WackO RV A/C Silencer: A Quieter Cooler RV A/C

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Summer is the perfect time for getting away from the world, heading to a remote spot, and enjoying a little peace and quiet. What can ruin that peaceful spot? A noisy air conditioner. WackO RV A/C silencer ensures that the inside of your RV is as peaceful as the outdoors.

A noisy A/C is something that we’ve all had to deal with at some point with our RV. In fact, it is probably the most common “problem” that most RV owners must deal with. Fortunately, it is one of the easiest repair and maintenance activities for RV owners.

Follow along with us as we look at the why’s of a noisy A/C unit, and how to make your RV A/C unit quiet again.

Why Is My RV A/C So Loud?

You should have some realistic expectations when it comes to the noise level of your RV A/C unit. You will never get your unit to be completely silent. Air conditioning units are going to create noise, even when you have done all the things to make your RV A/C quiet. 

However, there are some things that can make your RV A/C run louder than it normally does. Many of the causes are easy to manage with maintenance and some easy fixes.

  1. Leaks – If you have noticed that the seal around your A/C unit is not as tight as it was previously, it is possible that you have some leaks. This makes your A/C unit work harder, and sound louder. If you have a ducted A/C unit, leaks in the ducts can also create unwanted noise.
  1. Dirty components – Just like the air conditioner in your house, if your RV A/C filters and cooling fins get dirty, they won’t work as well. This can lead to inefficient cooling and noisier operation. 
  1. Loose screws/bolts – Normal operation can cause the screws and bolts in your RV A/C and those holding the unit to the RV to loosen. If these items are not tightened properly, the unit can vibrate while running, making it seem louder.
  1. Sticking parts – Over time, moving parts in your A/C unit can get dirty, and gears, belts, and fans start to stick. This is normal, but if the unit is not maintained properly, this can cause the unit to work harder, and be louder.
  1. Age – This is not something you can fix, but it is a reality. Over time, as you put more and more hours on your RV’s A/C unit, it’s not uncommon for it to get louder.
WakO RV A/C silencer helps reduce noise

How to Make Your RV A/C Quiet

It is important to note that one of the best ways that you can keep your RV A/C as quiet as possible, without other tricks, is proper maintenance. You should take the time to clean, lubricate, and check your RV A/C unit. 

You should follow the maintenance suggestions in your RV owner’s manual. Units should be thoroughly maintained at least twice per year. Filter cleaning should be done as often as needed depending on use and how dusty of an environment you are in.

Here are some other easy ways to make your RV A/C unit quiet:

  1. Tighten screws/bolts – Vibrations from just normal movement and loosening of screws/bolts can make your air conditioner seem a lot louder. Making sure that the screws or bolts that hold it down are tight is a quick way to reduce the noise.
  2. Check for leaks – Make sure that the seal around the A/C unit and ducting, both inside and outside of your R/C, are not failing. If they are, get yourself some duct tape to fill gaps, and eliminate leaks.
  3. Add insulation – Sound-deadening insulation is an option to help reduce noise from your air conditioner. There are some good products on the market that can effectively reduce noise. 
  4. Install an air conditioner silencer – This is the easiest and most effective way to quiet your RV A/C unit. Products like the WackO RV A/C Silencer are popular with RV owners and are also quick and easy to install. Use discount code RVBlogger to save $10 on shipping!

What Is An RV A/C Silencer?

An RV A/C silencer is an aftermarket addition to the interior of your RV A/C unit. When you look at an A/C silencer, they seem very simple, but they make a big difference. Products like the WackO A/C Silencer use sound-deadening insulation and air redirection to reduce the noise created by the unit.

You will have to make sure you get a silencer that works with your make and model A/C unit. RV manufacturers only use a few different A/C units in their rigs so finding an A/C silencer shouldn’t be hard.

WakO RV A/C silencer

Will An RV A/C Silencer Make Your A/C Quiet?

The reason RV A/C silencers are so popular is that they really do work well for making your air conditioner quieter. While there are many different A/C silencers on the market, the WackO is one of the most reliable and popular options on the market. 

It is also a relatively inexpensive way to reduce the noise from your RV A/C unit. It is the most proven, and preferred silencer among RV owners simply because it’s an easy upgrade and it works.

Does The WackO RV A/C Silencer Fit All AV Units?

The WackO RV A/C Silencer is a universal product that fits on most RV A/C units. However, before you run out and buy one for your particular RV or camper, you should check their list of compatible units. Use discount code RVBlogger to save $10 on shipping!

WackO has a full list of RVs and campers that their product will work with as well as installation videos for each model.

What Is A Ducted RV A/C Unit?

A ducted RV A/C unit is a lot like the air conditioner in your home. It utilizes a single air conditioner that is linked to the different areas of your RV using a series of ducts.

This is a good way to cool larger RVs while only using a single A/C unit. Rather than having a centrally mounted A/C unit that cools one area and not others, ducted systems disperse the cool air to multiple areas.

Are There Any Quiet RV A/C Units?

As with any mechanical product, improvements happen over time. Newer RV A/C units tend to be quieter. RV manufacturers are also making improvements to how A/C units are installed in new models which make the A/C quieter.

An RV A/C unit won’t ever be silent, however, newer models are significantly quieter. Many of these models are only available on higher-end RVs. The majority of us are dealing with

Can I Make My Own RV AC Silencer?

RV A/C silencers like the WackO are pretty affordable, easy to install, and compatible with most A/C units so they are a tough-to-bet option. However, you may want to try your hand at making your own RV A/C silencer.

YouTube has lots of DIY videos on how to make your RV air conditioner unit quieter. For a minimal investment in time and money, you can have a cooler and quieter A/C.

As with all DIY projects be careful when working around electrical connections and moving parts like the fans inside the A/C unit.

4 FAQs On How To Make Your RV A/C Quiet

To round out our discussion on how to make your RV A/C quiet, we offer some answers to frequently asked questions about RV air conditioners.

1. Why is my RV A/C loud?

There are a number of reasons your RV A/C may be loud. Typically, these units are fairly noisy when they operate. Check for leaks, loose bolts/screws, or dirty filters or parts if you think your RV A/C is louder than normal.

2. What noise level is normal?

Most RV A/C units run at around 60 – 70 decibels. 60 decibels is comparable to the volume of a washer or a dishwasher and 70 is comparable to a vacuum.

If you had to listen to a washer or vacuum all day you’d be pulling your hair out. We can deal with the noise of A/C units because they are a necessity. However, they are annoying.

3. How can you make it quieter?

The first thing to do is make sure you are performing regular maintenance on your A/C. Your RV air conditioner can also be made quieter using an A/C silencer, or by adding sound-dampening insulation.

4. Will a WackO RV A/C silencer make it quiet?

Yes, a WackO A/C silencer will help make your RV air conditioner quieter. It won’t completely silence the sound, but it will make a significant improvement.

This proven product not only reduces RV A/C noise but also increases your RV’s cooling performance.

Final Thoughts on How to Quiet Your RV A/C

Your RV is your home on the road. So, when you are on the road in the summer the air conditioner is an essential comfort feature. When it starts to run loud, it can make being in your RV miserable.

Learning how to make your RV A/C quiet is an easy way to improve your travels on those hot summer days. Products like the WackO RV A/C Silencer have made it easier for RV owners to reduce the noise of their air conditioners. Use discount code RVBlogger to save $10 on shipping!

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your A/C unit running as quietly as possible. However, thanks to aftermarket RV A/C silencers, you can take the noise levels to a new low.

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