Teardrop Camper Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

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We created a YouTube video called 8 Small Campers with Bathrooms and the number one comment was about the Price of Teardrop Campers. So we decided to write the article Teardrop Camper Prices: How Much Do They Cost?

New teardrop campers can range in price from $15,000 to $35,000 or more. Small teardrop campers cost between $15,000 to $25,000, midsized teardrop campers cost between $20,000 and $30,000 and a large 4 person teardrop trailer will cost $35,000 or more! And, if you want a teardrop camper with a bathroom, the cost could be even higher.

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Why Choose a Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop Camper Prices How Much Do They Cost on Average

If you are interested in upgrading from tent camping to a camper or if you are considering downsizing your current travel trailer, you may have thought about purchasing a teardrop camper. 

Teardrop campers are an excellent option for anyone with a small budget or small vehicle. They are a great way to make traditional camping a little more comfortable without taking on the responsibility of maintaining a large RV.

A teardrop camper is a compact, lightweight travel trailer that gest its name from its teardrop shape. Typically designed for one or two people, teardrops usually have sleeping space and possibly a basic kitchen in the rear. There may also be some storage within the teardrop travel trailer. 

While the basic teardrop style camper is lacking in special features, newer models can feature everything from bathrooms to off-road tires and other upgrades. 

New teardrop campers can range in price from $5,000 to $16,000 or more. If you want a teardrop camper with a bathroom, the cost could be even higher.

Why Such a Big Range of Teardrop Camper Prices?

The wide variety of amenities and features in teardrop campers is the main reason for the big price range of these compact travel trailers. 

While it may seem that all teardrop campers are similar, there is a vast difference in the quality of materials used in the camper, the amenities, and more. Some teardrop campers are very basic, with only a small sleeping area for two, while others are luxurious and have bathrooms and other great amenities. 

Each amenity or upgrade will increase the price of the teardrop. Adding a kitchen, TV, toilet, specialty tires, etc. will all add to the cost or the trailer. 

Another significant factor that impacts the cost of teardrop trailers is the material used to construct it. Most teardrop campers are built from aluminum, which is a lower cost and the best option for anyone on a budget. If the teardrop camper is made from a specific wood, it will likely add more to the price. 

Likewise, if the teardrop camper is custom or hand made, it will cost more than a standard manufactured teardrop camper as well. 

Many teardrop campers are custom made or feature high-quality materials in their construction. This higher quality is the reason why teardrop campers often cost more than entry-level travel trailers that are mass-produced with lower-cost materials. 

Finally, the size of the teardrop camper will have an impact on the price. Any teardrop around ten feet in length and five feet in height is considered large. Campers of this size will cost more than the smaller, more compact teardrops. 

What are the Benefits of Teardrop Campers?

1. Easy to Tow

Teardrop trailers are lightweight and easy to tow and park. Most teardrop campers can be towed by smaller vehicles and do not require you to purchase a truck. The ability to pull the trailer with a car is a huge perk to anyone new to camping, or those without a truck or SUV.

When it comes time to park your camper, teardrop trailers allow a lot of room for error. Backing up or getting gas is a lot less stressful with this smaller size rig. 

2. A Great Upgrade From a Tent

If you enjoy tent camping but want a “real” bed, a teardrop trailer could be the upgrade you are searching for! While still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors and stay true to camping, you will have a warm bed and dry space to store your gear. 

With a teardrop camper, you can even cook a meal! Most teardrops have an outdoor kitchen on the back of the camper that has all of the basics you need to make coffee and cook your meals without building a campfire or hauling a separate camping stove. 

3. Minimal Maintenance

Teardrop campers are easy to own. Unlike bigger travel trailers, you won’t have to worry about winterizing your rig or maintaining a bunch of systems. Teardrop campers are minimal in their construction and amenities meaning less maintenance for you! 

Another plus is that teardrop campers can fit inside of a garage. Being able to park the camper inside saves you the hassle of protecting your rig from the elements. It can also be great for anyone living in a neighborhood with an HOA that does not allow you to store RVs outside of your garage. 

4. Community 

Teardrop trailer owners have an active community. When you see a fellow teardrop owner in the campground, you will have an instant bond.

People also love teardrop campers! They are easy to personalize and have a unique look that is appealing to all. 

Expect a lot of comments and conversation from other campers when you roll in with your cute, compact teardrop camper! 

How Much Do Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms Cost?

2020 nucamp tab 400 solo cost
Teardrop Camper with bathroom price

A teardrop camper with a bathroom certainly costs more than a camper without a bathroom. However, for many people having a bathroom in the camper is worth the additional cost. Being able to use the bathroom at night or when camping outside of a campground is a huge plus.

There are several teardrop camper models with bathrooms on the market today. Because adding a bathroom to the camper increases the size and weight of the rig, you will need to make sure your vehicle can tow a large size teardrop. 

A bigger camper also means a bigger cost. You can expect to pay anywhere from $12,000 to $24,000 or more for a large teardrop camper with a bathroom.

How Much Do Off-Road Teardrop Campers Cost?

off road teardrop camper price

Many people looking for a teardrop camper want something that can go off-road. Being able to camp miles away from everyone else is a huge perk of having a lightweight teardrop camper. 

Off-road teardrop campers come with extra features designed to take you where other campers can’t go. Features such as rubber torsion axles, higher clearance design, rustproof aluminum construction, dual hitch receivers, cargo baskets, storage racks, upgraded tires, and fenders are all standard on these sturdy, lightweight campers.

While off-road-ready teardrop campers can come with additional costs, there are many models at very reasonable price points. Average prices for off-road teardrop campers range from $15,500 to $20,500 and up.

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How Much do Teardrop Campers for Motorcycles Cost?

motorcylce teardrop cost

It is possible to tow a teardrop camper with a motorcycle. Of course, only tiny teardrop campers are safe for towing with a motorcycle, so you will need to pay close attention to the specifications for your motorcycle and the trailer. 

The average cost for small teardrop trailers that can be towed with a motorcycle range from $3,000 to $10,000. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Teardrop Camper?

diy teardrop trailer cost

For the ultimate, low cost, custom-designed teardrop camper, you may want to build your own! If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this is an excellent option for getting the camper you want at a great price. 

The most basic teardrop could be built for as little as $1,000 or less. For most people, a more realistic number would be between $2,500 and $3,000 for an average size teardrop camper with a small outdoor kitchen. This average cost accounts for many of the variables and additions that most people will expect in their camper.

A basic four by eight teardrop camper will require a trailer, flooring, doors, fan, basic electrical costs, and waterproofing. You will also need to purchase a bed and linens. 

Common upgrades include adding cabinetry for storage and a galley kitchen on the back of the trailer. If you add a kitchen, you will need to consider the costs of any appliances you want in the kitchen, along with building the cabinets and installing a countertop.

How Much Do Teardrop Camper Kits Cost?

teardrop trailer kit cost

If you are excited about the idea of building your own teardrop camper but feel like you need a little guidance, consider purchasing a teardrop camper kit. 

There are several excellent teardrop camper kits on the market such as Big Woody Teardrop Campers, Chesapeake Light Craft and The Teardroppers. Some come with everything you need, down to the nuts and bolts. Other packages are partial, with only the essential parts and floor plan. There are also options to buy a kit for just one element of the camper, such as an outdoor table add on or galley kitchen kit. 

The kit you choose will depend on how much you want to do yourself and your price range. Almost all of the kits on the market today are designed to work with a standard trailer that you can find at Northern Tool or Harbor Freight.

The lowest cost kits, which include some, but not all required parts, start at around $200 to $500. Partial kits for specific elements of the design range from $100 to $250. Full kits with all needed components (other than the trailer) start at $550, with most coming in at under $1,000. 

How Much Do Teardrop Trailer Plans Cost?

Teardrop trailer plan price

Teardrop trailer plans rand in price from free to as much as several hundred dollars for a full set of plans and a manual. Obviously, the free plans don’t have a lot of details in them.

How Much Does a TearDrop Camper Cost to Rent?

teardrop trailer rental prices

If you are planning an RV road trip or campground getaway, renting a Tear Drop camper is a great way to travel cheaply and see if the teardrop style is for you. 

While some of the smallest tear drops offer just a basic bed, this still gives you protection from the elements and makes your adventure more comfortable. Other teardrop campers have small kitchens and even a bathroom. 

Tear Drop rentals are also budget-friendly. At nearly half the cost per night of larger RVs, you can save a bundle by going small. 

A teardrop camper rental is also a better deal than booking a hotel room. Compact RV rentals are usually much less per night than staying in an average priced hotel room.

The best part about teardrop campers is that they are really lightweight. Nearly any vehicle can pull a teardrop camper, making them great for gas mileage. You can also get them into smaller campsites where bigger rigs can’t go! Because of their small size, we recommend teardrop campers for one to two people.

Tear Drop Camper Rentals average around $50 to $100 per night, with weekly rates approximately $400. Keep in mind that this price will vary depending on several factors. The type of teardrop you choose to rent will be the most significant factor impacting the price. 

Other factors that will impact the cost of your rental are the pickup location, time of year of your rental, and length of the rental. Renting during the off-season means a much better deal on all small RV rentals. 

If you would like to rent a teardrop camper, note that there are currently no corporate RV rental companies that rent this style of camper. We recommend using Outdoorsy if you want to try out a teardrop camper. Outdoorsy partners with RV owners to rent out their awesome travel trailers and RVs. Outdoorsy is a great way to rent a teardrop camper as you can choose the exact model you want. Because you are renting directly from the owner, you will often find more unique features and amenities than you would in a corporate RV rental.

Many RV owners will discount their nightly rates if you rent the RV for a week or more. If you plan to rent an RV for a week or more and no discounted rate is listed, ask the RV owner in a message. You may be surprised at how often they will accommodate your request! 

Outdoorsy even offers a delivery option if you want the convenience of having your RV delivered to your campsite! You are also protected by Outdoorsy’s world-class insurance and 24/7 customer support.

To get started and find your perfect RV rental, go to Outdoorsy.com and enter your rental location and preferred dates for your trip. You can filter your search by entering any amenities or special needs that you have. For example, you can search specifically for teardrop style trailers. You can also search for rentals that include amenities such as dishes and linens.

Next, you can filter by price, the number of people the trailer can accommodate and reviews. Because Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer rental service, it is a good idea to only look at rentals from owners with four or five-star reviews. You will be surprised at the number of five-star reviews you will find on the website.


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We hope you found Teardrop Camper Prices: How Much Do They Cost? to be informative and helpful.

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    • Hi Janet,
      Teardrops weigh between 1,000 and 4,000 lbs! It just depends on what size you choose.
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