral of the story: Don’t risk your RV’s electrical system with an unproven backup power source.

Patented Fully Weatherproof Case

Emergency power and even backup solar power, are most often needed during foul weather, often involving rain or snow. Water and electricity don’t mix. This is another issue with DIY versions of this product.

A store-bought inverter exposed to the elements is both unsafe and will inevitably fail at some point. One of the main components of CarGenerator, and the real game changer, is the custom-engineered weatherproof case designed for use in wet weather.

The molded case protects the inverter from both light impact and exposure to the elements. An adjusting strap and rubberized backing allow you to safely hang the unit on the front of your pride and joy without worry.

Adding even more features to this one-of-a-kind weatherproof case, CarGenerator added an easy-to-read power meter. Included are instructions so you know exactly how much power you can get from your vehicle safely and without damaging it.

The robust exterior surrounds a well-ventilated shell for the safe use and longevity of the inverter. Quick easy connections, even with gloves on, are no problem thanks to the innovative design.

Finally, an integrated handle allows for easy carrying. At only 11 pounds, the CarGenerator All Weather is the world’s lightest generator easily single-handed by one person.

Oxygen-Free Pure Copper High-heat Battery Cables

Securing the link between your towing vehicle and your RV is a critical operation. Custom-manufactured booster-style cables made of oxygen-free pure copper are CarGenerator’s answer.

Far superior to cheap auto parts store cables, CarGenerator’s super heavy-duty cables are made to handle the power. These cables are made of a special heatproof material that can withstand the intense heat of your engine.

Having a secure connection to the battery of your vehicle ensures a seamless transfer of power. As with the weatherproof case, the cables are designed for use in wet weather, unlike cheaper cables that will rust over time.

Backup Power Ready When You Need It

When the power goes out you want your backup source ASAP. A common generator scenario might look like this: get a friend to help move your gas generator into place, go get fuel (if the gas station has power), or risk using old stored fuel, fight with the generator to get it started, and then listen to it run loudly and monitor it through the night for fuel top-ups. Whew. What a rough night.

CarGenerator is ready to go at the first sign of needing power. Start your vehicle, connect CarGenerator and that’s it – you have power! In most cases, a modern vehicle can idle for 50-70 hours quietly at your campsite. This means no fuel top-ups throughout the night or in bad weather.

Backup Power Ready When You Need It
Backup power is as easy as 1-2-3

Due to its small size and lightweight, CarGenerator can be kept in your vehicle or RV so it’s ready to go. No maintenance is required and there is no question whether it will work when needed.

Gas generators, on the other hand, require continued maintenance and are notoriously problematic and difficult to start after sitting unused.

Where your gas generator goes, so do jerry cans of fuel. Transporting these containers is smelly, messy, and can be dangerous. Utilizing your vehicle’s fuel tank to power CarGenerator means no fuel cans and a large supply of fuel to get you through the power outage.

Utilizing your vehicle’s engine has many benefits over relying on a gas generator. Your daily driver is regularly maintained and reliable, unlike most generators. CarGenerator itself requires no maintenance and no repairs resulting in no after-purchase costs!

What Can Be Powered By CarGenerator?

CarGenerator has been providing homes with emergency backup power for years. Furnaces, sump pumps, refrigerators, and all the essential things you need to comfortably get through an outage are easily powered.

The most popular CarGenerator model supplies 1000 continuous watts and 2000 surge watts. Is this enough? When you look at some common items you would require in temporary, emergency situations this is definitely enough power.

Emergency power needs in most residential applications would look like the following:

  • A typical furnace draws 300-400 watts.
  • Your sump pumps draw is 800 watts intermittently.
  • Chargers draw about 45 watts.
  • LED lights use about 25 watts.

You can see that 1000 continuous watts are more than enough to power what you would need in your home in an emergency situation. So, when it comes to powering your RV, CarGenerator is definitely up to the task.

Use CarGenerator to Power Your RV

The flagship model, All Weather 1000/2000 watt, is perfect for RV solar backup and power while off the grid. When plugged into your CarGenerator, you’ll have all the power you need to run your RV just like when you’re connected to shore power.

Besides the necessities in your RV, run fun things like blenders, beer coolers, fridges, and party lights. You can be miles away from the electricity and still keep the party going.

For RVers who require air conditioning regularly, or who need to run washer and dryer setups, your traditional gas generator will be better suited for these needs. CarGenerator’s purpose is to provide a backup for solar or off-grid alternative power sources for RVers as well as emergency backup power.

Is Your Vehicle Better For Backup Power Than A Traditional Gas Generator?

At one time, gas generators were the only solution to backup power. CarGenerator has changed that in a big way! You no longer need to store and transport these heavy, smelly, unreliable gas generators. CarGenerator provides all the benefits without any of the inconvenience.

Lightweight and Convenient

Starting at just 9 pounds, CarGenerator is without a doubt the world’s lightest generator. All of the heavy components of a generator, the engine, and the fuel tank are eliminated by utilizing your vehicle.

There is never any need to tweak your back or find a friend before moving CarGenerator. When you need backup power, it will be hanging in your garage or stored in your vehicle ready to go! Start your car, connect CarGenerator, plug in your power needs and you’re done.

Longer Runtime

Size limitations on gas generators result in small fuel tanks. This means refueling every 4-6 hours or less in some situations. Considering we most often need backup power during bad weather, this means refueling in the rain, snow, and throughout the night.

Compare this to modern vehicles which will idle for 50-70 hours in most cases, and the need for refueling is totally eliminated in most situations. You can stay comfortable inside and sleep through the night without worry.

Environmentally Superior

Gas generators are notoriously loud and smelly. This comes as no surprise as they have almost no emissions control or filters.

Your vehicle, on the other hand, has been engineered with pollution controls and engine management to ensure it runs efficiently. Add to this the required government emissions testing in many areas and you have the cleanest generator engine out there.

Less Gas

It may seem unlikely to many that the gas burned by a small generator and a vehicle would be comparable. When you consider that the fuel burned by your vehicle to power CarGenerator is at an idle and not your typical highway and city MPG, the stats are surprising.

Vehicles at idle, even larger SUVs and trucks burn minimal fuel. The small draw from CarGenerator has little effect on your vehicle’s need for extra fuel. In the case of smaller vehicle engines, the results are actually in favor of CarGenerator.

  • Honda 1000-watt generator: .19 gal/hr
  • Compact sedan 2-liter engine: .16 gal/hr

Since CarGenerator is compatible with all vehicles, multi-car households can choose to use their most fuel-efficient vehicle for backup power during outages.

Ultra-Reliable & Hassle Free

The idea of backup emergency power is, of course, emergency power when you need it. So the notorious unreliability of gas generators that sit unused for months is almost ironic. Old fuel, dirty filters, fouled spark plugs, broken pull cords, and the list goes on.

With CarGenerator, if your vehicle starts, you have hours of backup power. Our vehicles are designed to run daily and are maintained regularly making them ultra-reliable. When you need power there is no moving a heavy generator, fueling, or fighting to get it started, just start your car!

Electric / Hybrid Cars

It makes sense that people looking at the efficiency and environmentally friendly alternative power source that CarGenerator is may already be using more green vehicles.

Electric and hybrid vehicle numbers are quickly growing around the world and CarGenerator is the perfect match with these green vehicles. Imagine combining CarGenerator with an electric vehicle and producing power using zero gasoline! On top of that, you could be using this combination as an RV solar backup!

Regardless of how they are powered, CarGenerator works with all vehicles. Drawing power from the vehicle’s battery means electric and hybrid vehicles have no special requirements to be compatible with CarGenerator.

Easy On Your Vehicle, Powerful For Your Home And RV

Gas generator owners have all experienced the continued maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs that come with running a generator. So, will these issues carry over to your vehicle when it becomes your new generator?

No, in fact, these issues all disappear when using CarGenerator. Designed to run as efficiently as possible, today’s vehicles have thousands of dollars of sensors and monitors to ensure they do so. Combine this with the strict emissions controls regulated by the government and vehicle engines are not only more reliable but also a much greener option.

Easy On Your Vehicle, Powerful For Your Home And RV
When you need it, CarGenerator is ready

Worrying about whether your vehicle will start every day isn’t even a thought for most people. Vehicles run for thousands of hours trouble-free with just your regular oil changes. Spark plugs last for years, gas is continuously replaced with new gas, and the vehicle’s systems keep it running in an optimal state.

Vehicles idle around the world every day for hours in traffic with accessories running without issue. This is simply because this is what they were designed to do. In the case of CarGenerator, it draws no more power from your vehicle than running accessories like heaters and windshield wipers. It is a safe, efficient way to generate backup power.

Ford Motor Company proved this by installing inverters in their F-series trucks as an option. These built-in generators have been a huge success for Ford. It has proven to have little to no effect on the vehicles and so Ford provides this option on their trucks with their standard full warranty.

This factory option comes at a price of approximately $1000, on top of the price of a new truck of course. CarGenerator offers this same technology but with the versatility of moving it from vehicle to vehicle.

Engineered To Work With Your Vehicle

CarGenerator’s product engineering concept is clear and simple. Instead of using the alternator power to run vehicle loads like lights, cabin fans, heated seats, etc. – it pulls that power and converts it to 110 volts AC to power household needs like home gas/oil furnace (approx. 300-400 watts), fridges or freezers (approx. 200 watts) or sump pump (approx. 800 watts intermittent for 20 seconds)

CarGenerator features a prominent, clear, fully rainproof voltmeter display on the front of our unit so you can monitor the safety and voltage level of your vehicle’s power system. The readout will show that the draw on the system is not an extra draw, but rather drawing for your household items instead of your vehicle’s accessories which are only required while driving.

A Green Solution For Your RV Solar Backup

Solar for RVs is a great way to camp in an environmentally responsible way and to extend your travels outside the power grid.

Solar, as with all things, does have its limitations. Combining solar with CarGenerator can give you ultimate freedom and a greener RV experience. Discussing all of the ins and outs of solar is an article of its own. However, in the most basic sense, solar requires solar panels to absorb the sun’s rays and a way to store the energy.

Storage comes in the form of batteries and the more you have the more energy you can have stored. These batteries, however, are expensive and heavy so many RVers have a smaller reserve capacity. This can be a problem when cloudy or rainy days limit the solar energy you can receive and store.

A Green Solution For Your RV Solar Backup
Connecting CarGenerator to your RV is simple

With a smaller battery bank, you can quickly use your stored solar power without the ability to recharge until sunnier weather breaks through. The same issues can arise with wooded areas that don’t allow for a direct view of the sun for your panels.

In both situations, CarGenerator is the perfect RV backup power source to supplement your solar. Being able to Idle your vehicle for a couple hours on a rainy day or while in a shaded area eliminates the need to have a gas generator backup.

RV Backup Power And Emergency Power For Your Home All In One

A huge benefit of CarGenerator is its versatility. Not only can you move it from vehicle to vehicle but you can use it where ever you need power.

Homeowners who purchase CarGenerator for emergency backup power have the ability to power sump pumps, refrigerators, lights, laptops, and all the essentials to comfortably and safely wait out power outages. When the weather picks up and it’s time to camp, CarGenerator switches into recreational mode. Now you can help power your weekend away in your RV.

The optional home integration kit makes connecting to emergency power even easier. Hardwire essential items you need during an outage like the furnace, sump pump, and refrigerator so they are ready to go!

The reverse is true for RVers investing in CarGenerator. You not only have an RV solar backup and boondocking power but also a source of emergency power for your home. Always ready to go, CarGenerator can supply power where ever needed with any vehicle available.

RV Backup Power And Emergency Power For Your Home All In One
CarGenerator’s home integration kit restores power at the flip of a switch.

Is CarGenerator The RV Backup Power Source You?

Gas generators certainly have a purpose and if you are someone who requires emergency power often or you require large amounts of power, a traditional gas generator fits your needs. As mentioned, CarGenerator isn’t a replacement for large portable gas generators. Its purpose is to power essential household items without the hassle and commitment of a portable gas unit.

For occasional emergency power, CarGenerator is the perfect fit. It provides clean, quiet power with a reliable, efficient engine in your vehicle. Temporary power outages at your home, weekends at the cottage, or while RVing if your vehicle starts you have power.

As an RV solar backup CarGenerator shines. When solar power isn’t an option or when your reserves are depleted, CarGenerator seamlessly fills the gap with an environmentally superior alternative to gas generators. As your source of RV backup power, CarGenerator allows you to camp where you want regardless of available services.

For over seven years satisfied customers have been using CarGenerator to help power their homes and RVs. The positive reviews and feedback have proven CarGenerator is trusted and relied upon by its loyal customers.

A truly unique product that serves an important role in keeping families safe in emergency situations.

Consider the convenience of storage right in your vehicle, combined with the versatility to move from vehicle to vehicle and power your home or RV. Now ask yourself, how much is emergency backup power worth to you?

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  1. What about powering a house heat pump?
    Mine needs 240 volts to start. Much less to keep the fans rolling thereafter.

    Joseph O’Laughlin

  2. Hi great product. Will it work with deisel trucks ?

    • Yes, CarGenerator works with any gas, diesel, hybrid, and pure EV electric vehicle.
      The only thing to be aware of, if you have a newer diesel with a DPF diesel exhaust filter, it takes about 10-12 hours typically to fill up those exhaust filters, so we recommend that probably every 5-8 hours, you disconnect and take your vehicle out for a 15 minute drive on regular streets and it will run the regen cycle to burn out the soot which happens in ordinary driving anyways.

      Diesels are amazing at fuel consumption also… We did a test and shot a video running a diesel SUV, pulling 1500 watts, it uses .95 Liter/hr , about ¼ gallon per hour…! That’s easily 80-100 hours on a tank!

    • Yes CarGenerator works great with diesel trucks. CarGenerator works perfectly with gas, diesel, hybrid and also pure EV vehicles. With newer diesels there is a DPF filter, which fills up after 10-12 hours of idling, so we recommend after 8 hours or so you take your truck out for a 15 minute drive and it will run the system regens as done in usual driving.


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