7 Custom RV Manufacturers to Design Your Own RV

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect RV for you? Custom RV manufacturers might be able to help. You’ll find those custom RV manufacturers will say “yes” more often than “no” when it comes to the features you want. People also find it surprising that many custom RV manufacturers are more affordable than they originally thought.

Designing a custom RV ensures that you end up with the perfect RV the first time around. As long as it’s physically possible, the RV manufacturers in this article will help make your dream RV a reality. 

What Is a Custom RV? 

custom RV manufacturer What is a Custom RV

A custom RV is exactly what it sounds like: an RV custom built to your preferences and lifestyle. How much customization is available for each RV is entirely dependent upon the manufacturer. 

While most manufacturers give customers the option to select certain interior design options or purchase upgrade packages, others provide a more total build customization experience. With some custom RV manufacturers, you can choose your layout, features, accessibility options, exterior design, interior decor, and so much more. 

7 Best Custom RV Manufacturers by RV Type

No matter what kind of RV you have in mind, there’s a custom RV manufacturer out there ready and willing to make your dreams a reality. Here we’re covering 5 of the best manufacturers, no matter what type or style of RV you’re looking for. 

1. Phoenix Pop Up Campers: Custom Truck Camper Manufacturer

Custom RV Manufacturer phoenix pop up campers
Image Credit: Phoenix Pop Up Campers

Phoenix Pop Up Campers builds custom slide-in, flatbed, and chassis-mounted pop-up truck campers. 

Pop-up truck campers are a great option if you’re interested in this RV category. They’re less top-heavy, weigh less overall, are more aerodynamic, and have become an excellent alternative to the #VanLife. 

Phoenix Pop Up Campers slide-in campers start around $26k, and their flatbed campers have a base price of $44k. 

Customers can choose from many different types of floor plans and upgrade packages, no matter what size truck bed you have. Phoenix only caters to full-size pickups, but a half-ton with a short bed won’t be turned away. 

2. Escape: Custom Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Custom RV Manufacturer Escape 21C Exterior
Image Credit: Escape Trailers
Custom RV Manufacturer Escape 21C Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer Escape 21C Floorplan

Custom molded fiberglass travel trailers are extremely popular. These little campers hold their value and last a long time due to their molded fiberglass construction. 

They’re less susceptible to leaks, they’re aerodynamic, and these RV manufacturers will build the custom fiberglass camper of your dreams. 

Escape Trailers builds fiberglass travel trailers and fifth wheels. This Canada-based RV manufacturer builds the largest molded fiberglass campers on the market today. While they’re not a direct descendent from Boler, their methods are tried and true.

If you want a custom Escape trailer, you can choose from 6 base models.

Escape’s customizations include:  

  • Appliances
  • Exterior features
  • Fabrics
  • Flooring
  • Multimedia and Electronics
  • Off-grid power packages

These are just some of the many standard and optional amenities offered by these affordable campers. If you’re not quite sure what you want, Escape can start you off with its many popular feature packages that you can tailor to your tastes.

You can get a price estimate by starting your build on the Escape website. 

3. New Horizons: Custom Fifth Wheels and Toy Haulers

Custom RV Manufacturer New Horizon Majestic 44BRK4S Exterior
Custom RV Manufacturer New Horizon Majestic 44BRK4S Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer New Horizon Majestic 44BRK4S Floorplan
Image Credit: New Horizons RV

New Horizons is a luxury RV brand that builds custom fifth wheels and toy haulers with unmatched craftsmanship. This luxury custom RV manufacturer uses high-quality materials like real wood cabinets and solid surface countertops to make your RV feel like an actual home. 

This company takes pride in the fact that they don’t mass-produce cookie-cutter RVs. They focus on creating custom luxury RVs for full-time RV living. They say: “If you can dream it, we can design and build it!” If you want an RV with a bathtub, New Horizons will make it. Models range from 32 to 47 feet with fully customizable floor plans and amenities. 

4. SpaceCraft: Custom Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Semi-Trailers

Custom RV Manufacturer SpaceCraft Manufacturing Semi 550-006 Exterior
Image Credit: Space Craft RV
Custom RV Manufacturer SpaceCraft Manufacturing Semi 550-006 Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer SpaceCraft Manufacturing Semi 550-006 Floorplan

SpaceCraft Manufacturing makes customizable travel trailers, fifth wheels, and semi-trailer RVs. Their custom semi-trailers come in lengths of up to 57 feet – that’s a true rolling home. This custom RV manufacturer focuses on full custom residential RVs for full-timer RVers. 

SpaceCraft says, “Customers appreciate our ability to do whatever they want within the parameters of regulations, imagination, budget, and physics.” You can view a full list of floor plans, products, and customization options on their website. 

5. North American RV: Custom Accessible Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Park Model RVs

Custom RV Manufacturer North American RV Travel Trailer 37TT1 Exterior
Image Credit: North American RV
Custom RV Manufacturer North American RV Travel Trailer 37TT1 Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer North American RV Travel Trailer 37TT1 Floorplan

North American RV builds custom travel trailers, fifth wheels, and park models. 

What’s unique about this custom RV manufacturer is its massive floorplan, length, and features they offer their customers. This company is one of the only custom RV manufacturers that offers full-length residential soaking bathtubs. 

Every model offered by North American RV can be modified with virtually anything the customer wants. They also offer mobility enhancement features for those that need ADA compliant RVs.

This company creates custom RVs for living, traveling, and stationary park model life. North American RV has a long history of creating units for vacationing, the movie industry, office trailers, disaster relief, and emergency housing. 

North American RV is located in the RV capital of the U.S., Elkhart, Indiana. 

6. Newell: Custom Class A Motorhomes

Custom RV Manufacturer Newell Class A Motorhome Exterior
Image Credit: Newell RV
Custom RV Manufacturer Newell Class A Motorhome Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer Newell Class A Motorhome Interior

Newell Coach has been producing luxury Class A motorhomes since 1967. This decades-old custom motorcoach manufacturer claims to offer more customization opportunities than any other motorhome manufacturer that exists today. 

When you get a custom RV from Newell, you can choose to start with an existing floor plan, to combine multiple floor plans, or to completely start from scratch. And that’s just getting started. 

Then, you get to design the interior. Newells interior decorator will help you select materials, colors, and much more. You also have the ability to request specific or special entertainment equipment, tech, and much more. 

The overarching advantage to having a custom motorhome built by Newell is the fact that this company is dedicated to luxury, quality, and stellar craftsmanship. It’s why the company was founded and why they’re still popular today. 

7. EarthRoamer: Custom Expedition Vehicles

Custom RV Manufacturer EarthRoamer HD Cumberland Exterior
Custom RV Manufacturer EarthRoamer HD Cumberland Interior
Custom RV Manufacturer EarthRoamer HD Cumberland Floorplan
Image Credit: EarthRoamer

What is an expedition vehicle, you may ask? An expedition vehicle is pretty much just what it sounds like. A rugged RV that can go wherever you want to take it. These RVs can go just about anywhere. They’re built with rugged tires, heavy-duty suspensions, four-season insulation, and are equipped with off-grid power systems. 

EarthRoamer is one of the top custom Overlanding RV manufacturers on the market today. Each EarthRoamer is built custom to order with a focus on luxury off-road travel. There are two base models and 12 different floor plans to choose from, each with a ton of standard options and are fully customizable. 

This custom RV manufacturer believes that you don’t have to sacrifice any of the comforts of home, even when traveling in the most remote spots on the planet.

Benefits of Buying a Custom RV

The first and most obvious benefit of buying a custom RV is having a motorhome or travel trailer that’s designed to your tastes, lifestyle, and needs. Aside from that, you can expect a better build quality, a great customer experience, and having a one-of-a-kind RV. 

Unless you go with surface-level customization options like color or interior fabrics, you’ll have an RV different from everyone else. In a world of mass-produced RVs, this is a benefit many take pride in.

The average RV owner uses their coach for 8 years before they upgrade or sell their unit. Custom RV owners hang on to their motorhomes or travel trailers many years longer. When they have everything they want, and with the investment they made, it’s worth keeping.

Are There Any Downsides? 

There are a few downsides to having a custom RV built. Of course, getting a personalized RV from a custom RV manufacturer is going to cost a lot more than purchasing a pre-built unit. 

Aside from the cost, though, is the wait time. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, you could be waiting as long as 2 years or more for your custom RV. 

Many custom RV manufacturers are smaller companies and have a backlog of custom orders. Even if there isn’t a backlog, expect to wait up to 6 months for your custom RV to be ready to drive off the lot. 

Custom RVs also have a harder time in the used market. Since they are so specific to your needs, RV dealerships may buy your custom coach for a price lower than you expect. In their experience, custom builds sit on the lot for a long time until they find the right buyer. Before you invest in your dream RV, learn from others about what they did if you plan on eventually selling this one down the road.

How Much Does an RV Cost to Build? 

custom RV manufacturer How Much Does an RV Cost to Build

Since custom RVs are individually built, there’s no ballpark price we can give you. Different models have different price ranges. There’s such a wide variety of upgrades, appliances, and options to choose from that this number is impossible to guesstimate. 

If you’re serious about buying one, most custom RV manufacturers have a “build your own” tool on their website that can help you estimate the total cost. Others have a phone number to call them and get a quote. 

Custom RV manufacturers try to make the designing and purchasing process as easy as possible. Many of their sales representatives will walk you through the process keeping your budget in mind. Just remember that almost all custom RVs will cost more than a pre-built RV in the same category or model type. 

Can You Buy an RV Directly From the Manufacturer? 

Yes, you can. In the case of custom RVs, you can buy directly from the manufacturer. However, you can also work with a dealer who will help you work with a manufacturer to get a custom RV. 

In most cases, it’s easier and a better customer experience to work directly with the manufacturer. You can even go and tour the factory and see your RV in production with some custom builders. 

Buying directly from a manufacturer is called “factory direct”, and it can cut out the middle-man prices of buying your RV through a dealership. 

It also helps you avoid miscommunications because you’re able to communicate directly with the manufacturer throughout the entire build process. You’ll know what’s going on with your RV every step of the way.

How to Order a Custom RV

How to Order A Custom RV
Courtesy of PC Magazine

The process of ordering a custom RV will vary depending on the company you decide to go with. Many custom RV manufacturers have a “build your own” tool right on their website. With these tools, you can select your base model and customizations and see the price estimate along the entire process. 

Once you submit your order, you’ll be contacted by the company to finalize the details. Other custom RV manufacturers will walk you through the entire process, which will involve contacting them via email or phone. 

Once your custom RV makes it to the production line, you can expect to work with the manufacturer and designers to make sure it’s completely up to your standards. 

Can’t Find an RV To Fit Your Needs? A Custom RV Might Be Right For You

With the thousands of RV floorplans and hundreds of RV manufacturers out there today, there’s a great chance you can find a wonderful floorplan for you and your family. However, you don’t have to settle with something if you can’t find one that has everything you want or need. 

These custom RV manufacturers make it possible to own an RV that’s tailored to your tastes, lifestyle, and needs. If you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to design it yourself. 

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