6 Best Pop Up Campers for Motorcycles

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A motorcycle road trip is a beautiful way to travel and see the country. But rather than put a motorcycle on a trailer and haul it behind your RV some folks prefer to drive the motorcycle and haul a pop up or bunkhouse camper trailer behind it.

That’s precisely where a motorcycle pop up camper comes into play. There are plenty of lightweight pop up campers for motorcycles on the market to choose from but which are the best?

Well read on to see our list of the 6 Best Pop Up Campers for Motorcycles!

About Motorcycle Pop Up (Bunkhouse) Campers 

People who want to experience the open road on a motorcycle and camp along the way will love the popup or bunkhouse motorcycle camper. And, quite frankly I’m surprised I don’t see more of these on the road. Anyone with a larger sized motorcycle can tow these campers, which can sleep up to two people very comfortably.

A motorcycle camper or bunkhouse camper is a pop-up camper. When folded down it looks like a motorcycle cargo trailer. When you arrive at your campsite you just set it up just like anyone would set up a pop-up tent. And, you can carry extra camping gear inside the pop up while you are hauling it, which makes it very convenient.

The six best manufacturers of pop up campers for motorcycles worthy of a spot on your motorcycle’s hitch are:

  1. Roadman Campers Queen Size Camper
  2. Aspen Lightweight Sentry
  3. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate
  4. Time Out Camper
  5. Roll-A-Home Wide Bed
  6. Lees-ure Lite Excel

Pick your favorite and you’ll be ready to embark on that long-awaited road trip in no time.

How Much Do Pop Ups for Motorcycles Weigh?

Camping trailers for motorcycles weigh in at around 250-400 pounds. They vary based on size and amenities. The smallest, most basic pop ups are going to weigh the least.

They’ll offer you a space to rest your head and a spot to hold your gear. But what if you want add-ons like headspace, a sink, maybe even extra storage? With these, you’ll be pushing the maximum of about 400 pounds.

How Much Weight Can My Motorcycle Tow?

The typical road trip motorcycle can tow a decent amount. On average, you’ll find these bikes capable of hauling 350-450 pounds. There’s an easy trick on finding out for sure. Determine the maximum full loaded operating weight as specified by your bike’s manufacturer. Subtract the net weight of your motorcycle, as it will be ridden. And, the resulting number is your motorcycle’s safe tow weight.

The 6 Best Pop Up Campers and Manufacturers for Motorcycles

6 Best Pop Up Campers for Motorcycles

1. Roadman Campers – Queen Size Camper

We’re starting our list out strong for motorcycle pop ups. The first up is Roadman’s queen size motorcycle tent trailer. At 275 pounds and $4,900, it’s both lightweight and affordable. This Roadman variant is 100” long and 35” tall. This makes it easy to maneuver without being too cramped inside.

It fits the pair of you comfortably, with the queen size mattress and all. A 500-lb torsion suspension system proves that you can take this thing anywhere. A quartet of windows, an aluminum luggage rack and diamond running boards are all a part of the picture. There’s even space for up to 225 pounds of gear but if you add too much weight you’ll want to haul it with a compact car.

Aspen Sentry Motorcycle Pop Up Camper2. Aspen Lightweight Sentry

Here’s a motorcycle camper that’s as comfortable as it is convenient. The Aspen Sentry costs just $5,395 and weighs only 325 pounds. It’s only 6 feet long under 5 feet wide when closed. Inside, its 22 cubic feet of storage capacity is plenty of space for the road trip traveler.

This camper includes an A/C duct flap, queen-size foam mattress, and a durable travel cover. Available accessories include a kayak rack and electric brakes. You even have your choice of lights, axles, and wheels to pair with your motorcycle. For this pop up, there is definitely room for the two of you.

3. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

kompact kamper mini mate motorcycle camperTrue to its namesake, this Kompact Kamp motorcycle trailer is one compact camper. The Mini Mate costs an affordable $3,195 and weighs a mere 265 pounds. Still, it manages to squeeze in a load of camping convenience. That’s thanks in part to the available awning and a 6″4″ interior head room.

Crafted from fiberglass, the Mini Mate is just over 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. Inside, a double bed can make any destination feel like home. So too can a luggage rack, carpet, and even cushions. And the best part? Kompact Kamp claims it only takes two minutes to set up.

Time Out Pop Up Camper for Motorcycles4. Time Out Camper

If you’re someone who doesn’t need much when camping, this one’s for you. Time Out’s original camper is perfect for beginners, but that doesn’t make it any less nifty. It costs a modest $3,995 and weighs only 345 pounds. All the while, you can set it up in a swift three minutes and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

The Time Out is unapologetically meant for the motorcycle traveler, and a queen size bed inside makes it even better. When the tent is folded inside, you can stow 16 cubic feed of storage (that’s generous space for campsite gear and luggage). There’s even a chair and table standard for your camping convenience.

5. Roll-A-Home Wide Bed

Roll A Home Wide Bed Pop Up Camper for MotorcyclesYou’re after the ultimate two-person motorcycle bunkhouse camper, you say? Well, you may just want to peek at the Roll-a-Home Wide Bed camper. This 385-pound road trip renegade costs $5,499. It’s 80” length and 73” wide with a cozy king size bed, so it really is the perfect dual-sleeper size.

The Roll-a-Home is built with serious quality. A fiberglass body in black or white, a set of five screened windows, LED lighting and an accordion-style setup bring it a notch above the rest. Add a screened or fiberglass room for additional space. And if that’s not enough for you, it also features an independent rubber torsion bar suspension to ease the journey.

6. Lees-ure Lite Excel

Lees ure Lite Excel Motorcycle CamperThere’s plenty of reason to vie for a Lees-ure Lite trailer, the Excel model in particular. It boasts a reasonable price of $5,095. Meanwhile, it’s only 295 pounds, so there’s room for stored gear should you need it. And with 30 cubic feet of storage space, you have plenty of opportunities to use it.

Inside, a double bed means room for two on this motorcycle road trip. Add the 7-foot awning or screen room for a beautiful bug free outdoor space. While only 4.5 feet by 6.5 feet when closed, it expands to 11 feet long when open. Now that’s a spacious transformation!

Motorcycle Teardrop Campers

I didn’t include teardrop trailers in the list because a teardrop camper is not really a pop up camper. A teardrop camper is a hard side camper that usually only sleeps one person and they can be pretty heavy so only larger motorcycles can tow them safely.

The advantages are that there is not much set up and they are hard-sided, which is often a requirement of campgrounds in bear country. Since they are hard-sided they have the ability to hold window mount an A/C unit. And, some even have a spot to mount an exterior sink.

The biggest negative is just the weight and the fact that they can only really sleep 1 person comfortably. But if you travel alone a small teardrop camper can be a great option.

Hit the Road with a Motorcycle Pop Up Camper

In conclusion, motorcycle campers are ideal for enjoying an outdoor camping experience while on the road. They are lightweight, towable, compact, and inexpensive. They are a great way to camp and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.  Since they are small, maintenance and cleaning are minimal while you are enjoying your camping lifestyle.

Therefore, take the time to understand your camping needs so you can find the best type of motorcycle camper that will fit your lifestyle.  Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality pop up camper or bunkhouse for your motorcycle. With a tent camper in tow and your bike in gear, you’ll have everything you need in life.

Do you have a favorite motorcycle popup or bunkhouse camper? Please let us know in the comments below!

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