10 Best Reclining Camping Chairs with a Footrest

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The moment you sit down in your reclining camping chair with your favorite beverage can be the moment your RV trip begins. Your coach is set up, the “out of the office” email message activated, and the pressures of everyday life melt away as you relax on your reclining camping chair of paradise. RVing is awesome.

RV outdoor furniture like reclining camping chairs shouldn’t be an afterthought. The RV lifestyle is one that enjoys the great outdoors. After all your planned activities, returning to enjoy your motorhome or travel trailer’s outdoor space in your favorite chair should be a relaxing reward.

Kick your feet up in your current favorite RV chair, and join us as we walk you through what to look for in the best reclining camping chair. You’ll also see our list of the best outdoor camping recliners on the market that are great for any RV outdoor living space.

6 Ways to Choose the Best Reclining Camping Chair

6 Ways to Choose the Best Reclining Camping Chair

Finding the perfect reclining camping chair can be accomplished by looking for the right factors. Here’s a great way to narrow your list to avoid buyer’s remorse.

1. Choose The Most Durable Reclining Camping Chair

Choosing the Most Durable Reclining Camping Chair

The first factor should always be durability. The best reclining camping chairs have a folding powder-coated steel tube frame. The coating prevents the steel from rusting, and it’s baked on so it can take the scrapes and bruises in the RV lifestyle.

The bungee cording that connects the fabric to the frame keeps the fabric taut. Yet it does have enough elasticity to make the chair comfortable.

Reclining camping chair manufacturers found that Textilene is the best material for patio and RV outdoor furniture. The PVC-coated polyester fabric is resistant to:

  • Color Fading
  • Fire
  • Moisture
  • Mold and Mildew
  • UV Radiation

Since most manufacturers use this strong material, the key to a durable reclining camping chair is to look at the joints. Ensure that the hardware that keeps the chair together uses the same high-level quality materials.

2. Find The Right Weight Capacity On A Reclining Camping Chair

Finding the Right Weight Capacity on a Reclining Camping Chair

The average weight capacity of a reclining camping chair ranges from 200-600 pounds. So you’ll often see standard camping recliners in the 250 to 300-pound range. Yet there are many oversized and extra-length chairs on the market, so virtually anyone can find a comfortable RV outdoor chair.

Oversized chairs are perfect for parents and grandparents that have little ones sitting with them. Those looking for a reclining camping chair that doesn’t feel like sitting in the back of a commercial airliner will also enjoy the roominess of an oversized chair.

3. Pick a Reclining Camping Chair You Can Store Easily

Pick a Reclining Camping Chair you can lift and Store Easily

All RVs, regardless of size, have the same issue: Storage. Reclining camping chairs do fold up, but their width doesn’t. On the other hand, collapsable reclining camping chairs close up well enough to fit inside a bag that’s small enough to strap to a hiking backpack.

More than likely, you’re probably bringing more than one chair with you. This is because you’ll have a chair for everyone coming with you on the trip. If you’re the social type, it’s always good RV etiquette to have one or two extra chairs for guests. If you must, you can “cheat” by storing them inside your towable rather than your storage bays.

4. Will You Be Comfortable In The Reclining Camping Chair?

Will You Be Comfortable in the Reclining Camping Chair?

So far, you know the chair is durable and strong, and you can store it. But, after all of those filters, will you be comfortable in it?

Like any other RV furniture piece, reclining camping chairs have different levels of comfort and support. The last thing you want is to make an appointment with your chiropractor for a realignment due to your outdoor camping recliner.

There are reclining camping chairs that come padded or with a thick cushion that lays over the Textilene. In addition, a significant amount of camping recliners come with headrests for better neck support.

Many advertise their product as a “zero-gravity” reclining camping chair. This position distributes your weight evenly throughout your body, reducing stress on your spine. It is slightly similar to weightlessness, but it’s more of a nickname than an accurate description.

RVBlogger Tip: If you’re looking for a zero-gravity reclining camping chair for medical purposes, we always advise consulting your medical professional team. They have the training and know your unique needs to recommend what to look for in a camping recliner for your needs.

4. Opt For the Reclining Camping Chair With Additional Features

4. Opt For the Reclining Camping Chair With Additional Features

You’ll want a reclining camping chair that has additional features. Attached trays, beverage holders, side pouches, and other extra add-ons are great conveniences that can keep you hands-free.

Some reclining camping chairs with canopies give you enough overhead shade to block direct sunlight. Others may have a better anti-skid design with individual support legs and strong grip pads. It could be those little details that make all the difference.

6. Invest In a Quality Reclining Camping Chair Once

Invest In a Quality Reclining Camping Chair Once

You may want a reclining camping chair. Your spouse may want a folding rocking camping chair. You may have to pick up more camping chairs for the kids and guests that join you at your campfire. Some heated camping chairs may be on your shopping list for late-season camping trips. That’s a lot of money you’re spending just to have a place to sit outside.

The good news is that some of it can wait. In the long run, remember that old adage, buy good once. There are quality reclining camping chairs with footrests for many budgets, styles, and personal comfort.

The Best Reclining Camping Chairs With a Footrest

Now that you know what to look for in an outdoor camping recliner, here’s a list of the 10 best reclining camping chairs worth putting on your shortlist.

1. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Reclining Camping Chairs

Best Choice Products Set of Reclining Camping Chairs

Start with a set of matching reclining camping chairs if you’re just starting out, or it’s time to update your RV outdoor living space. Best Choice Product’s Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners have 16 different colors and patterns and a proven track record for durability.

The 250-pound weight capacity chairs come with attachable trays that fit two beverages, a cell phone, and a tablet. Together, the reclining camping chairs weigh just over 30 pounds, so they’re light enough for anybody to set up and fold up thin enough to fit in any motorhome or travel trailer storage bay.

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair holds up to 300 pounds and comes in 7 colors and patterns. Photo and sports enthusiasts can set up the 20-pound camouflage design in their favorite blind, enjoying the adjustable head and lumbar support.

The double bungee stringing and dual fingertip locking systems ensure your chair stands up to the wind and any other movements that could change the position you set. When it’s time to head back, the Caravan Sports Recliner folds down to just over 6 inches, making it easy to fit in almost any storage bay.

3. KingCamp 4-Position Reclining Camping Chair

KingCamp 4-Position Chaise Reclining Camping Chair

The KingCamp 4-Position Chaise Lounger adjusts into different positions so you can relax however you want. Whichever of the 5 colors you decide, the 14-pound folding chaise comes with a detachable shoulder strap, so you can take it as near or far from your campsite as you want.

The backrest has 4 different angles (including flat) that you can lock in place. Fold in the leg support to give your legs a bend at the knee for a more comfortable position. While enjoying the reclining camping chair, you can keep your things close in the 3-pocket side pouch.

4. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Reclining Camping Chair

Look no further than the Timber Ridge Oversized Padded Recliner if you’re looking for a zero gravity, oversized, reclining camping chair. This anti-gravity chair can support up to 350 pounds with its sturdy steel tube frame, premium elastic cords, and durable polyester fabric. All these things make it sturdy enough for everyday use.

Additionally, the reclining position of the chair is completely adjustable. You can use the chair’s patented locking mechanism to adjust the chair to the perfect position for you. The locking levers are easy to use and can set the chair to any position from upright to a full zero-G position.

The chair has a comfortable design, built with full padding and a removable pillow for both head and lumbar support. Its ergonomic design and natural wood armrests are the ideal blendings of comfort and aesthetics.

5. EVER ADVANCED XL Padded Reclining Camping Chair

EVER ADVANCED XL Fully Padded Reclining Camping Chair

This chair from the EVER ADVANCED is another great, oversized option for you to use. It has dimensions of 29.5″ L x 32″ W x 45″ H. When the chair is fully reclined, it has a length of 72 inches. It’s large enough to hold people up to 6 feet 2 inches tall and 350 pounds.

Additionally, the reclining camping chair comes with a padded seat and back. The entire length is fully padded, and it comes with an adjustable headrest and padded pillow that provides extra lumbar support.

6. LUCKYBERRY Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

LUCKYBERRY Oversized Padded Reclining Camping Chair

If you prefer a more upscale look and feel, look at the LUCKYBERRY Deluxe Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair XL. It comes in solid brown, or two-toned brown or gray with a black inlay.

The extra 5-inches of width, XL oxford fabric, and wooden armrests give users more of an outdoor armchair experience. The side tray holds your favorite drink and has plenty of surface space for your devices or widdling project. The headrest is comfortable when you want to rest your eyes.

7. MYCOQU Bag Portable Reclining Camping Chair

MYCOQU Bag Portable Reclining Camping Chair

For those that need a quality reclining camping chair but your RV camper storage is limited, look at portable bag chairs like the MYCOQU reclining camping chair.

This recliner fits well in pop-ups and teardrops and also straps to your hiking backpack when you head out on the trail. The mesh fabric keeps you cool on hot days, and the pouch and beverage holder let you stay hands-free.

This camping recliner should be strapped to your hiking backpack for those who like hiking the best national park backcountry trails. If you get a permit, stay at one of the backcountry camping locations and use this reclining camping chair as a cot.

8. Ostrich Deluxe Beach Reclining Camping Chair

Ostrich Deluxe Beach Reclining Camping Chair

There are different types of RV camping people don’t immediately think about. Having the right reclining camping chair for the situation can make or break the experience. RV beachgoers will enjoy a recliner that keeps them out of the hot sand and helps them work on the perfect tan.

To get that perfect tan on your back without straining your neck, the Ostrich Deluxe beach chair has a face cushion and arm openings for resting comfortably while you enjoy your day.

When you’re ready to flip over, simply push the face pillows to the other side and flip the headrest over the face opening. Doing this allows you to use the chair normally to tan your front side. Also, check out the June 2022 edition of RV Camping Magazine’s feature, “5 Best RV Beach Camping Locations,” to find the best campgrounds with beaches.

9. VINGLI Oversized Reclining Chair for Fishing

VINGLI Oversized Reclining camping chair Fishing Chair with Footrest

If you’re looking for a reclining camping chair with a footrest, this chair from VINGLI is one of the best options for fishing fans. This chair differs from other options because it has back padding, a sleek exterior, and adjustable extending legs. This allows you to swivel the feet on the front legs, which keeps the chair from sinking into soft soil or sand.

If you’re looking to spend your RV vacation at the water’s edge casting your fishing line, this camping recliner is comfortable and durable enough for you. The padded fabric is breathable, so it won’t be waterlogged by the end of the day.

Finally, the chair is highly durable and made with steel tubes. As a result, it can also support up to 440 pounds.

10. SLSY Ergonomic Reclining Camping Chair

SLSY Ergonomic Reclining Camping Chair With Cushion, Tray, and Headrest

The SLSY Ergonomic Reclining Camping Chair comes in 21 thick cushion colors and patterns. After looking over his shoulder, this author’s wife immediately started calling this outdoor recliner “our chair.”

Of course, with the thickest cushion out there and a 440-pound weight capacity, the SLSY ergonomic chair is very enticing. Amazon customer reviews sing its praises for the company’s 5-star customer service. Also, it provides a comfortable experience to many demographics.

One customer review talks about how a person bought this recliner for her 98-year-old grandmother, who can comfortably spend time with her family. Just make sure the locking pin is in place before sitting in it.

Zero Gravity Chair Cushion for Foot Rest

Clever Camper footrest

No matter which reclining camping chair you choose with a footrest, don’t forget to order a footrest cushion. We love reclining in our zero gravity chairs, but if we are barefoot or wearing flip flops our feet get sore pretty quickly!

But then our friends Julie and Todd Bonner created the Clever Camper Zero Gravity Chair Cushion for Foot Rest, and it is awesome!!!

We highly recommend them so you can relax in true comfort!

Have the RV Trip With the Best Reclining Camping Chairs

Improve your RV Vacation with the Best Reclining Camping Chairs

Having the right type of outdoor chair matters. Reclining camping chairs are the best way to enjoy your RV outdoor living space or when you’re sitting around the campfire. You want to buy the right one for you the first time, so make sure it’ll hold up, it’s comfortable, and the chair fits in your RV.

Buying a reclining camping chair can be frustrating without trying it out first. As you talk to other RVers, get recommendations. If you’re at a campground, ask if you can try out their camping chair during a conversation. If you’re renting an RV through one of the peer-to-peer RV rental companies like Outdoorsy, RV-ezy, or RVshare, choose the outdoor furniture feature.

Once you have your reclining camping chair, set it up, kick back, and enjoy everything the RV lifestyle has to offer.


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