10 RV Toolkit Essentials for Under $10

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An RV tool kit is an essential accessory for any RVer. Whether it’s for emergency repairs or routine maintenance, you will want to have the right tools on hand. 

Tightening screws, checking tires, and replacing fuses are a few examples of things an RV tool kit can help you do. Thankfully, many items in an RV tool kit can be purchased for less than $10, so you can be prepared without breaking the bank.

We’ll discuss why an RV tool kit is so essential. Then show you 10 essential RV tools for under $10, starting your RV took kit off correctly.

Why It’s Important to Have an RV Tool Kit

why it’s important to have an RV tool kit
You never know when you’ll need RV tools. So don’t get caught without them.

Minor repairs and maintenance are a simple fact of life. Whether you live in a stick-and-brick home or in an RV. When a repair or maintenance concern pops up, you’ll want the right tools for the job. 

Putting together an RV tool kit will ensure you have the right tools for virtually anything. Besides standard tools like screwdrivers and hammers, there are some more specific gadgets you’ll want for your RV components. This includes carpenter levels, fuse kits, a multimeter, and more. 

We hope you never go through this, but you’ll want an RV tool kit handy if something goes wrong in the middle of nowhere.

The good news is that over 90% of your RV can be repaired with the standard tools in an RV tool kit. With some research, some YouTube demonstrations, or some guidance from a veteran RVer parked next to you, fixing the problem may be easier than you think.

10 Essential RV Tools for Under $10

Now that we know why an RV tool kit is necessary, let’s look at 10 essential RV tools for under $10. (Keep in mind that prices on Amazon tend to fluctuate, but these RV tools are generally $10 or less.)

1. Cross Check Level Tool

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 Cross Check Level Tool
Johnson cross-checks level tool should be a part of your RV tool kit.

When you arrive at your campsite, it’s time to level your RV. Using a bubble level device will ensure your coach is plumb even.

The Johnson Cross Check Level Tool simultaneously measures the vertical and horizontal plane to check both axes. Thanks to its high-impact body and durable acrylic vials, it’s compact and lightweight yet sturdy. It also features mounting holes if you prefer mounting it directly to your RV for quicker, easier leveling. 

2. Inline Water Pressure Regulator

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 inline water pressure regulator
A water pressure regulator is essential for protecting your RV’s plumbing.

A water pressure regulator is essential for protecting your RV’s plumbing. The Hourleey Inline Water Pressure Regulator will bring the inbound water pressure down to a safe 40-50 PSI, avoiding high and low water pressure problems. 

Check your RV’s owner’s manual for your specific coach’s correct water pressure setting. However, most RV experts recommend never letting the water pressure exceed 60 PSI.

This water pressure regulator is durable, lead-free, and features a stainless steel filter screen to protect the valve. 

3. AlifafaZ Magnetic Wristband Bracelet

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 AlifafaZ Magnetic Wristband Bracelet
Keep your hardware secure while you work.

The magnetic wristband from AlifafaZ is that “third hand” everyone always wants. With 15 magnets and pockets for plastic components, this wrist band will hold all of your hardware fasteners.

Save yourself the frustration of losing screws that roll away or digging through a cereal bowl trying to find the washer you need. If you need the hardware on your RV’s roof, keep both hands on the ladder while climbing up the ladder.

4. Gootoop Multitool for Camping

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 GooToop Multitool for Camping
Multi-tools are great space savers for RV tool kits and drawers.

Why carry around a complete RV tool kit when one tool will do the trick? With the Gootoop 14-in-1 multitool, you can take on many RV and camping projects. The multitool includes:

  • Axe
  • File
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Knife blade
  • Wire cutter
  • Regular pliers
  • Flat jaw pliers
  • Fish descaler
  • Bottle opener
  • Assorted wrenches
  • Philips, slotted, and large slotted screwdrivers

Along with the multi-tool itself, you also have a rubber sheath for the ax and a belt pouch to keep your tool accessible. 

The multi-tool itself is made from durable stainless steel but still weighs in at under a pound. This makes it a tough and lightweight RV tool. Take it with you hiking, on a fishing trip, or just keep it around the RV for whatever situation comes up. Whatever your needs, this multi-tool has you covered. 

5. Starbrite Snap and Zipper Lubricant for Awnings and Covers

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 Starbrite snap and zipper lubricant for awnings and covers

When the zippers and snaps on your RV awnings, covers, and more are exposed to the elements, they’re prone to rust, dirt, and disrepair. This in turn makes them more likely to stick or become difficult to use. 

To help prevent stuck zippers and snaps, you can use this snap and zipper lubricant from Star Brite. Non-toxic, non-staining, and resistant to water and all temperatures, this lubricant is a perfect choice for any application in your RV. It’s also great for camping gear or anything else you own that has a zipper and snaps. 

6. RV Blade Fuse Kit

Essential RV Tools for Under $10  RV blade fuse kit
Make sure you use the correct style of blade fuses for your RV’s electrical system.

Fuses are important for protecting your electrical systems. You can buy a complete set of blade fuses for your RV tool kit for under $10 online or at any auto parts store.

A standard set will color code the different amp fuses that range from 2A-35A. Many include a handy fuse pulling tool, making it easier to grab the right one.

You’ll find two different kinds of blade fuses on the market. The flat rectangular versions, pictured above, work for American ATO circuit boards. The smaller rounded type is specific to European-made coaches and cars.

You can’t use an ATO blade fuse on a European circuit board or vice versa. So if you’re replacing an ATO fuse, replace it with the same type and amperage fuse. Different companies color code their fuses differently.

7. Sewer Cleanout Wrench

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 Rhino Sewer Cleanout Wrench

Emptying out your tanks at a dump station isn’t the most exciting part of RV life, but it’s one of the burdens that come with enjoying the lifestyle. To make a less than fun chore even worse, sometimes the dump station or campsite’s sewer cap doesn’t want to budge. 

Camco’s RhinoFLEX 6-in-1 Sewer Cleanout Wrench is just the tool for the job! It’s designed to loosen any dump station cap. It works with 3-inch and 4-inch male or female plugs, slotted or flush,  as well as with any Camco 4-in-1 adapter. 

Simply apply the wrench in the correct position for the type of cap. Then grab the easy-grip handle, and turn. Once you’re finished, replace the cap, and travel on. 

8. Great Stuff Pest Block Spray Foam

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 Great Stuff Pest Block Spray Foam Insulation
Seal, reinsulate, and protect your RV from pests in one can of spray foam.

Even the best built RVs need repairs from time to time. Think about it like this; as your RV travels, the road vibrations and other irregularities put your coach through a minor earthquake. The suspension and other systems do their job to minimize this, but after a while, things shift.

For small seam repairs, use silicone caulking. For bigger openings, spray foam insulation works well. Great Stuff’s Pest Block spray foam, a DuPont Company, has many benefits. The first is that the smart dispenser tube won’t clog up for the first 30-days of use.

The foam dries tack-free in 15 minutes. After an hour, it’s ready for sanding and paint. The foam adheres to virtually anything on an RV. The foam is pesticide-free, so it won’t harm the bees, but it’ll keep the creepy crawlies and rodents from wanting to dig through that space.

Of course, it’s insulation, so it can assist in keeping heat from getting in or out of your RV. The foam does discolor and dries out when exposed to the sun in the long term, but a coat of paint fixes that.

9. LED Headlamp Flashlight By MaxoPro

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 LED Headlamp Flashlight By LE
Every RV tool kit needs a hands-free headlamp flashlight for repairs in dark places.

Installing or repairing something in your RV’s storage bays or cabinetry can be problematic. Angling a flashlight when you need both hands can be a challenge all by itself. With a headlamp flashlight by MaxoPro, in your RV tool box, you can focus on the project.

The headlamp has a 90° adjustment range, 4 brightness settings, adjustable headstraps, and resists water damage when working on plumbing.

If you’re using the headlamp in an emergency situation the SOS feature is a perfect way to call for help!

10. Water Heater Drain Plug Replacement and Wrench Kit

Essential RV Tools for Under $10 water heater drain plug replacement and wrench kit
Make replacing your RV water heater drain plug easy with this kit.

Removing and replacing your RV’s water heater drain plug can be a difficult task. It often requires you to squeeze into tight spaces making standard tools difficult to use.

To make this task easier, Camco’s RV Water Heater Drain Plug Replacement and Wrench kit is the right tool for the job. The wrench is specially angled to easily fit into tight spaces.

It features a pair of prongs to help remove rusted drain valves. The wrench fits both 7/18-inch and 15/16-inch drain plugs. The kit also includes two half-inch NPT replacement plugs and Teflon tape. 

Where to Store Your RV Tool Kit

Where to Store Your RV Tool Kit

There are plenty of ways and places to store your RV tool kit. While storage is usually at a premium in your RV, you definitely want to find a home for your tool kit.

If you just have a few RV tools, you can keep them in a junk drawer in your RV. Once you have a good collection, you can use a cupboard or other compartment inside your rig.

Your RV’s exterior storage compartments are a popular spot to keep your RV tool kit and other essentials. Once your tool arsenal has exceeded the toolbox, installing a pegboard against a storage bay sidewall or in front of the freshwater tank works well.

Pegboards also create a great display to show off your tool collection to all of your RV buddies. Of course, the peg boards make your power and manual tools very accessible.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to repairs and maintenancdon’tu don’t want to get caught without the right tools for the job. Leveling your RV, replacing fuses, and fixing loose hinges are just a few examples of jobs that will require the right RV tools. 

A well-stocked RV tool kit will prepare you for whatever may come your way, wyou’re you’re at the campsite or 100 miles from another human being. You can fill up your RV toolbox without breaking the bank with the items on our list. 


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