Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Review

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Breaking down is a real factor to consider when traveling. No matter where you are, always make sure that you have the best RV roadside assistance coverage possible. Choosing a provider takes some time but proves worth it in the long run. Coach-Net Roadside Assistance is one example of a company that offers services for travelers in the United States.

Comparing roadside assistance memberships becomes rather tedious and complicated. To ease that burden, we have broken down the logistics. Here is all the information you need in our Coach-Net roadside assistance review.

Do I Need a Roadside Assistance Plan for My RV?

While you are not obligated by law to have a roadside assistance plan, all RV owners should have one. Without it, you increase your chances of becoming stranded during a breakdown. The more miles you put on your rig, the more likely you are to face an issue.

Even the smallest mishaps can become severe problems. What will you do without the proper tools, expertise, or help? Imagine you are miles away from civilization when your tire blows. When you put on the spare, you find that it is also flat. Now, what do you do? You can’t walk to the nearest mechanic shop and throw on a brand new tire. This situation is a perfect example of when roadside assistance comes in handy.

Many companies offer roadside assistance programs. However, each has a unique set of values and guidelines. Costs and coverage also vary among providers. Before choosing a program, examine each detail of the plan. Also, ask any questions to prevent later confusion. Coach-Net differs from standard competitors, as they focus solely on RV owners. Read on to discover the many benefits they offer in their package.

What is Covered in the Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Plans?

Coach-Net roadside assistance plans vary depending on your type of RV. Coverage differs between towable RVs and motorized RVs. Tow behinds need fewer repairs since they do not have an engine. But motorized units require a bit more maintenance.

Both versions provide excellent coverage. The plan covers the member, spouse, and those under 24 years of age. It also covers the RV and any other personal cars or motorcycles. Whether you’re the driver or passenger in someone else’s vehicle, Coach-Net supports you.

Memberships also include access to the RV technical assistance hotline. Dial the service number to have a technician walk you through a repair. For other issues, you can request a mobile mechanic to come to your exact location and fix the problem. If this is workable, then Coach-Net covers all towing fees, regardless of mileage or cost.

RV Flat Tire Coach-Net Roadside Assiatnce PlanFlat tires are one of the most frequent issues while driving in an RV. Regularly replace your tires if you plan to travel long distances. But remember, you cannot stop nails, sharp rocks, and glass from piercing your tire. In any case, Coach-Net delivers unlimited tire assistance. Call a mechanic to change your tire or put on a spare to tow you to the nearest repair shop.

If you run out of water on your journey, then no worries! Coach-Net will send someone out to bring you clean H2O. They also deliver fuel, gasoline, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

Without a doubt, medical emergencies are scary. But finding a hospital when you’re far from home doesn’t have to be a chore. With Coach-Net, you, your spouse, and children have access to emergency travel services. Assist America locates nearby hospitals, doctors, and drugstores when you’re over 100 miles from home.

Other Coach-Net Unlimited Features Include:

  • Assistance jumping a dead battery or towing to a local repair shop
  • Free connection with a locksmith (or key replacement store) to open a locked vehicle
  • Access to a locator service that books appointments at the nearest credible facility
  • Removal of a stuck RV or automobile (up to 100 feet off-road)

What Other Coverage Does Coach-Net Cover?

Aside from their primary coverage, Coach-Net also delivers many other services to its customers. These include anything from discounts to additional coverage and saves you money while making trip planning a breeze.

Vehicle accidents are the last thing you want to think about when vacationing. But with the proper coverage, you can take control of this situation and ease the tension. Coach-Net offers emergency trip interruption. This service covers up to $2000 of vacation expenses in the case you are in an accident more than 100 miles from home. They also provide coverage for boat and utility trailers, as well as tow dollies.

In a world with ever-growing prices, saving money makes all the difference. That’s why this company works hard to give you discounts on all your RV necessities. Members save up to 15% on tires and can opt for nationwide tire delivery services. You can also receive discounts on RV products and accessories using your membership card.

Make trip planning simple by using vacation itineraries. These plans span over many famous places in the United States and Canada. If you want to design a schedule yourself, this service can also help. They offer lodging discounts, such as those for camping, as well as hotel and motel stays. Plus, you will never have to pay full price for a vehicle rental again. Choose from amazing discounts at Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, and Avis rental companies. Additionally, they have joined with TicketsatWork. Explore entertainment deals, such as concerts, theme parks, movies, and much more!

Honestly, there is nothing worse than a company with poor customer service. How many times have you called a service number and gotten stuck on hold? Or talk to someone you can’t understand? Coach-Net satisfies your needs by having a U.S.-based call center. They also use the same tracking technology as emergency personnel, so they will always be able to locate you in case of a breakdown or emergency.

Coach-Net also provides users with discounts through Working Advantage. Benefit by purchasing goods, entertainment tickets, and lodging online. Some report as much as a 60% discount! In addition to small products, they also partner with Autoland to help you make the right purchase on a vehicle. No matter what you do, this company goes above and beyond to serve their members.

Are People Happy with the Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Plan? 

Since 1987, Coach-Net has been a top-competitor for roadside assistance. Year after year, loyal members choose this company for their reliable, wide-span coverage. They make customer satisfaction a priority by altering their services to consumer demands. Like any company, reviews depend on experiences – some good, and others not so great. Regardless, most Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Reviews report positive experiences.

With almost 21,000 likes and countless Coach-Net Roadside Assistance reviews on their Facebook page, they have proven to exceed user expectations. Most reviewers highlight their broad coverage and excellent customer service. Other online blog posts explain how Coach-Net helped them through their worst RV horror stories. From blown tires to broken-down engines, they have helped members through a wide variety of difficulties.

Along with the good reviews, come the bad. Perfect companies do not exist, and mistakes happen. Users mostly complain about membership prices. But the benefits outweigh the cost.

How Much Does Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Cost?

Quality goes a long way, which is why many people choose this company for roadside assistance. Although Coach-Net is a tad pricier than your average provider, it also comes with added amenities that are specific to RV owners. Their services tend to the user needs while providing them with on-demand, comprehensive coverage.

The most popular roadside assistance companies include Coach-Net, FMCA, Good Sam’s, and AAA. In a comparative cost analysis, AAA ranks as the most expensive at over $200 for the owner and spouse. Each additional family member is an extra $39 per year. They also do not offer as many services as the others, or tack on additional fees.

FMCA had the least expensive rate at about $69 per year. To compensate, they charge extra for most services and have a shorter coverage radius. Furthermore, Good Sam’s falls somewhere in the middle with an annual fee of $69 for the first year and $118 each year after that. Note that this rate does not include all benefits and may require further payment.

Coach-Net, on the other hand, includes free and unlimited services with their prices. They rank above average for membership costs at $249 for the first year and $149 each additional year. Nonetheless, many don’t mind paying a small extra fee to receive extended coverage. While some people choose other cheaper providers, they may end up spending more in towing, tire replacement, and repair fees. Therefore, RVers deem Coach-Net roadside assistance worthy for its dependability and numerous conveniences.


Every RV owner should have a roadside assistance plan in anticipation of unforeseen events. Take the extra step to keep your family safe and secure, regardless of the time or location. Whether it’s a tow, tire assistance, or merely a conversation with an RV technician, Coach-Net has you covered. Travel easy knowing that you’re supported no matter where you go!

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20 thoughts on “Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Review”

  1. We had Coach-Net when our tow vehicle just quit running (air in the diesel fuel filter). Although Coach-Net did not have a contract with the local towing firm we located, they approved the 100 km (60 mile) ride on the tilting deck “tow” truck to the preferred GM dealersip. Also came to the rescue when the serpentine tensioner exploded on a 25 year old pick up truck. The plans are not the cheapest around, but they do seem to be member-centric when it counts. It is also nice they cover Canadian residents, both in Canada and the U.S.
    Given the quality of the actual roadside assistance depends mostly on the service provider, it can be a bit of a crap shoot when signing up for a plan, but having a call center in North America is one upside to keep in mind,

  2. I had a blown tire with stripped lug nut in middle of nowhere Iowa years ago. I called coach net and she found my location. They hooked me up with a tire shop out of des Moines who called me to make sure he understood the problem and brought out the right tools to take care of it. It took a while because he had to come from town but it was Friday night. I was grateful and impressed with the service.

  3. I’ve been a Coachnet member for a few years. I’ve since sold my RV, but kept my vehicles on the towing plan. On two occasions, my wife had a flat tire and called Coachnet for help. She spoke very highly of their friendly and prompt service. I’m hooked on keeping this service.

  4. I got Coach Net through the RV Dealer, Fraserway, and that was a mistake … did you know that if you take out the membership this way, it is up to the dealer to cancel your membership, you are not able to do it on your own. After asking twice at the dealer ship (in person) and contacting Coach Net three times (by phone) I have still not been able to cancel this membership, Coach Net flatly refuses. It is not a service I would recommend nor would I suggest using your deal ship to set up the membership.

  5. First time using CoachNet. Not good. We had a dead battery so I called and had a very difficult time understanding the representative – she mumbled a lot. Had to ask her to repeat things several times. Once she took my information she said she would find someone who could help us and that she would call me back to give me an ETA. She called back about 15 minutes later to say she was still working on trying to find someone and promised to call back. About 20 minutes later a different person called back and said she was working on it and promised to call me every twenty minutes to keep me updated. Twenty minutes later she called back to say she’d called 7 different companies to try and get someone to help us and she finally found one and they’d be out here to help us in about 3 hours. THREE HOURS???? I told her to forget it. I called AAA and after one phone call that lasted about 90 seconds, a tow truck showed up in less than 45 minutes. I feel like we really wasted our money when we got talked into purchasing CoachNet.

  6. I had a flat tire on my travel trailer. Called Coach Net, waited about 4 hours they said could not find any service for us that was contracted with them. I looked and found someone online with my phone. Called them and and was on my way in less than an hour. I sent Coach Net a letter and the invoice for $225 requesting reimbursement. Waiting 6 weeks and no response. I believe they are another warranty scam company. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

  7. We have been Coach-Net members for four years now. We have experienced slow service but we still received service. This time we have been left stranded on the side of the road for two days. They have been unable to get a tow truck out to our location. I am very disappointed with their service.

  8. Called for assistance, not spoken to anyone and put on hold for 30 minutes at this point. Funny thing is, if you call the number to sign up, they get to you immediately.

  9. I have yet to hear of any really reliable Roadside Assistance company. You read the same story / complain regardless of who you have! It is almost like a lottery…just pray that you’d get help when you’re stuck on the road!
    Rented a tow dolly from UHAUL who assured us they have roadside assistance should we need assistance. Help should be easy since they have contracts in every part of the cities/state/US! Help came, but it took two hours to get through, and for them to figure out our location, despite giving them longtitude and latitude. Another 1.5 hours for help to come and half hour to change the tire!
    I’d take suggestions / recommendations ad I am in search for a good Roadside assistance company to purchase coverage from.

  10. I had a problem with coach-net also. I accidently put gas in my diesel truck. When I called they said that I was not covered for that problem. I was told that it was my mistake. So I called and complained the next day to a manager and he told me that he was sorry I felt that way after complaining. That to me is not how you take care of a 8 year customer. I will not renew next time and will not recommend them to anybody.

  11. We just had a blowout on the 5th wheel in the middle of 5 o’clock traffic in El Paso, TX, on our way home to Arizona after a six week trip to the midwest. Called CoachNet and the bimbo on the phone could not figure out how to write Denali even after I spelled it, slowly, three times. She kept asking questions about the truck. I kept explaining that the problem was on the 5th wheel…..THE TRAILER. Finally, she supposedly got all the info and said she would submit the order immediately. I told her we were safe off the road but it was hot (100 degrees) and we had a cat and a dog that we couldn’t leave inside the trailer. Forty-five minutes later, a guy from CN called and asked all the same questions. Apparently, the bimbo really was one. He said he’d put in the order and someone would call back soon. An hour later, he called back to tell us it would be 3 1/2 to 4 hours before help could arrive. We are not spring chickens (70) and changing a shredded tire on a 8000 lb 5th wheel is not our idea of fun. I told him that was unacceptable and asked if I could call someone else and get reimbursed by CoachNet. He said, “Well, maybe you could put them on the phone and we could see if they would take payment direct from us”. I googled towing companies and called the first local 5 star I saw. He said he’d send a guy right away. In about 20 minutes, his guy came. It was not an easy fix. Had to use his tow truck to lift the trailer cause the big jack just wasn’t doing it. All the underneath wiring had wrapped around the axles. This guy not only changed the tire but got under the trailer and reattached the trailer brake wires so we would be safe enough to get home to Arizona. He only charged us $100, which was a deal. After we got back on the road, we got a call from CN stating that they would be sending XYZ towing company to us. We told them we don’t need CN and to cancel the order. She said, “OK, I’ll mark it as complete”. It was not completed by CN…it was completed by us. We did not contact CoachNet for reimbursement because we believe it would’ve been more trouble than it was worth. Lucky for us, our CN membership was about to expire in two weeks and we hadn’t yet renewed it. We never will. And, I thought AAA, and Good Sam were bad.

  12. Same thing here, left sitting on the service road overnight, they could not find me when i was sitting right in front of a hwy sign reading it to them, show up at day break don’t have right tool to lower my spare tire after they said they did, now had to wait on a tow truck into the afternoon before i get hooked up to be towed to a place that only deal’s in big truck tire’s, sat there on the phone for 35 minuite’s wating for them to find a place to take me for a tire till they finally ask the tow truck driver and he said discount tire, finally fixed, been awake for over 30 hour’s, on the way home was about to get to spot to go to bed when blew out that tire, could not lay down was always on the phone with them looking for me, was late getting the trailer back that i rented thru outdoorsy, this is the roadside service they use ???

  13. Does anyone have experience with America’s RV roadside assistance plan administered through Nation Motor Club, LLC?

  14. 2020. I have had coach net since December 2020. At first O thought they were a god send. Now they are as much a problem as anything that breaks on my rv.
    They do NOT offer 24/7 service.
    3 of my calls were placed before 6 a.m. And after 5 p.m the previous day. Coach net did NOT get me services till the following day, each time. I sat overnight and into mid day the next day.
    Their technician was condescending when asking about my repair shop. Coach net will only help you with your RV, after you are sent to a technician. The technician doesn’t start until 6 a.m.. Apparently they have on call technicians but I have yet to be contacted by a technician after hours. NOT 24 hour service if I have to wait until business hours. The call center is open but not actual service. I called for a flat tire and they did not offer to send out a spare to get me to the nearest tire shop, neither will they send someone out to put it on. They DO NOT offer road side tire service. They were only able to locate a shop that had the tire. They had no way to get it to me or put it on. I am located inside Denver. This is not some back road fable of being 100s of miles from the nearest facility. They also only tow you to a certified rv mechanic, yet they call around EACH time looking for one. They don’t actually have a list available. Making waiting for a service call really long! Mechanic shops do not open until morning, which is another reason they are NOT 24/7. They have to call mechanics each time and can not do that until business hours. The most recent call involved a dead battery. The mechanic had left my lights in my old rv on and coach net wanted to have a technician trouble shoot the dead battery. You can’t trouble shoot a dead battery. You replace it, charge it or jump it!! Seriously this company might be good for tows but they are awful. Not 24/7. No tire replacement for a blown tite and no tech to put it on. Time wasting protocol for a dead battery.

  15. I am also having a terrible time with coachnet. I have been on hold for 45 mins. I don’t think they offer 24/7 service.

  16. Had a flat tire, called for service and was told we are not covered. When we got home the same day I called to find out what the problem was and was informed we do have converge! You need to file a claim for reimbursement. Over the next five weeks. we where denied twice for repayment and no supervisor returned our calls. The reason for no reimbursement was Coach-net has no record of ether call.
    Life is to short to deal with GAME playing Coach-net as they laugh all the way to the bank.

    • That sounds like a terrible experience…
      Thanks for reading the article and for sharing your comment.
      Anyone considering Coach-Net or any other roadside assistance plan should do their homework!

  17. We called coach-net today, had to spend 45 minutes on the phone with the agent that could not find where we were on his map, after giving him explicit directions and road names. This is the second time Coach – Net has failed us and left us stranded and calling for help from someone else. So very dissapointed and will be cancelling our 5 years of prepaid Coach-Net tomorrow. The worst service ever

    • Wow John – that sounds like a terrible experience – twice!

      Who are you planning to switch to?




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