RV Generator Box Guide: FAQ, Top Picks, & More

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If you’re RVing, you know a generator is a must-have. But what kind of generator should you purchase? And how do you store it? That’s where an RV generator box comes in. An RV generator box is a great way to keep your generator secure while you’re on the road.

This guide will answer some common questions about RV generator boxes, share our top picks, and give you some tips on using and caring for your RV generator box.

What is an RV Generator Box?

What is an RV Generator Box?

An RV generator box is a storage box designed specifically for portable generators. Generator boxes typically have a weather-resistant design and may include features like ventilation to help keep your generator cool. 

The primary purpose of an RV generator box is to protect your generator from the elements and help extend its lifespan. By keeping your generator in a box, you can help protect it from rain, snow, and excessive sun exposure. 

Many RV generator boxes include locks or straps to help secure your generator while traveling. So whether you’re looking for a simple storage solution or a weather-resistant box with all the bells and whistles, an RV generator box is essential for any RV owner.

5 Benefits of An RV Generator Box 

Benefits of An RV Generator Box

As any RVer knows, a generator is an essential piece of equipment. When electrical hookups are unavailable, it provides power for lights, appliances, and other necessary functions. 

There are many benefits of using an RV generator box. Here are a few.

1. Less Noise 

If you’ve ever camped next to an RV with a generator running, you know how loud and annoying they can be. The constant hum of the engine is disruptive, but it can also be challenging to carry on a conversation or get a good night’s sleep. By enclosing the generator in a sound-dampening box, you can significantly reduce the amount of noise.

2. Better Airflow 

Most RV generator boxes include ventilation to help improve airflow and keep your generator cool. This is especially important if you’re using your generator in hot weather. 

3. Frees Up Space

A generator box can help free up your storage bay for other items by allowing you to store your generator in an out-of-the-way location. 

4. Protects From Thieves

An RV generator box protects your expensive generator from thieves. By keeping it locked in a generator box, you can be sure it will stay safe and sound. 

5. Keeps the Generator Clean

An RV generator box is a great way to keep your generator clean and protected from the elements. By enclosing the generator, you can prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the engine, which can cause problems and shorten the life of the generator. 

Can You Run Your Generator in a Generator Box? 

Can You Run Your Generator in a Generator Box? 

If you’re wondering whether you can run your generator in a generator box, yes, as long as the container has proper ventilation. 

Most generator boxes have louvered vents (the style of venting you’d find on an RV vented closet for a washer/dryer) that allow air to circulate. So as long as you keep the vents clear, you should be able to run your generator safely in an enclosed space. Consult your owner’s manual for instructions on properly operating your RV generator.

DIY Generator Boxes vs. Buying One

In the market for a generator box? There are two main options available: buy a ready-made unit, or build your own. Of course, there are pros and cons to both approaches, so it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully before deciding. 

There are two options for those handy with tools and who have some basic carpentry skills. Building your own generator box can be a fun and satisfying project. Plus, you’ll save money in the process. 

However, it’s important to note that DIY generator boxes can be tricky to build, and if you’re not careful, you could end up with a unit that’s not up to code. 

On the other hand, buying a ready-made generator box from a reputable manufacturer will ensure you receive a quality product that meets all safety standards. The downside is that it will most likely cost more than building your own. 

Ultimately, buying or DIYing a generator box depends on your needs and preferences. Whichever route you choose, make sure you do your research to end up with a reliable box.

Where to Mount a Generator Box on Your RV

Where to Mount a Generator Box

Generator boxes are essential to any RV, providing a convenient and safe way to store your generator. But where should you mount one?

The best location for the generator is above the propane tanks on an RV front hitch generator carrier. These front racks are a secure place for your generator and have enough room for a box. 

Mounting the generator on the front of the RV helps distribute the generator’s weight more evenly across the RV, improving gas mileage. 

However, if you don’t have a front-mounted hitch carrier, you can also mount the generator box on the back of the RV with a hitch-mounted cargo carrier. Ensure that the tray can hold all the weight and is appropriately secured in place.

4 Considerations for Mounting Your RV Generator

Considerations for Mounting Your RV Generator

It’s important to pause before you mount your RV generator and consider the implications. After all, the generator is a critical component of your RV. Where you choose to store it can significantly affect its performance and longevity. 

To help you make the best decision for your RV, consider a few things before mounting your RV generator.

1. Ventilation

The generator produces fumes that need to be released, so it’s essential to provide adequate ventilation where the generator is mounted. If you mount the generator in an enclosed space, such as a generator box, install louvered vents to allow air to circulate. Without proper ventilation, fumes can build up and cause the generator to overheat or even catch fire. 

Also, you want to make sure that the exhaust is venting away from others. When parked in close quarters with others, such as NASCAR and festival events, generator exhaust fumes don’t dissipate well. Experts advised raising exhaust pipes for better venting.

2. Sound

No one wants to be the neighbor with the noisy RV generator. If you’re concerned about disturbing the peace, make sure you mount the generator in a location where the noise won’t be too disruptive. We discuss five generator mount ideas for travel trailers in another article.

3. Storage Bay, Ladder, or Hitch Access 

It’s tricky to find a suitable place to store a generator, especially if you have a small RV. The three most common options are the storage bay, ladder, or hitch access. Each of these locations has pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

The storage bay is the most obvious choice. But, roughing in the wiring, exhaust piping, and other required parts can be challenging if your motorhome or travel trailer doesn’t come with a generator prepped storage bay.

The RV ladder is a good option for easy access, but it must ensure the generator is securely strapped. 

The hitch is usually the most accessible place to mount a generator, but you need to avoid blocking important things like the taillights or propane tank. That’s why hitch-mounted cargo carriers have an elevated design.

Ultimately, the best location for your generator will depend on your specific RV and your own preferences.

4. Ease of Access 

When you’re RVing, easy access to your generator is crucial. After all, you need to start it quickly in case of an emergency and shut it down just as fast when you’re finished using it. You also need to be able to make any necessary adjustments with no hassle. 

When mounting your generator, keep accessibility in mind to ensure ease of use for the best results.

Where to Buy An RV Generator Box

Where to Buy An RV Generator Box

One of the best places to buy an RV generator box is online. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a generator box. First, read the reviews to give you a good idea of what to expect in quality and performance. 

Second, be sure to compare the prices of different brands before deciding. Generally, you’ll get what you pay for with an RV generator box, so finding an affordable and well-made one is crucial.  

Finally, double-check the dimensions to ensure that the box will fit your RV generator. Portable generators come in various sizes, so it’s important to find a box that’s the right size for your needs.

Our Generator Box Top Picks

Now that we’ve answered some common questions about RV generator boxes let’s look at our top three picks. 

1. Arksen Trailer Tongue Box for Generator

Arksen Trailer Tongue Box for Generator

Looking for a way to safely and securely transport your generator? Look no further than the Arksen Trailer Tongue Box for Generator. They make this box from heavy-duty diamond plate steel built to last a lifetime.

It features a clever design that can be mounted on any trailer or truck and comes with a secure lock to keep your generator safe. The box is weather resistant and can withstand even the harshest conditions. It weighs just 21 pounds, making it easy to transport wherever you need it.

2. Buyers Products Aluminum Box

Buyers Products Aluminum Box

If you’re looking for a place to store your RV generator, the Buyers Products Aluminum Box is a great option. It’s made of durable aluminum and has a weather-resistant finish. They also vented the box to prevent overheating, and it has a pry-resistant lid with a stainless steel latch. This makes it ideal for keeping your generator secure while on the road.

3. Trapezoid Trailer Tongue Box

Trapezoid Trailer Tongue Box

The Trapezoid Trailer Tongue Box is an excellent way to increase your RV storage space. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, it’s lightweight, strong, and durable. The support bar inside helps secure the lid, and the 5-bar tread pattern strengthens the aluminum for maximum durability.

The concealed stainless steel lock is a cinch to use, and you can easily mount the box on your trailer’s tongue. 

Wrapping Up About RV Generator Boxes

Wrapping Up About RV Generator Boxes

An RV generator box is a great way to keep your generator safe, clean, and quiet. You can buy an RV generator box or make your own. 

There are many considerations when choosing where to mount your RV generator box, such as ventilation, sound, and storage bay access. Be sure to check the size of your RV generator and the dimensions of the box before making a purchase. 

We hope our RV generator box guide has been helpful. Do you have a generator box? Where do you store it? Let us know in the comments below.


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