10 Best RV Camping Magazines

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As a journalist, I happen to love the more traditional ways of communicating to an audience. RV camping magazines are at the top of that list—no matter if they’re digital or printed. In this article, we take a look at the 10 Best RV Camping Magazines.

Whether you are new to RVing or are a seasoned expert, you know there is so much information on the internet to help you get started. Yet, instead of scrolling through long lists of articles, magazines for RV owners give readers a variety of subjects all within its pages.

Some of the top RV magazines are so respected that RV manufacturers spend thousands of dollars each year trying to earn “Best of” awards from them. Here are the RV camping magazine subscriptions you need to consider to stay well informed on what’s happening in the RV world.

1. RV Camping Magazine – NOW RV Today

Known for their YouTube RV walkthroughs and informative blogs, Mike Scarpignato and Susan McDonald (RVBlogger.com) published RV Camping Magazine on a monthly basis from June 0f 2021 through June of 2023. They then merged RV Camping Magazine with RV Today.

Subscribers receive their free digital copy of RV Today along with a weekly newsletter so everyone can stay on top of the latest events. Whether you are an RV full-timer, snowbird, or weekend warrior, you can enjoy great content from the best writers in RV Today.

The magazine features well-known RV Influencers every month so you can get to know them, their adventures, and how to connect with them on social media. The informative articles are written by staff and guest writers who know their stuff because they live it every day.

Each issue explores the best camping destinations, travel trailer renovations, RV-friendly recipes, helpful maintenance tips, and much more.

Best of all, RV Camping Magazine embeds videos right into the magazine for an even better way to bring the information to you. Click here to subscribe to RV Today for FREE!

Cover of RV Today Magazine

2. RV Life Magazine

RV Life Magazine, published by Social Knowledge out of Southlake, TX, is a great source of information on subjects pertaining to RVing. This RV camping magazine is free in a digital format and the company also operates a network of websites, forums, apps, and software tools, with a subscription fee, that help RVers get the information they need.

While this one looks less like a traditional RV camping magazine, it has a broad spectrum of topics that appeal to a variety of RVers. From DIY articles, fun destinations, golfing, solo women travelers, current events, and deep dives into RV history, the information will be helpful for anyone at any stage of RV life.

RV Life Magazine is a free RV camping magazine but you can use discount code RVBLOGGER25 to save 25% on their app and website tools like RV Trip Wizard.

3. RV Magazine

Trailer Life and Motorhome RV camping magazines were merged into a new publication called RV Magazine that covers a host of RV subjects. You can learn how the RV lifestyle can be more enjoyable and affordable with RV Magazine. From how to fix your awning to homeschooling your kids on the road, this magazine has a wide range of subjects that will be beneficial to any RVer. You might find inspiration for a trip, camp-friendly recipes, clever RV hacks, tech and maintenance tips, expert advice, reviews, and more.

This is a physical magazine you can receive at your home. Go to RV Magazine’s Website for subscription information.

RV magazine

4. Family RVing Magazine

Family RVing Magazine is the official publication of The Family Motorcoach Association, an international camping association of RV owners. You can join the FMCA for $60 per year and receive a subscription to their RV camping magazine monthly, both print and digital, as well as other benefits.

The magazine includes articles such as RV safety, pet information, RV and product reviews, tips, and more. You can view some articles on the website but will need a Family RVing Magazine login for most of the content.

5. Rootless Living and RV Today

Rootless Living magazine has an emphasis on RVers who what to redefine what it means to work remotely and add more life to their years. If you want to live life on your own terms, break free of the status quo, and explore in your RV for more than a few weeks a year, this might be the RV camping magazine for you. The magazine touts an engaged community that will support you all your journey.

Stories are “for nomads, by nomads” and can include anything from RV renovations to destinations, unique jobs, starting a podcast, and more. The subscription is just $10 per year.

RV Today was recently started by the publishers of Rootless Living. This new RV camping magazine is for all things RV and comes in print and digital format. Stories include places to travel, as well as people you might meet on your way. The newest and latest products to help with your travels are also included, as well as information about all kinds of RVs. Learn more about RV Today and Rootless Living RV camping magazines online.

RV Today

6. I Heart RVing

I Heart RVing is also a relatively new RV camping magazine. It just started in the Fall of 2021. It is available in both print and digital. Issues are published on a quarterly basis; spring, summer, fall, and winter. The magazine gives you the information needed to master the art of RV living and that it is the “largest, independent RVing magazine on the planet.”

You can read about places to go, get tips, tricks, and techniques for RV living. Articles also help you find activities to do on the road and read about others who embrace the RV lifestyle.

The magazine is $10 a year for a digital subscription, $12 for print only, and $16 for both print and digital. If this sounds like something you’ll love, start your subscription to I Heart RVing camping magazine now.

7. RV Business/Woodall’s Campground Magazine

RV Business Magazine is owned by G&G Media Group which also owns Woodall’s Campground Magazine. It is a free, business-to-business magazine published six times per year and features industry news, analysis, columns, coverage of events, and those who are in the news in the RV industry. You’ll see RV manufacturers post award logos from RV Business’ annual new model year review issue.

Woodall’s Campground Management is also a business-to-business RV camping magazine publication that focuses on campground management and operations. It features news, opinion, and analysis of campground trends, issues, events, and more.

Go to RVBusiness.com for more information and to subscribe to this highly respected RV camping magazine today.

RV business

8. RV News

Owned by RV News Publisher Dana Nelsen, this monthly magazine has been providing news and information for four decades, including its two previous owners. RV News is geared toward decision-makers in the RV industry including RV dealers, manufacturers, part suppliers, and distributors. RV companies strive each year to win their best of show and other “best of” awards.

Updated daily, the RV News website provides insights and information on the latest RV industry stories. If you’re in the market for a new motorhome or travel trailer, you’ll want to pick up a copy of this RV camping magazine’s review issue of RV News’ RV of the Year Awards.

RV News is one of the best RV magazines

9. RV Lifestyle (Canada)

RV Lifestyle has been Canada’s RV camping magazine of choice since 1971. You don’t have to be a Canadian, to check out this magazine. You can find complete back issues on their website. This e-mag provides destinations, product features, columns, expert advice, and more.

A subscription to the best Canadian RV camping magazine includes being the first to see the new magazine, seven issues per year, the annual RV Buyers Guide, and the annual Campground Directory. You will also have access to online content and access to digital editions, which includes the back issues.

RV Lifestyle

10. GoRV Magazine (Australia)

While some of the information in this Australian RV camping magazine might be pertinent to the area, such as destinations, there is a lot for any RVer. And, if you plan a trip to Australia, you will have the low down already on what to see and do. GoRV features a lot of tests and reviews of new motorhomes, campervans, and trailers. They also feature how-tos and point out the best products.

Don’t mistake this RV camping magazine for the US-based website GoRVing.com.

Go RV Magazine is one of the 10 best RV magazines


Digital RV magazines are a great way to get information delivered to your inbox, doorstep, or both. Whether you are new to RVing, someone who has been around the block, or maybe around the country a few times, I would highly recommend checking some of these great sources of information.

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