8 Best RV Discount Clubs to Save Money

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There are quite a few RV Discount Clubs on the market but which membership is the best for you? We decided to tackle this question with our list of the 8 Best RV Discount Clubs to Save Money!

We reviewed all of these clubs because we use them ourselves. Not every RV Camping Membership is for everyone so read through the short reviews or watch our YouTube Videos so you can decide which ones might be best for you.

Spoiler Alert! Our Favorite RV Camping Memberships Are:

  • Free Camping: Harvest Hosts, Boondockers Welcome and Overnight RV Parking
  • Discount Campsites: The Dyrt and Passport America
  • Trip Planning: RV Life ( you get RV Trip Wizard when you join RV Life)
  • Sense of Community: Escapees RV Club and FMCA

We use all of these RV discount clubs to help lower the cost of campsites, plan our trips and get discounts on gear and RV related services.

Why Join an RV Discount Club?

RVing is one of the most exciting and enjoyable vacation experiences you can have with your family. However, it is also one that can run up a serious bill. You need to pay for your RV, all that’s needed to keep it running, and then you need to pay for your RV campground. Fortunately, RV discount clubs can help you save money in certain areas. Specifically, by joining these RV discount clubs you can save money at your campgrounds.

If you are new to the world of RVing it can be easy to get overexcited with certain things. Once you have your RV you might be tempted to get on the road and start your trip as soon as you can. However, there are many things you need to prepare for before you start a trip.

That means booking a campsite at a campground near the area you want to visit. Finding a campground has become more difficult (and expensive) now that RVing has become so popular. And, finding high-quality campgrounds that are at reasonable prices is incredibly challenging. As a result, you might consider using RV discount clubs to get a better deal.

RV discount clubs require you to pay a yearly fee to get access to discounts at specific RV campgrounds. Typically, they will provide discounts at hundreds of parks all around the country. You might think that these RV Discount Clubs are only valuable if you are planning many trips throughout the year.

However, most of these RV Discount Memberships pay for themselves even if you only stay one or two nights at a campsite! There are many options available, so you just need to find the best one or ones for you.

1. Harvest Hosts

Another one of the best RV discount clubs is Harvest Hosts. Harvest Hosts is a network of over 2,000 (and growing all the time) wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and other attractions that invite RVers to stay on their properties.

A membership with them costs $99 and it gives you unlimited access to stay overnight at any of their locations. All they ask is that you support their hosts by purchasing some of their local products with each stay.

There are some requirements to join the program. Firstly, you need to have a self-contained RV with a toilet, water tank, and indoor cooking facilities. You should also note that tents of any kind are not allowed. And, overnight stays are limited to one night unless you get special permission from the host.

For all you golfers out there Harvest Hosts also has a Golf Course add on package where you can stay at over 300 Golf Courses and Country Clubs all across the US! Instead of paying $70 for a campsite, you can use that money and golf!

We absolutely LOVE our Harvest Hosts membership! We stay for free on some of the most beautiful farms, orchards, and wineries! And we usually have the place to ourselves!

2. Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is made up of 2,600 + Hosts who allow you to stay for free on their property. Many of the hosts are RVers too and they are happy to provide us with a free place to stay for a night or two.

AND – if boondocking sounds a little overwhelming you will be happy to know that 3 out of every 4 hosts have electric hookups available. Many also have water available and a few offer full hookups. Below is a picture of a gorgeous location where we stayed with full hookups and tons of privacy. It was awesome!

Boondockers welcome host location full hookups

Yeah – that’s a river in the background that we had full access to. We even were allowed to pick some fresh veggies from their vegetable garden inside the white picket fence!

For just $49 a year we stay at some amazing locations for free and three-quarters of them offer electric hookups! You just can’t beat it! Plus we have met some awesome hosts who share info about the local attractions and their own RV experiences.

If you stay one night a year at a Boondockers Welcome location this membership will pay for itself. It’s a no brainer!

3. Overnight RV Parking

OvernightRVParking is a great website and app for finding places to park your RV overnight for free! We use this app when we are traveling long distances and we just need a place to park for the night and get some sleep before continuing our trip in the morning. We figure why pay $50 or more to stay at a campground overnight when we can stay for free at a Cracker Barrel or Costco.

The app comes in super handy because not all Walmarts, Cracker Barrels, Costcos, and other places allow you to stay overnight. Some do and some don’t. This app contains over 14,000 locations where you can, and can’t stay overnight for free.

in addition, users are incentivized to update locations so the info is recent and accurate. For just 29.99 you get an annual subscription so again this is a no brainer. Use it just one time and it will more than pay for itself. This is definitely one of our most favorite apps!

4. The Dyrt Pro

The Dyrt is one of the best websites out there for finding great campgrounds all around the country. With The Dyrt Pro Membership, you will gain access to several discounts that can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

Pro members can save up to 40 percent at hundreds of campgrounds across the country and up to 30 percent on camping gear. You will also get access to The Dyrt’s offline campground search and downloadable maps in The Dyrt app.

The most lucrative discount from this RV discount club is on the campgrounds. You can save up to 40 percent at participating campgrounds on your first night, and 10 percent on all other nights at campgrounds that offer the premium discount. The 40 percent discount is only applicable from Sunday to Thursday, and there is a two-night minimum stay required to apply the discount. Of course, holidays are excluded from this deal.

There is a FREE 90 Day Trial that you can sign up for. With it, you can try out all the features that come with a membership, and you can even sign up to stay at a campground on your upcoming trip.

5. Passport America

Passport America is certainly one of the best RV discount clubs available to RVers. With a Passport America membership, you can save up to 50 percent at nearly 1600 quality campgrounds throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. And a subscription costs just $44 a year. It will pay for itself with just a 1 or 2-night stay!

Additionally, with a Passport America membership, you can download the My Passport America mobile app on all your devices. This app helps you plan out your route and find the best RV campgrounds in the areas you are passing through. You can do an advanced park search by city, state, or amenities. You will also be able to view your membership card, add your favorite parks, and add notes.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the Lifetime Gold Membership. This is a one time membership that costs just $349. With it you will get lifetime access to 50 percent discounts at all the campgrounds available to you with the regular membership. The best part about the gold membership is that it is a one time payment. As a result, if expect that you will be camping and RVing for many years, this membership will be worth it. It is the same cost as eight years of the standard membership. So, if you expect to use it for longer than that you should get the gold membership.

6. RV Life

When you are looking for the best RV discount clubs there are not many better options than RV Life. They have 1.1 million members, over 20,000 campgrounds, over 375,000 reviews, and over 70,000 tips for locations. The membership costs $49 a year, and with it, you get access to a plethora of bonus features including their awesome trip planning tool – RV Trip Wizard.

Firstly, with a subscription, you will be able to use the RV Life app. It is an RV safe GPS that is built by RVers, for RVers. Many regular GPS apps do not perform as well when you are out in the woods and in mountain passes. However, when you use this app you will get turn by turn navigation, including voice and lane guidance. It even works offline.

Additionally, you will get access to the RV Trip Wizard. This feature lets you plan out your trip with ease. It will show you exactly where you will be after a day of driving. As a result, you can use it to choose your ideal stop. It will customize safe routes for the height and weight of your RV. So, you can avoid low clearances, steep grades, weight limits, and propane restrictions.

When you subscribe you will also get access to hundreds of thousands of campground reviews. These campground reviews are the most popular, trusted, and comprehensive reviews on the internet. Each year millions of RVers use these reviews to help them decide where they should go next.

Finally, Maintain My RV is a cloud based service that you get access to. It tracks upcoming maintenance dates and sends you detailed reminder emails, showing you what needs your attention. It also turns data into reports that let you access documents and see key dates instantly.

7. Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club Member Benefits

Escapees is one of the oldest, and largest RV membership organizations in the world having recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. While it is not an RV discount club exclusively, many of its membership benefits are related to that area. When you get a membership with Escapees there are several discounts you will get access to.

First of all when you join Escapees RV Club you will have access to campground discounts of 15 to 50% at over 800 participating campgrounds across the country.

For all you pet owners a 10 percent discount is available on ASPCA Pet Insurance. Through this plan, you will be able to pick your annual coverage limit.

Additionally, you will get access to special pricing on Battle Born lithium batteries. You can even get a $30 gift card if you purchase a Costco membership.

Other discounts include $50 off a Satellite Antenna Bundle from Dish, a free one-year membership from Fulltime Families, a 15 percent discount on all trailer tire purchases from Goodyear, and much more.

Some other great benefits that you get from an Escapees membership are access to their Village Facebook group, Escapees Local Chapters, Rallys, Xscapers (for younger RVers), Mail Forwarding, Domicile Services, and so many more ways to connect with other RVers.



When you are looking for RV discount clubs you should consider FMCA one of your best options. With your subscription, you will get access to the FMCA Tire Savings Program and FMCA Roadside Rescue. You will also get special RV Insurance discounts and discounts on International Travel Insurance. Pet Insurance costs will also be reduced by 5 percent.

As we discussed earlier, it is easy for RV campground costs to pile up, especially on extended trips. As a result, it is important for RV discount clubs to offer discounts at campgrounds. When you get an FMCA membership you will receive 10 percent off your daily registration rate at any of the 500+ participating campgrounds in North America. You will also earn points that are redeemable toward dollars off future stays. You will also save on campground fees with FMCA commercial member RV parks.

Other discounts are included on windshield replacement, PROTENG, Briter, RV Whisper, and Mail Forwarding. You will also get shopping discounts at Costco, UPS, OfficeMax, and Car Rental. Finally, you will get a TCS fuel discount card that is usable at nearly 1100 locations in the United States.

Save Money with the Best RV Discount Clubs Available

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to pick out the best RV discount club for you. We know there is a lot of information to absorb, but without it you would not be able to make an informed decision on the topic. Now that you have this knowledge you should be able to figure out what the best option is for you.

We wish we could tell you what the best option is for you. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same needs, so different RV discount clubs will be better for different people. Each club has its own benefits. Some provide discounts at thousands of discounts around the country, others have a discounts on a variety of camping materials, and others have excellent services that will help improve your overall camping experience. It is your responsibility to figure out what is best for you and to pick that RV discount club.

While RVing is a lot of fun, it is not something you should jump into without doing the proper preparation and research. Since it costs so much money to get yourself ready for your first trip it is important to find ways to save money along the way. One of the best ways to do that is to subscribe to one of the best RV discount clubs available. These clubs will provide you with discounts at various RV campgrounds around the country, and sometimes even in Canada and Mexico. So, find the best one for you and you will be ready for a great trip!

Are you interested in any of the listed RV discount clubs? Where do you want to go on your next trip? What type of RV will you be traveling in? Let us know in the comments!

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      Overall it pays for itself pretty quickly

  1. Hi, we bought our first RV (27 ft Coachman). We plan to make our first maiden trips locally to get us and our RV broken in. Our tentative plan is to make a trip to the Destin area to surprise my father-in-law (they spend Dec – Mar in FL each year) for his 90th birthday about January 8th 2023. Any suggestions as to camps and clubs that would be the most beneficial. Also any tips on flat towing our manual 2012 Nissan Frontier King cab?

    • Hi Cherryl,
      Best of luck with your new camper!
      The clubs that are most beneficial to you depend on how you camp…
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