6 Best RV Forums to Learn All About RVing

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Whether you are new to the life of RVing or have been down that road a few times, questions or circumstances come to mind from time to time.  As the saying goes, “inquiring minds want to know.”  There are several good online RV forums where you can pose your questions, get answers or even find a topic you’ve been searching for.

So we rounded up the 6 Best RV Forums to Learn All About RVing! They are:

  1. iRV2.com
  2. RV.net
  3. RVForum.net
  4. RVNetwork.com
  5. RVtalk.com
  6. RVForums.com

What is an RV Forum?

An RV forum is a place where ideas and discussions take place on a particular subject matter. 

To include RVers near and far, the ease of an online RV community allows these forums to be a simple means of conversation between folks who have a lot in common and much to talk about. 

Many websites have been developed over the past 20 years as the RV lifestyle has gained popularity and become a more sought-after way of life. 

When you join an online RV forum, you’ll learn some valuable information, tips, destination places you never knew existed. You’ll also learn about campgrounds you may want to call home, at least for a while. 

Additionally, you’ll find out the latest on RV products, traveling with pets, events near you, rallies where you can form long-lasting friendships, and even ideas for some tasty ‘round-the-campfire recipes. 

Most RVers find out that eventually, a maintenance issue will arise with their home on wheels.  It can offer you peace of mind knowing that others have been in the same “RV boat.” 

Putting your questions out there for hundreds to see, will bring you help from all corners of the USA or even the globe.  Ask a question, and you’ll most likely end up with several great answers.

Let’s take a look at the 6 Best RV Forums to Learn All About RVing.

1. iRV2.com

IRV2.com logo

iRV2.com is a popular RV forum offering free membership.  iRV2 has a mission statement – “Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values, and experience among RV enthusiasts.”  Registration for membership is easy, and the site is packed full of useful information. 

Forums will range from RV events and gatherings, RVing on a budget, RV industry press, clubs, and associations and various forums for different parts of the country. 

There is another entirely separate RV owner’s forum allowing you to exchange ideas or ask questions pertaining to particular RV makes and models.  These forums will cover anything from the nuts and bolts of a particular RV to interior designs, furniture, appliances – you name it, it’s got you covered.

iRV2 also has a classified section on their site for use when buying or selling an RV.  A bonus to this site includes a list of campgrounds that others have visited and reviewed.  You may want to place your own review on a particular campground as well.

2. RV.net


RV.net is a Good Sam Club RV forum network that began in 1999. 

It provides easy-to-use, free Open Road Forums for sharing ideas, posting and/or answering questions to the RV community, an RV blog featuring daily posts by experts on a wide diversity of topics and a classified section for those wishing to purchase or sell an RV.  This site offers a good mixture of ideas for folks just beginning to RV to those living life on the road.

There are additional sister sites for which a membership to Good Sam Club or additional fees may apply. 

These sites include such things as a campground directory database, Camp Club USA, RV Handyman Club, Good Sam Emergency Road Service or a subscription to Trailer Life, Camping Life or Motorhome Magazine, to name a few. 

3. RVForum.net

RV Forum Logo

RVForum.net, another free membership site, has been around for 25 years, making it the oldest online site for the RV community. 

The online forum is hosted by volunteers who share a love of RVs and want to help others get the most of their RVing experiences.  You’re able to read about the volunteers on their website.

Aside from the forums to post/answer questions or share ideas, you’ll also find a library containing files you can download that relate to a wide range of RV tips. 

RVForum organizes several rallies throughout the year for its members in a variety of locations. 

Other online benefits include guidelines for buying new or used RVs, private “for sale” ads, a checklist to help you prepare for a trip, a photo link of members’ RVs, rallies or RV-related activities, plus a weekly hosted live chat entitled, “Virtual Campfire.” 

This site claims to be “the friendliest place on the web.”  Check it out and find out for yourself.

4. RVNetwork.com – The Escapees RV Club RV Forum

Escapees RV Forum logo

RVNetwork.com offers forums on RV topics ranging from various campgrounds to RV manufacturers, makes, models, and RV related questions.  It’s a good place to bounce around ideas, post questions or submit answers to others.    

The Web Administrator and those managing the site are members of Escapees RV Club.  Membership is free, although you do not have to be a member to use the site or participate in the forums. RVNetwork adheres to guidelines for a drama-free site. 

Any discussion on religion or politics, understandably, is strictly forbidden, as is foul language.  The administrators will give a warning and if not adhered to, you’ll run the risk of being banned from the site.  You are able to review the guidelines prior to joining.

5. RVtalk.com 

RVTalk Forum Logo

RVtalk.com provides a place for RV enthusiasts to share ideas, offer travel experiences, ask questions or make comments. 

The site at first appeared to be more limited than others I had researched, however, it’s very easy to use and does provide a large number of forums.  Registering as a member is free.

Approximately 12 different links will give you access to topics such as a particular class of RV (towables, drivables, etc.), RV destinations and campground reviews, RV tips, and tricks, general questions or one called talkback for those wishing to post a question and get a reply asap. 

There are even links for full-time RVers or those just being introduced to the world of RVing.   If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the site, RVtalk always welcomes your feedback. 

6. RVForums.com

RV Forums Logo is one of the 6 Best RV Forums to Learn All About RVing

RVForums.com is a relatively new site in the RV community but one of the most expansive I‘ve discovered.  This forum covers an extremely broad range of subject matter providing its members hours of entertainment on varied RV topics. 

It appears to be well organized, easy to navigate and the Web Administrator, Neal, invites RV owners, prospective owners, and vendors to join for free.  It’s certainly an interesting site to explore.

From RV forums to classifieds to photo galleries, you’ll be able to start investigating this site quickly on your own.  Other topics noted on the site’s top banner, such as camping, provides an extensive list of subcategories, as does the general topic. 

The “Clubs” heading is suggested for those owning or researching a particular RV, i.e. Airstream Owners Club, Fleetwood Owners Club, Winnebago Owners Club.  Here you’ll be led to forums related to the particular manufacturer.  There’s even an “Other” topic leading you to a sizable list of miscellaneous RV tips and features. 

Final Thoughts

Having an online RV community could be your answer in times of an immediate need, such as an unexpected equipment failure, finding a campground last minute or seeking tips from others to make life on the road a breeze.  The RV community is at your beck and call.

Whether you started out RVing to see the world your own way, or you’re a weekend escapee, knowing there’s a community of like-minded people feels like you’ve got a few friends by your side helping you along the way. 

You know the saying, “it takes a village,” right?  Many RVers have a wealth of knowledge on particular matters.  Why not use those resources as you venture along life’s highway?  Take advantage of some chats around the virtual campfire of RV forums.

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