How to Get an RV Master Key Replacement

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How do I get an RV master key replacement? There is a lot to unpack to answer that question. There is also a lot of general information about RV keys.

What is the truth about RV keys? Who might have a matching key to my RV? Can I get an RV master key that will open my entry door and storage bay doors? What about the engine key or the gas cap key?

Although the jury is out on just how many RV keys are out there that will fit your RV, it doesn’t hurt to make some changes. The peace of mind knowing your RV can’t be unlocked by someone else is priceless. One positive change is getting a new RV master key.

Rekeying or replacing the locks on your RV, particularly a used one, is always a good idea. Getting an RV master key is a good way to have fewer keys and provide options when allowing others into your RV while you are away.

How Do I Get an RV Master Key Replacement?

How Do I Get an RV Master Key Replacement?
Fleetwood models have a F.I.N. that can be used to find parts for your motorcoach.

Getting an RV master key replacement isn’t difficult. Purchase a master key, sometimes referred to as a primary key, from your local RV dealer or your RV manufacturer.

Lippert Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of RV components, offers a Keyed-Alike lock system through manufacturers and dealers since 2015. Their system is available for RV entry doors, toy hauler ramps, and storage bay hatches.

Fleetwood models have a F.I.N. (Fleetwood Identification Number) that can be used to find specific parts for your Fleetwood RV, even locks for your motorhome or travel trailer.

The most likely place to find the F.I.N. on your coach is on the silver sticker on the coach’s exterior immediately next to the driver’s side exterior mirror or on the wall next to the driver’s seat.

What Is an RV Master Key?

What Is an RV Master Key
A master key can also open storage doors.

A master key will open all the doors on your RV, even though each has a separate key. This keying system is great, particularly if your RV must go in for servicing. You can give only the key or keys that are necessary for the repair and leave the other areas securely locked.

A master key can be used for the door, gas tank, and storage bays but not for the engine key.

Does the Master Key Work for Storage Bays, too? 

Does the Master Key Work for Storage Bays, too 
Manufacturers, dealers, and vendors offer a keyed-alike system.

RV manufacturers, dealers, and aftermarket vendors offer the Keyed-Alike system that will work for storage bays, entry doors, and other exterior locks.

The Keyed-Alike system and its variants are cut differently than traditional RV master keys. The key is more complex, so you can have peace of mind that someone else does not have the same key as you.

In 2016, Bauer teamed up with Lippert to find a way to bring the Keyed-Alike system into the RV manufacturing process. Today, many name brands like Jayco, Forest River, and others offer this RV master key system as a standard feature.

Are All RV Keys the Same?

There is some question about how many RV keys are out there that could open any of your RV doors or hatches. While the likelihood of that happening is slim, just the thought of it occurring might spur you on to get your locks changed or rekeyed. You might also take the keyless entry option.

How to Find Out Which Key You Need

How to Find Out Which Key You Need
A CH751 key is one of the most common keys found for RVs.

The first thing you need to do if you decide to change your locks with new keys is to check the specifications on your current lock. In other words, the opening size needs to be compatible with the new hardware.

Also, note that an estimated 60 percent of all storage compartments found in today’s RVs have a CH751 lock. You can check your key to see if those numbers are engraved on the key. If you didn’t change your locks from the original setup in your RV, it is most likely this is what you have.

Where to Buy RV Master Key Replacements

Where to Buy RV Master Key Replacements

RV master keys can be purchased from your RV dealer or RV manufacturer. Aftermarket companies offer the Keyed-Alike system, competitor brands, and RV keyless entry components.

Can I Replace My Locks and Keys?

Yes, you can replace your RV locks and keys, which may be the best way to get rid of the old CH751 keys and locks. Check out these different options that replace your RV locks and keys.

Replace Your Locks With a Keyless Entry System

Replace your locks with a keyless entry system

An RV keyless entry is a door lock that can be locked without needing a physical key. Most utilize a keypad that allows users to enter with a PIN programmed to the lock.

Some locks come with a key, a fob, or an app that can be used instead of the key code. Some RV keyless entry system kits have tubular cam locks that cannot be exactly duplicated.

A keyless entry system is a great key solution that allows you to get into your RV with a simple code you can easily program yourself. The locks also come with an entry key which, depending on the brand you purchase, can allow you to open the bay doors with the same key.

The Benefits of an RV Keyless Entry System

The benefits of a keyless RV lock are numerous. You don’t need your keys when you go for a walk or head to the beach. Some models allow you to program several access codes that can be easily changed at any time.

You can give a code to a guest or someone who is watching your RV. Later, you can delete or change the code. By having this, you won’t have to give them the master code. Some systems even have alarm systems.

Most keyless entry systems cost a few hundred dollars. Some RV keyless entry systems come in a set with an RV master key that bypasses the keypad and opens the storage bay doors.

Keyless RV entry systems are easy to install. The process is similar to installing a regular door lock. If you don’t feel up to the task, you can always have it installed by an RV technician or at a dealership. In our feature article, learn more about RV keyless entry systems as an alternative to RV master keys.

Rekey your RV Door Locks

The process of rekeying your RV door lock involves replacing the pins in the old lock to allow for a new key. By rekeying, you don’t have to take the old handle apart. You can have a locksmith rekey your door or do it yourself. Check out a few YouTube videos before your get started.

4 Types of RV Lock Replacements

Types of RV Lock Replacements
A smart lock can add another security element to your RV door locks.

There are several different types of locks that you can use on an RV.

1. RV Keyless Entry Systems

RV Keyless Entry System

As I mentioned earlier, keyless entry systems, sometimes called keypad door locks, use a numerical keypad rather than a key. These can be battery-powered or wired directly into the RV’s electrical system.

Keyless smart locks allow for more ways to lock and unlock a door. These usually have a keypad and can also be locked and unlocked with a phone app or key fob. Smart locks are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled and can connect to other automation services. These locks require power to use the functions.

Check out our article called Why RV Keyless Entry Locks are Worth the Money for more detailed information.

2. RV Storage Bay Cam Locks

RV Storage Bay Cam Locks

Most RV bay doors have cam locks, meaning the fastener has an attached arm or cam that rotates to lock. These are cylindrical and have a metal tube with a hole on one side that helps position the bolt when it is inserted.

3. RV Deadbolt Locks

RV Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks offer the strongest protection and have bolts that move with the turning of a key without a spring. They are less susceptible to forced entry.

4. RV Mortise Locks

RV Mortise Lock

Mortise locks are comprised of an internal system or lockset and provide more security than a cylindrical lock. The lock utilizes mortise components added to the door.

RV Master Key Wrap Up

RV Master Key Wrap Up

Just remember, when considering upgrading your RV, make sure that locks and keys are at the top of the list. You want to keep your family and your stuff safe. Getting a Keyed-Alike system is not difficult or expensive and can give you some peace of mind.

Take the new lock a step further and upgrade to a keypad system. You can really take it to the next level with an app on your smartphone. With that, there is no mystery; just check the app to ensure your RV is locked up.

Now that you know all facts about RV master keys and your options, you can decide for yourself what is best for your RV.


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