GoSun Camp 365 Review

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Our GoSun Camp 365 review revealed a camper in a class all its own. The many innovative features and unique design components make it impossible to lump this camper in with any other RV. We can’t wait to show you what sets the GoSun Camp 365 apart!

What’s GoSun’s Camp 365 Trailer?

The emergence of the GoSun Camp 365 on the RV market indicates the birth of a whole new RV category. This RV is small, compact, and aerodynamic, like a teardrop camper. It easily unfolds from road mode to camp mode, much like a traditional pop-up. Once inside, the floorplan is reminiscent of a travel trailer.

Combining the best features of teardrops, pop-ups, and travel trailer campers, the GoSun Camp 365 is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

GoSun’s Camp 365 Floor Plan

GoSun Camp 365 Review GoSun's Camp 365 Floor Plan Top
GoSun Camp 365 Review GoSun's Camp 365 Floor Plan Side
  • UVW: 1,800 lbs.
  • Closed Width: 4-6 ft.
  • Closed Height: 6.7 ft.
  • Length: 15.5 ft.
  • Tongue Weight: 220-330 lbs.
  • GVWR: 2,200 lbs.
  • Open Width: 11.7 ft.
  • Open Height: 8.5 ft.
  • CCC: 400 lbs.
  • Sleep: 2-4

Inside the GoSun Camp 365 is an open floorplan with many hidden amenities. You’ll find the GoSun Chill fridge, and GoSun Flo sink/water filtration system tucked in the tongue of the camper.

These appliances slide easily on a drawer into the living compartment to create a mini kitchenette. If you prefer, both can be accessed from outside the camper. 

GoSun Camp 365 Review Floor plan Accessories

There’s also a floor storage compartment where you’ll find the collapsible bedframes. Once parked, you have the option of assembling these into two single bunks or one queen bed. Partner the bunks with an inflatable mattress, and this camper easily sleeps a family of four.

Does GoSun Camp 365 Have a Shower?

Does GoSun Camp 365 Have a Shower

When reviewing the GoSun Camp 365, we were thrilled to learn this compact little camper comes equipped with both a shower and a cassette toilet! While you’ll find the toilet hidden in the interior floor storage compartment, the shower is stored in the tongue cabinet.

Simply retrieve the shower head and clip it into place on the side of the camper. The tongue cabinet door and included shower curtain work together to create a private shower stall.

This shower even comes equipped with two different hot water heating methods. The propane water heater and the GoSun Fusion solar oven both come standard.

If you’re boondocking or simply looking to be more eco-friendly, the GoSun Fusion is a great option to heat enough water for a shower in just thirty minutes. 

How Much Does a GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Cost?

How Much Does a GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Cost

Like other travel trailers in the $30,000 price range, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this camper. The many innovative cost-saving features were especially impressive when reviewing the GoSun Camp 365.

The included solar panels power the GoSun Fusion oven and water heater. The GoSun Chill cooler fridge and the GoSun Flo sink/water purification system also run off solar power. As an added bonus, these appliances can be removed from the camper and used in daily life to save you money. 

What Does a GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Weigh?

What Does a GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Weigh

The GoSun Camp 365’s unloaded weight is just 1,800 pounds. This weight is quite comparable to the weight of an average pop-up camper. But this camper requires less elbow grease to set up than the average pop-up. 

The innovative folding design and gas springs make it easy for one person to transform the GoSun Camp 365 from road to camp mode. The 100-square-foot cabin with an impressive 8.5 ft. ceiling is ready to go in under ten minutes.

Is GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Good in Any Weather?

Is GoSun Camp 365 Trailer Good in Any Weather

The GoSun Camp 365 is more equipped for year-round camping than most other small campers. The reason for this is the unique Aqualon material that comprises the walls of this camper.

There are two layers of Aqualon with an air pocket in between. This air helps keep the interior of the RV comfortable no matter the weather. In fact, this all-weather camper is rated for temperatures ranging from 150°F to -40°F.

In addition to the Aqualon technology, the GoSun Camp 365 comes equipped with an 8,000 BTU air conditioner. Although you’ll have to be plugged into shore power to use it, the air conditioner will cool the interior of this compact camper in a jiffy.

Which Vehicles Can Tow a GoSun Camp 365 Camper?

Which Vehicles Can Tow a GoSun Camp 365 Camper

So far, our review of the GoSun Camp 365 has revealed many unique features. Unsurprisingly, this camper is also incredibly versatile when it comes to towing. It’s very lightweight and can be towed behind even small crossovers and SUVs.

But, what’s truly exceptional is its patented expandable axle with an adjustable wheelbase. You can set the wheelbase at just 48 inches for towing behind an ATV and traveling down rugged trails. Simply adjust the wheelbase up to 71.5 inches for easy towing down a standard road with your car or SUV.

Who Makes GoSun Camp 365 Trailer?

Who makes GoSun Camp 365 Trailer

The people who make this camper is as unique as the GoSun Camp 365 itself. As its name suggests, GoSun and Camp 365 partnered to create this solar-powered, self-sufficient travel trailer.

You might recognize GoSun’s name because they’re a leader in the solar-powered appliance industry. You’ll be happy to find many of their best-known products as standard features on the GoSun Camp 365.

Camp 365 is a company born from the minds of outdoor enthusiasts with an idea for a foldable camper that could go anywhere. Company founder Kevin McGregor was inspired by his uncle’s drawing on the back of a napkin.

After constructing a scale model featuring a toy UTV and a G.I. Joe action figure, the Camp 365 took off. They partnered with GoSun to create a camper that truly can go almost anywhere.

Final Thoughts: Is GoSun Camp 365 a Good Camper?

Final Thoughts Is GoSun Camp 365 a Good Camper

Our review of the GoSun Camp 365 revealed an innovative camper that fits just about any lifestyle. Taking up hardly any space, this camper that fits in a garage is an excellent option for both an avid camper and the occasional outdoor enthusiast alike. 

Weather you’re towing this camper down the highway with a full-size family vehicle or down rugged trails with an ATV, the GoSun Camp 365 is ready for the adventure.

The Aqualon technology makes this camper suited for all seasons. Its flexibility means that the GoSun Camp 365 is an excellent RV, no matter your needs.


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