Why RV Keyless Entry Locks are Worth the Money

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An RV keyless entry is an excellent solution that allows you to ditch your keys when you go on an adventure. The pros and cons of this keyless entry method are many, and you likely need to decide what will serve you best, but it is definitely worth the money.

It is not a myth that RV door locks are generally all keyed the same, with fewer variations than car locks. So there is a good chance that your key could open someone else’s lock. Or worse yet – their key can open your locks!

The limited variations allow RV dealerships and manufacturers to use a master key for each brand in cases where an assigned key is lost. Yet, it does make you stop and think about the problems that could pose.

We upgraded the lock on our RV door to a keyless entry, and it was a great option. The RV keyless entry lock let us go for a walk with the dogs, head to the beach, or go for a bike ride without worrying about taking the keys.

Many of these locks also have the ability for multiple entry codes, so you can have your friend or neighbor check to make sure everything is working correctly while you are away or take care of pets while you take a day trip.

Join us to explore the features and benefits of what an RV keyless entry system can do for you.

What is a Keyless RV Lock?

What is a Keyless RV Lock

An RV keyless entry is a door lock that can be locked and unlocked without a traditional physical key. Instead, these devices utilize a keypad that allows users to enter their RV with a pin code they have programmed to the lock.

Some locks come with a key, a keychain fob, or a mobile device app that can be used instead of the key code.

RV security systems can be integrated into some models. Check with your alarm system company for further details.


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Why Should I Replace My Lock with an RV Keyless Entry System?

As you read earlier, RV keys have limited variations. RV lock manufacturers keep your motorhome or travel trailer safe in two ways. The first is that they use enough variation, so you’d have to line up thousands of RVs with the same lock brand and try each one.

Also, the RV manufacturers themselves purposefully distribute similarly keyed RVs to different regions of the U.S.

Therefore, a realistic example could be someone from New England with a mid-size travel trailer. Another person from the Southwest with a fifth wheel could have a chance encounter at a campground in Kentucky and not even realize they have the same lock.

Yet, changing your lock to a keyless entry system can make you and the things you value safer. When you’re headed to the campground’s beach, take a hike, or do something else, and you don’t want to bring your keys, RV keyless entry locks let you do that.

Still, consider that most keyless entry systems will have a key, so you can still get in if the keyless entry fails. For us, the whole lock had to be replaced because of a failure in the design. We also had to change batteries a time or two, as well.

Newer models now come without batteries. Instead, they either wire directly into your RV’s electrical or have micro solar panels that power them.

So, consider the positives and negatives of using this type of lock.

The Benefits to Keyless RV Locks

The benefits of a keyless RV lock are numerous. You don’t need your keys when you go for a walk or head to the beach. Some models allow you to program several access codes, which can be easily changed at any time.

You can give a code to a guest or someone watching your RV and later delete or change the code. Assigning guests a different code is an additional security measure that protects your master code. Some systems even work with RV security systems.

The Benefits to Keyless RV Locks
A keyless entry lock will deter thieves. They are looking for easy access to your RV and will move on if they can’t break in quickly.

How Do I Install an RV Keyless Entry System?

Keyless RV entry systems are easy to install. The process is similar to installing a regular door lock. If you don’t feel up to the task, you can always have it installed by an RV mobile technician or an RV service center.

The process is as simple:

  • Remove the current lock
  • Ensure your lock fits the space in your RV entry door or make the necessary adjustments
  • Attach the front and back connections
  • Program the code per your instruction manual.

You should check the dimensions of your RV lock space before you buy the RV keyless entry lock.

My husband spent around a half-hour changing out our door lock, but most say it should only take about 10 minutes.

How are RV Keyless Entry Locks Powered?

Keyless RV locks can be powered via batteries or by tapping into the electricity in your RV. However, be aware that batteries die, and there may be times when the powered locks fail.

RV doors have an electrical line running through them for the other electronics. Basically, you’re tapping into that line. Make sure you pull the fuse, unplug from shore power, disconnect the house battery, and detach the engine battery. This will ensure your safety and prevent hurting your rig’s electrical system.

Can I Replace My External Bays with Keyless RV Locks?

You can replace your bays with new tumbler locks but not with electronic ones. If you want the same key for your front door as your bay door locks, make sure you order the locks in a set. See number 5, the MKing Camper Locks below, to learn about what you can purchase as a set.

Can I Replace My External Bays with Keyless RV Locks?

How to Choose the Best RV Keyless Entry Lock

There are several considerations when choosing the best RV keyless entry lock.

  • Does the RV keyless entry lock come with remote control? What are its range and frequency?
  • What is the price? Keyless entry locks are usually between $100-$400.
  • Is the lock low maintenance, waterproof and dustproof?
  • Can the lock system be easily picked open?
  • Is there a lifetime warranty and good customer service? Check reviews before you buy.
  • What about a lock with all-weather protection or one rated for temperature extremes?
  • Does it have a deadbolt for additional security?
  • Can you program multiple PIN numbers for entry?
  • The installation process should be easy and require little or no alterations to your RV door.
  • Is it low profile and aesthetically pleasing?

The Best RV Keyless Entry Lock Systems

1. Best Value RV Keyless Entry Lock System

Best ValueRV Keyless Entry Lock System

The RVLibro by Ristow is one of the best value brands for an RV keyless entry lock system and touts a 10-minute install. It comes with physical keys, keychain fobs, and a standard password keyless entry system.

The remote allows you to open your door from a distance if you are facing rainy weather or need to get inside quickly. The door lock has a watertight seal groove that is free from rusting. It is also dustproof and fits a lock hole opening of 3.75″ W x 2.75″ H x 1.5″ D.

Details on the RVLibro indicate it will not fit a Class A or Class C RV. Always check the size and style before purchasing.

2. RV Keyless Entry Lock with Biggest Keypad Buttons

RV Keyless Entry Lock System Biggest Keypad Buttons

With the largest keypad buttons, the CarmTek RV Keyless Entry Door Lock is a great accessory to keep you and your stuff safe. With up to 10-digit entry possibilities, this keyless entry door lock also features wireless fobs and physical keys.

Even with the wiring, the installation process is estimated around 10-minutes, making this RV keyless entry system an easy choice. You can program it at the touch of a few buttons. This lock is designed with a heavy-duty steel dual-core for durability.

Make sure you see the fit guide before purchasing and note that this one only fits trailers and RVs with an opening size of 3.75″ W x 2.75″ H x 1.5″ D.

3. Best RV Keyless Entry Door Lock with App

RV Keyless Entry Door Lock with App

The Kohree RV Keyless Entry Lock is backlit, so you can easily see the numbers and safely enter your RV at night. It comes with physical keys and an app for your mobile device that you can use within 60 feet of your RV. The app allows you to program settings and change the password.

This keyless entry is made from a zinc alloy material. The handle is waterproof, and the surface is dust-proof. In addition, you will find that this RV keyless entry lock is easy to clean.

It fits most RV doors with a cutout of 2.75” W x 3.75” H and door thickness from 1.25″ to 1.5″ D. It can be widely applied in travel trailers, teardrop campers, pop-up campers, truck campers, horse trailers, cargo haulers, and more.

4. Best RV Keyless Entry with Backlit Keypad

Best RV Keyless Entry with Backlit Keypad

Check out the BIGTUR Keyless Entry RV Door Lock, which is 100% metal with waterproof technology that can withstand harsh environments. In addition, the backlit keyboard allows the user to easily see buttons at night.

This model fits RVs with an opening of 3.75″ tall x 2.75″ wide x 1.5″ thick and features a remote control.

The package comes with clear instructions and can be installed in 5-10 minutes. According to the product information, password programming is a simple operation on the keypad.

5. Best Keyless Entry and Storage Bay Bundle

Best Keyless Entry and Storage Bay Bundle

If you want to have easy and safe entry to your RV and keep your stuff safe, the MKing Camper Lock is great.

The package comes with the keyless entry lock and 2 RV storage locks, 4 RV compartment locks, a physical key, remote control for the entry lock, and high-quality lock plates for the compartments.

The keyless entry lock is a high-quality zinc alloy design and is corrosion-resistant. It is easily installed on your own or with assistance from online video tutorials and guidance services through the company.

The RV Storage Locks cylinder is 5/8″ in diameter and can be easily installed on metal panels or wooden boards up to 3/8″ thick. The keyhole opening has a 0.75″ diameter. It can be used in RV exterior bays, camping locker doors, toolboxes, and desk drawers.

The tubular cam lock key is made of a full zinc alloy and will withstand the test of time. In addition, it is precision polished, electroplated, oxidation resistant, watertight, will not corrode, and holds up against wear and tear.

What’s the Best RV Keyless Entry System for You?

If you think about all the positive things you can get just from changing your door locks to an RV keyless entry style lock, I would say there is no reason not to put this upgrade on your need-to-do list.

Aside from allowing you to access your RV without a key, this type of lock can keep you safer than a standard key lock. The better-quality locks have better tamper-resistant technology, keeping thieves away.

RV keyless entry locks with multiple PIN access allow friends access without giving them your master code. While you are away, you can create a code for them to take care of your pets, turn on your generator, or give access to those staying with you. You can simply erase their guest code if you need to, not recreate your master code.

You will also have peace of mind leaving the keys locked up in your RV as you enjoy the beach, explore the backcountry, or have other adventures with one less thing to pack.

I also found an RV keyless entry easy to install, maintain, and change with a few buttons.


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