What Is A Buddy Campsite?

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Have you ever heard of a buddy campsite? If you haven’t heard the term, I’m sure you’ve at least imagined the scenario in your head without even knowing the name of it!

Maybe you have some family or good friends you’d like to go camping with, but you need to find and book two sites together to enjoy. 

Even when finding two sites by each other, you must decide whose camper to cook, hang out, or grill at. That puts someone in the position of running back and forth to grab supplies, which interrupts time when trying to visit with one another.

This is where a buddy campsite would come in handy for you and your party.

Below, we will explain what a buddy campsite is and how it might be the perfect solution for your next camping trip!

What Is A Buddy Campsite?

A buddy campsite is a unique site that allows two RVs to face each other to create a common area outside both doors. 

Most commonly, it is a two-spot campsite where one RV pulls in frontward and the other backs in, thus creating a door-to-door setup.

Sometimes, you can even stumble across a setup for more than two campers. Most of these sites are in a square shape where you can almost completely enclose your shared space.

These buddy spots give campers a unique parking arrangement outside the standard back-to-front one.

Who Uses Buddy Campsites?

Who uses a buddy campsite

Buddy campsites are perfect for camping with family, friends, and fellow travelers. These sites provide a closer and more private setting than normal campsite setups. For families, like when Mike and Susan from RVBlogger camp with their adult kids and grandkids, this is an excellent idea for reunions, anniversary parties, or birthday celebrations. 

These sites are also great setups for holiday weekend getaways with friends! The shared space between the campers is optimal for grilling out, corn hole, or chatting by a fire at night.

Another option for using buddy campsites is to meet new fellow travelers. Part of this life is being adventurous and doing new things. What better way to fulfill that than meeting someone new?

With that said, there are introverts out there. If that’s you, and the closeness doesn’t sound appealing, check with the campground before you arrive. They could stick you in a buddy site without knowing your preference.

Do All Campgrounds Have Buddy Campsites?

No, not all campgrounds have buddy campsites available. While this type of site isn’t necessarily rare, they are fewer and farther between than a regular site. 

If you’re interested in utilizing a buddy campsite, contact the campground before arriving to ensure they offer them. 

These sites also tend to fill up fast if a large group is coming through, so plan in advance to get the spot you want. Long weekends and holidays are also times you will want to book well in advance.

How Can I Find A Buddy Campsite?

You can find campgrounds that offer buddy campsites in several ways. The easiest way to start would be a quick Google search of the area you want to stay, with keywords such as “tandem or buddy campsites near…”

Google isn’t always 100% accurate, so the next step would be to check the campground website you’ve found and maybe even give them a call just to double-confirm. 

You can also quickly search or ask questions in RV Facebook groups or RV forums online. These can be a great, and sometimes more accurate, up-to-date resource that can give you personal experiences and reviews from people who have been there already.

RV groups also frequently know about campgrounds that may not advertise or small mom-and-pop spots with precisely what you’re looking for. 

It’s always good to check more places than you need to get all the options to make your stay exactly what you want. Another great source for checking out campgrounds, including reviews is RV Life Campgrounds. People give honest reviews and often include photos of their sites.

Do Buddy Campsites Have Shared Hookups?

Do Buddy Campsites Have Shared Hookups?

An important question to ask when booking a buddy campsite is if the hookups are shared or individual. 

You want to ensure you have enough power, water, and sewer lines for both parties to be comfortable and safe during your stay.

Proper, updated buddy sites should have dedicated service hookups for each RV so as not to overload one system. The last thing you would want during a fun gathering would be a sewer backup or no power!

Not only would those situations be messy and unwanted, but they could damage your RV if not adequately hooked up. 

Check with the campground and ask how their sites are set up before putting yourselves in an avoidable and expensive situation!

Can You Book A Buddy Campsite Without A Second RV?

Yes, you can book a buddy campsite without a second RV in your party. However, you should consider a few things before you do. 

One essential consideration would be privacy. Are you comfortable with having a stranger (or future good traveling friend) right outside your front door?

If so, this would be an excellent way to meet new people and have a unique experience on the road.

Something else to consider is that some RV parks may not allow you to book a site as a single RV. Many places with buddy campsites will reserve the sites specifically for travel groups so that they don’t have an odd number of occupants and have to split them up. 

Etiquette for Camping on a Buddy Campsite with Strangers

Etiquette for Camping on a Buddy Campsite with Strangers

Buddy camping with strangers can be an exciting new adventure to take advantage of. It allows you to make new friends with fellow RVers potentially.

There should be some basic etiquette when buddy camping with strangers, though. Not everyone is on the same page or lives the same way. It’s good to get things mentioned right off the bat so there isn’t any unneeded tension.

First, you should go over and introduce yourself. Get to know their name, and maybe ask a few questions about where they’re from and where they’ve been. Basic RV-friendly questions. 

The next thing you should do would be to address some common concerns and boundaries. This can include topics such as kids, pets, parking, and lighting. 

After setting those boundaries, you can hopefully chat more and make a new friend. This life provides the perfect opportunity to make acquaintances from across the country or even the world. 

Remember, treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated, and be respectful of your new shared space. 

Etiquette for Camping on a Buddy Campsite with Friends

Meeting up with some strangers at a buddy campsite is one thing and booking one with friends is another.

In the case of strangers, things will probably be pretty tame and there may not even be much interaction.

When friends and family get together, however, things can get a little more lively! Camping is supposed to be fun and that includes music, laughter, kids, and dogs. It can be easy to be a little more noisy in a close group.

The noise, garbage, and well everything else is combined into one site. It can be easy to forget about the world outside your combined site sometimes. All the same rules and common courtesies apply when using a buddy campsite as with any other site.

What Campsites Have The Most Privacy?

Buddy sites aren’t for everyone, in fact, most people will never even experience one. So if you want a campsite with a little more privacy, you do have a few options to look at. 

Most campgrounds aren’t known for being spacious and secluded, but you can wrangle a bit of extra privacy by choosing specific sites such as; 

  • Sites at the edge of the campground. These sites are normally off to their own and maybe a little bigger of a lot.
  • Sites at the end of a lane. Sites at the end of a lane can be more private because they only have another RV on one side.
  • Larger corner sites. Large corner sites are an excellent option for privacy as they offer more room between campers.

Ask if your campground has any of these sites available when you make your reservation for a more private feel. 

What Campsites Have The Most Privacy?

Final Thoughts: Is A Buddy Campsite Right For You?

Buddy campsites can be a perfect solution to creating lifelong memories with your camping friends or family. They can even turn strangers into friends and family!

They provide another layer of togetherness that regular sites are missing out on. While for some, that isn’t a bad thing, it can be appealing in many different situations.

Take the tips above and give it a trial run, it might be your new favorite way to camp and meet new friends. This lifestyle is full of adventure and trying new things, including buddy campsites should be on your list at least once!

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