Teardrop Trailer Rentals Are Gaining in Popularity!

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Have you ever considered a teardrop trailer rental? If not, you should, because they’re quickly gaining popularity!

When you first decide to go out at look for a new RV or trailer to purchase it can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from that it might seem impossible to narrow it down.

After all, as someone new to the world of RVs, how are you supposed to know which model is better than the other? You cannot really go wrong with the type of RV that you choose. There are several good options of every different types of trailer. However, one of the best options for you could be a teardrop trailer.

A teardrop camper is a trailer that is recommended to many people who are looking to purchase there first trailer. When many people first start looking for an RV or trailer, they look for something big.

However, this could be a mistake for a new owner because they do not know how much maintenance is required when you own a trailer. For those of you that are not familiar, doing this much maintenance might be overwhelming. This is especially true because learning how to do the maintenance will take a lot of time.

Maintenance of your RV or trailer is required no matter the trailer you purchase. However, when you purchase a smaller trailer it is much more manageable. This is especially true when you are dealing with your first ever RV or trailer.

As a result, purchasing something like a teardrop trailer is a great option for beginners. It gives you what you need while remaining easy to manage. That is exactly what you should be looking for as someone new to the world of RVs and trailers.

What Is a Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is one of the smallest trailers you will be able to find. They are a small and towable type of RV, and they are easily distinguishable thanks to their shape.

On one end the trailer is very round, while on the other the trailer is more tapered. Since these trailers are small, they are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to tow.

Typically, these types of trailers do not have much more than a bedroom. They are just a bedroom on wheels. However, there are slightly larger versions that includes a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

If you are not sure if you want to commit to purchasing a teardrop trailer, it could be a good idea to give one a try by renting one. However, it can be difficult to find non-traditional RVs to rent.

Traditional RVs include Class A and Class C motorhomes. However, this does not mean that you cannot find any teardrop trailers for rent, you just need to know where to look.

The amount of money you need to pay to rent a teardrop trailer will vary significantly depending on the person you are renting from. Since there are fewer people renting out their teardrop trailers, there is a lot more variance in the market.

The individual renters have a lot more power and can drive up the price if they want. However, you can generally expect these trailers to be less expensive than large RVs and trailers.

To avoid people driving up the price, it is a good idea to search for traditional rental companies like Outdoorsy. These companies are more likely to have reasonable and competitive prices. Most teardrop trailers rent for around $80 to $125 per night.

Are Teardrop Trailers Worth It?

At this point you are probably think about purchasing a teardrop trailer. However, you also might wonder if purchasing a teardrop trailer is worth it. After all, they are quite small and lack a lot of the amenities that are featured in many other options.

That is a reasonable worry to have because the purpose of having an RV or trailer is to combine the freedom of the open road with the comforts of home. However, if your trailer is so small all you have is a bed, you might not be comfortable.

With that in mind, a teardrop trailer is not worth it for everyone. However, there are certain people that will find it to be the perfect type of trailer. These people are people that tend to spend as little time in their trailer as possible.

They spend their entire days out hiking, on the water, or doing other things, and they only return to their trailer to sleep. People with these interests will find a teardrop trailer totally adequate.

If you want a small trailer that still has a kitchen and bathroom, you can still purchase a teardrop trailer. You will not be able to purchase the cheapest options available, but there are options available with extra amenities.

If you want a teardrop trailer with a sleeping area, a small kitchen, and some extra storage you can find one. You will not be looking at the cheapest options, but they should still be cheaper than most of the larger trailers available to you.

Teardrop trailers are also nice because they are so light. As a result, you can tow one with almost an SUV. So, you do not need to worry about what vehicle you have, you will be able to tow your trailer.


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How Many People Can Sleep in a Teardrop Rental?

Typically, a teardrop trailer will only have the space for two people to sleep. That will also only be possible if you are comfortable sharing a bed. As a result, teardrop trailers are generally only good options for couples and people traveling on their own. Otherwise you might be left with a sleeping situation that you will not enjoy.

Some of the larger teardrop trailers might have enough space for five people to sleep. However, it will be extremely cramped, and these trailers are pretty rare to find. If you do come across one of these trailers, it is probably only a good idea to purchase one if you have young kids. With younger children you can use the space more efficiently and you will not be as cramped. If you have older kids or you plan on traveling on friends, it might be better to splurge on a larger trailer or RV.

Can I Tow a Teardrop Rental with My Car, Truck, or SUV?

One of the best aspects of teardrop trailers is that they are extremely light. You likely will not be able to find a trailer or RV lighter than a teardrop trailer. At first glance you might not think the weight matters too much. However, it is extremely important.

A common mistake many new RV or trailer owners make is that they purchase one that is very large. A large trailer will be very heavy, making it difficult to tow.

They will purchase the vehicle and bring it home only to realize that their car cannot tow the trailer. When this happens, they either need to return the trailer or purchase a new towing vehicle. Neither situation is ideal, but you will be stuck doing one option or the other.

If you purchase a teardrop trailer, you will not have any problems related to weight. They are extremely light, which means they are easy to tow. Almost any car, truck, or SUV can tow a teardrop trailer. So, you do not need to worry about any disaster scenario where you need to return your trailer or purchase a new car. You can get going on your first road trip as soon as you like.

5 Best Teardrop Trailer Brands to Rent?

There are several excellent RV and trailer brands out there. Many of them produce teardrop trailers, and most of them would be great options for you. However, there are some brands that are better than others. That being said, a brand being left off this list does not mean that they are not a good trailer or RV manufacturer. All it means is that they are not of the best manufacturers of teardrop trailers. There are plenty of other trailer types that they might produce excellently.

1. Coachmen

Coachmen is an interesting entry on this list because their best teardrop trailer is more of a hybrid. The Coachmen Clipper 9.0TD Express is a great option because it is a combination of a teardrop trailer and a pop-up camper. It has a fold-down roof that provides you with all the headroom you need while you are camping, and it is easy to store when you are not.

The trailer is also equipped with a full bed, electric fridge, and two cabinets with residential countertops for prepping meals. As you can see, there is more in this trailer than your average teardrop trailer. This makes it a great option for those that want some of the comforts of home, but still want a smaller option.

2. Timberleaf

Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer Rental

Timberleaf is another brand that is excellent at producing teardrop trailers. This might seem like a strange entry because it might not be a brand you have heard of even if you are familiar with the RV industry. However, when it comes to producing teardrop trailers, there are few who are better.

The best teardrop trailer from this company is the Timberleaf Classic Teardrop Trailer. This trailer has a fully insulated cabin that will protect you from the elements no matter what mother nature throws at you. It has an old school style, but it has the utility of modern trailer. It offers excellent insulation that should protect you against all temperatures hot and cold.

Additionally, the trailer has a solid amount of interior storage. It also has an ideal rear galley for cooking on the road. Most importantly, the trailer has a large skylight that allows you to look up at the stars as you drift off to sleep.

3. Little Guy

Russ and Kerry have a YouTube channel called the Roads We Roam and they lived full time in a Little Guy Max for 6 months. Who could be better to give us a tour then these full time RVers?

Little Guy is another brand that you might not expect. However, with a name like that, it should be no surprise that they are one of the leading teardrop trailer producers in the United States. There most popular teardrop trailer is the Xtreme Outdoors Little Guy Travel Trailer.

It is a good compromise between the massive RVs that some people have and living in a tiny tent. It provides you with a bed, fridge, stove, sink, and wet bath. There are also some versions that bring some entertainment in the form of TVs.

A fun aspect of this trailer is that you can customize it with a personal message. So, you can have whatever phrase you like written on the side of your teardrop trailer.

4. nuCamp

TAB 400 Teardrop Rental

nuCamp is another brand that is great at producing teardrop trailers. This is shown by their most popular trailer, the nuCamp Tab 400 Teardrop Camper.

While most teardrop trailers are very minimalistic, this is actually closer to being a full fledged trailer than many other options. It provides you with nearly all the comforts you get in a full sized trailer, all in a small scale. The trailer has a sleeping area, and a bathroom with a shower. However, you should know that it is a wet shower. If you are not familiar, this is a shower that will get your entire bathroom wet. As a result, you need to make sure it dries every time you use it, otherwise you could end up with mold growing in your bathroom. No one wants that, so be thorough.

The trailer also comes with a small sink, a stove top, and a dining area. This makes the trailer a great option for those that love the idea of minimalistic camping, but they are not quite ready to give up having a real bathroom. That is an understandable concern to have, so trying out this kind of trailer first is a good idea.

5. Vintage Overland

The last brand we will be looking at is Vintage Overland. This is another brand that makes high quality teardrop trailers for its consumers. However, they make them with their own unique spin. Their most popular teardrop trailer is the Vintage Overland Great Escape Caravan.

This trailer has a special appeal because it has a design that is more retro modern. The trailer itself was inspired by Danish minimalism and has the space for two people to sleep. It has a rear galley for your storage and kitchen needs.

Additionally, the exterior is made of aluminum, and the interior is made of hardwood. This should help with insulation significantly. It also comes with a foam mattress, so you can head out on the road immediately after your purchase if you wish.

Where Can I Rent a Teardrop Trailer?

If you are interested in renting a teardrop trailer instead of buying one that is totally understandable. It is actually probably a good idea because it lets you get an idea of what to expect from this kind of trailer before you invest your money.

However, now you need to figure out where to purchase one from. Fortunately, you do not need to go far as we have that answer for you. The best place to rent a teardrop trailer is Outdoorsy.

Outdoorsy is a website you can go to and rent any trailer you like from anywhere across the United States. It has listings of every type of trailer you could ever think of. As a result, it is the most popular RV renting service in America.

Outdoorsy is a great service for both those looking to rent and those renting their trailers. You can contact owners with ease and get to know them before renting the trailer. You can see images of the trailer, and many owners are usually ok with you coming to see the trailer before you purchase one.

To rent a trailer all you need to do is put in your location and departure date and you can start looking. You can then narrow the search by the type of trailers you are interested in. With the excellent search engine of Outdoorsy, you will be matched with the perfect trailer for you in no time.  

Hit the Road in a Teardrop Trailer Rental

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need about teardrop trailers. We know there is a lot of information to absorb, but it should all be helpful for you going forward. Even if you do not end up renting a teardrop trailer, you never know when this information could come in handy.

Teardrop trailers are great options for people that are interested in renting small, compact trailers. They do not always have all the amenities you would like, but they are great for people who want a minimalistic camping experience.

Additionally, they are great for people traveling alone. If you are traveling alone, there is no need for a larger trailer. It is better to spend less on the trailer so that you have more money to spend on your trip.

Teardrop trailers are not for everyone. They are very niche, and as a result, many people will not see the appeal of renting one. So, it makes sense to try renting one before making a purchase.

This will let you get an idea of what living in one is like. If you enjoy it then you can purchase one, but if you do not like it then there is no harm done.

Are you a new or experienced RV owner? Why do you want to purchase a teardrop trailer? Do you think you will rent a teardrop trailer? Let us know in the comments!


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