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The fifth wheeler lifestyle is a bold one. Owning one of these bad boys is like proclaiming you’re ready to roam in comfort and style. Of course, you need to make sure your fifth wheel is built for adventure from the inside out. But what are the 10 best-built fifth wheels that need to be on your radar?

1. Coachmen Chaparral
2. Keystone Montana
3. Forest River Cardinal
4. Redwood RV Redwood
5. Grand Design Solitude
6. Heartland Bighorn
7. Keystone Cougar
8. Forest River Wildcat
9. Dutchmen Voltage Series
10. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites

We judged a slew of fifth wheelers based on a number of factors. This includes their price, the number of people they sleep, and even the amenities they carry. All in all, 10 made the cut to be deemed best built, and we want to share this list with you.

1. Coachmen Chaparral – From $40,000

2020 Coachman Chaparral 5th WheelThe Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel sleeps anywhere from 4-11 people and offers 11 different floor plans. It ranges from 33-41 feet in length, with a max unloaded weight of 12,694 pounds.

This camper is teeming with nifty features from the outside in. Dual doors allow easy access to whatever part of the 5th wheel you wish to enter. An electronic leveling system keeps you from having to get on your hands and knees at the campsite. Meanwhile, an LED-highlighted automatic awning brings shade and ambiance to the outdoors. With a massive storage space roomy enough to hold your grill and lawn chairs, you’ll never be in want.

The interior is about as cozy as a fifth wheel can get. Hardtop counters couple with hardwood drawers and cabinets for an at-home feel. There’s storage within each of the four dining chairs, under the bed and plenty more places. A trio of sofas makes up an actual living room, which centers around a TV up to 55 inches in diameter.

As far as long-term living or vacationing goes, the Coachmen Chaparral has got you covered.

2. Keystone Montana – From $25,000

2020 Keystone Montana 5th WheelThis model is quite possibly the flagship for one of the most popular camper brands out there. The Keystone Montana sleeps up to 5 individuals and offers 23 unique floor plans. It extends from 33 to 42 feet long and has a maximum dry weight of just over 13,000 pounds.

Crafted from hearty fiberglass, this is one well-built machine. The walls and the floor are even framed with 2-inch aluminum. All this is in place so you can be certain your camper will last the long haul. Before even stepping foot indoors, you’ll find a pass-through storage section where you can store your favorite carry-along items.

The craftsmanship continues on the inside, where a four-door fridge takes center stage. There’s even a 22-inch oven and 48-inch LED TV. A high-quality mattress in the bedroom and porcelain toilet in the bathroom mean home if we’ve ever seen one.

For people aiming to nest in their fifth wheeler for a while, the Keystone Montana is calling.

3. Forest River Cardinal – From $40,000

2020 Forest River Cardinal 5th WheelThe Forest River Cardinal is clearly crafted with care. It offers space for up to 6 people to sleep comfortably and holds potential for 7 floorplans. Unloaded, it weighs about 13000 pounds and extends 34-41 feet in length.

Coated with a high-gloss colored gel, the exterior looks as good as it functions. The dual awnings are encased in metal for ultimate longevity. Meanwhile, fully enclosed dump valves and an easy-access spare tire prove that these folks really thought of everything. Vacuum-bonded side walls are just the icing on the cake.

A leather sofa with a hide-a-bed makes the interior feel like home. So too does the bedroom’s king-size bed with a premium innerspring mattress. Dual AC units, ample storage, and theater-style seating don’t hurt either. You can upgrade to a dishwasher, and the massive sinks are useful for washing up too.

Thanks to its versatility, the Forest River Cardinal is a fantastic option for newbies and veterans alike. Add plenty of extras, or keep this gooseneck as is. Either way, it’s a stunner.

4. Redwood RV Redwood – From $35,000

Crossroads Redwood 5th WheelRedwood’s Redwood line is built for the ongoing adventure. It can sleep up to 6 people and can be had in one of 18 unique floor plans. At nearly 18,000 pounds, this coach is on the heavier side, but it sits at an average 37 feet long.

One of the coolest features of this model is its enclosed underbelly, which keeps the floor of the coach efficiently heated. When paired with a built-in furnace, the Redwood proves ideal for winter camping. Your stowed goods will thank you for this feature, too. To add to the exterior, LED lighting accompanies an electric awning for outdoor entertainment.

This fifth wheel is teeming with storage meant for the long-term traveler. Moreover, the kitchen is boiling with amenities. Think a Norcold fridge, three-burner stove, and even a baker’s oven. With an enclosed shower, solid countertops and even a JBL soundbar, what more could you need? Oh yeah—a king-size bed, and it’s got that too.

The Redwood make’s namesake is a force to be reckoned with. For the experienced camper, this fifth wheel is all that and more.

5. Grand Design Solitude – From $35,000

Grand Design Solitude 5th WheelThe Grand Design Solitude let’s weekend warriors choose their own kind of luxury. With room for up to 6 people, it offers 18+ advanced floor plans. At just under 14,000 pounds and just over 41 feet, it’s one seriously sizeable coach.

This fifth wheel revels in its ability to be customized. Plenty of storage sits under the carriage, as well as throughout the exterior. An aluminum torklift step system makes for easy entrance and egress, regardless of what ground you’re on. Not one, but two separate awnings make any campsite comfortable.

However you customize the inside is up to you. Pick between booth-style or free-standing dining, and decide on recliner stadium seating or dual pull-out beds. A walk-in closet will come in handy should you decide to live in your fifth wheel full time. Thanks to a built-in pet dish holder, your best friend will feel welcome too!

There are endless options to make the Grand Design Solitude fit your needs. That’s just why we’ve deemed it one of the best-built fifth wheels there is.

6. Heartland Bighorn – From $60,000

2020 Heartland Bighorn 5th WheelMany fifth wheels are capable of combining luxury and the outdoors. And the Heartland Bighorn is one of them. There are 12 available floor plans and room for up to 6 people to sleep comfortably. Averaging about 14,000 pounds, it measures up to nearly 43 feet in length.

The exterior of this fifth wheel is efficiency encapsulated. An aerodynamic cap, push-button stabilizers, and three-inch laminated slideouts are an impressive bunch. Vacuum-bonded siding means you can take this bad boy out regardless of the season. LED lighting brightens up the atmosphere of your outdoor seating.

The interior of this coach is unique because of its wide open floor plan. Stadium seating and leather sofas alike ensure utmost comfort. Feel free to upgrade to a 46-inch TV as well as a high-end sound system. There’s even a wine rack in the kitchen to add to the luxurious feel.

Wherever you wish to roam, the Heartland Bighorn brings a slice of home along for the ride. Dress it up how you want to and show it off to whoever wants to see.

7. Keystone Cougar – From $43,000

2020 Keystone Cougar 5th WheelThis brand has more than one trick up its sleeve, and the Keystone Cougar is evidence. It features 12 different floor plans and has sleeping space for up to 6. At only 8000 pounds and 30 feet long, it’s a rather nimble beast to boot.

The outside of this model focuses on quality. Two 30-pound propane tanks mean you’ll be cooking up a storm. Double-pane windows keep your fifth wheel insulated from weather and noise alike. Thanks to a rock guard over the diamond plating, your coach will retain its sheen for awhile.

Rear living is the focus of this 5th wheel interior. A couple of reclining chairs and a massive rear window are the focus of the living area. There’s even a tri-fold sleeper sofa and a booth-style dinette that transforms into a bed. In the bathroom, a skylight highlights a porcelain toilet bowl and an enclosed shower.

If you’re someone who wants to drive with ease, the Keystone Cougar is a fantastic fifth wheel. All in all, it’s compact without sacrificing quality.

8. Forest River Wildcat – From $25,000

2020 Forest River Wildcat 5th WheelYet another model from this popular brand, the Forest River Wildcat is affordable and teeming with amenities. The latest version has 8 floor plans and is able to sleep up to 6 friends and family. It’s about 33 feet long with a dry weight under 10,000 pounds.

On the outside of this fifth wheel lies a solar prep inlet as well as a number of 12V LED lights. A backup camera brings a bit of ease to the act of backing up your 5th wheel. There’s even an outside kitchen for those times when you just don’t want to be stuck indoors.

Thanks to large windows, plenty of natural light shines inside. A queen-size sleeper sofa with dual recliners makes for a comfortable living space. The entertainment zone is equipped with a 39-inch HDTV. With hardwood cabinets and Corian countertops, this model has got it going on.

With or without add ons, the Forest River Wildcat is a well-respected fifth wheel. Tow this thing around, and your excursions will get one heck of an upgrade.

9. Dutchmen Voltage Series – From $40,000

2020 Dutchman Voltage 5th WheelIf you like to haul your toys around on each adventure, it’s time to explore the Dutchmen Voltage Series. This fifth wheel offers 21 floor plans and sleeps up to 10 people. It weighs about 13,000 pounds and, at maximum, is 44 feet long.

This fifth wheel is known for its toy-hauling capabilities. It features 7,000-pound axles, so ATVs and dirtbikes are welcome companions. A swing door gives way to toy storage for easy access. Frameless tinted windows only add to the look of the exterior.

Despite its penchant for carrying things, this model makes the interior a priority, too. Quartz countertops and hardwood cabinets look pristine A queen bed, and a wardrobe make the bedroom feel regal. Meanwhile, the rotating TV and four-door refrigerator are evidence of this campers attention to detail.

For people who expect excitement for every adventure, the Dutchmen Voltage Series delivers. Plentiful space for people and cargo alike make it one serious vacation machine.

10. DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites – From $60,000

2020 DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 5th WheelOutdoor living gets a whole new meaning with the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites. This fifth wheel grants 20 floor plans and sleeps up to 6 people. It has an unloaded weight of about 14,000 pounds and a length of 34-44 feet.

This fifth wheel uses its size to its advantage. Three slide-outs make this hauler even more spacious than it already is. Frameless tinted glass windows and an LED-highlighted power awning look modern and appealing. In fact, the awning is even framed in aluminum for ultimate weather protection.

The interior couldn’t be more beautiful if it tried. The three-burner stove and dishwasher pave the way for a feast-ready kitchen. An electric fireplace warms the living space, which is made up of a sleeper sofa and two reclining theater seats. The one-and-a-half baths and queen-size bed are utterly top of the line.

If luxury is your desire, the DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites will surely do the trick.

It’s Time to Hop On the Fifth Wheel Wagon

There’s a reason fifth wheels are such a staple in the world of recreation. They’re cozy, useful, and ready for just about any adventure. Still, they’re a sizeable investment; this means it’s crucial to do your research and find fifth wheels with a quality build. After all, you and your pals will be cruising, sleeping and hanging amidst this towable home. So why not go for one of the best-built fifth wheels money can buy?

Check out these other articles below about 5th wheels for even more info.

Do you have any recommendations for a best built 5th Wheel? Please share in the comment section below!




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