Protecting Your Travels with RV Warranties

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Protecting Your Travels with RV Warranties can save any RVer a lot of heartache and money! We bought our RV warranty through Wholesale Warranties. Learn what an RV Warranty is, how it works, and why an RV Warranty is so important.

When you’re out on the road traveling with family or living the full-time RV life, it’s crucial to have your rig functioning properly. It’s so important to be able to rely on the electrical and mechanical components that make an RV truly feel like home, but the truth is, these components can and will break down.

Many RVers choose to protect themselves from the financial burden of these failures with an RV warranty. RV repairs are extremely costly, and you can use all the help you can get to reduce these added expenses.

Ever wondered how exactly an RV warranty works, and if they’re worth the money? Let’s dive in and answer those questions!

What’s Covered by an RV Warranty?

So, what exactly do RV warranties cover? Extended warranties cover the cost of repairs to electrical and mechanical components in your RV. Covered components range from your diesel engine to your air conditioning, your slide-out mechanism to your refrigerator, and much more.

For most high-level coverages, you can expect coverage for your appliances, waste and water systems, powertrain components, heating and cooling features, and leveling systems. These are elements RVers rely on every day, for comfort and for safety. If you included extra upgrades at the time of purchase, like a washer and dryer or solar panels, you’ll also find coverage for these in some warranty contracts.

Most warranty providers will offer more than one level of coverage. These options will run the gamut from top-of-the-line policies to scaled-back coverage focused only on catastrophic failures. When choosing the type of coverage for your motorhome or towable RV, you will want to work with a company like Wholesale Warranties, which specializes in education and helping you find the right coverage for your budget and lifestyle.

Not every policy will be suitable for every RVer. That’s why it’s important to choose a warranty provider that will learn who you are as a traveler and match you up with a policy that best protects your RV lifestyle.

Keep in mind not everything will be covered by an RV warranty, and it’s very important to understand what exactly is excluded by coverage.

You can expect to find maintenance, cosmetic damage, and accidents excluded. Additionally, upholstery, mirrors, sheet metal, glass, bedding, and cabinetry are not covered under a warranty—these are aesthetic items, so they don’t meet the “mechanical and electrical” functionality warranties are designed to protect.

Wholesale Warranties RV Warranty Coverage

Now We Know What RV Warranties Do, The Big Question Remains: Are They Worth It?

Most people think that warranties are an added expense that they won’t end up using. The unfortunate truth is, your RV is going to break down, and a warranty can save you big when it does.

No matter how old or how new, motorhomes and towable RVs will need to be repaired at some point. The statistics show that 3 out of every 10 RVs will suffer a breakdown by only their 2nd year on the road. This statistic then jumps to a whopping 8 out of 10 RVs by their 5th year and nearly EVERY RV by their 8th year in service.

On top of this, the cost of repairs continues to increase with each passing year. As RVing becomes more popular, the demand for expert repair also rises. Additionally, modern RVs have more complex mechanical and electrical components than ever before, which results in higher part and labor costs for even the most common and routine of repairs.

Simply put, RVing can be expensive. Rather than spend your travel budget on repairs, consider investing in a protection policy that will step in to pay those for you, helping you get back on the road and back to your adventures. Financial hardship is stressful and does not align with RVing values and why you chose this lifestyle, and an RV warranty can be the perfect antidote to these issues.

Finding Reliable RV Warranty Coverage

Most reputable RV warranty providers will offer a free quote, and we recommend taking advantage of this! Whether or not you decide to lock in coverage is a personal choice, but every traveler deserves to know the options available to them.

Look for a provider that is willing to educate you on their policy, that will show you a full copy of coverage before they ask for your credit card number, and who has verified reviews from actual RVers. Lean on the RV community for direction, and ask your fellow travelers about their experiences.

Reliable coverage does exist, and this layer of added protection can be a huge source of peace of mind while traveling.

Wholesale Warranties is an online broker of RV warranties that meets all of these requirements, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

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