10 Best Facebook Groups for RV Owners

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You might think of Facebook as just a place to keep in touch with old friends, see funny posts and memes, and maybe sell some old junk. And while it is indeed all of those things, there’s something else far more useful you can find on there: Facebook groups for RV owners.

These Facebook groups are useful for all kinds of things big and small. Whether you want tips for DIY projects, want to meet local RVers or anything else you can imagine, there’s a group out there for you. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Facebook groups for RV owners and the different types of groups out there. Plus, we’ll give you the top 10 best groups for RV owners on Facebook and go over proper etiquette when using them.

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Why Should I Join Facebook Groups for RV Owners?

There are tons of reasons to join a Facebook group for RV owners. In fact, the better question might be: why wouldn’t you join Facebook groups for RV owners?

  • Meeting other RVers. You’ll be able to network and make friends with other people living the same lifestyle as you, both close by and all around the world. You might even find yourself meeting up with your new Facebook friends in real life or caravanning to great destinations.
  • All the collective knowledge they contain. There’s no end to the things you can learn: how to fix your rig, where to find the best campsites, and all kinds of great tips and tricks. And if you’re new to RV life, groups that have RV tips for new owners will be huge in helping you get started.
  • Help you buy or sell an RV.
  • Advice and wisdom with your DIY camper van conversion.
  • Showing off the coolest camper vans and RVs out there. Get inspired by the unqicue renovations that other RVers might have done.

What Different Kinds of Facebook Groups for RV Owners Are There?

Most Facebook groups are centered around some kind of theme or specific purpose. For example, a group that’s just for RVers over 50 or for RVers in Florida. Let’s take a look at all the different kinds of Facebook groups that you’ll find.

Local Groups

Have you ever asked yourself, “are there any RV groups near me?” If so, these localized Facebook RV groups are for you. RV owners use these groups to meet and chat with other RVers in their local area. They’re a great way to make friends and get to know what the RV scene in your local area is like.

Buy/Sell Groups

Buy and sell groups, also called “for sale” or “marketplace” groups, are some of the most popular kinds of Facebook groups. As you can probably guess, they’re for buying and selling things. In this case, selling RVs and campers by owners. 

These groups are a great resource if you’re in the market for an RV or want to sell an old one. Most of the time, these groups will be focused on a local area, but sometimes you can find buy/sell groups that cover the whole country.

DIY Groups

If you like to build and fix things with your own two hands, DIY groups are for you. These groups are for discussing topics like DIY RV renovations and RV repairs. You can get expert (sometimes you may need to use “expert” loosely) tips and help, plus talk shop with fellow DIY masters.

Groups for Tips and Tricks

Beyond just DIY, there’s plenty of things to learn about life in an RV! That’s where tips and tricks groups come in. While they might be focused on a specific topic, most of these groups are general-purpose groups to share any knowledge about RVing you have. 

These groups are often a great place to go if you have any problems in your RV. You can ask for help from group members and search for any related posts people have already made.

You’ll also find specific RV travel groups. These can give advice like RVing destinations or ways to travel on a budget.

Groups for Specific Kinds of RVs and RVers

Whether they’re vintage camper groups or communities for retired RVers, these groups are all dedicated to specific groups.

Groups dedicated to specific vehicles, such as classic VW campers, are a great source of info for keeping your rig in shape.

Meanwhile, groups for specific RVer demographics are a great way to meet people like yourself and share your experiences.

RV Finance and Budgeting Groups

Budgeting and making money is never easy, but thankfully, these groups are here to help. Some might help you budget and keep your finances and order to better enjoy life in your RV. Others can help RVers find work and make money, such as the numerous workamping groups that exist.

Groups for Campgrounds and RV Sites

Want help finding a quality campground or RV park? These RV camping groups are a place for people to talk about their experiences and recommendations at sites all over the US and beyond. If you stay at an amazing RV park, this is the place to share your experience!

Are Private Facebook Groups for RV Owners Better Than Public Facebook Groups?

While looking at Facebook groups for RV owners, you might notice that some groups are private, while others are public. You might have asked yourself, what’s the difference? And is one better than the other?

Facebook lays out the differences clearly on its website. Basically, anyone on the internet (even people who don’t have Facebook accounts) can see who’s in a public group and what is posted. Private groups, meanwhile, have their members and posts hidden from anyone.

Groups can be private for a number of reasons. For one, it helps stop trolls from ruining the group. But also, it can create a better sense of community, leading to a tighter-knit RV forum community.

For the most part, whether one type of group is better than the other comes down to personal preference. Some people might not like everyone on the internet to see what they post, but if that doesn’t bother you, there’s no downside to public groups.

The Top 10 Best Facebook Groups for RV Owners

With no further ado, here are the 10 best Facebook groups for RV owners!

1. RV Hacking Camping Ideas

RV Hacking Camping Ideas is one of the largest RV tips and tricks groups on Facebook. In this RV group, you can ask any question you can imagine and receive helpful answers from its over 233,000 members. Plus, you can see and share all kinds of great RVing tips.

2. RV Camping For Newbies

RV Camping for Newbies cover photo from Facebook group

RV Camping for Newbies is one of the best places to find RV tips for new owners. There’s a lot to learn when you first start RVing, but this group is here for all RV newbies. Here, you can get the answers to all the questions you have about your new RV life from weekend warriors to full-timers.

When you join RV Camping for Newbies, you get a FREE subscription to RV Camping Magazine.

3. Where’d You Stay RV

Where’d You Stay RV is for sharing, well, where you stayed! In this group, members share information about campgrounds and RV parks they’ve stayed at. This is a great resource for finding quality places to park your RV all over the US.

4. RV Lifestyle Group

RV Lifestyle Facebook group cover photo

RV Lifestyle Group is a general RV group where members can talk about basically any RV-related topic. Ask questions, share pictures, and talk about your adventures! This group is a place to hang out with other RVers and talk about the RV lifestyle.

5. Campervan Self Build

Campervan Self Build is an RV group dedicated to DIY, self-built camper vans. Here you can get all the information to do your own DIY van conversion. Whether it’s advice on a build or what the best van insurance is, this group’s got you covered.

6. RVs and Campers For Sale

RVs and Campers for Sale Facebook cover photo

RVs and Campers For Sale is one of the largest groups on Facebook for buying and selling RVs. If you’re in the market for an RV or are interested in selling one, there’s no better place to do so. Plus, this group comes from the experts at RVPostings.com, a website that’s also for buying and selling RVs.

7. RV Boondocking

RV Boondocking is a group for off-grid camping also known as “boondocking.” Here, you can get all the best info for how to get away and enjoy some truly remote and unique locations. Ask for advice, share your own tips, and become a boondocking master.

8. Fabulous RVing Women FRVW

Fabulous RVing Women Facebook cover photo

Fabulous RVing Women FRVW is a group exclusively for women RVers. In this group, women from all over can meet each other and share their experiences. They even organize campouts for their members to get together in real life!

9. Camping and RVing with Pets

Camping and RVing with Pets is exactly what it sounds like: a group for people who RV with their pets! As much as we love our furry friends, living with them in an RV presents some unique challenges. Here, you can get all the advice and ideas you’ll ever need to make sure your pets are happy and comfortable in your RV.

10. Travelin’ Solo RV & Camping

Travelin’ Solo RV & Camping is a community dedicated to people who live solo in their RVs. Share tips for staying safe and having fun, plus make friends and even plan meet-ups. And if you’re looking for a bit of company in your RV, they even have a second group for dating.

What is the Proper Etiquette for Facebook Groups?

Ok, you’ve found the RV group for you, you’ve joined up, and you’re ready to start posting and commenting. But pump the brakes! There are some important rules for proper etiquette to follow when using Facebook groups. (These can be used as best-practice for all online forums). 

Rule #1: Read the Rules! 

That might sound redundant, but in fact, most Facebook groups will have their own unique rules to follow. You can usually find these in the group description or in a pinned post in the group, as well as the “Rules” section below the description. You might also have to answer some questions related to those rules before being able to join a group. 

These rules will relate to what kind of posts you can make, how to behave, and any prohibited topics. Not following the rules can lead to you being banned from a group, so make sure you read and understand them completely before posting!

Rule #2: No Religion, No Politics

As important as our religious and political beliefs are to us, conversations about them can get heated quickly. As such, it’s a good idea to avoid conversations about religion and politics in Facebook groups. This prevents starting arguments and drama. 

Rule #3: Keep It Clean

It’s important to keep things nice and polite. Facebook groups should be a positive and friendly space, so inappropriate language and topics are a big no-no. If you wouldn’t say it to a group of strangers, you probably don’t want to say it in a Facebook group!

Rule #4: Scroll Past the Trolls

Unfortunately, not everyone in a Facebook group will keep things nice and polite. If you do see somebody being nasty or stirring controversy in a group, avoid interacting with them. As the saying goes, “don’t feed the trolls”; if you ignore them, they’ll usually go away.

Rule #5: Stay On Topic

As we’ve seen, most Facebook groups for RV owners are created for specific reasons like sharing tips or selling RVs. Going off-topic and talking about something else can annoy and frustrate other users of the group. It makes it harder to find the content they actually came for and is generally distracting.

So, always make sure to stay on topic in your RV group. Oftentimes, the things you’re allowed to talk about can be found in the group rules.

It’s Time to Join the Best Facebook Groups for RV Owners and Start Posting!

Facebook RV groups are a huge resource for RVers. They can help you meet people, learn new tricks, buy and sell an RV, and much more! And as long as you follow a few simple rules of etiquette, like reading group rules and being polite, you’re sure to have a great time.

Whether it’s one of the Facebook groups for RV owners we’ve recommended or another one you find, one thing’s for sure: no matter who you are, there’s sure to be a Facebook group for you!

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  1. Another Facebook group for women is The Traveling Sisterhood of the RV Jammies. Started by a lady who bought a pair of RV pajamas at Walmart. Now over 3000 women connect on there. Secret sister exchanges a few times a year, pen pals and local camping events.


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