Does Eterna Bond Really Work at Stopping RV Roof Leaks?

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RV roof leaks are never fun. Most RV roof leaks develop slowly over time. Often, it can be hard to see a roof leak until the damage has been done. Roof leaks can lead to water, mold, and other issues that can quickly get expensive to fix. These types of problems can cause severe damage to your RV if not taken care of immediately. Proper care and regular inspection and maintenance of your RV roof will go a long way toward preventing leaks and water damage. 

Of course, sometimes, despite careful maintenance, your RV roof can develop a leak. Many times this can happen when you are out on a trip, far from the nearest RV repair center. Fortunately, there is a product on the market that can help you repair your RV roof leaks quickly called Eterna Bond.

But, does Eterna Bond really work at stopping RV roof leaks? Yes, it does! But you need to prep the leaky area correctly for it to adhere properly.

Eterna Bond tape is the leading micro sealant tape recommended for RV roof repair. Designed to stop leaks and prevent water damage, this product is one that you will want to keep in your RV tool kit.

Eterna Bond has been on the market for years and remains the most popular roof tape with RVers and RV repair professionals. When applied correctly, it can fix your roof leak and provide protection from water damage for years. 

What is Eterna Bond?

Eterna Bond is a micro sealant tape designed to stop leaks on any roof surface. Eterna Bond also provides waterproofing for your RV roof if applied correctly. Think of it as a huge step up from duct tape. Similar in texture and just as easy to use, Eterna Bond tape is different in that it can provide long term protection against leaks for your RV roof. Unlike duct tape, it is not just a temporary fix, but a long term solution.

Eterna Bond tape will do more than seal a roof leak. Eterna Bond seam tape can also repair structural damage to your RV roof. 

Eterna Bond tape is excellent for preventative roof maintenance as well. Applying Eterna Bond to anything sticking through your RV roof can help to prevent future leaks. Often small leaks will develop over time around things like antennas or vents. Applying Eterna Bond tape as a preventative is an excellent way to avoid any damage to your RV that you may not notice until it is too late. 

Eterna Bond tape comes in four colors- white, black, gray, and tan. The variety of color choices make it easy to match to your RV roof. Eterna Bond tape is also available in a variety of lengths and widths, which is convenient for sealing leaks of various sizes. Eterna Bond is UV resistant, which means that it will hold up over time, even if your RV is stored outside year-round. 

Does Eterna Bond Stop RV Roof Leaks?

We have found that Eterna Bond tape does a great job stopping RV roof leaks. Minor roof leaks, even those at the seams of your roof, can be stopped with the proper application of Eterna Bond tape. 

In the past, RV owners would try to repair minor leaks with anything from duct tape to Flex Seal to a bit of silicone. These products would stop water from leaking through into your RV temporarily but they were far from permanent solutions. 

Eterna Bond is excellent because it gives RVers a good, long-term fix for roof leaks. Eterna Bond tape can be applied easily, making it manageable for even the least handy RVers! 

It is also great to have the peace of mind of knowing that if your RV is damaged while you are far from a repair center, you can take care of it yourself. Keeping a roll of Eterna Bond tape on hand is a good idea and can save you if your roof is damaged in a storm or other accident.

How Long Will Eterna Bond Tape Last?

Eterna Bond tape has a fantastic ten-year warranty. The Eterna Bond warranty is a pretty strong guarantee of the quality of the product. 

Many RVers have reported Eterna Bond lasting even longer than ten years! According to the EternaBond website, EternaBond can last from eighteen to thirty-five years. Of course, this depends on whether the tape is applied correctly. Be sure to clean and prep your surface before using the tape. You will also need to follow the instructions exactly to ensure the correct application.

When thinking about how long your roof repair will last, another factor to consider is how long the tape was sitting on the shelf before you purchased it (or how long it has been sitting in your RV). 

While Eterna Bond has a pretty long shelf life, you want to make sure to purchase EternaBond from a reputable manufacturer. Buying from a licensed dealer will help to ensure that the tape is not at the end of its shelf life. If stored properly, EternaBond has a shelf life of five years. 

How Do I Prep the Surface Before Using Eterna Bond?

Applying Eterna Bond tape is a pretty quick process. The more time-consuming part of the roof repair is the preparation. Preparing your roof for Eterna Bond is surprisingly simple but will take some time to do correctly. 

First, clear any debris and dirt from your roof. It is very important that all dirt is removed before you apply the Eterna Bond tape. If dirt is on your roof when the tape is applied, the tape will not adhere as well. Improper application means that water may still be able to get into the tear or hold in your RV roof. 

You may choose to use a cleaner to help get stuck-on dirt and grime off of your roof. If you do, be sure that the cleaner is free of citrus and petroleum solvents. Both of these types of products can permanently damage your roof. 

Eterna Bond makes a product called Eterna Clean that is great for cleaning to prep for the Eterna Bond tape application. Eterna Clean is a spray cleaner that can make it easier to get debris and dirt off of your roof. 

If you have stuck on debris or other material on your roof, take the time to remove it as well. Throughout this process, take your time and be careful. You do not want to fall from a ladder or punch a hole in the camper roof. You also want to be sure not to make the existing tear or leak worse. 

Once the roof is clean, dry it with a cloth or towel. The Eterna Bond tape will adhere best to a clean, dry surface. Both the cleaning and drying steps are critical to ensuring the proper application of Eterna Bond. 

Does Eterna Bond Look Bad?

While repairing the damage to your roof is the primary concern, many of us want to make sure our rig looks great too. So will Eterna Bond look bad on your roof? Well, first of all, your roof is not easy to see, which makes it easier to hide repairs. 

Second, and most importantly, Eterna Bond comes in a variety of colors. The color choices will allow you to match your RV roof so that the repair and tape will not be as noticeable. We have been pleased with the results of our roof repairs using the Eterna Bond tape. 


No matter what the condition of your RV roof is like, it can likely be repaired. If the shell of your rig is intact, most leaks can be fixed. Eterna Bond is a great product to use for these types of significant leak repairs. 

We also recommend keeping Eterna Bond with you in your RV tool kit for emergencies. You never know when a storm may send a tree branch or other object flying into your roof. Having the proper supplies on hand to repair the damage correctly can make a big difference in the life of your rig and prevent your trip from being ruined! 

Finally, to prevent leaks in the first place, remember to check your RV roof for leaks, damage, and potential trouble spots at least twice a year. Staying on top of any issues will help prevent leaks and damage to your precious investment.

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  1. I have an older travel trailer and there were some spots on my roof that I felt should be covered. Once I started with the Eterna Bond, I used it to just cover the entire roof. I’ve gone through a snowy, windy, rainy winter in it, and no leaks. It’s not pretty, but it something you can do yourself that will last for years.


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