Escapees RV Club or Not? Our Guide to Decide

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Are you considering joining Escapees RV Club?

Well, you are in the right place to learn all about what Escapees RV Club offers its members, how much it costs to join Escapees, and much more in our Guide to Decide if You Should Join Escapees RV Club or Not!

Imagine this scenario:

You’re sitting comfortably underneath your awning with your favorite beverage. You have your favorite playlist on the outdoor speakers, and it’s a bright sunshiny day (extra imaginary points if you can name that tune).

You see various RVs of different categories pull in. You and your significant other immediately know who they are. “There’s Samantha and Laura with their fifth wheel.” “Check out the new airbrush graphics on the back of Tyrone and Claire’s Class A.” “Are Bob and Anne ever going to fix that clearance light on that trailer of theirs?”

You get up to greet each of them. The kids hug you like you’re their favorite Aunt and Uncle (knowing full well that the kids rely on you for the best smores). The camping weekend hasn’t even started, and already you’re having the time of your life.

Our Review of the Escapees RV Club will show you why so many have hitched up to this excellent organization and why their community and support epitomize everything wonderful about RVing.

What Is Escapees RV Club?

When you become an SKP (pronounced eS-Kay-Pee), you’re joining a network of friends that love RVing as much as you. They schedule camping events regionally and nationally throughout the year. 

What makes them different from all other camping groups is the added discounts, and perks members can access. Some of the benefits you’ll see with other discount programs like campground discounts, but the national organization focuses on as much support for its members as possible. 

For example, if a member joins at a young age, they can take advantage of their mapping tool, campground discounts, and education workshops to learn all they can about the RV lifestyle. As they continue their RV life, they’ll participate in the various get-togethers meeting new people and reconnecting with established friends. During a breakdown, Escapees has their back with roadside assistance, tire savings, and battery discounts.

If our example person decides to become a full-time RVer, like the founders of Escapees, they can take advantage of the job board finding work-on-the-road positions that keep the jacks up and the gas tank filled (pantry and fridge too).

 Later in life, if they need short-term care to recover, Escapees has a facility for their members to heal. If they decide to slow down with their travels, leasing a campsite at one of the co-op campgrounds for members may be a great way to continue the RV lifestyle.

Not every SKP makes use of their membership like this, but with so many features, this inclusive club allows everyone to find their niche. The goal is to enjoy the camping experience and become a part of a community of RV friends.

History Behind Escapees RV Club

Escapees started like today’s camping networks, but it was 1978. Instead of email, a website, or social media, they used a hand-cranked Mimiograph copy machine. Joe and Kay Peterson sent their newsletter via U.S. mail to their 164 members every month.

The newsletter would feature engaging events members wanted to share, upcoming club camping events, and other topics. As word spread, the Escapees RV club of California grew to the point where existing members created regional chapters across the country. The national organization grew its resources to further support its members in ways no one had thought of before. 

Today, the Escapees RV Club has almost 60 chapters and over 60,000 members. The membership comes from every generation, there aren’t any RV category restrictions, and you’ll find weekenders camping next to full-timers. 

Escapees RV Club Community Benefits

There are upcoming camping, social, or virtual events in your area that are happening soon. Even if your schedule doesn’t let you pull the jacks, you can still participate within the Escapees Community. If you want to head out on your own, the RV club has your back with tools and campgrounds at great rates.

  • Events: Not everyone adapts to a one-size-fits-all category. That’s why Escapees creates many events on the local and national levels to appeal to the most people possible. The Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) themed camping events focus on particular interests. Regional chapters allow you to connect with people nearby.

They offer many different events that appeal to as many people as possible. Escapees are all about inclusion. We’ll later discuss the under 50 group Xscapers that focuses on working-age folks with or without kids. Check out their calendar for upcoming events.

  • Rallies: What happens when you bring a group of like-minded RVers together in one place? A lot of fun. These events are at the core of camping clubs. Everyone comes together to enjoy the camping experience. Many first-timers shake off their nerves within the first couple of hours due to how inviting the RV club is to them. 
  • Mapping Tool: Escapees has a mapping tool on its website. You can plan out your trip, find campgrounds that offer discounts to their members, calculate driving times, and find other important information. It’ll even point out overnight parking locations if you want to save some money boondocking.
  • Commercial Partnerships: After your first camping experience, you’ve learned many things. “Camping adjacent” things like food, cookware, gear, and other items you hadn’t considered add up quickly. The organization has partnerships with many different companies that span various industries. Here are just a few:
    • Costco
    • Battle Born Batteries
    • Dish Network
    • RV Trader
    • SYKL Power Bikes

The Inside Track on Campground Savings

Escapees RV Club helps you save on campgrounds in three different ways. Your membership card will get you between 10-50% off of over 800 campground chains and other private locations (KOA is one of them). 

Escapees RV parks come in two forms. They have seven member-owned campgrounds and 11 co-op parks that open their gates for Escapees RV Club members only.

The member-owned campgrounds allow nonmembers to camp, but if you pay attention to the pricing, you’ll notice there are two different sets of prices. Be sympathetic as you walk away from the registration desk as you hear the nonmember complain about the higher rate they’re paying. It’s an excellent opportunity to help the front desk staff educate them about how great the Escapees RV Club is by sharing your personal experiences.

The Co-op parks are only available to Escapees members. These parks are for those who want to have a long-term campsite and play an active role in the park’s continuation. Each location has its own rules and regulations. If you feel this is right for you, the website has contact information.

Benefits of Joining Escapees RV Club

Escapees support their members with programs like no other. Some benefits you directly while others advocate for the greater RV Community. It’s hard to find all of these additional services in one place. 

Escapees RV Club Benefits

  • Mail Forwarding Services: For less than $200, you can take advantage of their mail forwarding services. You can choose your unique domicile address to exist in Texas, Florida, or South Dakota. They’ll forward those pieces of mail you request, scan envelopes for your online viewing, and other services.
  • Pet Insurance: Through a partnership, you can sign up for ASPCA pet insurance with a 10% discount to cover your beloved furbabies.
  • Roadside Assistance: What makes Escapee’s roadside assistance even better is their partnership with Goodyear. It’s hard to find a road service specifically designed for RVs. You can take advantage of their 15% discount through the tire company’s website.
  • Job Board: Those of us that work on the road have different requirements than those that work in a sticks-and-bricks house. Employers and fellow Escapee members post job opportunities on the member-only job board that fits our lifestyles.
  • Education Workshops and Resources: The national council sets up virtual and workshop events that members attend to learn about all things RV. The subject matters range on all levels of RV experience and many topics.
  • Advocacy and Lobby for RVer Legal Rights: Did you know that the Escapees Camping Club has members working hard to protect your rights? They stay on top of all new state and national legislation making sure our rights are protected. 
  • The C.A.R.E. Center: Sometimes, members need to set the jacks down and receive short-term medical care. Since 1992, Escapees has stayed true to form by helping their community in Livingston, Texas. This facility provides care for those members who need this service. Family members have full hookups so they can stay close.


If you haven’t caught on to the idea that Escapees is about inclusion, the Xscaper’s branch of the RV Club will prove the point. Before 2015, many of the members found it challenging to connect to other members across the generations. Retirees wanted a particular type of camping experience while younger families had different goals.

The grandchildren of Joe and Kay created the Xscapers group within Escapees to solve the generation gap. With your Escapees RV Club membership, you’ll have unrestricted access to the Xscapers. The diversity of the Xscapers is endless. You’ll find weekender first-timers becoming fast friends with full-timers who are third generation RVers. 

The Xscapers draw those under the age of 50 who live every version of the RV lifestyle. Most are still working and have families. Their events keep the kids happy and let you connect with people in your phase of life. Many Xscapers take advantage of the job board and education workshops.

The group has rallies throughout the year called Convergences. Many of these events are held in locations across the country, giving everyone a chance to participate. Some of these events will sacrifice hookups for the beauty of the land or the unique place they hold them. No matter the location, everyone comes back with a ton of great stories and new-found friends. 

Join Escapees

How Much Does it Cost to Join Escapees RV Club?

The Escapees RV Club membership fee is $49.95 annually. This gives you all of the accessibility you’ll need to enjoy the benefits of the RV club. The mail forwarding service, campgrounds, and other premium features have their costs. The annual membership idea is to keep the club’s support and services affordable to every member. 

North American members from Canada and Mexico are Bienvenu/ Bienvenido (welcome) for 10 dollars more. Others with international residence can join for $59.95 annually. The point is, this inclusive camping club keeps the gates open for everyone.

Join the Escapees RV Club and Be a Part of the Escapees Community

While other clubs just offer discounts and perks, Escapees goes further. The intention of becoming an SKP is to join a community of like-minded RV friends. As massive as the membership is today, its core values are still the same as when Joe and Kay started the group in 1978. The Escapees RV Club gives you that second family to meet up with on your RV adventures.

If you’ve ever been a part of a social organization as a child, teenager, college student, or in your adult life, you know what that sense of connection means. Fraternities and sororities call it brotherhood/sisterhood. You may have experienced it in 4H, Boy/Girl Scouts, Big Brother/Big Sister, Red Hat, Elks, Masons, or any other worthy organization.

If you’re looking for a sense of community and support from people who love the RV world as much as you, Escapees is the best RV club to join. You’ll find a place “where everybody knows your name,” and help you along the way. Happy Trails!


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