How Americas Mailbox Works – A Complete Review

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You’ve been planning to live in your RV full-time for months now. You check off everything on your to-do list and have everything packed. But now you realize you have no idea how you’re going to get your mail. Without a physical address, how are you going to receive your necessary documents?

Luckily, there’s a solution for you! Americas Mailbox provides customers with hassle-free mail forwarding service, regardless of location.

When it comes to mail forwarding services, there are many options to consider. Ideally, you want to get the best service at the lowest price. So, the following information gives you a complete review of how Americas Mailbox works.

And we have a YouTube video we made about America’s Mailbox at the end of the article.

How Does Americas Mailbox Work?

It’s surprising how many people do not have a physical address. Full-time RVers, traveling doctors and nurses, truck drivers, and other remote dwellers need a way to retrieve their mail and packages. Americas Mailbox serves all their mail delivery needs and, as a result, gives them the freedom they desire.

America’s Mailbox is a mail-forwarding service that sorts your mail and sends it to your physical location. The process is rather simple. First, sign up for the company through their website. Upon doing so, you will obtain a physical address in South Dakota. Change your address through your local post office, and voila! You can now receive your mail no matter where you are.

Choose how often, where, and how you want your mail. If you’re in Florida for a couple of days, then set up a shipment to have it sent to your local postal facility. Or let’s say you have a detailed schedule of where you’ll be for the next three months. Then create a series of shipments via their scheduling system. You can also stop by Americas Mailbox’s physical location in South Dakota to retrieve your mail in person.

The company recommends signing up at least two months before leaving your physical address. That way, you can adjust to the new process and eliminate any kinks. The initial changeover can be tough. But when you get used to it, you will be a pro in no time.

Do I Have to Live in South Dakota?

Do I Have To Live In South Dakota To Use Americas Mailbox

You do not have to live in South Dakota to receive the great benefits of Americas Mailbox. New members can join long-distance using U.S. mail, UPS, FedEx, email, or fax. Begin by sending electronic documents to obtain your unique South Dakota address. Later, you will sign physical papers and send them to Americas Mailbox’s office to officially open your account.

Some members end up becoming residents of South Dakota, others do not. Each state has different laws, as some require a physical address to maintain residency. South Dakota, Florida, and Texas are a few that do not follow this policy. You may want to consider claiming residency in those areas if you’re a full-time RVer.

You only need your current driver’s license to sign-up for Americas Mailbox. Once you receive your physical South Dakota address, you can establish residency in the state. Many choose to transfer this location to their driver’s license, voter registration, passport, and much more.

South Dakota laws do not require a state license for vehicle registration. Instead, they use your social security number. There are some restrictions, however. First, you cannot obtain a specialty plate. Second, you must renew your physically disabled parking permit every six months.

South Dakota does not require vehicle inspections or proof of insurance for vehicle registration. Therefore, you do not need to be there physically. By filling out a notarized power of attorney, Americas Mailbox will acquire your plates and vehicle registration for you. On average, residents pay about $75 to $125 per year for their car or vehicle.

America’s Mailbox can also set up your voter registration in South Dakota too!

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How Does Americas Mailbox Get Mail to My Location?

Americas Mailbox works closely with mail providers to send your mail in a time-efficient and effective way. To fully understand how this process works, here is a basic play-by-play.

When you sign up for the service, you receive a physical address. Forward your mail to your new address by filling out a change of address form on the USPS website. Now, it automatically goes to this location. Always use this address when ordering packages or when giving others your postal information. You also need to take some time and change your address with all companies and institutions so they have your new address and begin sending your mail there.

So, now your mail has been sent to Americas Mailbox headquarters. Their shipment facility sorts and stores it in a designated area. It will stay here until you set up a delivery. To schedule one, you must go online or call to transfer the mail to your physical location. You can also send it to a local post office and pick it up.

Depending on the mode of shipment, your mail will arrive at differing times. For example, if you choose overnight FedEx shipping, you can receive your mail as soon as the next day. Standard shipping, on the other hand, varies daily. These services include tracking information, so you know when it will arrive. Keep in mind that planning makes the process run much smoother.

Pros and Cons of Americas Mailbox

Thousands of people in the United States trust Americas Mailbox for all their mailing needs. Whether you’re traveling locally or internationally, this provider guarantees to get the job done. With only 24-hour notice, you can receive your mail the next day at your exact location. Or if you want to plan three years out, you can also do that. There are few restrictions when it comes to Americas Mailbox.

Furthermore, a membership gives you the chance to become a South Dakota resident. There are many benefits to having South Dakota as your home base, such as:

  • No state income, property, or wheel taxes
  • No safety inspection
  • No smog inspection
  • Only 4% sales tax on vehicles
  • Among the least expensive states for vehicle insurance
  • Low crime rate
  • Quality healthcare access

While there are many positives to Americas Mailbox, there are some downsides. To maintain residency, you must stay in South Dakota at least one night every five years. Also, those looking to obtain a pistol permit must live in the state for at least thirty days. However, there are no limitations as to where you must stay.

You can spend your time in any area, as long as you remain within the state’s borders. In fact, if you need a place to stay can stay right at America’s Mailbox RV Park with full hookups for a night or two while becoming a resident of South Dakota.

Furthermore, any mail-forwarding service is bound to make a few mistakes. Workers handle millions of pieces of mail daily. Therefore, it is common for some envelopes or packages to get lost in the shuffle. Members must keep this in mind and be understanding during potential mix-ups.

How Much Does Americas Mailbox Cost?

Americas Mailbox has five different plans. Rates vary and become more expensive with added features. Moreover, each package has one lifetime start-up fee of $25 per account. If you do not wish to pay an annual fee, they offer additional payment methods. If you’re looking to travel for at least three months, you can choose a monthly rate. Also, be sure to consider adding postage funds to cover shipping costs.

The bronze package has the lowest cost at $149.99 plus tax per year. This plan is the most basic, as it includes vehicle registration and a physical address for legal residence. You can also receive up to seven pieces of mail annually.

The next step up is the silver plan at $169.99 plus tax per year. This package includes everything listed above, but instead forwards all mail to your location. They will also handle most packages for no additional fee and offer protected online access.

Choosing a gold package lands you a cost of $189.99 plus tax per year. It has all the benefits of bronze and silver, but also includes more. This plan offers pre-forwarding with junk mail removed, package handling, and secure encrypted online account access.

Small businesses often choose platinum since they have a large volume of shipping packages. Paying $229.99 plus tax per year gives you this access.

Similarly, the titanium scanning package includes these amenities. However, they also have mail and exterior scanning and special handling for packages. The rate for this plan is $228.99 plus tax per year.

There are also quarterly vacation plans available for those folks who are taking an extended vacation and wish to have their mail, USPS UPS, or Fed Ex packages forwarded while they are on the road.

What Other Services Does Americas Mailbox Offer?

Americas Mailbox goes above and beyond to give its customers everything they need. As a family business, they provide others with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. From advice to having resident agent service available, this company makes sure they serve you right.

They handle all your vehicle insurance requests through their onsite independent insurance agents. These employees will help you attain insurance for your trailer, RV, truck, car, or motorcycle.

Their headquarters in Box Elder, South Dakota also has a hotel and campground. These sites are perfect for that required one night stay every five years! Plus, you will feel right at home in one of their 82 hookup sites.

Living in your RV full-time increases the likelihood of a breakdown or repair. Therefore, Americas Mailbox offers RV extended warranties. They have partnered with Wholesale Warranties to give you the best deal possible.

While America’s Mailbox does not provide Health Insurance they will put you in contact with a Health Insurance agent in South Dakota.


So, there you have it! Retrieving your mail has never been easier. Whether it’s a bill, postcard, or package, Americas Mailbox has you covered. Enroll in any of their various plans to receive benefits. Representatives will also happily assist you with insurance, warranties, and even hotels or campgrounds!

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