The Best RV Camping In (and Near) Yellowstone

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RV camping in Yellowstone takes a bit of time and energy to plan, but it is well worth the work. With the summer rush, it can get a bit congested. Particularly in the prime months of July and August, making reservations in Yellowstone is a must.

Founded on March 1, 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the world’s first national park at a whopping 3,471 square miles in size. Cruising across wide-open roads filled with wildlife and endless fields of vegetation is a dream for every RV owner. From breathtaking views to seeing Mother Nature at her finest, there is nothing that can top the experience of visiting this gem.

This article breaks down the information you will need to find RV Camping in and near Yellowstone. And it provides some helpful tips that will get you started.

Which Campgrounds in Yellowstone Accommodate RVs?

RVs are welcome at every campground inside Yellowstone, but there may be size and length restrictions at some. Yellowstone has 12 campgrounds that you can camp in with your RV:

  • Madison
  • Bridge Bay
  • Canyon
  • Grant Village
  • Fishing Bridge
  • Indian Creek
  • Lewis Lake
  • Mammoth
  • Norris
  • Pebble Creek
  • Slough Creek
  • Tower Fall

There are twelve campgrounds within Yellowstone that are run by the National Park Service. Seven of them are on a first-come, first-served basis; however, the other five are reservation-only sites.

During the summer, all of the campgrounds fill quickly so you will need to check for availability as early as possible. The following information lists each campground and its specifics.

Fishing Bridge RV Park only accepts hard-sided RVs and campers. Because this location is frequented by grizzly bears, no tents or pop-up tent or hybrid campers are allowed in this specific campground.

Seasonality of Yellowstone RV Camping

Yellowstone is in an area that receives a lot of snow and winter weather, so the entire park is only open for a few months in summer.

For year-round Yellowstone RV camping, be aware that the only road open year-round in the park is the Northeast Entrance, between the entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs. And sometimes this road is closed due to winter weather, so check before you go!

You can check Yellowstone road closures and current road conditions here.

Reservation-Only RV Campgrounds in Yellowstone

These campgrounds inside the park are more popular than others, as they are in prime locations and give easy access to nearby attractions. Spots fill up very quickly, and reservations are required so book as soon as possible. Reservations for the following year begin on May 1 of the previous year. For example, if you are looking to vacation inside the park in the Summer of 2021, mark May 1, 2020, on the calendar to book a site.

Keep in mind that each campground has opening and closing days, as well as costs. These dates and prices vary each year, so be sure to visit Yellowstone National Park’s website for exact details.

1. Madison Campground

Madison Campground Yellowstone

If you’re an avid fisherman, this campsite is an exceptional choice for you. Running along the Madison River, aqua life is plentiful. Its location lies in a partly forested, mountainous scene at an elevation of 6,800 feet. Surrounded by beautiful landmarks, such as Old Faithful and the Upper, Midway, and Lower Geyser Basins, this area is worth exploring and is sure to appease any crowd.

With 277 regular sites and 3 group spots, each is spacious and contains a picnic table and fire grate. RVs up to 40 feet long are tolerable, but those exceeding the length must make special arrangements prior to booking a site.

Electricity, water, and sewage hookups are not available; however, there is a nearby dumping station. Stay wary of the earlier and later months, as these areas will close during colder weather.

Madison Campground has flush toilets and cold-water operating faucets in each of their 14 restrooms. Dishwashing stations are in most facilities. There are no pay showers in the vicinity, but they can be found 16 miles away at the Old Faithful Inn or 14 miles away at West Yellowstone.

2. Bridge Bay Campground

Bridge Bay Campground Yellowstone

Bridge Bay Campground lies at an elevation of 7,800 feet with its tranquil, picturesque landscape. Interspersed with woods, meadows, and lake views, Bridge Bay gives you a taste of almost everything Yellowstone has to offer. The fishing and boating scene is most popular here, as campers make use of the nearby Bridge Bay Marina on Yellowstone Lake.

This campground offers 432 regular sites and 4 group sites, each with a picnic table and fire grate. RV sites are available, as long as their total length is 40 feet or less. Units exceeding this size are permitted if spots are available.

There are no hookups, but dumping stations are available in the Bridge Bay Campground. Cold weather may influence their accessibility.

The area also has 16 public restrooms with flush toilets and fresh water faucets. Dishwashing stations are in these sections. Services for shower and laundry are accessible 3 miles away at Fishing Bridge RV Park.

3. Canyon Campground

Canyon Campground Yellowstone

Canyon Campground is popular for RV camping in Yellowstone, as it is centrally located and lies within a mile of Yellowstone’s breathtaking Grand Canyon. Sites are finely nestled in a wooded area, making it a comfortable place to stay.

Consisting of 272 sites, areas of shade and sun are both possible. Individual campsites come with a picnic table, fire grate, and nearby water access.

Canyon Campground accepts RVs up to 40 feet, although acceptance of bigger units is possible with an early reservation. This site does not offer utility hookups. Dumping stations are on the grounds; however, freezing temperatures may result in their closure.

The campground has flush toilets and running faucets in each of its 15 public restrooms. Dishwashing stations are also attached to these buildings. Furthermore, you can pay for showers and laundry at the Canyon Campground Camper Services facility.

4. Grant Village Campground

Grant Village Campground Yellowstone

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Grant Village Campground is the place for you. With easy access to services and facilities, it is considered an ideal location. Located in the southwest area of Yellowstone Lake, it sits in a pine forest at an elevation of 7,800 feet. This section also delivers convenient access to the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

RVers from thousands of miles away come to enjoy the campground’s 425 general sites and 8 group campsites. All areas lodge units up to 40 feet and include a picnic table, fire grate, and water access. Spots for RVs greater than 40 feet are limited and must be reserved well in advance.

There are no utility hookups, although there is a dump station on site. Beware of cold temperatures, as these emptying posts may shut down during cold weather periods.

Grant Village Campground has 17 public restrooms with flush toilets, cold-water faucets, and dishwashing stations. Pay showers and laundry rooms are in the Camper Services lodge.

5. Fishing Bridge RV Park

Fishing Bridge RV Park Yellowstone

The Fishing Bridge RV Park is positioned near the basin of the Yellowstone River as it leads out of Yellowstone Lake. The park’s name originated from a wooden automobile bridge where visitors would fish for Cutthroat trout. Now, laws strictly prohibit fishing from the bridge, but guests still take advantage of nature’s beauty that surrounds its historic grounds.

This campground is the only one inside yellowstone national park that has full electricity, water, and sewer hookups. All 344 sites accommodate RVs up to 40 feet. Note that vehicles exceeding this length are restricted.

Yellowstone’s First-Come, First-Serve Campgrounds

First-come, first-served sites are available for RV camping in Yellowstone. These sites do not take reservations and may be full upon arrival. So, get there early in the morning if you want to reserve a site. Nightly rates and in-season dates change each year. For the newest information, visit the Yellowstone National Park website.

1. Indian Creek Campground

Indian Creek Campground Yellowstone

At an elevation of 7,300 feet, Indian Creek Campground lies near the Gallatin Mountain base. Only eight miles south of Mammoth Hot Springs, it is a convenient location. This site is unique for its remote location, as it is much quieter than most. Visitors also enjoy the incredible views of Electric Peak from this area.

The campground contains 70 sites with ten sites at 35 feet and 35 sites at 30 feet. Both RVs and trailers are allowed if they’re under 34 feet. Note that some of the campsites may not be level.

There are no showers, although vault toilets are available. The site does not include utility hookups or a dump station. The use of a generator is also not allowed.

2. Lewis Lake Campground

Lewis Lake Campground Yellowstone

Lewis Lake Campground sits at an elevation of 7,800 feet and rests approximately 8 miles from the South Entrance of Yellowstone. It is also within a walking radius from the southeast side of Lewis Lake, making it an exceptional location for RV camping in Yellowstone.

With 85 sites on the grounds, RVs and trailers are permitted, but their length may not exceed 25 feet.

There are no showers, but vault toilets are seasonally accessible. Electricity, water, and sewage hookups, as well as dump stations, are not available at this campground. Generators are not permitted either.

3. Mammoth Campground

Mammoth Campground Yellowstone

Mammoth Campground is the only Yellowstone campground that is open year-round. This site, at an elevation of 6,200 feet, is surrounded by various types of trees and wildlife. It is five miles south of the North Entrance near Gardiner, Montana. Those looking to fish, hike, and visit the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces are best suited here.

Recreational vehicles are welcome with 85 pull-through and back-in spots available. Accommodations for units surpassing 40 feet are seldom available, as spaces are limited. Between November and April, only vehicles less than 30 feet are allowed.

This campground has flush toilets and coin showers year-round. Utility hookups and dump stations are not accessible. Generators up to 60 dB are allowed between 8 am and 8 pm.

4. Norris Campground

Norris Campground Yellowstone

Norris Campground is a commonplace for visitors due to its central location within Yellowstone National Park. Norris Campground meets the Norris Geyser Basin edge at an elevation of 7,500 feet.

There are 111 campsites available for visitors. However, only two 50-foot sites and five 30-foot sites are open for RVers. There are not any utility hookups or dump stations, and the use of generators is forbidden. While there are no showers, guests may use the seasonal flush toilets, as needed.

5. Pebble Creek Campground

Pebble Creek Campground Yellowstone

Pebble Creek Campground sits in a secluded area near the Northeast entrance, providing jaw-dropping views of the Absaroka Mountains. This site is known for its hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Restaurants and stores are only about 9 miles away from this location.

With 27 sites, RVs and trailers take advantage of the pull-through spaces. There are no showers, dump stations, or utility hookups, and generator use is not allowed. Vault toilets are accessible seasonally.

6. Slough Creek Campground

Slough Creek Campground Yellowstone

At an elevation of 6,250 feet, Slough Creek Campground is most famous for its fascinating wildlife scenery while RV camping in Yellowstone. It extends off a 2-mile dirt road in Lamar Valley, promoting a very peaceful, quiet stay. Many of the sites are located right along the creek.

There are 16 primitive camping sites available with 14 of them accommodating RVs and trailers less than 30 feet. Vault toilets are accessible at this site while showers, utility hookups, and dump stations are not. The campsite also restricts generator use.

7. Tower Fall Campground

Tower Fall Campground Yellowstone

Tower Fall Campground rests at an elevation of 6,600 feet on the road to Dunraven Pass. Visitors enjoy the Tower General Store and Roosevelt Lodge, as they have a fabulous restaurant and offer horseback riding. Tower Fall, a 130-foot waterfall that connects Tower Creek. Yellowstone River is nearby, as well, while the summit of Mount Washburn is within a 6-mile hiking distance.

Each of the campground’s 31 sites is 30 feet or less. Therefore, RVers and trailers are welcome if they stay within the length requirements.

The location does not include dump stations or hookups for electricity, water, and sewage, and generators are not permitted. There are no showers at this site; however, vault toilets are available for use.

The Only Campground in Yellowstone with Full Hookups

As previously mentioned, the Fishing Bridge RV Park is the only place for RV camping in Yellowstone with full hookups. RVs up to 40 feet in length or less, including any vehicle attached, are accepted, but limited space restricts units over that limit. Failing to abide by this regulation will result in entry refusal.

Depending on the site, 50-amp, 20-amp, and 30-amp spots are available. Note that generators are allowed but cannot surpass 60 decibels. Each space is a back-in within the pine-forested open area. The area itself is twice as wide as the RV, meaning there is restricted room for slide outs.

Dumping stations are near the entrance of the park for your convenience. Be aware of the outdoor temperatures, as stations may close due to the cold weather.

Fishing Bridge RV Park lies in bear territory; therefore, the park only admits hard-sided RVs. Visitors must be particularly mindful about food storage and disposal due to this threat.

Ice and drink vending machines are available, as well as recycling and waste containers. For cooking purposes, regulations allow charcoal and propane grills, as long as there is no open flame. Keep in mind that these areas do not have picnic tables and fire grates.

Just outside the RV Park is a service station for fuel, gas, and repair assistance. There is a local general store for food and camping goods, as well as an information facility for maps and programs. Rangers are also on-duty to answer visitors’ questions.

The Best RV Camping Near Yellowstone

RV camping in Yellowstone is always an extraordinary experience; however, sites fill up very quickly, leaving people in a frenzy. Luckily, there are 14 sites within a 35-mile radius of the park that will accommodate RVers.

RV Campgrounds Near the North Entrance of Yellowstone

These campgrounds are relatively close, as they are between 2 and 16 miles from Yellowstone National Park via Highway 89.

Eagle Creek Campground

Eagle Creek Campground is in Gardiner, Montana, 2 miles from Yellowstone. There are no reservations for this campground, as they use a first-come, first-served system year-round. Fees are only $7, plus $3 per additional vehicle.

RVs less than 40 feet are accepted, as the largest of the 16 spaces are 40 feet. While there are toilets and fire grates, utilities, dump stations, and water are not included.

Timber Camp Campground

Timber Camp Campground is an excellent choice for those looking to camp for free. This site is in Gardiner, Montana, about 9 miles from Yellowstone. The grounds fill spots on a first-come, first-served basis between the dates of June 15th to October 31st.

Open parking spots are available for RV camping. There are no toilets, utility hookups, dump stations, or any other extras.

Bear Creek Campground

Approximately 9.5 miles from Yellowstone in Gardiner, Montana, lies Bear Creek Campground. Reservations are not allowed, as they use a first-come, first-served process. There are no fees for this campground during their open period from June 15th to October 31st.

Units under 21 feet are approved for RV camping here. Moreover, there are no additional luxuries, as they do not have hookups, dump stations, or toilets.

Canyon Campground

About 16 miles from the north entrance of Yellowstone sits Canyon Campground. The site is in Gardiner, Montana and accepts visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. Nightly fees are $7 and $3 per additional vehicle.

There are 17 campsites up to 50 feet on the grounds. Units less than 48 feet are allowed year-round; however, there are no hookups and dump stations. Fire grates, tables, and toilets are available.

Red Lodge KOA

Located in Red Lodge, Montana, this campground is a marvelous choice for RVers looking for more amenities. It’s 73 miles from Yellowstone, but Red Lodge KOA is close enough to the park, but far enough to avoid the crowds. Visitors here also take advantage of its easy access to Beartooth Highway, one of the most scenic drives in the United States.

Recreational vehicles up to 70 feet are welcome. KOAs are known for their convenient amenities, such as electrical hookups of 30 or 50 amps, dump stations, laundry facilities, and much more.

RV Campgrounds Near the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone

Sites on the northeast side are between 6 and 7 miles from the park, running along Highway 212.

Soda Butte Campground

Soda Butte Campground is open from July 1st to September 7th, is only 6 miles from the park in Gardiner, Montana. The system uses a first-come, first-served basis and costs $9 per night with a $3 fee for each extra vehicle.

The campground includes 27 spots with access to fire grates, food boxes, tables, tent pads, trash cans, toilets, and water. Only hard-sided camping is allowed here since it is in bear country. Sites can accommodate units up to 48 feet.

Colter Campground

Moving 7 miles northeast from Yellowstone will land you in Colter Campground. Located in Gardiner, Montana, this campground costs $9 per night with a $3 fee per additional automobile. RV camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis between July 1st and September 7th.

This campground, which is located in an area populated by bears, only permits hard-sided camping in each of its 18 sites. Tables, fire grates, food boxes, tent pads, toilets, water, and trash cans are available. Recreational vehicles up to 48 feet are welcome.

RV Camping Near the East Entrance to Yellowstone

When traveling on Highway 14 from Yellowstone, there are various campground options.

Cody KOA

Cody KOA is only about an hour, or 55 miles, from the park and caters to RVers, specifically. The area is recognized for its old Indian stomping grounds, as many historical museums are nearby. Rates vary depending on the time of your visit and type of RV, so be sure to visit the KOA website for more info.

Sites accommodate RVs up to 80 feet and offer full hookups. This campground has something for everyone in the family, as there is a pool, hot tub, Wi-Fi, and many other conveniences.

Yellowstone RV Park

Only a few miles from the park, Yellowstone Valley Inn RV Park in Cody, Wyoming has 60 sites up to 60 feet long that will fit RVs of any scope. The inn’s website gives more specific details about rates and availability.

The campsite offers full hookups for electric, sewer, and water, as well as a pool, hot tub, free Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities. Grab a bite at the local restaurant, café, or bar or take advantage of the fitness center. There’s always something to do at this RV park!

RV Camping Near the West Entrance to Yellowstone

There are multiple camping options when leaving Yellowstone on the west side off Highway 91.

Baker’s Hole Campground

From May 15th to September 30th, you can travel 3 miles from the park’s west side to reach Baker’s Hole Campground in West Yellowstone, Montana. Availability is first-come, first-served with a $20 fee for two driving vehicles, an additional vehicle charge of $7, and $28 for an electrical site.

There are 73 campsites with 33 electrical sites on the grounds. RVers are welcome, as spots are up to 75 feet. Fees include a fire grate, fishing platform, tablets, water, and toilets.

Rainbow Point Campground

Rainbow Point Campground, 10 miles away from Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, Montana, provides RVers with a comfortable stay. Between May 15th and September 15th, visitors can call the campground to make reservations. Costs are $20 for two driving vehicles, $7 for each extra automobile, and $28 for an electrical spot.

The campground has 83 sites with 46 electrical hookups, and each site fits an RV less than 40 feet. Fire grates, fishing areas, toilets, and water, as well as a dock and boat ramp, are available.

Lonesomehurst Campground

Lonesomehurst Campground is approximately 12 miles from the park in West Yellowstone, Montana. Visitors can call anytime to make a reservation between May 15th and September 27th. Furthermore, entrance fees are $20 per two driving vehicles, $7 for another car, and $28 per electrical site.

In total, there are 27 sites with five electrical spots. The campground has a boat ramp, dock, fishing sections, toilets, fire grates, and water.

Cherry Creek Campground

Cherry Creek Campground rests about 14 miles from Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, Montana. The park is free and uses a first-come, first-served basis between Memorial Day and Mid-October. RVers can stay in one of the seven open parking spots; however, there are no hookups available.

Spring Creek Campground

Spring Creek Campground, in West Yellowstone, Montana, is an 18-mile drive west of Yellowstone. There is no entry fee, and visitors come on a first-come, first-served basis. The campground is open for RV camping between Memorial Day and Mid-October.

A total of 6 parking spots are available, and toilets are the only added conveniences.

Cabin Creek Campground

Twenty-two miles west of Yellowstone is Cabin Creek Campground in West Yellowstone, Montana. The grounds accept reservations for dates between May 15th and September 15th. Fees are $20 per two driving vehicles and $7 for each additional vehicle.

A total of 15 campsites are offered to RVers with units less than 30 feet. Be mindful that hookups are not available, but each space has a fire grate, table, toilets, and water access.

Beaver Creek Campground

Beaver Creek Campground is 24 miles from Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, Montana. The area is open from Memorial Day to September 10th and allows reservations. Costs are $20 per two driving vehicles and $7 per added vehicle.

Sixty-four sites on the premise fit RVs up to 55 feet and feature fire grates, tables, toilets, and water.

Red Cliff Campground

Approximately 35 miles from the park lies Red Cliff Campground in Bozeman, Montana. Visitation is open between May 15th and September 15th. Reservations can be made beforehand via phone call. Rates are $20 per 2 driving vehicles, $28 per electrical spot, and $7 for each additional vehicle.

The campground has 65 regular spaces and 27 electrical sites that have tables, toilets, and water, and will fit RVs up to 50 feet.

Yellowstone Park/West Gate KOA

The Yellowstone Park KOA is easily accessible, as it is a mere six miles away from the entrance. Park the RV at camp for the day to take a bus tour around the park, or get a head start by leaving for Yellowstone first thing in the morning.

This KOA offers an indoor pool, Wi-Fi, mini-golf, full hookups, and much more. Sites are up to 77 feet, thus allowing RVs of any size.

RV Campgrounds Near the Yellowstone South Entrance

Multiple KOAs lay just outside the south entrance to Yellowstone and deliver a laid back traveling experience.

Dubois/Wind River KOA

Sandwiched between the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park lies the Dubois/Wind River KOA. With beautiful views and local scenic drives, Dubois offers much more than just a one-night stay.

If you’re looking for full hookups, Wi-Fi, fishing, and spacious sites up to 80 feet, this campground is for you. Rates are variable depending upon the length of stay and site type.

Jackson Hole/Snake River KOA

Jackson Hole is central to both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, making it a preferred location. Due to the cold winter conditions, the campground is only open between April 15th and October 15th.

Sites at this KOA are a bit smaller, as the max length is only 30 feet; however, there are full hookups and other RV accommodations. Visitors can also take advantage of the Wi-Fi, snack bar, and fishing opportunities.

How Much Does It Cost to RV Camp in Yellowstone?

With anything, costs for RV camping in Yellowstone fluctuate yearly. Rates also vary depending upon the features each site holds. Some have showers, toilets, and hookups, whereas others do not.

Below is a list of fees for overnight stays at each campground, as of 2019. Each listing also includes the approximate dates the area is open, although these days change yearly, as well.

Free RV Camping in Yellowstone

RV camping in Yellowstone can become costly; therefore, staying at a free campground helps cut down on costs. Free campsites do not typically have as many features as those that cost money, yet they are delightful for those who love to boondock.

Free camping in the Yellowstone area is minimal. Some places have bathroom facilities and other small amenities, whereas others are merely a spot to park for the night. The campgrounds listed below are all within a 30-mile radius of the park:

• Timber Camp Campground: Gardiner, Montana (9 miles from Yellowstone)

• Cherry Creek Campground: West Yellowstone, Montana (14 miles from Yellowstone)

• Spring Creek Campground: West Yellowstone, Montana (18 miles from Yellowstone)

Wal-Marts and other participating stores allow free overnight stays in their parking lots. Always use caution and respect the rules of the facility, however. The last thing you want is to have a run-in with a business owner or law enforcement.

Purchasing published books that list free accommodations is another useful way to save time and money. Many are surprised to learn how many places are RV-friendly, especially near a National Park. Thinking outside the box can be helpful in these situations.

Yellowstone RV Rentals

RV rental businesses have boomed in recent years as more people discover that RVing is generally more convenient and less expensive. There are various RV rentals to choose from, as each company is slightly different. Outdoorsy is a great place to rent RVs to see Yellowstone.

Full-Service RV Rental 

Blacksford RV is a premier RV rental company located right at the Bozeman Montana Airport with outstanding access to Yellowstone, Glacier and Teton national Forest. They rent out new state of the art Winnebago Sprinter Van RVs and they even offer free trip planning in addition to their rental units. Individually created itineraries, recommendations, and ideas allow customers to create their perfect vacation. They also deliver other free services, such as national park season passes, full kitchen set up, bedding, roadside assistance, bedding, and 4G Wifi through Verizon.

Furthermore, they rent out brand-new Winnebago RVs for 5 to 7 days or longer. They also have 4, 6, or 12-month lease options that give longer-term travelers an alternative. Book the RV online to pick up the vehicle from the Bozeman Airport and take off on your journey!

Blacksford RV takes all of the guesswork out of renting an RV for your perfect Yellowstone vacation. They also don’t nickel and dime you for extras like kitchen utensils, bedding, mileage limits, or generator run time limits. If you are going to take the trip of a lifetime you owe it to yourself to check out Blacksford. They will help to ensure your vacation plans are easy and seamless.

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Corporate RV Rental Companies

Cruise America is another rental company that provides Yellowstone visitors with a recreational vehicle. With 132 locations in the United States, there is always a nearby Cruise America facility to suit your vacation plans.

Renters can choose from large, standard, compact, and truck campers that fit up to seven people. Each has a freshwater toilet, gas cooktop, generator, refrigerator, microwave, shower, and air conditioning. Pets are allowed in the RV, as well.

Cruise America does charge for all of the extras like bedding, kitchen utensils, mileage, generator run time, etc. And they do not rent bicycles or a bike rack.

Private RV Owners Who Rent Their RV

You can also use a service like Outdoorsy or RVshare to find private individuals who rent out their RV. Outdoorsy and RVshare provide an online directory for owners to list their RV and for people like you and me to find RVs for rent.

The great thing about these companies is that they handle the exchange of money, damage deposits, the lease, and insurance. And you have a huge variety of RV’s to choose from.

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Tips for Yellowstone RV Camping

Exploring a new place is a fun and exhilarating experience. Therefore, avoiding any possible mishaps or issues along the way is a necessity. Researching everything you can about the park before visiting is the best way to circumvent any problems.

1. First things first, you must realize the size of your unit. Roads in Yellowstone can be steep and windy, making it difficult to maneuver quickly. When driving a bigger rig, be sure to avoid the Bighorn Mountains located east of Cody, Wyoming. Also, dodge the Beartooth Highway between Red Lodge, Montana and Yellowstone’s northeast entrance.

2. Always abide by speed limits and warnings. Use pull-offs as needed and be aware of guardrails. Lastly, take caution when around other pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

3. Yellowstone does not accommodate oversized RVs. Be honest with the size of your unit, as those over 40 feet are typically not allowed. Note that the 40-foot limit includes the vehicle and the trailer. If making a Yellowstone campground reservation, give the exact dimensions of your unit and, if needed, ask if any oversized spots are available.

4. Learn about the park’s campgrounds ahead of time. RV camping in Yellowstone is much less stressful if you research and make reservations prior. Be aware that Fishing Bridge Campground is the only campsite in the park that has full hookups.

Simply winging a trip of this multitude is not feasible. Planning is always the best policy to promote time optimization. While visiting, be sure to respect the wildlife and the park itself. Do not litter and keep food hidden, as potentially dangerous bears will be attracted to the smell.

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RV camping in Yellowstone is worth every second, as you will make memories that will last a lifetime. A little planning and investigation will go a long way and help everything run smoothly. Plan your itinerary as soon as possible so you can relax and enjoy everything Yellowstone National Park has to offer!

Do you have any suggestions about great places for RV Camping in (or near) Yellowstone? Please leave your comment below!

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