Where to Find RV Rentals with Unlimited Mileage

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Renting RVs is becoming an even more sought out alternative to camping and staying in hotels with every passing season. 

With the number of RVs available for renting rising, finding the best RV rentals is also getting easier.

But, what about RV rentals with unlimited mileage?

Are There RV Rentals with Unlimited Mileage?

Most RV rentals come with a daily rental fee that covers your usage of the rig. In addition to this daily charge, there are other fees that you should be aware of. The main extra charge you should know about is the mileage or “route” fee.

Paying for route fees, or the mileage you accumulate during your trip is probably the biggest of the “hidden” fees involved with the average RV rental prices.

However, thousands of RVs with unlimited milage are available for rent as well. 

When comparing these unlimited mileage RV rentals with regular RV rentals, that don’t include free mileage, the prices have a noticeable difference. Furthermore, without a complete understanding of what it is you’re paying for, unlimited mileage RV rentals appear a bit more expensive.

But, that isn’t necessarily the case. In reality, there are several benefits of renting an RV with unlimited mileage included.

If your trip is going to be longer than a day or two, regardless of the type of rig your renting (from small pop-up campers to class a, b, and c RVs), rentals with unlimited mileage can save you a ton of money.

Benefits of Renting an RV With Unlimited Mileage

Benefits of Renting an RV With Unlimited Mileage

Indeed, renting an RV with unlimited mileage comes with several benefits in comparison to basic RV rentals. Here are but a few of the most significant advantages to renting a rig with unlimited mileage:

1. Fewer Restrictions on Where You Go

Most folks renting RVs are out for an adventure. Meaning, taking detours and going wherever the day happens to lead them. With unlimited mileage as part of your RV rental package, the distance you can cover is limited only by how much fuel you wish to burn through.

An unlimited RV rental is the way to go for those who don’t want to stick to a rigid travel plan for their vacation. RVing is all about freedom, renting one should offer up just as much freedom to go where you please and see whatever you wish.

Even more, with an unlimited mileage rental, you’ll be able to stay in the “now” rather than constantly keeping an eye on how many miles you’ve spent and how many you have left to go before breaking the bank with extra mileage charges being added to the final bill.

2. You Can Rent Any Size RV You Want

Just a few short years ago it was harder to find larger RVs with unlimited mileage rental agreements. Today, that is simply not the case anymore. 

In the past, unlimited milage agreements were mainly reserved for smaller RVs. Typically these unlimited mileage RVs were owned and rented by large companies. Now you can find RVs of practically any shape and size on the market, listed by individual owners, with unlimited mileage included.

Not only are you able to take the RV as far as you want, but you’ll also be dealing with another human being rather than a faceless corporation. That said, you should have no problem selecting the best RV for you and your family’s off-the-beaten-path vacation.

3. Fewer Surprise Costs at the End of the Trip

Speaking of going where you please, with no fear of racking up extra fees, unlimited mileage rentals make sure your journey is as affordable as possible.

Sure, you can crunch numbers with a calculator and map of the area you plan to explore with your RV rental. But, there’s no guaranteeing your calculations will be accurate. Unexpected pit stops, detours, and spur of the moment decisions can add to your final mileage charges real quick.

Avoiding these sorts of extra costs is simple enough; go for an RV rental that included unlimited mileage for a few extra dollars per day. In most cases, the few dollars higher daily charge for unlimited miles is a genuine bargain when everything is said and done.

Also, by renting with unlimited mileage, you’ll have an accurate idea of how much the total rental charge will be whereas basic rentals (with limited miles) are much more likely to surprise you when it’s time to pay up.

Where to Find an RV with Unlimited Miles

The quick answer? There are numerous trusted online platforms for renting RVs that you can now find rigs with unlimited miles. Within a few minutes of searching, you’ll be pleased with the wide variety of results that included unlimited mileage agreements.

RVshare, Outdoorsy, and Blacksford RV Rentals are currently among the best online resources for finding an RV with unlimited miles (in no particular order):


Known as the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace with a focus on RV rentals, RVShare serves up tens of thousands of RV rentals from RV owners all over the United States. That said, as highly rated as the platform may be, there are numerous listings that may not be legitimate.

To avoid bogus rentals, all you have to do is stick with listings that include reviews. If you’re looking for a great RV rental that includes unlimited mileage, RVShare is one of the best platforms to start looking at.


Another of the most beloved RV rental platforms currently online, Outdoorsy connects would-be renters and RV owners quickly and smoothly. So far the company has received nothing but shining reviews from renters and RV owners alike.

As far as popular opinion in the RVing community goes, Outdoorsy is one of the few online platforms you can’t go wrong with when searching for an excellent RV rental with unlimited mileage included in the agreement.

Blacksford RV Rentals

An up and coming Rv rental service making real waves in the RV rental industry is Blacksford RV Rentals. Among the company’s main focuses is to make the online process of finding and renting an RV faster and easier than any other similar platform. And, so far, by all appearances, they’ve made strides towards this goal.

Currently, Blacksford RV Rentals specializes in renting Mercedes, Sprinters, and Winnebagos. Their main areas of service, for the time being, include Grand Canyon, Glacier, Zion, Moab, and Yellowstone national parks. In addition, the company offers pick-up and drop-off services at the local airports as well.


For more info about Blacksford RV Rentals check out our articles below. Blacksford truly provides an exceptional all-inclusive rental experience.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV with Unlimited Miles?

RV rentals with the option for unlimited miles may seem more expensive at first glance, but upon further inspection, it’s easy to see that they can actually be quite a bargain.

On average, RV rentals with unlimited miles tend to be around $20.00 to $30.00 “more” than RV rentals without unlimited miles. For example, a particular class C RV with unlimited miles included in the agreement rents for around $99.00 per night. The same RV without unlimited miles included rents for approximately $79.00 per night. 

That catch between the two is the $25 to $35 dollars in extra charges per day. These extra fees are often called “route” or “mileage” charges. So, make sure you check the details before selecting the most seemingly affordable RV rental rate. Likewise, keep in mind that unlimited miles can be less expensive on anything longer than a short day-trip.

Here are a few more examples of unlimited mileage RV rental prices. We’ve included each class, according to current listings on popular RV rental platforms:

  • Class C: $150 to $400+ per night
  • Class B: $99 to $300+ per night 
  • Class A: $99 to $200+ per night

Each of these averages is based on multiple listings for each class. On average, they are between $25 to $50 more per day than renting rigs with limited mileage agreements. That said, the extra fees tacked on at the end of your trip could far exceed the $25 to $50 per day that you’ll pay for unlimited miles.

How to Book an RV with Unlimited Miles

Interested in booking an RV with unlimited miles for your family’s next grand adventure? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Pull up your preferred RV rental platform/website (IE: Outdoorsy, RVshare, or Blacksford RV Rentals).
  2. Decide whether you want drop-off service or to pick up the RV yourself.
  3. Navigate to the website’s search bar and type in the location you’ve selected. This could be near your vacation destination as well as closer to your home. The choice is yours.
  4. Enter other specific data such as the dates you wish to rent the RV. This also may include how many family members will be occupying the RV and any other information required by the search engine you’re using.
  5. Browse through the listings shown in your search results and select the best RV for you and your vacation.
  6. Click on “request to book” or “book this RV” (or whatever similar button the platform provides with listings).
  7. Wait to receive a reply from the owners of the RV and then finalize your booking with them.

These seven steps will have your first RV booking experience completed in no time.

A Final Word About Finding RV Rentals with Unlimited Mileage

RV rentals with unlimited mileage aren’t for everyone. In fact, sometimes renting RVs with unlimited mileage is the wrong move to make, financially.

That said, for those who plan to rent an RV for more than a single night (especially for weekends and week-long trips) renting with unlimited miles can save you some serious cash. If you plan on going wherever the road leads you, consider finding an RV rental with unlimited mileage. You’ll thank yourself when you get the final bill!

Do you have thoughts or questions about RV rentals with unlimited mileage? If so, please feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below!

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