How to Add a Small RV Safe for Your Valuables

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Do you have a small stealth RV safe for your valuables? If not, how are you protecting your expensive, important, or precious belongings while on the road? Whether you RV full time or just on weekends, an RV safe can safeguard your things.  

With the number of RVers growing, crimes against RVers are also on the rise. That’s why an RV safe can be a great investment.

Join us as we explore a variety of RV safes.

What Is a Small Stealth RV Safe?

What Is a Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Valuables?

When you think RV safe, you likely think of a steel box with a combination lock. An RV safe is essentially just a secure space to keep your valuables within your camper. From Biometric locks to diversion safes, there are many options to consider.

First, you need to decide what type of protection you desire. Some RV safes simply protect against burglary, while others offer additional safeguards against fire and water damage. Consider what you want to secure and how often you will need to secure it.

The items you wish to store in an RV safe will also determine the size of the safe you need. RV safes should be small enough to be easily hidden within your rig. A good RV safe will also be lightweight since every pound counts when considering GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).

Are Small Stealth RV Safes Worth It?

Is Adding a Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Valuables Worth It

The right small stealth RV safe for your valuables will be well worth it. It will afford you both additional security and increased peace of mind. 

Small stealth RV safes help compensate for RVs being easier to break into than homes. We wrote an article all about RV thefts called Is RV and Travel Trailer Theft Common? so check it out if you want more info.

RVs are more lightweight than secure, so they can’t be constructed with the same heavy-duty material as a traditional brick-and-stick home. Many people want the added security of an RV safe to make up for this.

You may also be shocked to learn that many RVs have the same locks. Anyone who has access to a master key can easily let themselves in and help themselves to your things. 

RV dealers and service centers are allowed to register for one key by the manufacturer. It’s extremely rare that these keys go missing, and the consequences to the dealer can be disastrous.

Huge fines and losing their licensing to sell that brand’s new products are a couple of examples of what can happen. Could you imagine a dealer losing the ability to sell Forest River RVs?

A savvy burglar could still force their way inside your camper if you upgrade your locks. That’s where a small stealth RV safe will pay for itself. Even if they find your RV safe, they won’t want to take the time to break into it. They will more likely just move on to their next target.

Where Do I Hide My Small Stealth RV Safe?

Where Do I Hide My small stealth RV Safe?

Your belongings are secure in a small stealth RV safe that can’t be found. Hiding your RV safe will keep it out of sight and out of the burglar’s mind.

One good option is installing a floor safe flush with the flooring of the camper. A good place might be under the bed or dinette seat. Here you could cover the safe with rugs or other things you may ordinarily place there.  

It’s best to conceal other types of small stealth RV safes in cupboards or closets. You can create a faux panel to disguise that the RV safe is even there. Some RVs may even have hidden space behind a TV. This space could be perfect for concealing small stealth RV safes.

Wherever you store your RV safe, you must bolt it to the wall or the floor. Shifting weight can cause the camper to sway. Heavy items can also damage the interior of the RV if they move around in transit.

Bolting your small stealth RV safe to the camper’s interior will prevent both these things. It will also deter thieves who otherwise may have just walked off with the entire safe. 

You also want to be sure that you choose a location for your safe that can bear the additional weight. You want to rest the RV safe on the floor as most RV shelves cannot support that much weight.

If you opt for a diversion safe, you even have the option of hiding it in plain sight.  

What Can I Store in a Small Stealth RV Safe?

What Can I Store in a small stealth RV Safe?

There are many types of small stealth RV safes because there are different methods and items people want to protect.

Full-time RVers likely have important documents such as identification documents, vehicle titles, and financial forms that they want to keep safe. They may also have things like jewelry or family pictures to protect.  

Travel bloggers or RVers who work remotely might have expensive electronic equipment to lock up.

Many RVers bring cash along on their adventures. You should secure prescription medications as well.

If you travel with a firearm, an RV gun safe is a great place to secure your weapon.

Can I Get an Insurance Discount With an Installed RV Safe?

Can I Get an Insurance Discount With an Installed RV Safe?

With so many benefits of having a small stealth RV safe, you may be wondering if an RV safe affords you a discount on RV insurance as well? Reach out to your RV insurance agent for more information on this matter.

Small Stealth RV Safe Alternatives

Small Stealth RV Safe Alternatives
A DIY door top stash small stealth RV safe like this one from the Makezine is a creative way to secure valuables or emergency go-bag-type items.

If you don’t have many valuables in your camper, you may be wondering if there are any alternatives to small stealth RV safes?

Although diversion safes are technically a type of safe, they’re perhaps the best alternative to the traditional RV safe. Diversion safes can look like anything from a hollowed-out hairbrush to a faux bleach jug. Thieves will never suspect you have valuables stashed within one of these sneaky safes.

A laptop lock is another great alternative to an RV safe. If your main concern is safeguarding your computer this may be all the protection you need.

A DIY storage stash hidden within a door is another unique option. The Makezine has a great tutorial on how you can create your own door top stash. This crafty hiding spot is just big enough for some cash and even a flash drive.

Another great alternative to an RV safe is to prevent an RV break-in altogether. According to Stowaway RV Storage, upgrading the locks and investing in an RV alarm system are great ways to deter break-ins. 

5 Best Small Stealth RV Safes for Your Camper

1. Amazon Basics Steel Safe With Keypad

Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Camper Amazon Basics Security Electronic Keypad

This Amazon Basics Security Safe is a great entry-level RV safe. It offers the security of 14 gauge steel construction at an affordable price point. The convenience of digital keypad entry makes access quick and easy. 

This small stealth RV safe comes in seven different sizes ensuring you can choose the size that meets your needs. It also comes with two emergency keys, just in case you forget your pin.

The Amazon Basics Security Safe also has pre-drilled holes which makes it easy to anchor to the camper. Would-be thieves won’t just be able to grab this safe and go.  

2. Honeywell Fireproof Filing Safe Box

Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Camper Honeywell Fireproof Filing Safe Box

The Honeywell Fireproof Filing Safe Box is an excellent choice for those who live on the road. Doubling as a file cabinet, this small stealth RV safe is perfect for storing documents, electronics, and even digital media.

The Honeywell Filing Safe is also fire resistant for 30 minutes. Not only that, but should your camper spring a leak, this RV safe also offers a 24-hour waterproof seal.

The extra fire and water protection afforded by this RV safe means that it’s heavy for its size. This small stealth RV safe needs to sit on the floor of your camper to make sure the weight is well supported.

3. Barska Floor Safe

Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Camper Barska Floor Safe

The Barska Floor Safe is an excellent choice for a small stealth RV safe because it’s so discrete. This RV floor safe comes with hardware and pre-drilled holes to make securing it in your floor a breeze.

Once installed, this RV safe sits flush with the floor. Roll a rug or set a storage bin overtop, and no one will know this RV safe is even there.

The Barska Floor Safe also boasts solid steel construction, two steel locking bolts, and hidden anti-pry hinges. Even if a would-be thief finds this safe, they’re unlikely to gain entry.

This RV safe is compact, offering 0.22 cubic feet of storage with a protective floor mat. This RV floor safe is perfect for protecting valuables like money, jewelry, small electronics, and important documents.

4. Yescom Biometric Gun Safe

Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Camper Yescom Biometric Gun Safe

The Yescom Biometric Gun Safe is the only safe on our list with Biometric Fingerprint Key. This makes it one of the most secure and quickest RV safes to access.

As neat as fingerprint technology is, if you prefer, the Yescom Biometric Gun Safe has pin code access or you can use the circular key.

This RV safe is the perfect size for storing smaller valuables. The optional compartment divider will keep your items organized.

Another unique feature of this RV safe is the built-in alarm. After a failed first attempt, the alarm will sound.

5. Bixell Hidden Compartment Safe

Small Stealth RV Safe for Your Camper Bixell Hidden Compartment Safe

The Bixell Hidden Compartment Safe is a great diversion small stealth RV Safe. Your valuables will be safe from theft hiding in plain sight within this RV safe disguised as a gallon of bleach. 

We like the Bixell Hidden Compartment Safe because bleach is a common product to have on hand in an RV. The large storage capacity of this diversion RV safe is a bonus as well.

A Small Stealth RV Safe to Protect Your Valuables Gives You Peace of Mind

Small stealth RV safes are a great way to keep your valuables secure while on the road. Whether you have cash, electronics, or even firearms to safeguard, having an RV safe can give you peace of mind.

Although compact, many RVs have hidden space that’s perfect for securing an RV safe.

If you can’t find a hidden compartment, you can always create one by installing a false floor or cabinet back.

Be sure to secure the safe to the structure of the RV so it can’t slide around causing damage. 

There’s a small stealth RV safe for every need and budget. Adding an RV safe to your camper can be both easy and affordable.

When you have more peace of mind, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without an RV safe.


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