CamperGigs: Work Camping and Volunteer Jobs for RVers

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CamperGigs is a new app to find work camping and volunteer jobs that you can do as you explore the country living the RV lifestyle.

CamperGigs is a website and app created by RVers for RVers. All you need to do is sign up! Launched in 2022 by Phil and Shar Roos, you’ll find a well-stocked app for finding work camping, volunteering, and hosting positions. Because the website is divided into different host types, you can find what you are looking for without a lot of effort.

Phil and Shar are full-time RVers who travel the country with the A Year to Volunteer organization. This charity provides volunteer projects for RVers all over the country, mostly at parks and nonprofits. CamperGigs is a great place to connect RVers to the organizations that would love to host them.

What is a Work Camper?

In simple terms, a work camper (a.k.a. workamping) is someone who takes a seasonal position filling in the workforce at a resort, park, or campground during the busy summer or winter season. They usually live in their RV and are provided a campsite, usually with hookups, for the time they are working. Work camping jobs can include:

  • Taking reservations and working the front desk
  • Working in a retail shop or restaurant
  • Escorting guests to their reserved campsite
  • Cleaning sites or the bathhouses
  • Other light duties (racing the go-carts is frowned upon)
What is a Work Camper Campground Golf Carts

As work campers, my husband and I have done all of the above, along with putting up high-end Christmas decorations and working maintenance. We have also driven the shuttle for a fishing and rafting resort, providing kitchen assistance in an activities department for a 55-plus resort. Soon we will be helping with a small waterpark with RV sites.

What is a Work Camper Amazon Camperforce

How Does CamperGigs Work

The Best App for Finding Work Camping and Volunteer Jobs CamperGigs

The CamperGigs app works through a map-searchable interface. When you open the app to find work camping and volunteer jobs, you will see pin points for every opportunity across the U.S. You can look for jobs based on where you want to go or based on the type of job you want or both.

I signed up online and then downloaded the app to my phone. Each job listing gives a detailed description of the job duties so you will know exactly what you would be doing. The listing provides all of the information you will need.

  • Contact information for the park
  • Dates and duration of the position
  • Pay details and additional perks
  • Skills needed for the job
  • Campground amenities
  • Restrictions such as maximum rig length
  • Local activities so you can enjoy your time off.

Building Your Profile

Building your profile does two things. First, it gives the campground hiring manager a chance to learn about you. Second, it stores all of your information, so you do not have to constantly fill out the same stuff over and over. The profile includes:

  • Photos of yourself and your rig
  • A place to write about yourself
  • A section to add reference letters and a resume.

Your information is only visible to hosts when you apply for a gig. When you apply for the position, by tapping the “Apply for Gig” button, you let hosts know that you are interested. Once that is done, you wait for that highly anticipated interview call. You can also ask questions before applying by tapping on the message icon within the gig.

Who Created CamperGigs?

Who Created CamperGigs Phil and Shar Roos

Phil and Shar Roos saw the need for one easy app to find work camping and volunteer jobs so they created CamperGigs. The couple started working with A Year to Volunteer in early 2020, just prior to the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Their desire was to provide RVers more access to give back. To date, they have provided more than 244 workdays, and 25,166 volunteer hours in 15 states. Their goal is to volunteer in all 50 states.

CamperGigs was launched at the 2022 Florida RV Supershow in Tampa. The plan was to open it up to as many subscribers as possible in a 3-month or 6-month (depending on whether they used a promo code) span. Once they hit 100 subscribers, they would put a pay model into place. Currently, there are 800 subscribers with hundreds of gigs posted in 40 states. The response has been overwhelming.

Subscriptions start at $29.99, with 20% of the cost supporting A Year to Volunteer. But CamperGigs is offering a 30% Discount for all new members now!

What Kind of Work Camping Jobs are there?

What Kind of Work Camping Jobs are There Camp Host

On the new app, finding work camping and volunteer jobs have a huge range. Workamping jobs with private campgrounds, camp hosting positions at state parks, and much more. If you do not see something that interests you, keep going back since new positions are regularly posted.

In general, work campers can do some unique jobs such as helping with the beet harvest in Montana, North Dakota, Michigan, or Minnesota. These positions usually are short-term around October and pay well for a short amount of time. It can be hit or miss as the beet harvest depends on weather and many factors for a good harvest, but workers are always needed.

Beet harvest positions require a lot of hard work but generally have great pay.

Work campers can provide a workforce for Christmas Tree lots. These are fairly lucrative jobs but also require the worker’s full attention through the holiday season. Along the same vein, you can likely find work selling pumpkins or fireworks during the fall and summer seasons.

Workers can also tend gates in the oil fields in Texas. These jobs aren’t usually difficult but require a couple to work opposing 12-hour shifts which could be harmful to a relationship because you would never have time off together.

4 Things You Should Know About RV Work Camping

1. How Much do You Make Work Camping?

One of the things you should know about RV work camping is the compensation expectations. On the app, jobs are specific about how workers will be paid. Be aware that some jobs will pay for all your hours worked. Others will be considered “volunteers” and will only provide a campsite with a certain number of hours worked.

If you are retired and don’t need an income, these volunteer jobs are perfect. You get first dibs at a site, you don’t have to work a lot of hours, 20 is typical, and can spend time exploring a specific area. Those looking to cut down on their overall RV costs and enjoy the area may find this workamping situation the best.

Work campers can also work a certain number of hours for their site and then get any other hours paid outright. Some campgrounds only require you to work your site hours while others do have money to pay for more.

Is Work Camping Worth It?

If you are working for your site, here is a little formula to calculate how much you are receiving based on the worth of your site. Take the number of hours you are required to work and divide that by the site’s monthly rate to get an hourly rate you would be paid instead of working for your site.

Let’s say you are required to work 24 hours a week, 96 hours a month. The site goes for a monthly rate of $1,500/96 which is about $15 per hour. Not bad. We’ve seen some of these calculations that come out to be just $5 an hour or less. That is not really a good deal for a work camper.

Ex: $1,500 monthly campsite rate/96 hrs required work a month= $15 per hour

Some campgrounds pay all hours worked, provide your site for free, include the utility hookups, and more. The actual pay can be minimum wage and up. Do your homework, as some state’s minimum wage is much better than others.

There are some work camping situations where the campground pays you for your hours worked, but your campsite is not one of the benefits. After taxes and the cost of the campsite’s monthly rate, if you need that extra income, this may not be the right workamping job for you.

Just make sure you do the math before you click the “Apply for Gig” button. You want to make sure you are getting everything you need from the position.

Of course, you can find some great work packages too. You just need to begin seeking employment several months in advance. At this time, campgrounds are having difficulty finding people to work so the demand is high and the pay is good. They are pulling out all the stops to recruit workers.

Pay raises during the season and bonuses are not unheard of in the work camping world. Some owners/managers pay bonuses to couples who stay until the end of the season. Some offer a bonus if you choose to come back for another season.

Is Work Camping Worth It
Do your homework and you might get a great site at a nice resort with all hours paid.

2. How Much Do Campground Hosts Get Paid?

Camp hosts often work at national, state, county, and municipal campgrounds in either volunteer or paid positions. Most of the positions are volunteer. A camp host provides visitors with information, staff visitor’s centers, and museums. They also provide general housekeeping, maintenance, and any other needed work.

 How Much Do Campground Hosts Get Paid
Campground hosts do a variety of jobs. Photo via NPS.

3. Is an RV Campsite With Full Hookups Included?

As I mentioned earlier, work campers generally get full hook-ups as part of their compensation. They sometimes must work a certain number of hours to “pay” for their site. Sometimes the cost of the site is free. Electricity is generally included, as well as water and sewer. I’ve heard of some that give a stipend every month for electricity which is paid out and the end of a completed season.

At one of our recent work camping positions, we were fortunate enough to get our laundry free, as well as a professional rig wash every six weeks. In another position we held, we were able to use the resort’s activities for free, as well as discounts for merchandise and food at the restaurant. Amenities with your work package can be a big boost to accepting a work camper position.

Is an RV Campsite With Full Hookups Included
Work camper jobs generally provide full hookups at your site.

4. Are Work Camping Jobs Available at State and National Parks?

State and national parks generally utilize volunteers who work a certain number of hours for their site. Be aware that these jobs are not easy to obtain and it can be a long process. The lag time is due to the hiring process. All candidates must submit information for a very comprehensive background check.

Even if it is a volunteer position, there are still a number of others waiting for the same jobs. Patience is key, as the lengthy process can whittle down the number of applicants.

Are Work Camping Jobs Available at State and National Parks
Campground hosts do a variety of tasks at state and national parks. Photo via The Virtual Campground.

CamperGig is The Best App for Finding Work Camping and Volunteer Jobs

CamperGigs is the best app for finding work camping and volunteer jobs. It saves you time by showing you the most paid and volunteer gigs across the country. You’ll also learn everything about the positions without having to click out of the app.

The app has already kicked off with a bang and has exceeded its creators’ expectations. Phil and Shar had RVers in mind when they created the app. Don’t wait to get on the bandwagon and find your next volunteer or work camper gig. It’s simple and easy to use for both the job seeker and the employer.

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