Is The Good Sam Extended Service Plan Right For You?

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The Good Sam Club offers a myriad of benefits to RVers. One of the products they offer is the Good Sam Extended Service Plan for RVs of all types including Class A, B, and C, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop up campers, and personal automobiles too.

Susan and I have the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plan which is different than the Extended Service Plan so make sure you read on to see the difference.

But, is the Good Sam Extended Service Plan right for you? The answer is different for everyone so read on to see if you think it will fit your needs.

What Is A Good Sam Extended Service Plan?

The Good Sam (“GS”) Extended Service Plan (“ESP”) is not an extended warranty as we know it. It’s considered an insurance policy that covers mechanical breakdowns incurred by your RV or personal vehicle. The ESP claims to be easier to understand than extended warranties and designed to protect you from unexpected high repair costs or breakdowns.

Why It’s Better Than Extended Warranties?

The Good Sam ESP must comply with insurance regulations and is backed by underwriter QBE Insurance. QBE received an A+ rating from A.M. Best and an A rating from Standard & Poor. It’s worth checking coverage of several plans or policies as some extended warranties limit the number of miles you drive annually or the age of the vehicle.

Some warranties are only covered by the warranty provider whom you purchased through. If they go out of business, so does your warranty. Please note Good Sam only offers a Vehicle Service Contract if you live in the States of New York or Indiana, due to particular laws of the state.

Is Routine Maintenance Covered?

No, Good Sam ESP does not cover day-to-day maintenance of RVs or personal vehicles. The policy, in fact, requires routine, regularly scheduled maintenance according to your manufacturer’s requirements. This maintenance must be done in order to continue full coverage under the ESP, and any lapse in day-to-day maintenance could cause a void in coverage.

GS can recommend a list of preferred service providers in your area who will offer a 90-day warranty. If you choose to go to one of them for routine maintenance, you’ll receive a 10% discount on parts and labor. Remember, keep accurate records and all receipts for maintenance performed on your RV or vehicle.

Good Sam does offer free 22 point maintenance inspection for your RV, as often as you would like. The free inspections are offered at all Camping World SuperCenter Locations.

What Happens If You Can’t Reach Good Sam?

If you need a repair and GS’s office is not open, you are able to follow the steps outlined in the ESP without receiving prior authorization. You need to contact GS within five business days from the date of repair for reimbursement in compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

If possible, wait until the GS office is open in order to receive authorization first. This allows payment to come directly from them instead of the need to wait for reimbursement. Parts and labor will be included for all covered repairs. If you choose to have non-covered repairs or maintenance done at that time, you will be solely responsible for the cost of parts and labor for those repairs.

Is Towing Included?

Towing is not covered under your ESP. GS offers the Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plan, separate to the ESP, which offers unlimited towing to the nearest service center or assistance with tire or battery issues.

What If I Get Stranded While Traveling?

If your RV breaks down while you are on the road you will most likely need a place to stay. Good Sam will cover the costs of meals and lodging for up to $100 a day for up to 5 days while your RV is being repaired. The Good Sam Extended Service Plan will also reimburse you for your rental car expenses at up to $60 a day for five days.

Is There A Deductible?

Since the ESP is considered an insurance policy, you will incur a deductible. This deductible applies to each occurrence. An example of an occurrence would involve your Motorhome being taken to a preferred provider. The mechanic repairs the brakes and replaces the shocks as well. The deductible will be applicable for that complete occurrence. It does not apply to each repair made.
According to the policy you choose, Motorhome deductibles are $100, $250 or $500. Personal vehicle deductions are the same as Motorhomes. Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers can select a deductible of $100, $200 or $300.

Is An Inspection Required?

No inspection is required of your vehicle to qualify for the ESP. However, the policy will not cover any pre-existing conditions of the vehicle that are present, “known or unknown,” when coverage is purchased. This sounds a bit confusing as to how one might know if an unknown pre-existing condition exists, however, we would assume a mechanic has knowledge once the repair is made as to how long the condition may have presented itself. I would certainly inquire more specifically into this question with GS.

Is There A Mileage Cap?

There is a lifetime cap of 150,000 miles on any vehicle covered. There is no annual mileage cap.

Where Am I Covered?

You are covered anywhere in the US or Canada. Good Sam ESP will work with any service center.

What If My New RV Is Still Under Warranty?

Different components and mechanical parts are covered under warranty anywhere from one to three years when you purchase a new RV or vehicle. Ensure you check the complete Manufacturer’s Warranty and what items are and are not covered.

Buying a Good Sam ESP will ensure your coverage does not lapse, and you’ll lock in a more affordable rate since your RV or vehicle is new. Based on GS claims, 3 out of 10 Motorhomes need repairs in their second year; 8 out of 10 need repairs in their fifth year and all Motorhomes need repairs by their eighth year.

Can The Cost Of A Covered Item Be Applied To A New Appliance?

Yes! Let’s say your RV refrigerator breaks down and will cost $500 to repair. You may feel more comfortable replacing the refrigerator for a new model. The $500 repair estimate can be applied towards your purchase of a new refrigerator.

What Happens If I Change My Mind?

If you cancel within the first 30 days of coverage, you’ll be reimbursed 100% of your paid premium, minus any claims that may have been paid within that time frame. If you cancel after 30 days, you will be refunded a pro-rata amount for the months that are left, plus a $50 cancellation fee. That fee is waived if you transfer coverage to a new RV or vehicle.

How Much Does Good Sam’s ESP Cost?

A quote must be obtained either online or through a phone call to GS. As with any insurance policy, particular questions will be asked pertaining to your individual vehicle in order to determine a price for the policy. Once purchased, your rate is locked in for the first three years.
You can choose your deductible, your payment plan, and how you pay. You can cancel any time. For a quote or further information, google or call 866-589-8570.

Is The Good Sam ESP Transferrable?

Yes, it is fully transferable. If selling your RV/vehicle privately, the new owner has the option to continue the ESP at no additional costs. When buying a new rig, the policy can be transferred to the new vehicle.

So, Is It Worth Getting The Good Sam Extended Service Plan?

The good, the bad or the in-between – here’s what we found consumers are saying.

The Good

A “Testimonials” page can be found on the Good Sam ESP site. The site provides input from 15 happy customers who have used their ESP on several occasions. They report it to be hassle-free, a good investment, great service, solid and reasonably priced when taking into consideration the repairs it covered for them.

Also, there a multitude of forums; one being, that discuss the Good Sam ESP. Several forum readers posted that their experience has been very good and to their satisfaction.

The good news is that GS’s ESP can be canceled at any time. If you find it’s not worth the money or not what you imagined it to be, you’re not stuck in a contract.

The Bad

As with many sites, complaints abound. We have learned through forums that many policyholders feel “ripped off,” neglected or frustrated. One consumer’s complaint was that while the ESP pays “per occurrence,” they had the same occurrence (issue) on several occasions and were unable to receive payment because the repair was not made at the same service center due to their traveling.

Another RVer had GS approve a new part for his RV, and the part was ordered. Two days later he received a call that GS had found a used part for him instead and he’d have to pay the restocking fee for the new part.
Many RVers are the DIY type, so take it upon themselves to make repairs. They feel no need to take extended warranties or policies on anything they purchase.

And The In Between

Many folks are stuck in the middle of making a decision if an ESP insurance policy is logical for them. Do your research. Read reviews. Talk to other campers who may have experience with Good Sam’s ESP or other type warranty offers. Do not be talked into making a snap decision by a salesperson or purchasing without appropriate knowledge.

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As with many other products, there are satisfied and unsatisfied customers. With the proper research, you can find what best suits your needs and understand if owning a Good Sam ESP is a good decision for you. Most importantly, keep your RV in good working condition. Wishing you safe travels!

Do you have experience with any Extended Service Plans you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.

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