38 Awesome RV Blogs to Follow that can Benefit Anyone from Beginners to Retirees

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There are thousands of RV blogs online related to a variety of subjects. However, finding an entertaining and informative blog can be incredibly difficult. For every great RV blog that you find, you’ll need to go through a dozen boring and lazily written blogs. That’s why we created our list of 38 Awesome RV Blogs to Follow – from Beginners to Retirees!

Unfortunately, that’s the way it is when looking for high-quality content online. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the good stuff if you know where to look.

If you’re interested in reading some RV blogs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best RV blogs available online. Hopefully, this list will help you find some entertainment.

The Blogs listed aren’t in any particular order. We have read them all and feel they all deserve to be included in our list. We did try to break them down into six main categories but many of them could be listed in multiple categories. The categories are:

  • RV Lifestyle
  • Best RV Travel Blogs
  • Best RV Renovation Blogs
  • Best RV Maintenance Blogs
  • Best RV Camping Blogs
  • Best Travel and Outdoor Blogs

We hope you enjoy some of the awesome articles, information, recipes, advice and shared experiences you will find in these blogs. These are all blogs written by real people who love RVing, Camping, Traveling and the great outdoors.

RV Lifestyle

Here are some of the best RV blogs related to the RV lifestyle. These blogs talk about what life is like on the road and give advice to readers on how they could start living in an RV as well.

1. Drivin & Vibin

Drivin & Vibin is a blog hosted by a couple while they live in their airstream. In it, they share their many experiences and love for the RV lifestyle with their online community of 100,000 fans. They also have a huge following on YouTube. Occasionally Kyle plays guitar and sings and you can watch him live on YouTube too!

2. TheFitRV

James and Stef give their advice to other RVers on how to succeed with this lifestyle. They also review several RV related products.

3. The Roving Foley’s

In 2015 this couple decided to quit their jobs, selling everything and buy an RV. Since then they’ve been living on the road and writing about their experiences.

4. Chickery’s Travels

Sean and Julie spend all their time traveling in their RV. While they’re on the road they write blogs about finances, cooking, maintenance, and sightseeing. They also have a YouTube channel as well!

5. WeretheRussos

Back in 2015, this couple quit their jobs, sold most of their Earthly possessions, bought an RV, and started living on the road. In their blog, they write about their experiences and how RV life has changed their lives.

6. Heath and Alyssa

This couple had a dream of visiting all 50 states in their RV, and it quickly changed into a desire to RV around the world. However, they needed income to support this lifestyle, so they started a few businesses. In their blog, they talk about how to run a remote business and the challenges that come with this lifestyle.

7. Trekkn

This family of RVers wants to give advice to new Rvers because they know how difficult it can be to get started. They talk about everything related to travel, and they give tips on what you need to make RV life extraordinary. They also give suggestions on where the best places are to take your RV.

8. Cheap RV Living

This blog gives advice on how to live in a car, van, or RV. They teach the reader how to make money last and what things are worth investing in when you’re living on a budget.

9. The Wandering RV

Bill and Kayla have been RVing for five years and they want to share their experiences with you. They give advice on how to live and vacation in RVs. They also teach you how to rent an RV.

10. Opting Out of Normal

After a few family tragedies, this couple decided to opt out of normal. They sold their home, bought an RV, and have been living on the road ever since. They share their experiences and travels in their blog.

11. RV Love

Over the past six years, this couple has traveled to all 50 states in America. Along the way, they’ve learned many things about how to adapt to life on the road. They share their experiences and give advice in their blog. Marc and Julie also have an awesome YouTube channel too!

12. More Than a Wheelin

Camille and Bryce are a married couple that used to be a couple of workaholics in corporate America. They traded in that lifestyle to live on the road in their RV. Now they share their experiences with their many followers and share many great ideas and ways to make money while on the road.

Best RV Travel Blogs

Finding RV blogs can be very difficult. Here you’ll find some of the best RV blogs related to travel. Here the bloggers will discuss their experiences and give advice on where to take your RV next.

13. Fate Unbound

David and Jenni are a couple that always dreamed about traveling, but they never thought they’d have time. Eventually, they decided that working a regular 9 to 5 wasn’t worth it and they traded in their jobs for life in an RV. Now they share all their travel experiences with their followers in their blog.

14. Let’s Travel Family

Let’s Travel Family is an RV travel blog that gives tips and tricks on traveling with kids in an RV. They give advice on where to travel and what to do when you’re there. They also share their experiences in many exciting destinations.

15. The Rolling Pack

Tom and Brittany are a couple that spent two years traveling around North America in an RV. Once they were done there, they spend six months traveling in Southeast Asia. In their blog, they talk about their experiences and why they love this lifestyle.

16. Crazy Family Adventure

Crazy Family Adventure is a travel blog written by a family of six that spends their time traveling around the U.S.A. In it, they give travel tips and give advice on how to enjoy your time on the road with your family. I have no idea how they live full time in their 24′ Class C RV but if you are a family that wants to hit the road full time their blog and YouTube channel are must-see and read.

17. Where the Streets Wander

The title of their blog is a play on their last name, “Wander.” In their blog, they have the goal to inspire, educate, and encourage their readers to follow their dreams. They help their readers start living the RV lifestyle, whether it’s full time or part-time.

18. Exploring New Sights

After a year of living in a one-bedroom apartment, this couple had a desire to live a life that wasn’t quite normal. They decided to pack up and live in an RV. Since 2018 they’ve been living in their RV and blogging about their experiences.

19. The Wandering Bird

The Wandering Bird has a goal of helping people that want to spend time on the road traveling. They give advice on how to manage the RV lifestyle while having fun on your vacations.

20. Ytravel

This travel blog is here to show you how traveling can evolve with you. They also show how it’s possible to live this lifestyle with kids. Over the years, they’ve lived in 5 countries, and traveled through over 50. Over the course of 22 years, they’ve shared their experiences with a dedicated following of readers.

21. The Touring Camper

Jarrett and Kristin have spent the past four years traveling with their three kids in their RV. In that time they’ve traveled over 30,000 miles! In their blog, they talk about how to create family connections while going on adventures.

22. RV Tailgate Life

This couple loves tailgating, but they like to do it in person. So, they travel around America going to tailgates for football, NASCAR, basketball, concerts, and music festivals. In their blog, they share their experiences and talk about how this lifestyle has affected them.

Best RV Renovation Blogs

In these RV blogs, the bloggers talk about how to renovate your RV. After all, if you plan on living in your RV, you’ll need to make renovations to improve your quality of life. These RV blogs show you how to do just that.

23. Modern Mountain Life

These RV bloggers have a passion for creating a home that you can love, no matter how small it is. They currently live in a small RV themselves, and they want to show you how to create an environment like theirs. In their blog posts, you’ll find renovation tips, modern designs, and DIY projects.

24. RV Inspiration

In 2016, Ashley and her husband sold their home and moved into a 38-foot RV. During this time, Ashley developed a passion for creating and decorating her mobile home with small things. In her blog, she talks about the things she created to make her RV feel more like home.

25. RV Obsession

The origin story for Michelle is like many other RV blogs. She quit her job, sold her home, and moved in an RV. In that time she’s developed a passion for the different layouts of RVs. In her blog, she talks about the pros and cons of different designs.

Best RV Maintenance Blogs

Maintaining your RV is incredibly important, otherwise, you might find yourself broken down on the side of the road. These RV blogs give advice on how to properly maintain your RV while living on the road.

26. Campaddict

Campaddict is run by Marshall and Kelly, two full-time RVers with a combined 10 years of full-time RV life experience. In their blog, they review RV products, give advice on which products are best to use, and give advice on how to maintain your RV.

27. Do It Yourself RV

Do It Yourself RV is a blog that gives advice and shares tips on how to enjoy the RV lifestyle. They also review products and share stories related to their experience living in an RV.

28. RV Geeks

These two RV “Geeks” give advice to full-time RVers that need help with RV maintenance. They’ve spent over 17 years living this lifestyle, so they know what they’re talking about. They aren’t technical experts, but they do have a lot of life experience that could be incredibly helpful.

Best RV Camping Blogs

In these RV blogs, you’ll find information about what RV camping is like and how the RV lifestyle is different from regular life.

29. The Wayward Home

Kristin is the lead blogger for The Wayward Home, and she lives in a sailboat and van. She’s written about living in small homes for years. Now, she’s giving advice to other RVers on how to live the American Dream while traveling around the country.

30. Camping for Foodies

In this blog, Kim teaches her readers about how to cook the best food you can while you’re at the campsite. She knows there are more limitations while camping than there are at home, so she gives so helpful tips and tricks on how to make tasty meals on your trip.

31. Tents n Trees

This is an RV blog that is run by a family that loves nothing more than a good camping trip. The lead blogger is Scott, the father of the family. He gives tips to improve your camping experience, and he reviews camping gear so that you have all the equipment to make your vacation as fun as possible.

32. Tales of a Mountain Mama

Tales of a Mountain Mama is a blog written by a mother that wants to share her experiences with others. However, it isn’t all about her and her family, she also wants to provide her readers with helpful tips and tricks on how to get out and enjoy your next camping trip.

Best Travel and Outdoor Blogs

In these RV blogs, you’ll find information on how to enjoy traveling while living in your RV. They’ll give advice on how to improve your quality of life, and how to adapt to new environments.

33. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a two time New York Times best-selling author. In his books and in his blog, he helps people travel around the world in their RVs. He gives advice on how to live on a budget, and how to plan your trips efficiently.

34. Campers Inn RV Blog

The Campers Inn RV Blog has advice for new and old RVers. They give advice on how to buy and sell your RV. They give tips and tricks on how to adapt to new environments on the road. Additionally, they review products for the readers so that they know what they should be purchasing.

35. Gone With the Wynns

All the way back in 2011, this married couple decided to trade in their regular life to go on an adventure. Ever since then they’ve been enjoying a mobile lifestyle. They started in an RV and now they have expanded their travels in their sailboat. In their blog and on their YouTube channel, they share their experiences, talk about lessons they’ve learned, and teach you how to live their lifestyle if you want.

36. Kayak Guru

A lot of the time you will stop at lakes when you’re living in an RV. At the lake, you might want to go kayaking and explore the scenery. This blog is all about kayaking. They’ll teach you how to kayak if you’re a beginner, and they’ll talk about the best kayaking accessories.

37. Hodge Podge Hippie

This is a great blog for anyone that doesn’t understand how to live on very little money. This family of four lives off the income of one person while saving every month. In their blog, they teach their readers how to live frugally, while still having fun.

38. Miss Adventure Pants

Miss Adventure Pants is Sarah, a fitness coach that wants to help hikers get in the best shape they can. She believes that by helping people get in shape, they will have a better experience with nature. In her blog, not only does she coach, but she gives advice on the best equipment to help you with your fitness journey.

Get Help from One of the Many Helpful RV Blogs Out There

We hope you enjoy at least some of the blogs that we talked about above. They won’t all be for you, but hopefully, some of them will be. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to start one of your own. For even more RV Travel blogs you can also checkout Feedspots Top 100 List of RV Blogs.

Have you lived in an RV before? What do you think are the best RV blogs? Had you heard of any of these RV blogs before? Let us know in the comments!


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