Best RV Clubs, Groups & Forums for Single Women

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RV clubs for single women have helped this growing demographic of RVers immensely. One of the biggest groups to join in on the Modern Era (2008-present) RV boom has been baby boomer women. RVs have given many women the ability to go off and explore, with the help of RV clubs, groups, forums, blogs, and YouTube channels for single women.

Single women face extra challenges living and traveling full-time in an RV or van. Without the support of a partner or family, it’s tough to manage everything on your own. It’s hard to know where to start, from finding a place to park to getting repairs done. 

The best way to find like-minded women facing the same issues is to join online RV clubs, groups, and forums tailored explicitly for solo female RVers. These communities offer camaraderie for those traveling solo, as well as advice from seasoned veterans who have “been there, done that.”

The Benefits of Connecting with Other Women RVers

You gain immense benefits when you connect with others experiencing the same grief, joys, and challenges. Not only does connection help you feel less alone, but you also gain a wealth of knowledge.

Whether you’re learning how to prepare meals in an RV or wondering if it’s safe to stay at that rest area outside of El Paso, Texas, there’s a community member who has been in your shoes and knows the answer.

Other benefits of joining online RV clubs, groups, and forums include:

  • Sharing travel tips and advice
  • Getting help with RV repairs and maintenance
  • Hearing about great places to stay and visit
  • Making new friends and sharing memories
  • Gaining insider tips, suchas remote dump station locations and secret boondocking spots
  • Discounts on RV-related services
  • Conntections for work camping opportunities
  • Advice on the best options for quality, dependable RVs suited for women
  • Receiving support during the first year of full-time RVing

We’ve uncovered the best online RV clubs, groups, and forums for single women so that you can join today.

Best Online RV Clubs for Single RV or Van Life Women

There are many great RV clubs offering support and camaraderie for single women. 

Finding the best women’s RV club that best fits your needs is crucial, especially at the beginning of your journey. Some clubs are strictly social, while others offer help, friendship, and support.

Connecting with other women who live in RVs or vans can help ease anxiety and frustration. 

Like having a big sister, having someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through can be very therapeutic, especially should the road get bumpy.

Be aware that you do not have to be a full-time RVer and van lifter to join many of these groups. 

Even if you only go on the occasional weekend trip, reaching out and connecting with women in your area can be beneficial.

Here are some excellent RV groups for single women:

1. RVing Women’s Club

The RVing Women’s Club is an organization created in 1991 by and for women who enjoy traveling in RVs. The group currently has over 2,000 members.

You can join the online RV club to take part in their chapters, attend rallies and events, or enjoy virtual activities with other members through their online forum.

The group also offers a variety of resources, such as an online directory of female-friendly RV parks, a blog with trip reports and advice, and member discounts on products and services.

2. Sisters on the Fly (SOTF)

Sisters on the Fly (SOTF) is a women’s only social club that encourages and supports outdoor adventure, travel, and community involvement. 

The two “real” sisters, Maurrie & Becky, founded the group in 1999 to share their love for the outdoors with other women.

Although not specifically geared toward RVers, the group’s love for traveling in vintage trailers draws much interest, including Oprah.

Sisters on the Fly is a perfect opportunity for single RV women, providing a fun, safe, and supportive environment to make new friends while exploring the outdoors.

As their motto states: “We have more fun than anyone.”

3. Loners on Wheels (LoW)

Loners on Wheels is a singles RV club for unmarried people who enjoy traveling and camping. Founded in 1969, LoW is one of the country’s oldest and most respected singles RV organizations.

Although not exclusive to single women, LoW has a large and active contingent of single female members.

4. RVillage: Women’s Group 

The RVillage: Women’s Group free online platform makes it easy to connect with like-minded single women on the road. 

You can search for the many women groups inside the app, such as Women Who RV and Ladies Who Solo RV.

5. Escapees SOLOS

As one of their many BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups, the Escapees Singles Club, or SOLOS, offers opportunities for female RVers to connect at various rallies, get-togethers, and events.

Since 1978, the Escapees RV Club has provided RVers with a wide range of services, including mail forwarding, parking discounts, boot camps, and trusted endorsed vendors.

Best Facebook Groups for Solo Women RVers 

Best Facebook Groups for Solo Women RVers 1. Solo Women Van Dwellers

Another resource for connecting with single women RVers is through Facebook groups

Several active and supportive groups offer advice, support, and socializing.

1. Solo Women Van Dwellers

The Solos Women Van Dwellers Facebook page is a robust and active community of women who live full-time in vans. The group is also open to those considering the nomadic lifestyle of van living.

2. Solo RV Women Who Caravan and Camp

The Solo RV Women’s Facebook page for “friendly ladies that want to camp or caravan with other women RVers” has grown to 2,700 members in just over a year.

3. Solo/Women RVers

Another recently created Facebook page for female RVers is the Solo/Women’s Group with over 9,000 members and growing. 

It’s a supportive community for those seeking advice or just a place to share experiences and celebrate solo RV adventures.

Best Solo Women RV Forums

With some Internet digging, you can find RV forums for single female travelers. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Women RV Forum

The Women RV Forum provides a friendly and supportive environment for women who enjoy camping and RVing. 

This online community is a place where women of all ages and backgrounds come together to share their experiences, ask questions, and make new friends. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced camper, you’ll find plenty of helpful information and support on the Women RV forum.

2. iRV2 Solo RV’ers

The warm welcome message on this RV Forum for Solos will make single female RVers feel right at home. 

The forum has a variety of topics for discussion, including rallies and social events, women’s health and wellness, safety, and security.

3. City-Data Senior Women Who RV Solo

City-Data is a social networking forum providing information about US cities and other public information.

Senior women interested in solo RVing can find interesting topics and valuable tips for hitting the road alone in their golden years.

Best Blogs for Solo Women RVers 

Best Blogs for Solo Women RVers Solo Women RV

Another fun resource for single women RVers is from the solo travelers themselves. Reading personal blogs of women who RV alone can be very informative and inspiring. Learn about their adventures on the road, their difficulties, and what makes them happy as solo RV and van dwellers.

1. Solo Women RV

Kathy introduces herself as a writer, traveler, and freedom-seeker. She has been solo RVing since 2018 in her 1999 American Cruiser camper van she bought on Craigslist.

Not only does Kathy write blog articles focusing on solo women travelers, but she also has a podcast interviewing other single women on the road.

2. Boomer Nomad

Katie Annie’s website, Travels With the Tiny, is chocked full of exciting topics to enhance your life on the road. 

As a solo van lifer for the last four years, she shares safety tips, how she camps for only a few dollars, and more.

3. Supersize LIFE

Debbie lives in a trailer named Quill, pulled by her van, Violet. 

The goal of her blog is to entertain, inform, engage, and encourage other women to supersize their life.

4. The Lady is a Tramp

A former trial attorney, Tammy sold her home in 2015 and bought a 2008 Newmar RV. She travels solo with a cat and two dogs as she devours life to its fullest.

Tammy organizes her fun and engaging blog into categories, including principles of RV Life and cocktail recipes. 

Be sure not to miss the post, Full-Time RVing: The First 100 Days, especially if you’re new to solo RVing.

Best Single Women Full-Time RVer YouTube Channels 

Single women RVing solo has always been an important part of the RV industry. For years, they’ve helped to keep it going by sharing their stories and experiences with others who are interested in the lifestyle.

However, these days there’s a new generation of single women making Youtube videos about full-time RVing. They’re broadcasting their experiences for the world to see, and they’re finding that it’s a great way to connect with other solo female RVers.

1. Story Chasing

If you’re looking for interesting and inspiring stories about minimalist living, Amber’s YouTube channel, with close to seven million views, is a great place to start. 

She documents her adventures living in an RV and traveling around North America. Her videos are full of tips on how to simplify your life and follow your dreams.

Whether you’re just starting out on your own journey or you’re already well underway, Amber’s channel is definitely worth a watch.

2. Where is Tiffany?

Tiffany’s Youtube channel is a great resource for anyone looking to travel solo. She has tons of great tips and advice, from how to find the right RV or van, to what to pack, to where to go.

Her videos are also full of beautiful scenery and interesting facts about the places she visits. If you’re looking for some inspiration to start traveling on your own, be sure to check out Tiffany’s channel.

3. Camping with Bella 

The Camping with Bella channel is about inspiring other women to hit the open road and explore. 

Bella is a full-time RVer and digital nomad who lives in a 16-ft travel trailer towed by a Honda Passport SUV. Her new Youtube channel launched in December 2021 already has 750 subscribers and over 32,000 views.

She covers topics about starting full-time RV life as a solo female, a real day in RV life, how she managed to dump her RV tanks for the first time and working remotely on the road.

Final Thoughts about Online Clubs, Groups and Forums for Solo Female RVers

Whether for an extended vacation or living in an RV full-time, the freedom bug has bitten many single women who want to live on their terms and do what they please. 

The inspiration to live in an RV is very personal and varied. For some, it’s a way to get away from the rat race and see the country at their own pace.

For others, it’s about living a simpler life through minimalism and peace of mind. It’s also about the desire to live life on the edge, to experience new things. Taking the road less traveled is a good way to gain a better appreciation of what’s out there.

If you’re a single woman looking to explore the great outdoors and meet people, exploring the clubs, groups, and forums can be fantastic places to find like-minded members who share your passion.

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